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Major Corporations Seeking to Assist Southern Residents

A growing number of major companies have stepped forward and are seeking to assist rocket-stricken areas, lowering prices, offering sales and specials, and doing their part to alleviate some of the tensions and stress of the residents living under the threat of rocket attacks.

The cellular telephone companies have lowered rates for calls inside the network. SuperSol, the nation’s larges supermarket chain is offering major sales on items including 50% off on bread and pre-packed dairy products.

Co-Op Blue Square supermarkets are offering free delivery to one’s home.

Shiyonit Kassam – offering 15% discount on fortified doors.

Tralidor Security Products – 25% discount on an array of items and a guarantee of installation within 5 days.

Mega and Mega Ba’ir supermarkets are accepting phone orders and making deliveries.

Canion HaZahav Shopping Center – located in Rishon L’Tzion, offering Gaza area residents a free morning movie.

Ricochet stores – Desert Sow brand coats for NIS 79 in Ashkelon and Ashdod stores only.

HaGara Women’s Clothes – 60% discount in the Kiryat Gat store.

Hot cable TV  has opened all channels to Gaza area communities to permit a larger selection of shows.

The Go Active Gym located in Ashdod is opening its doors, permitting Gaza areas residents to visit and work out free of charge.

There are discounts and deals, which some believe are just cynical exploitation of a difficult situation while others are grateful for the assistance the companies are offering.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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