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Israel Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day in Eretz Yisrael will be observed on Tuesday, getting underway with the sounding of the siren on Monday evening at 8:00pm. The nation will mourn the 22,570 members of security forces and civilians who were killed in wars and terror attacks since the establishment of the state in 1948, 61 years ago.

In actuality, the Memorial Day events began on Sunday morning, at 10:00am, when IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi placed an Israeli flag on the grave of the last military victim, Captain Yonatan Netanel, a company commander who was killed in Operation Cast Lead.

Following that brief ceremony, Defense Ministry officials will begin placing the small flags on the graves of the fallen in all of the nation’s 44 military cemeteries. On Monday at 4:00pm, in the presence of Chief Rabbis Shlomo Moshe Amar Shlita and Yona Metzger Shlita, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will take part in the Yad L’Banim annual memorial ceremony in Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill.

At 8:00pm on Monday night, the two-minute siren will sound around the country, following which the official state ceremony will get underway at the Kosel in the presence of many officials, including President Shimon Peres and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi.

Following are the names of the 24 people who fell in the line of duty or in terror attacks since last Memorial Day.

Jean Relevy, 68 (July 2nd Jerusalem tractor attack)
Elizabeth Goren-Levy, 54 (July 2nd Jerusalem tractor attack)
Batsheva Unterman, 33 (July 2nd Jerusalem tractor attack)
Sgt. David Shriki, 19 (July 23rd shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City)
Major Yuval Holtzman, 40 (September 10th IAF chopper crash in Jezreel Valley)
Major Shai Danor, 35 (September 10th IAF chopper crash in Jezreel Valley)
Avraham Ozeri, 86 (Oct. 23rd – stabbing attack in Gilo, Jerusalem).
Beber Vaknin, 58 (Dec. 27th – rocket attack into Netivot)
Hani al-Mahdi, 27 (Dec. 29th – rocket attack in Ashkelon construction site)
Irit Sheetrit, 36 (Dec. 29th – rocket attack in Ashdod)
Warrant Officer Lufti Nasraladin, 38 (Dec. 29th – rocket attack in Nachal Oz)
Sgt. Dvir Emanueloff, 22 (Jan. 4th – killed in Operation Cast Lead)
Sgt. Nichai Stern, 21 (Jan. 6th – Operation Cast Lead)
Major Dagan Wurtman, 31 (Jan 6th – Operation Cast Lead)
Captain Yonatan Netanel, 26 (Jan. 6th – Operation Cast Lead)
Sgt. Alex Moshavitzki, 21 (Jan. 6th – Operation Cast Lead)
Pvt. Yousef Muadi, 19 (Jan. 6th – Operation Cast Lead)
Major Roi Rozner, 27 (Nov. 8th – Operation Cast Lead)
Captain Omer Rabinowitz, 23 (Nov. 8th – Operation Cast Lead)
Sgt Amit Robinson, 20 (Nov. 8th – Operation Cast Lead)
Warrant Officer David Rabinowitz, 50 (March 15th – terror attack in the Jordan Valley)
Officer Yechezkel Ramzaker, 42 (March 15th – terror attack in the Jordan Valley)
Shmolo Nativ, 13 (April 2nd – terror attack in Yishuv Bat Ayin)
Shimon Shiran, 57 (April 11th – dies of his massive injuries sustained in the 2002 suicide bombing attack in Haifa’s Matzah Restaurant).

The official government memorial ceremony at the gravesite of fallen will take place on Tuesday at 11:00am, in Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery.

At 1:00pm, the official state ceremony for victims of terror will take place in Mt. Herzl.

At 8:00pm on Tuesday, Memorial Day events will end and an the abrupt changeover to Independence day 61 will begin.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

10 Responses

  1. Even if 22,570 includes the anti-British terrorists killed in pre-State days, it still excludes other victims of zionism such as the countless civilian victims of terror attacks within Israel for the past 60 + years.

  2. when is the memorial for all the yiden that the tziyonim killed both spiritually as well as physically (read perfidy)

  3. Joseph, if you actually can read english, you can plainly see here that the number totals ALL of the people killed both civillians in terror attacks as well as those in the military. They are all Kedoshim.

  4. #8 Daas Baal habayis. Why is it necessary on a day that we commemorate the lives and sacrifices of these kedoshim who died protecting OUR country that you bring your senseless hatred into it. It’s not a day that we commemorate tzionim or charedim, it’s a day we commemorate all the kedoshim who gave their lives protecting the holy people of the holy land. Why do you need to be so insensative? Rachmanim B’nei Rachmanim must not apply if the people do not fit your hashkafic mold. Pretty sick.

  5. A Jewish life can not be measured statistically,
    every Jewish life has a value that’s beyond our imagination.
    The bottom line is, there is no other country in the world that a Jew has to be afraid that a bus will blow up or that a bulldozer will knock him down or if he gets stuck next to a bad settlement that he will be murdered, or a gunmen will come in to his sons school and massacre as much as possible.
    So the question is was it worth

  6. #16 exactly my point ask the Jews in Yemen if they didn’t live in peace with their neighbors b4 1948.
    of course eisov sonai et yaakov is happening now as it was in all generations, but we are responsible not to add fuel to the fire, we cannot just blame anti-Semitism for everything that goes on and not take responsibility of our actions. yaakov ovinuh when he sent the 10 shvotim to Egypt said (lomoh tisruee)which means don’t attract your self to them, don’t give them an excuse to hate you. And that’s what we must do, the rest is the job of the ribono shel olam

  7. Pusheter Yid
    I really don’t know were to start here.
    first of all i am not a typical anti Israel charaidy as your trying to paint me here.
    i do love to Israel and i feel pride when they are successful and grief when they aren’t
    but that doesn’t mean that i wouldn’t think outside the box. if you want brainwashed its someone who would rather buy his own house in A bad scary life threatening neighborhood then rent one in a nice one, just to proclaim ownership. I don’t have to tell you who Israel is surrounded with since i don’t want to sound like a broken record player.
    Oh! you said tax breaks? i say, if you think of Israel as a house, you should think of the precent of security efforts per person as well of the amount of the secrifices we pay,as the percent of A mortgage to A house, which definitely equals foreclosure.
    You said that the only purpose of the Zionist was to take Jews out of their gentile lands just to provide them security and not to be dependent on the security of the none Jews. Well! you must be delusional to believe so, but even for argument sake let say its true ,well they bitterly failed providing it, they are still strongly dependent on the united states they must obey usa commends even when their own security is at stake for example!
    when Iraq fired missiles in 1990 Israel was restrained from defending them selves thanks to united state pressure not to do so.
    Gush katif was evacuated thanks to usa demanding on doing something for so called peace process.
    I can go on and on with such examples.
    about the reasons why our land is so sweet and beautiful yes indeed i wouldn’t want the Arabs to control our yeshivas and our holy sites but think about this, how many kevry avosainu has been destroyed in our jewish land chititai shichva is a #1 problem in our sweet holy land like no other land in the world, is this part of the purpose of the zionist security?
    you said yeshivas? which other country in the world whould a yeshiva bucher have a problem fighting the system not to serve in the army by getting a dichu or a ptur or any other partail service.
    and what are you talking about this free clinics like there isnt any free health care for needy people in the rest of the world, oh you mentiond the smiling of the docters?yes! let me remind you about the contreversy of the yemen childeren who where kidnaped by those smiling doctors!! also part of the zionist purpose of security. you should wake op to reality like the rest of every normal thinking humen bieng including frum or even not frum jews in israel.

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