Internet Ban Takes A New Twist: ‘Chareidim’ Threatens To Sue Rav M.M. Karp Shlita


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chr.jpgThe daily HaMevaser continues to bring the play by play of the ongoing battle against chareidi Internet sites, but this time, from a different side. The management of the ‘Chareidim’ website is reportedly threatening to bring a lawsuit against Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Karp Shlita, one of the prominent rabbonim of Modi’in Illit.

The suit will address the rav’s actions against chareidi websites, seeking financial compensation. HaMevaser adds that a letter from an attorney’s office was delivered to Rav Karp recently from one of the owners/managers of the website, threatening him with a NIS multimillion in response to his tenacious battle against chareidi websites and the Internet.

The report goes on to quote the vaad which is continuing its battle against the Internet, stating “those” who believe they will succeed with threats of legal action against the Rabbonim Shlita are mistaken.

Chareidim was the second website to close its doors following the ban against Chareidi news websites in Eretz Yisroel. (Read the YWN article on the day that Chareidim closed by clicking HERE.) The first site to close down was Etrog. 

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(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I said all along that that letter didn’t look like it was written by Gedolim (see my comments in privious postings). Of course the dangers of the internet always needs Chizuk, but the design of this particular letter smelld from ‘Askonus’, not ‘Gadlus’…

  2. I’m a big believer in the wisdome of Gedolim, but at the same time I am a student of reality, the reality of this Golus.

    I’m sure it wasn’t these Gedolim each one on his own looking into the subject, seeking the pros and cons. This ban, like every other, has a non-Gadol instigator, who I’m sure besides the personal motives has also good explenations and many stories which make up ONE SIDE of the issue.

    The thing about bans is, although some times there are good reasons for both sides, there’s no ‘Askan’ who will run around to keep things the way they are – if it aint broken why fix… so the noise comes from the other side.

    And in this case we all know what kind of “Israeli askan politics” were the root of this ban… How sad. Look how in the same letter the Chareidim site put out stating they’re closing down they also acknowledge that it’s really the work of infemous ‘Askonim’, who did this out of revenge. It’s very clearly a revenge in the making.

    I personally think the Yetzer Hara is working hard on both ends of his battle….

    The whole Kol Koire doesn’t make any sense. The ban is not against HAVING internet, which it states is as status quo, which is only at work and only if not open to bad sites, but then it’s against “charidi web-stes that spread Lason Hara” and some how that included “Etrog” and “Charidim”, which were the best sites!

    So it really sounds like a joke: If you can have internet in the work place if it’s open only to good sites, so why not just tell us which is good and which is not? What’s it different then newspapers? Why do a move to close only the good? (onless their’s an interes of revenge by ‘Askonim’ involved…?!)

    The frum community did not succsseed in fighting bad newspapers by just banning them, till they created their own good ones. The way to fight bad is to create good.

    I don’t believe they were properly informed of the reality of the situation.

  3. Are they going to use the secular courts. That may be a problem because the Israeli courts use the internet to track caseload.

    Or perhaps the Rav didn’t have access to a good up to date dictionary, and when he said “internet” (which includes virtually all telecommunication systems, including telephone and all banking systems), he meant to be objecting to certain particular applications, such as blogs and discussion sites that allow for anonymous postings full of gossip, rumors, defamation and lies.

  4. It is very heartbreaking to see that the Generals in our circles are not looking at the reality of Internet.
    Internet is here to stay and with the time will only get more sophisticated.
    Today we can get it already on Cellular Phones, mini Computers etc. and who knows how far Technology will eventually advance.
    I was always wondering why our Generals don’t put together a commitee to take the people that are knowledgable in the Internet and give us Kosher material so we don’t have to look at non Kosher stuff.
    Ever since the Daily Hamodia, YWN, Vosiz Neias, Yiddish Report etc.came out and I am able to get my News from there, I haven’t read or listened to the secular material that is available.
    I am appalled when I am by someones house and pick up a Newspaper laying on the table; all the shmutz pictures and articles that I am saved of seeing and reading only because there is Kosher material available
    How true was Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum’s shita that there must be an outlet.. By banning everything only means that we are not facing reality and will eventually only backfire.
    Mark my words, eventually EVERYONE will have Internet.
    I still recall at a large gathering, there was a Guest Speaker from abroad that made a statement, “I know the problem by American Bochrim —– VIDEO.”
    I flipped, this Guest Speaker is busy with video; don’t you know that technology has advanced, our houses have been introduced to Computers.
    Years ago, I went with my Wife to Amish Town. As we all know that they are against modernization. They don’t have electricity, telephone etc. at home but they found a heter by having a Phone Booth on every corner and using Cellphones.
    WE HAVE TO FACE REALITY and bring in more and more Yiddishe programs on the Computer and have more and more Yiddishe CD’S (so Moitzei Shabbos you don’t see a big line at Blockbusters) and advace with Technology, instead of fighting it!