Shaked on Efforts to Release Jonathan Pollard


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pollardn1-300x181Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Tisha B’Av morning commented on recent reports of the possible release of Jonathan Pollard. Speaking to Galei Tzahal Radio, the senior minister said Israel does not have to become involved, citing it is an internal American process.

Shaked added “Pollard meets all the conditions and has not violated the terms of his imprisonment and he is not a danger to the public. Therefore, we are letting the parole board conduct its judicial business. He has an attorney that is dealing with the case and his hearing with the parole board has already taken place. We are now waiting for the board’s decision”.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett commented on the reports as well, adding “It would be a mistake to believe that Pollard will be released as expected due to the deal between the United States and Iran”.

Bennett told Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) “It appears to me today there is a critical message from so many security experts and former defense ministers stating the time has come to release him from prison. I simply hope they will permit the parole board to do its work without interference but I am not a prophet”.

Bennett concluded Israel is acting in the best possible way towards bringing about the desired results and if we must do certain things we will do them but we do not wish to stir up antagonism. We must permit the process to work itself out. This is a painful sad story. We will find the possibilities so that he can come home”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Bennett and Shaked are correct. The parole commission is required under the law to grant parole to Pollard unless they found that he has been a problem inmate or is likely to continue to commit crimes. President Obama has no say in this.