Convicted Toeiva Parade Murderer Beaten In Prison And Hospitalized


1Prisoner Yishai Schlisel, who was convicted or murder for the stabbing death of a young woman at a Jerusalem toeiva parade, was assaulted and beaten again in prison, this time requiring hospitalization. YWN-ISRAEL recently reported that Schlisel was beaten after removing photos from his cellmate, explaining they were immodest.

It is reported that Schlisel is not hospitalized in Assaf HaRofeh Hospital after two prisoners beat him in Ayalon Prison in Ramle. He arrived at the hospital under heavy guard and now remains in a prison unit in the hospital. There are no details regarding his condition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Oilam hafuch ra’isi. And the Orthodox in name only fall over each other trying to show how accepting we are of to’eivah lifestyles. To make any sort of Gay Pride Parade in Yerushalayim is an act of rebellion against Hashem that calls for the harshest repercussions. As would a Chillul Shabbos Pride Parade. Or an Eating Pork on Yom Kipper Pride Parade.

  2. #2 The Judicial Court which is so anti-Torah, if they wouldn’t be embarrassed would love to go out and make a Chillul Shabbos, an Eating Pork and a Fressing on Yom Kippur parade.

  3. This guy and other cold-blooded murderers make you wonder why EY abolished capital punishment. Perhaps this attack is part of an extended punishment from beis din shel maalah. He doesn’t deserve to ever walk the streets as a free man.

  4. This man is a murderer. The fact that the above comments imply support for him are a moiridike chilul hashem. Shame on you. ‘Not in my name’ – not the comments above and without a question bot the behavior of this murderer who is now getting what he deserves. Gut shabbos everyone from London.