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Southwest Airlines Launches Fare Super Sale

Celebrating its 40th birthday, Southwest Airlines started running a promotion that’s sure to turn a lot of heads.

Fares start at $40 for one-way trips up to 450 miles, $80 for trips from 451 to 1,250 miles and $120 for trips over 1,251 miles.

The tickets do come with some conditions — you have to travel between Aug. 23 and Nov. 16 and you can’t travel on Fridays or Saturdays.

There are also a handful of blackout dates: Sept. 1, Sept. 5, Sept. 6 and Oct. 10.

Still, a cross-country trip for $120 is nothing to sneeze at, and there are plenty of people looking to get in on the deal. At the moment, Southwest’s Web page is lagging due to the thousands of travelers trying to get in on the sale, but don’t be discouraged. You’ll have to act fast to take advantage of the sale— the offer’s only good until Thursday.

(Source: Washington Post)

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