President Shimon Peres: Har HaBayis Belongs to 3 Religions


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In his usual diplomatic fashion, President Shimon Peres on Monday released a statement confirming the legitimate claims to Har Habayis by the three religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The president, the major architect behind the failure known as the Oslo process told reporters as he hosted Brazilian President Lula da Siva that “there is simply no substitute for the peace process”. He added that time was running out to complete an agreement with the PA (Palestinian Authority) and other neighbors.

Mr. Peres, who remain a tenacious advocate of the Oslo process, added that while there may be crises along the way, we mustn’t permit such situations from halting the process, which is critical.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Thank you Shimon Peres! Now we know who the real owners are. And obviously you don’t. Than let me remind you. The sole owners of the Har Habayis are the Jews, and no one else but the Jews!

  2. Leave it to Peres to disprove a chaza”l. –
    We learn that zakein means Zu Kana (chachma)…
    Well – not THIS one!

    A brilliant quote of Peres’ from March ’96…

    “By the year 2000, we will overcome Hamas, the [Islamic] Jihad, and terrorism. By then we will bring a comprehensive peace to the Middle East. By then we will establish a just society, with a national income greater than that of England, and greater than that of France. You all know that everything that we say we will do, we will do.” – The words of el presidente! (gevalt!!!)

  3. Thank-you Chushuva Yid. However, Shimon Peres tries to pretend that there is no G-d, chas v’shalom. I guess Moshiach will have to teach him a thing or two.

  4. Oh…
    and if there is still anyone out there that questions the wisdom of Israel’s President,
    just one more quote…

    “It was a mistake to bomb the nuclear reactor in Iraq.” [Haaretz, December 24, 1995]

    ’nuff said.

  5. As much as I hate to quote that Rosha, Ben-Gurion, he said, more than 50 years ago, that he wouldn’t go within Peres’ Daled Amos!

  6. Let us take what he said with a grain of salt. He obviously cannot say more now.

    BTW, you should know that some of today’s leftists like Peres are really far more to the right than any of us. I believe it was Peres who put together the entire Israeli nuclear program, by getting a site, finding scientists and all the needed supplies and seeing it through to fruition. They are not quite the pushovers that some of us think they are. They just speak in a flowery way to appease the powers that be.

  7. Until Moshiach comes, we don’t own anything in Eretz Yisrael. Isn’t that why we Yeshivish are against the medinah?

    If we Yeshivish Jews are against the government because Moshiach has not come yet, then why get involved in who they say Har Habayis belongs to? Until Moshiach comes, it belongs to whoever fights and wins it. The Yeshiva Velt did not fight in the ’67 war to win it, the Israeli Medina soldiers fought to win it.

    Only Moshiach will build the next Beis Hamikdash. So, what’s up with claiming to own Har Habayis until then? We are not even allowed to go there!

    Can someone please explain?

  8. to “Not Mekabel” —
    If that is how you feel, you not only should not go to Har HaBayit, you should not go to the Kotel either, because that too we only have due to “the Israeli Medina soldiers fought to win it.”
    The same goes for Kever Rachel and Maarat HaMachpela (among many other places in Eretz Yisrael.