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    The front page read “HATE BEGINS IN BROOKLYN”

    Hasidic man assaults a Muslim .

    Is the story accurate?

    Isn’t this a terrible Chilul Hashem?

    It’s time to do Tshuva.


    When I was attacked 10 years ago by three “Africen Americans” it didnt make the front page of the Daily News. In fact it wasnt even mentioned at all, do you know why? because it happens every day!!


    now dats news!

    man bites dog is news..dog bites man is not news..

    how does one know who started?

    does this mean we cannot defend ourselves anymore??


    Sad. He was drunk and is now in lots of trouble. He faces up to 15 years in prison since he is charged with obstruction of justice and a couple of other charges as well. I’m sure someone will say that we don’t know the entire story which is true… we really don’t.

    Pac / Man

    The story is a lie.

    And the Daily News is shmutz (like the Post.)


    I saw someone reading it on the Subway today! I was wondering what that was all about…


    As they say, The Daily Znus and the New York Prust


    “And the Daily News is shmutz (like the Post.)”

    NO! The Post is a Conservative newspaper, published by Rupert Murdoch, who runs Fair and Balanced Fox News. It consistently supports right wing positions and slanders liberal politicians. Therefore its horribly licentious gossip page, and its full color inappropriate photos on its cover are totally excusable in the name of destroying the evil liberals who are of course the people responsible for such anti-Torah smut. (Never mind that in 160 years of publication the New York Times has never published such garbage, we have to boycott the Times and support Rupert Murdoch!)



    Charlie: Your point is unclear. Nobody here said anything good about the Post; they called it shmutz.

    Besides, the NY Times isn’t exactly the paragon of Torah virtue either. Their ads are usually just as bad as the Post’s celebrities.


    If its so bad why do you guys read it?


    “Charlie: Your point is unclear.”

    I was being sarcastic. Rupert Murdoch is the biggest peddler of legal smut in the world, but conservatives love him. He runs Faux News and The Post.

    The NY Times is indeed no paragon of virtue. Its journalistic standards in the last decade or so have been awful. It still has yet to apologize for Judith Miller’s shilling for the Bush administration, supporting the lies that lead to our disastrous involvement in Iraq, at a cost that has brought the US to the brink of default and has made it impossible to do anything about the real threat, Iran. And they sold their profitable classical music radio station, one of the few gems of broadcasting. The NY Times doesn’t peddle smut, but that is faint praise.


    I should add that the editing of my first comment by the moderator did not change the meaning of the comment; I had simply given a bit more detail as to what The Post had published and the moderator correctly determined that it was inappropriate for a frum forum. That an factually accurate description had to be edited says something about The Post!

    Correct -95


    The Daily Shmutz is just as bad as the Post. And the NY Times in not much better.


    DON’T believe everything you read!


    Before you go defending this person you should check out the facts. Just because a person is a Jew does not make them right. I don’t know the whole story either but what was reported right here was that he was drinking beer and he poured it over the head of the Muslim woman next door. There is no excuse for that. NONE! He knew better than to do that and if he chooses to act like a thug he obviously will have consequences. If he had a problem with his neighbors he should have or could have taken a different route. Just because he is Jewish does NOT give him the right to break the law. Most probably had he done it to a male neighbor it would not have made headlines. The fact that he acted like an animal and did it to a female is what got him in trouble.


    That Daily News headline is from a week or so ago. The man seems to be a very recent BT who still has more than one foot in the secular world. His daughter’s boyfriend is Muslim.

    The Post is poorly written and is meant for the less educated reader – ditto for the Daily News. Both are sensationalist tabloids.

    However, the New York Times is a poisonous rag which consistently supports toeva, giving in to Islam and other values that are neither Jewish nor American. It is dangerous; the other 2 are bird cage liner.


    The post and news are called tabloids for a reason. Their standards are not that much greater than the enquirer and some of the other gossip rags that assault you near the checkout counters in major supermarkets.

    yaakov doe

    The photo caption said “hasid man”. He may daven by a Lubavitcher, but by the usual definition the accused is not a chosid. I consider it an anti semetic act to put such an un newsworthy story on the front page.



    The Times is way worse than the Daily News for any number of reasons. There are more lies published there every day. It is way less objective than the News. It is a bastion of all the liberal lies that are spread daily. They consider themselves a paragon of virtue while the Post does not consider itself anything more than a tabloid. The Times is in fact the very essence of liberalism. Spreading agenda driven filthy lies while thinking they are holier than thou. You are so blind that you can only find fault with one reporter allegedly “shilling” or Bush.

    There has been more damage done to religious Jews and Israel by you holy NYT than the KKK. And yet, in you addled liberal mind, your only issue is that a reporter allegedly stood up for the truth instead of the anti American lies of the liberals? And the “shilling” for the president of the US and his policies that are driving the country into bankruptcy, you have no issue with? The truth is, their support of the President is purely racist. They only supported him because of his color, as I suspect you and Avi Weiss did as well.

    Typical blindness by a radical liberal. I am not sure if your typical comments are because you are liberal and thus so nonsensical, or if you are so liberal because of the lack of sense.


    You also can’t just not believe something because you decided you want to, either

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