Famed Talk Show Host Michael Savage Removed From Most Listened To Station In Country; Minutes Later Pulled From 400 Stations


savageMichael Savage, the host of the nationally syndicated “The Savage Nation,” says he has been “couped” off the air in his number one affiliate, WABC-Radio NY.

Savage went on the air on Monday – just hours before the highly anticipated Presidential Debate – and ranted against WABC for throwing him off the air. Savage says he was given no advance warning and it came as a shocking surprise.

Listeners to Savage know that a good part of his callers are from the Tri-State Area where he is the number one listened to talk show on the station.

He was replaced by the “Curtis And Kuby Show”, whom Savage crushes in ratings.

Savage says if this continues tomorrow, he may leave radio.

Shortly after, while going on a big rant about what was done, all Savage affiliates around the country were surprised to suddenly hear an old show — with his live show removed around the country.

Savage recently was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Chicago in the category of Spoken Word On-Air Personality.

Notably, Savage’s message of borders, language and culture has been a fixture in the success of Donald Trump, who is the Republican Party’s nominee for President.

Savage is a staunch Trump supporter, voicing his support before anyone else. Trump has been on the Savage radio show dozens of times.

Many suspect that this was deliberately done just ahead of the debate.

The Savage Nation is a nationally syndicated talk show that is the second most listened-to radio talk show in the country with an audience of over 20 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States,

Savage is calling on his listeners to call WABC at 212-613-3800 or email the station to voice their outrage.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. He is a tinok shenishba – never unfortunately had a chance to learn in yeshiva. Yet has more common sense than many that have. This is a bigger story than even tonight’s debate and of course yeshivaworld is the only one covering it. ABC will pay for this one.

  2. Nice try rt, except that Michael Savage is Jewish. His real name is Michael Alan Weiner. And although I find his rhetoric tiresome, I challenge you to find a single anti-Jewish or anti-Israel statement in any of his over 20 books or broadcasts. Happens to be that he’s a PHD (in horticulture of all things…)

  3. Just wanted to see the other side of the story so I did some searching online and came up with very little: aside from a YWN article and 2 tweets by Savage, there’s no info out there. His show is even still listed on WABC’s site! Maybe someone just hacked his twitter account?? The whole thing seems fishy. His tweet even looks like a prank… reads “I’VE BEEN SABOTAGED ON AIR. TO DESTROY SUPPORT FOR TRUMP. MORE LATER” not even grammatically correct. Definitely think it’s someone’s prank….

  4. People stop lumping criticizem of soros/liberal Jews he’s a great smart man that I wait for every day to hear his breathe of fresh air on the radio.i recommend you buy his book scorched earth in it you’ll see why he was inducted to radio hall of fame.he is firrhest thing from anti-Semitic besides being Jewish he wants Jews to realize the ultimate enemy facing Jews in21st century is exclusive to radical Islam that’s all thinks that Jews who support refugees didn’t learn anything from the holocaust .stop maligning him he’s a smart talented great orator and his sense of humor is off the charts I highly recommend to indulge to 770am from 3-5 on the time will fly with his pearls of wisdom

  5. To Nos. 8 and 9

    For the first (and probably the last) time I agree with Uncle Ben. Anyone who has listened to Savage for more than a few minutes knows he is a nutcase, although I’m not sure whether “psychotic” is the clinical term. To No. 8, if you bothered to spend about 2 minutes to check the ownership and editorial perspective of the radio networks that pulled him off the air, you’d realize what a stupid comment it is to link this commercial decision to “Clinton supporters”.

  6. I don’t know whether Savage/Wiener is anti-Semitic, but I have heard him say many anti-frum things on his show. I find that he is almost as egocentric as Trump, but way more entertaining. And like all right-wing talk radio clowns, he gets the facts substantially wrong. He says on his show (and I believe him in this case) that he is a native of Queens, and I think he attended Queens College.

    To commenter no. 8: Are you alleging that WABC radio is controlled by pro-Clinton liberals? The only liberal on the air on that station is Kuby. The next most-liberal guy on the air on that station is Savage/Wiener.

  7. Im shocked at Yeshiva World for completely getting the story wrong and for supporting the mashguana Savage.He was not pulled from WABC. They had a one time special edition of Curtis and Kuby for the debate during his time slot. I guess they forgot to tell him. Michael Savage being the crazy egotist he is, unprofessionaly starting raving on his syndicated show. I guess they didn’t think it was approiate to rave like on the for a behind the scenes mistake so they pulled him. Why is Yeshiva World supporting him? I have never been able to listen to more then 5 minutes of him without getting discussed by somethig he says. I hope they do pull him off the air after this. For those who claim he is not anti-Semitic Google it and you find many examples of his anti-Semitic raves including stuff from Yeshiva World. If anything I wish people would call WABC to get this crazy guy off the air.

    Moderators Note: Yeshiva World supports Michael Savage?

  8. There is so much anti semitism out there he’s the only one that’s so out spoken and really says it like it is and not afraid to be so pro Israel and stick up for us-so please applaud the person that’s setting the record straight

  9. The “savage nation” is in a league of its own. Like him or hate him, its the second to largest listened to show in the country……..1# on internet (pod cast).

    Just got confirmation from *WABC that this entire story is fake and Dr. Savage will be on the air this afternoon…

    *spoke directly with WABC 770

  10. Dmichasl Savage is terrific. He tells the truth, even though some people may not want to hear it. He is a conservative, as all yiden should be in this time and world.

  11. It’s times like these that I really miss the late, great Bob Grant. Some of the posters here would probably qualify for his “wackos, weirdos & triple-A sickolas” description.