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mdan2.jpg10:15PM IL: [UPDATES BELOW] Beginning about 45 minutes ago, numerous cities and municipalities in southern Israel were attacked by Katyusha rockets, Kassam rockets and mortar rockets. As this is being written, rockets continue to strike in southern Israel and the IDF Homefront Command has just ordered all residents within a 30km (18 miles) radius of Gaza to enter shelters.

The first Katyushas struck almost at the same time, hitting Ashdod and Ashkelon. In Ashdod, the rocket landed near a bus stop leaving two people injured, listed in critical/serious condition R”L. They are being transported to Kaplan Hospital in Rechovot. There is no hospital in Ashdod.

In Ashkelon, one rocket landed in a southern area of the city, knocking out electricity. Baruch Hashem, there are no injuries. Another struck a school building and extensive damage is reported. Once again, Baruch Hashem, no injuries.

The next wave of rockets struck a moshav in near the Gaza border. A home sustained a direct hit. Bichasdei Hashem, no physical injuries were reported.

A barrage of mortar rockets fell in the Nachal Oz region, injuring seven people, 2 seriously, 1 moderate and the remainder light. A chopper is evacuating them to the trauma unit of Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva.

As we go to print, rockets are heading to Netivot and we await news from that city.

At this time, we are compelled to announce there is a fatality but due to the simultaneous attacks, it cannot be determined with absolute certainty from which attack, Ashdod or Nachal Oz.

YWN will continue to update you with real-time information. Sirens are now sounding in Sderot as well.

In addition, Baruch Hashem it is finally raining but the rainfall in the southern areas is hard, hampering rescue efforts and compelling response teams to drive slower.

candle14.gifUPDATE 10:27PM IL: It is now being confirmed that there is a fatality in the Nachal Oz attack. Another wave of rockets has landed in Ashkelon. No injuries are reported.

Widespread violence is reported in Yehuda, Shomron, Israeli Arab area, including protests, attempts to block roads, rolling burning tires, and firebomb attacks. No injuries are being reported. Security forces in Yosh are operating on heightened alert status due to the situation.

The situation in Ashdod is one of panic as the first Katyusha rocket landed in the city earlier Monday night. A large pool of blood is visible where the victims were waiting for a bus a short time ago. They are now fighting for their lives. Officials are moving about in the impact area, seeking to instruct residents to remain calm.

MDA has some 200 ambulances deployed in the south of the country as well as a medivac chopper standing by. Hospital personnel are also working emergency shifts.

Earlier in the day, the emergency room of Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon moved underground into a basement in an effort to better protect the staff and patients who are in direct line of Kassam fire.

Tanks, armored vehicles and a large force of infantry soldiers can be seen along the Gaza border, waiting the order to move into Gaza and begin phase two of Operation Cast Lead, an infantry incursion towards eliminating the threat of rocket fire into Israeli communities.

UPDATE 10:45PM IL: The Katyusha rocket that hit Ashdod has truly led to panic. The city’s security officers are working to maintain calm in the area of the impact, which by the way is a major intersection in the heart of the city, near the police station and just a very short distance from a gas station to the right. Police stated that it was most fortunate that the rocket did not strike the gas station.

As a result of the impact, there are power outages, resulting in increased panic. All simchas (smachot) that were taking place in the city has been halted and the city is rapidly moving to emergency mode, joining acheinu bnei yisrael in other cities south of Ashdod under attack, numbering over 500,000 citizens.

City officials are heading for an urgent meeting with security officials to assess the situation.

candle14.gifAS WE GO TO PRINT: A woman who was critically wounded in the Ashdod attack has unfortunately died of her massive injuries.

UPDATE10:54PM IL: Ashdod Mayor Dr. Yehuda Lasri reports that tomorrow, Tuesday, schools will open as planned and children will return to their desks following Chanukah vacation.

In an update from Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, one of the victims is being treated in the trauma unit, described in critical condition with shrapnel injuries to his chest, head and extremities. Four other victims are being treated in the surgical emergency room, all listed in light condition.

UPDATE 11:04PM IL: Sirens were heard in Ashdod a few minutes ago. There are no reports of an impact. There are also reports of rockets landing in the Netivot and Yavne areas, near Route 4. Baruch Hashem, no reports of injuries at this time.

UPDATE 11:20PM IL: A rocket has landed in Ofakim, 30km (18 miles) from Gaza. There is a preliminary report of a direct hit on one home. At least three rockets landed in Ofakim and another attack is reported near Gan Yavne, which is over 40km (24 miles) from Gaza.

UPDATE 11:30PM IL: At least two rockets landed in Ofakim, with one smashing into a home. One person is being treated at the scene, reportedly with a light-to-moderate head injury. Others are being treated for hysteria. Israel Radio reports sirens are sounding once again in Ashdod.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. May the Omnipresent protect the citizens, our family, and friends in Eretz Yisroel. May He watch over and protect our brave Israeli sons and daughters that must do the difficult task of “Taking out the Trash”. May their deeds shine in HaShamayim as brightly as our lights that we lit last night!

  2. #1- Unfortunately it’s not that easy. First of all, it’s expensive, and second of all they have to worry about civilians. It won’t help us if we stoop to their level of killing innocents. (Putting aside whether or not they’re really innocent, they are for now and that’s how the public sees it…)

  3. #1 nechamasara – Because in the aftermath of WWII it was universally determined to be a war crime to do what you suggest. And that would apply to Arabs as well as to Europeans.

    I am in support of what Israel is doing, but we need to keep our language in balance – what is happening to Israel is not a “massive” rocket attack (ask any vet who has been under sustained and directed morter or rocket fire) – it is crap-shoot terrorism.

    In addition, we need to keep our moral vision clear – It is a just cause to take on Hamas, and much of the world will never side with Israel in such a struggle, but that should not equate to ammoral indifference to the idea of targeted attacks on civilians.

  4. This war is beginning to look more and more like the 06 Lebanon war. Israel pounding heavy from the skies but no let up from enemy rocket attack. Our only way to stop the rockets is a full ground invasion, not a limited one like we saw in Lebanon.

  5. This war is beginning to look more and more like the 06 Lebanon war. We are pounding them from the skies but there is no let up of enemy rockets as katushyas reign in. Our only option will be a full ground invasion, not a limited one like we saw in Lebanon.


  7. To #7. Yes they can. Do you think most countries that go to war are concerned about innocent victims? And do you think that the Arabs really care about innocent Jews when they attack us with rockets? I believe there are no innocent Arabs living in Gaza. The fact that they don’t protest the killing of Jews, tells us how much they hate us. They are all guilty.

    Israel has to fight with force. They should not make the same mistake they made in Lebanon.

  8. Let’s not forget, we are in exile (Golus), we are not allowed to have war with the umos ha’olam, wether we like it or not, only moshiach will take us out from exile.

  9. er… The views expressed here are solely the opinions of each repsective blogger, and do not in any way reflect the official position of YWN. Especially not #10.

  10. I think they should take over Gaza once more like they did before they expelled the Gush Katif. It was a mistake to give up Gaza so now they are paying for it.

  11. #9
    our only option is to realize that “ain od milvado”
    only hashem can help us!not the idf & not any president ! only hakadosh baruch hu!!!
    the sooner WE ALL get this into our heads, the sooner it will end with the blowing of the shofar!

  12. derech ha’teva they should level gaza and forget about everyone and everything there. enough already. enough with the monkey in the UN, the do nothing people in NYC.

  13. #7. You scare me, for your position is immoral.It is a scurge of war that too many people think it just fine to annailate civilians on the other side because, afterall, they are not human. (Untermenschen?)

  14. about 20 years ago, a little know Rav, named Rav Baruch Shapira, a tzadik nistar,(he passed away 15 years ago) who resided in Maale Adumim, everything he wrote in his books are about prophesy. He wrote what would happen in Gaza, that it the settlements would be uprooted and given over to the enemy, he warned not to purchase homes in Ashdod and Ashkelon. He explained these towns would be bombarded with missiles. These prophecies was foretold by the Navi – Zephania Zt’l In chapter 2 “For Gaza will be forsaken and Ashkelon will be a desolation, they shall drive out Ashdod at the noonday and Ekron shall be rooted up”. If you have any family in these areas, tell them to leave. Please daven where ever you are. say tehillim chapters 142 and 121. Have your little children repeat what you say. Eis Milchama L’KLal Yisrael. Ein Od Milvado!!!

  15. Nevuos in Navi were mekuyam already many, many years ago. Negative nevuos do not have to come true. You are not allowed to scare people like that.

  16. 1. there are bnei bnos yisrael in ALL of ERETZ HAKODESH, r”l. Ask the yad l’achim people.

    2. A tale:

    There was once a little boy who was crossing the street against the light. A man lost control of the wheel, and almost ran him over. A very noble woman, with a lot of courage ran in front of the car just in time to save him. she was a big heroine. He was 3 years old. They made a parade for her.

    It happened in Germany. when he grew up, he grew a mustache over his mouth, and knew he had an important mission in life. Boruch H-Shem, Hakadosh Boruch Hu didn’t let him finish that “mission”. V’hamayvin Yavin.

  17. Let’s not fall into kochi votzem yodi. Remember hkb”h not the army will defeat the evil. Daven and be mekabel extra and in that zechus may we see yeshuos.

  18. rabbosai lets not forget that the zionists dont represent yidden – hashem should have rachmanus on us and bring mashiach already

  19. 2 Tevet

    On this date in 1947, the Arab Legion surrounded Jerusalem and isolated its 100,000 Jews from the rest of the Israeli population. By March 1948 the city was under full siege, and in May, Jordan invaded and occupied east Jerusalem, dividing the city for the first time in its history, and driving thousands of Jews into exile. The Arabs proceeded to destroy all 58 synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, and used Jewish gravestones on the Mount of Olives to build roads and latrines. The Western Wall would be off-limits to Jews (in spite of the cease-fire agreement granting freedom of access to holy places), restored again with Israel’s victory in the 1967 war
    say mizmor 83 after every tefillo

  20. # 23 – Very Cute Thinking out loud – When “That Man” was 3 years old automobiles were still several years in the future, and traffic signals were not invented until an additional couple of decades had passed.

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