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Court Supports Athlete’s Shabbos Petition

The Supreme Court on Friday handed down a ruling in favor of Yuval Freilich, a Shomer Shabbos athlete who is seeking to have a championship event postponed to permit him to take part without chas v’sholom transgressing the Shabbos.

The petition was filed by Yuval and his father against the Israel Fencing Association, telling the court the decision to schedule a match on Shabbos is tantamount to religious discrimination.

Justice Chanan Meltzer ruled that Freilich’s rights to keep Shabbos superseded the fencing association’s schedule and therefore, if a match is held on Shabbos, Freilich must be awarded a technical victory, permitting him to move on to the championship level.

Freilich is the national champion in fencing in the under bar mitzvah age class.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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