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VIDEOS: Rosh Chodesh Provocation By WoW Met By 1000s Of Mispallalim

kotelWomen of the Wall (WoW) arrived at the Kosel for the Rosh Chodesh Bat Mitzvah event as promised. Thousands of dati leumi youths and high school students responded to the call and were on hand as well. A large minyan of hundreds of men took place, using a loudspeaker to daven and thereby offsetting the impact of the women. Many dati leumi females were also on hand to protest against the provocative nature of the WoW actions.

HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu, HaRav Shlomo HaKohen Aviner and HaRav Chaim Druckman last week called on their tzibur to respond to the planned event sponsored by WoW, and respond they did. In fact, over recent months the dati leumi torani community has filled in as the number of chareidim turning out monthly is on the steady downswing, as was evident on Rosh Chodesh Adar. In fact, buses were provided from Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Petach Tikvah, Ra’anana, Rehovot, Sderot, Kiryat Aba, Dimona and other cities to bring people to the Kosel, reflecting a serious undertaking by the dati leumi community.

The rosh chodesh event comes as the High Court of Justice contemplates a number of petitions dealing with the egalitarian area, the Kosel and who supervises these areas. In would appear that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is stalling, hoping the High Court will announce its decision and compel his hand rather than deciding and having to face the wrath of either the chareidim or the Reform Movement and its prominent donors. As was the case with Amona, the Prime Minister explained his hands are tied and he is simply complying with the ruling of the court.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. By what right does the evil Supreme Court of Israel have the right to rule about anything at the Kotel??? Are they going to start ruling on how synagogues,churches and mosques are run?

  2. I don’t know why everyone is getting so worked up. it’s a no brainer. Give these idiot WoW women what they want.
    Give them a piece of the wall. The wall that CHUMP is building between America and Mexico but be sure it’s on the Mexican side.

  3. First of all – why did this site write yesterday that the call was made by the Charedim when today they corretly write that it was dati Leumi???

    And to no. 2: they were already given a part right where u come iin in a separate place but this is not enogh 4 them as they have a completey wider agenda

  4. @zionflag- you’ve gotta love the foolish anti chareidi brigade and the entertainment they sometimes provide. When they turn up to protest they are attacked with the well-used words “shouldn’t they be learning” and when they’re in the Beis hamedrash learning they’re charged with the words “why weren’t they protesting”.
    By the way, read the article and you’ll see it says they were making a fuss before most others joined in.
    They can’t win either way. The word “agenda” springs to mind.
    I’m sure Geordie613 will back the bezmeister on this one.

  5. To Zionflag
    The Charedi community came in thousands for a few months – and where were the Mizrahnikis (and where are they when there is Chiulul Shabbos and where are they when an autopsy is being done and where r they when the State is digging up Jewish bodies etc)
    Then the Gedolim decided it was beter to not give them any attention as this only made it worse
    So – pls – before Bashing Charedim – hust ask – do u want my email? I live here and am part of the Jerusalem Charedi Community

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