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Israel: The Brothers Party

After the announcement by Shlomo Deri, a brother of Aryeh Deri, that he is launching the Honor & Tradition Party, Nissim Yishai, an older brother of Shas leader Eli Yishai has announced he wishes to enter the political arena.

Media reports state that the two have been in contact towards Nissim Yishai possibly entering into the new party.

Nissim is a veteran employee in the Netivot Religious Council and a well-known personality in the southern city. He was asked to represent Shas in the recent municipal election but he declined.

He explained to supporters that for sometime, he has been seeking to become involved in Shas on a national level, but his brother, a deputy prime minister, has thwarted his efforts, fearing the negative press of a senior official bringing his brother into the political arena.

Nissim questioned why his younger brother felt he may support his assistant, Dovid Sheetrit in his bid for a Knesset slot, “but me, a brother who has not had an active relationship for 15 years and is well respected in his community he cannot assist,” he questioned rhetorically.

Shas officials are playing down the significance of the new party, at least for now, with officials stating it will not threaten Shas in the general election.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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