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SHOCKING REPORT: Leftists Hired Private Investigators To Follow Yair Netanyahu

The left-wing anarchists lack any boundaries but apparently have limitless funds in their battle against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his government. Channel 14 News reported this week that Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s son, who has been abroad for several months, has been under constant surveillance by private investigators hired by individuals active in the left-wing protests.

A few months ago, when Yair was at a hotel in Puerto Rico, a private investigator showed up at the hotel at least twice and tried to rent a room there in the name of a person involved in the protests. However, the hotel refused to rent him a room because the credit card he presented didn’t match his details. He left and returned the next day.

More recently, while Yair was at a beach in Miami, his security guards noticed the same man taking photos of him. When they approached him and spoke with him, they discovered he was a private investigator.

Channel 14 spoke with political officials familiar with security issues and they slammed the Shin Bet for its lack of action on the issue, asserting that the security organization is not making enough efforts to find out who is initiating and financing this dangerous phenomenon or making real attempts to stop it.

The Shin Bet responded: “By virtue of the decision of the Committee of Ministers, the Shin Bet is entrusted with the security of the prime minister’s family. The General Security Service operates in various ways, overt and covert, in order to fulfill this mission. The incident is recognized and is being handled by the security forces. Beyond that, we do not refer to tactics and security operations in Israel and abroad.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. This anarchist should be stopt. Where is the High Court Lapid and Liebermann.
    Is this called democracy? Very bad losers this leftist

  2. Unless you hit them back there is no disincentive for them to stop. Do the same and then spill the beans on the air.

  3. > Emunas1

    What is “shocking”? This person could have been an assassin and yet it took that long before the security detail even noticed him. And even if he is not an assassin, then maybe those who hired him is an assassin, or working on behalf of an enemy government (maybe Iran for all we know). The “shocking” part is that (according to certain Mk’s) the security are not tracking down the chain to find out who is behind this and why.

  4. the left has much money, less brains and fewer votes. They are out to slander Bibi and family, or the religious, or the orthodox. Anything they can do to get back into power.

  5. leftists, are designated refusniks, Yair, I trust you will give them a delight…as well I do believe it is illegal to do this…..better these Lower levels brainless not jobs get some work….I won’t fill your cups.

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