Former US President Carter Visits Hamas-Controlled Gaza


ch4.jpgFormer United States President Jimmy Carter visited Hamas-controlled Gaza on Tuesday morning, meeting with Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah. The former president used the opportunity to once again express his sorrow and pain for the plight of the residents, blaming Israel for the inhumane conditions existing in Gaza today, demanding the lifting of the embargo.

Speaking from the American School that was damaged in Operation Cast Lead, the former president stated he is “holding back he tears,” demanding Israel stop treating residents like “savages”, further stating he feels partially responsible since the bombs that struck the school funded by the United States were dropped from an F-16 manufactured by the United States.

Carter was carrying a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Noam and Aviva Shalit, the parents of Gilad Shalit, indicating it would be passed along to the captive soldier who next week marks three years in Hamas captivity.

Prior to Carter’s arrival, senior Hamas official Mahmud Zahar said that Hamas would consider delivering the letter, remaining non-committal.

The Ma’ariv news agency quoting a “senior PA security official” reported the discovery of bombs in an area of Gaza thwarted an assassination attempt against Carter. Reports released from Gaza later in the day labeled reports of a foiled assassination attempt as untrue.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. What a low life anti-semite.

    Anyone with brains, knew about Jimmy’s antisemitic tendencies since his pathetic presidency.

    Now, his anti-semitism is no longer hidden.

    In my opinion, Carter is a raging antisemite.

    I have two questions:
    1. Why does Israel let him in their country?
    2. Where are Carter’s jewish supporters now?

  2. Bibi should disclose to hussein obama that peace talks and a 2-state bla bla bla cannot be accomplished with this peanut imbecile making headlines. if hussein is also a jew hater he will let nit-wit continue making these anti-Semite headlines, and if he stops peanut from making headlines, than he’s pretending not to be a jew hater.

  3. #6; he is a lunatic. A normal anti-semite can be sharp and focused. Jimmy has those spaced-out, faraway eyes when he talks his jibberish. Either way, we are entitled to our respective opinions.

  4. #8, Yes, it depends on the definition, and a “normal anitsemite” would suggest that he is a “typical antisemite”, rather than “normal antisemite” meaning an antisemite who is a normal person.

    Without mincing words, there are various kinds of antisemites, but I suggest Carter is a lunatic versus an antisemite that has his incorrect information or conditioning, who may otherwise be capable of reason.

  5. He has had “soiney Yisroel” epithets inside him for decades. Now that he is a senile “faired”, his true colors are painfully obviously.