VIDEOS: Neturei Karta Visits US Capital to Support Anti-Semite Rep. Omar, Meets Ocasio-Cortez & Others


Neturei Karta activists visited the U.S. Capital on Wednesday to show their unwavering support for anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar and her “courageous stance” against Israel.

For reasons unknown, Omar refused to meet with the group.

According to Jeremy Slevin, her communications director and strategist, Ilhan “did not and has no plans to” meet with Neturei Karta.

Rabbi (Yisroel Dovid) Achmed Weiss of Neturei Karta told the media “we are here to thank the congresswoman and wish her the best. We are thrilled to see a Muslim member of Congress.”

Weiss showed the media gathered outside Omar’s office photos of Orthodox Jews being “brutally attacked” by the police and army in “Palestine” and “Al Quds”:

The group was also photographed with Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other members of Congress.

They posed with Ariel Gold — an activist with the far-left pro-BDS group “Code Pink” — inside the office of Palestinian Rep. Rashida Tlaib. (Tlaib later said the group entered her office “unannounced”)

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Neturei Karta sharing their propaganda with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Neturei Karta with Ariel Gold of Code Pink, inside the office of Palestinian Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Neturei Karta has in the past met with and embraced (literally kissed) world leaders who call for the destruction of Israel, such as former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

They have met with Iran’s Foreign Minister, to thank the world’s largest sponsor of Terror for “friendship” with Jews worldwide.

They met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan just days after he called Israel a “terror and apartheid state”.

Read the full statement by Neturei Karta International in support of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar:


When Congresswoman Ilhan Omar spoke up against the pro-Israel lobby and the tactics it uses to influence politicians to support Israel, she was immediately attacked by her fellow lawmakers, who claimed she was invoking an anti-Semitic stereotype.

However, the truth is that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, and criticizing the State of Israel or its supporters in America is not anti-Semitic. In fact, Jews worldwide, including masses in the United States, are against Israeli policy, and Orthodox Jews like ourselves are among those who suffer the most under the Israeli regime.

No one should be attacked for criticizing AIPAC, certainly not the esteemed Congresswoman Omar. She should be lauded for differentiating between Jews and Zionists, and between Judaism and Zionism. Judaism is a religion which teaches service of the Almighty, while Zionism attempts to transform Judaism into nationalism.

Therefore, what Congresswoman Omar said is not anti-Semitic in any way. We at Neturei Karta International appreciate her speaking up for justice. Together with many other Americans, we have been waiting a long time for politicians who will not be intimidated by the Zionists.

Zionism, in addition to its conflicts with the Palestinians, is harming the Jews themselves, and is a grave violation of Jewish law in so many ways. Judaism forbids taking another people’s land and, in fact, forbids the existence of any kind of Jewish state. We would love to see our American politicians take a stronger stance against the Israelis, especially at this time when they are persecuting our Orthodox community there. We too, as Jews, condemn the intimidation of politicians by the Zionist lobby and media, forcing them to toe the line of Zionism. Zionism doesn’t represent world Jewry and certainly not the Jewish religion.

We bless Congresswoman Omar that she should be successful in her work for her constituency, for the United States and for humanity. We hope that her service in Congress, together with American Jewish support for her, will help stop the growth of real anti-Semitism, which is generated by acts of the State of Israel and its supporters.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. and w/o yeshiva worl d no one would even know about theses few lunatics . YWN they want your publicity stop feeding their craving for attention

  2. Sick nutjobs. Do they even know what Congress means? Do they know what the US Constitution is? They are ignoramuses. They should take their stupid hats off and just pull the scarf over their heads. Maybe move to Gaza to boot?

  3. “Rabbi (Yisroel Dovid) Achmed Weiss of Neturei Karta told the media “we are here to thank the congresswoman and wish her the best. We are thrilled to see a Muslim member of Congress.”

    Neturei Karta has in the past met with and embraced (literally kissed) world leaders who call for the destruction of Israel, such as former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

    Would definitely make things interesting if they would embrace and literally kiss this leader. Maybe that’s what she was afraid of and that’s why she didn’t meet with them.

  4. Yeshiva World please stop giving them the negative attention that they so crave. You are playing right into their hands. I wouldn’t even bother to read the article because who cares. They aren’t worth our time.

  5. Do these Nut-K’s also embrace the many muslims who have attacked innocent Jews especially in France recently?

    Naturei Karta was founded by the great Reb Amrom Blau ZT”L – he would never embrace our murderers; so they are misusing a respectable brand name for illicit activities!

  6. The focus is all warped and a fake diversion, making it sound as if she was criticizing some action (or even the existence) of the State of Israel. What she actually talked about was the Jews in America – American Jews – whom she constructively labelled as EVIL and TRAITORS. And what she really meant was ALL JEWS everywhere, as should be obvious by the fact she would not meat even with the same Jews who were happily welcomed by Iran itself.

  7. Lets assume they believe that the efforts they make
    are le shem shomayim

    Tzlovchods gathering sticks was also le shem
    shomayim according to the Vilna Gaon

    Doing things le shem shomayim without daas
    Torah prevented Moshiach as that was the second shabbos we would
    have all kept

    Zionism and Jewdisim are synonymous

    One end of the spectrum
    is Yishuv ha eretz,the Gaon called this a weighted mitzvah, the other end of the spectrum
    is the blue and white flag
    being the b all and end all
    of Jewdisim

    Most wont be able to broaden the above spectrum and get their head around NK view

    In shomayim they will have to answer for the
    damage they are doing
    to Klal Yisroel even if
    they do have a valid point of view

    Best ways we dont wash
    our dirty laundry in public

    Seems manic

    Its surprising that the Israeli government allow
    them back into Israel

    Whatever ones view on the State is this is high treason

    It should be used as a message to us all who disagree to at least have a little more tolerance and respect for one anothers
    view religious and political

  8. LH: for the quintillionth time: they are not Israeli citizens. They’re U.S. citizens. Israel has no say as to “allowing them” back to the U.S. — they’re already there.
    It’s been so quiet for so long. i was afraid YWN would run out of news to report. Baruch Hashem — the NK sideshow never ends. And neither will YWN ever stop feeding their attention craving by reporting this nonsense. Along with the same old regurgitated comments about how nasty these NKs are.
    Maybe stop publicizing their antics altogether?

  9. Maybe she refused to talk to them because she happens to be both an anti Semite and anti Israel. Just because being anti Israel doesn’t make you anti semitic doesn’t change the fact that the vast vast majority of people who are anti Israel are also anti semitic.

  10. to manitou
    google satmar news a twitter blog of the ahron factor
    they specifically disavowed themselves from these reshaim
    the zalis wont do it as they fund these retards weiss weberman and all of the rest of these demented vermin

  11. “For reasons unknown, Omar refused to meet with the group.”
    I was going to laugh for the rest of the day. “reasons unknown”! But then I saw the clipart where they changed a Somali girls nationality and added a flag to make her Greek/Arab/Whatever they want to be this week.
    Point 3, follow the money
    Point 4, I’m sick of this reform argument that to be a Jew is religion only (voiding out my entire family tree in the USA). These folks do not look like Baptists or Aztecs wearing hats or coats.

    The original group this article is about may claim to be against “only” Israel, but so called “TorahJews” group has wiped out 90% of the Jews outside of nation too. I don’t know what’s more dangerous.

  12. Don’t call them Neturei Karta. The original NK were chashuve yidden who didn’t want a Jewish government in EY, during Galus. These are American anarchists looking for publicity. A real yerushalmi wouldn’t go on TV.

  13. Not holding of the state of Israel looks like the only mitzva in the torah for these people, coz just look at these pictures no real Chassid or religious Jew would take a picture like that!

  14. Lets not forget that these are the same guys who once met and embraced achmedinajad YM”S who said he wants to wipe out Israel from the globe and denied the holocaust, so I would find it hard to justify them and say that in this scenario they had better intentions than then.

  15. Its high time these people were named and shamed. They are causing widespread Hatred both from other Jews who just don’t get them, authentic Torah Jews who while they daven for the Reshaim leading the government of the State of Israel to get lost – would never lick up to Bnei Yishmael who have a 2000 year old hatred to us and continuously murder Jews for the sake of Jihad all over the world. But worst of all Mr Weiss and his small group of small-brain activists are legitimising Jew hatred and anti-Israel activism. This has a negative affect on the foreign policies of powerful governments like the UK –
    Which could very likely soon be led by the rabid anti-Israel Corbyn, and the US, which could ChV jeopordise the security and welfare of Acheinu Yoshvei EY.
    Its hard not to class them as Roidfim and Moisrim LeMalchus.
    They must be shown real contempt in every Shul, Yeshiva or Kosher establishment.