Shlomo Weissfish Explains It Will Be A Difficult Chanukah Without Tatte, Who Remains In Jail In Israel


jail3Shlomo Weissfish explains it will be a difficult Chanukah for him and the family as his tatte is jailed in Israel for protesting outside the home of Kiryat Gat Chief Rabbi HaGaon HaRav Moshe Havlin Shlita.

Weissfish has been ordered held without bail for his actions in the protests. Askanim from the Eida are working to arrange his release to house arrest with an electronic ankle bracelet but so far, efforts have been unsuccessful as Weissfish refuses to wear the electronic device on Shabbos for fear of chilul Shabbos. Officials explain is he would wear the electronic bracelet he can be released to house arrest by the Ashkelon court.

Weissfish and others arrested were taking part in illegal protests outside Rav Havlin’s home in protest over Chabad rabbonim signing an agreement with the IDF by which talmidim will serve after reaching their early 20s. Rav Havlin, the chief rabbi of his city, is also a prominent Chabad rov, one of the rabbonim who signed the agreement with the IDF.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. well perhaps the father and other hoodlums from the eida charaida will have more sense than to barge into the home of Rav Havlin and frighten the wife so bad, she need to go to the hospital.

    Really, what did the eida have to do with chabad poliltics in Kiryat Gat that they had to send frum hoodlums down there to protest internal chabad policies?

  2. Too bad. Throw away the key – we should feel sorry for someone who uses violence against another Yid, in his own home no less? I hope he spends at least 5 more Chanukah holidays in jail. What the hay, let’s go for 10.