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    Not sure how to spread it between Yiden but I think that people that could move their merchandise to a safe place should do so. At this rate they very well might end up in Jewish neighborhoods. A stitch in time saves nine. Maybe everyone can pass on to their contacts

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    How about:

    If anyone in the audience has a question please raise your hand.

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    There is a Gemarah in Sukkah 29a that talks about blood moons etc….

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    In my humble opinion, numbers are not a thing in itself; it rather represents an object or an idea. For example one apple,two apples etc…, hence you can then add, subtract etc…. but since the item that it represents is an object and the object is finite, therefore, a number is no more than a concept which is relevant to the object. Once the object disappears, so do the numbers, thereby leaving numbers as a finite thing. On the other hand, G-d, Who is not a mortal, nor has any dimensions,is the epitome of Oneness that we have no concept of, and is the only infinite “being”.

    If I am wrong then I hope to be corrected.


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    Not a problem, and thanks for the welcome back.

    Also I find that it is sometimes good to try to remember the good times that one had and to see that they did have good times in life and to try to draw from those feelings and to try to understand that right now it might be dark but there is plenty of light out there, one has to try to tap into it as much as possible.

    Also saying Tehilim in general is good and especially if you have in mind a specific choleh or all cholem in klal yisroel and it gives you the feeling that you are actually doing a chesed For someone.

    I once read an amazing story about Tehilim which I will share with you.

    There was a certain woman who made it a habit that when she was in a stressful situation in her car (i.e. traffic) instead of getting frustrated she would say Tehilim. One day there was a lot of traffic and so she did the usual, she took out her Tehilim and said some Tehilim. As the traffic eased up she saw that the cause of the traffic was a car accident. As she passed the scene of the accident she silently thanked Hashem that it was not her and she went on with her life as usual. A short while later she was in some sort of office (Doctors office or the like) and a woman came over to her and asked her if by any chance she was near the scene of an accident recently? She thought back and remembered the incident mentioned above. She told the other lady that she remembers being at such and such a place and there was a car accident but she did not think much of it. So the lady told her you should know, that I was the one that was involved in that car accident and I recognized your face because my neshama started ascending to Shamayim, then suddenly a whole bunch of letters started to surround my head and slowly slowly I felt myself being pulled back toward my body, and believe it or not the letters where coming from your car.

    Sounds too good to be true but it is supposed to be a true story that I read in one of the popular books. Just shows you the power of Tehilim. Sort of like the lotto, hey you never know.

    Don’t forget Chanukah is around the corner so hold on tight. Hope things brighten up.

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    SaysMe…. Very nice poem. Hopefully things will get better.

    I used to post here more often but haven’t been on here for a while but I will try a little poem myself.

    I cry,

    I try,

    I flail,

    I fail.

    I wonder,

    I blunder,

    I scream,

    I dream.

    My cries does any one hear?

    Does anyone really care?

    Trapped, that’s how I feel.

    Everything is so surreal.

    Trapped in the dark,

    No sign of light, not a spark.

    How will I break free?

    This bleakness seems to be gripping me.

    As I walk in a daze,

    Everything seems to be a haze.

    I notice a man, broken and poor,

    Clothing tattered, lying on the floor.

    The haze clears,

    Such a sight brings me to tears,

    Is my life that bad?

    The poor mans life would I rather have had?

    Suddenly it is clear to me

    This incident helped me see,

    G-d guided me this way,

    To help the poor man on this day.

    Although I still have a way to go,

    Some are worse off, now I know.

    With a kind word and a gentle smile,

    I give the man 10 dollars, for him it will go a mile.

    As I walk on,

    I realize that life is like a marathon.

    I can either give up and be left behind,

    Or push ahead and have the finish line in mind.

    Of course if I do it on my own,

    It will just be me, all alone.

    With his guidance and love, all my troubles I can withstand

    And just like the beggar who felt forlorn,

    G-d sent an angel to warm his heart, broken and torn.

    So too in time I’ll see,

    My troubles and sorrows G-d will turn to joy and glee.

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    Hi, and welcome.

    You can check out (mods please allow) led by a wonderful woman Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis. They also have programs events and services. So if you are located in NY it might of interest to you.

    I hope that you find the right source that brings you one step closer.

    Wishing you you much success and a Happy New Year

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    One thing they say is that just like when a Mother or Father have to do something that is ultimately the best for their child, for example taking them to the doctor to get shots etc….yet they know that it will cause their child pain and suffering and thus causing themselves to suffer along with the child and still the Mother or Father overlooks their own anguish and pain because out of love for their son or daughter they are willing to bear their pain to insure that ultimately the child will benefit from it down the line. The same way when Hashem sends us pain and suffering, we can think that despite the pain Hashem “feels” he still will bear that pain to ultimately benefiet his children. May you have an easy time accepting and dealing with whatever pain you might be going through and hopefully shortly you will see how it was beneficial.

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    Thanks everyone for their compliments, they are greatly appreciated.

    Oomis, thanks for the congrats. I think your poem is excellent and written very well. Kudos to you as well.

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    Princess eagle – No, I did not write it specifically for anybody, I just figured I will write a poem about Chanukah and share it with everyone. I tried to write it more to the light side since life is serious enough as it is. Happy Chanukah once again.

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    Princess eagle – Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. I didn’t understand the question though, can you clarify?

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    Middlepath – Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. A freilichin Chanukah

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    Chanukah, a festival of lights,

    Jelly doughnuts, latkes and eight exciting nights.

    Keep the dreidel spinning.

    Hopefully I will be winning.

    Parties, gatherings, celebration.

    Music, singing and jubilation.

    The menorah lights aglow.

    Children running to and fro.

    Latkes so fresh and hot.

    “Chanukah gelt!!, Chanukah gelt!!” Zaidy calls.

    And suddenly everything stalls.

    Einiklach, children, everyone in line,

    Money from Zeidy one at a time.

    Presents and Chanukah treats galore.

    I can almost open up my own store.

    Joy and excitement fill the air.

    Gleaming faces everywhere.

    With all the spinning, frying, and exhilaration,

    I almost forgot Chanukahs interpretation.

    Well, a long time ago, you see,

    There was a man named Yehudah Hamaccabee.

    When times were good,

    The Holy Temple was running as it should.

    To the Holy Temple everyone would come.

    There was room for everyone.

    Sacrifices, prayer, and song.

    To visit the holy temple everyone did long.

    But suddenly an evil decree,

    King Antiochus, vicious as can be.

    Judaism is outlawed, Torah study is banned.

    Oppression and darkness befall the Jews of the land.

    With a heart full of hate,

    His army he sends to seal the Jews’ fate.

    To Jerusalem they descend,

    The services in the Holy Temple they end.

    With the Holy Temple, violated and desecrated.

    Antiochus’s men are extremely elated.

    Seemingly, the mission accomplished,

    The light of the Jews forever extinguished.

    Upon hearing this dreadful news,

    Sadness and anger filled the Jews.

    Matisyahu the High Priest shouts with might,

    Mi K’amocha B’aelim Hashem, who will join this righteous fight?

    Small in numbers but full of zest,

    The Jews gather, they will do their best.

    To reclaim the Holy Temple they will try,

    For this great cause they are ready to die.

    One by one Antiochus’s men are defeated.

    An army once so large completely depleted.

    The Hand of Hashem is seen so clear.

    For not their own might got them there.

    Arriving at the Holy Temple’s door,

    The Jews are shaken to the core.

    A ghastly sight lay before them,

    Destruction, degradation and total mayhem.

    Submerged in darkness.

    Their hearts filled with sadness.

    Completely torn apart,

    To restore order to the Holy Temple they start.

    The Menorah they would like to rekindle,

    But their hopes quickly dwindle.

    Pure oil with the High Priests seal,

    Is no where to be found in this whole ordeal.

    Searching in every corner and nook.

    Hopelessness, despair all around.

    Suddenly, a miracle!! A flask of oil is found.

    Oil enough for just one night,

    But for eight days they managed to burn bright.

    The light of the Menorah illuminating the way.

    Casting away the darkness to this very day.

    In commemoration of the miracles and salvation.

    Chanukah is celebrated by the Jewish nation.

    Each night another candle, another spark,

    Slowly, steadily, casting away the dark.

    Just like the days of Chanukah long ago,

    One night’s oil, for eight days did glow,

    Let the light of Chanukah shine and radiate.

    Throughout the year, the darkness to illuminate.

    So Happy Chanukah everyone.

    Go out and have loads of fun.

    But don’t forget the message it tells you…

    May the Bais Hamikdash be rebuilt Bimheyrah Byameinu.

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    observanteen- Thanks for the comment and encouragement. It is greatly appreciated

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    Lost in the dark?

    Cant seem to ignite the spark?

    Your heart aching?

    Your soul breaking?

    One things for sure

    Waddling in the mud is not the cure.

    I was given the choice

    To listen to my little inner voice

    I can pull myself out

    Of the confusion and depressive bout

    But the more I focus on the bad

    The more and more it makes me sad

    Instead I must see what I can do

    Maybe I can help another Jew

    At a nursing home I can volunteer

    I can bring them some joy and cheer

    Can a soup kitchen use a spare hand

    Someone else’s pain to understand.

    Or maybe I can visit a sick child

    To lift their spirits to make their mood more mild

    In such a big world there is so much need

    To care for the sick and the poor to feed

    I need to open my heart

    That is where I need to start

    Think of someone in need

    And set out to do a good deed

    The more I fill my time by doing

    The less my feelings of unhappiness will be brewing

    In the event I can’t do something today

    I will take out my Tehilim and pray

    I will pray either for little old me

    Or for someone else’s plight I happen to see

    By taking action and not just moping

    Hashem’s mercy I will be evoking

    Each act of chessed will bring in more light

    And with helping others I actually will be easing my own plight.

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    I don’t usually respond to posts often but I felt that maybe it can be helpful.

    First of all I don’t intend to be hurtful in anyway and if anything I say may hurt you then please forgive me.

    One needs to look into themselves and write down the reasons that one thinks he/she is a nerd and try to see if it is a valid reason or just some perceived notion based on x amount of times that people have told him/her or made him/her feel like he/she is a nerd etc…. (Also alot of this might have to do with ones upbringing schooling etc…. so it can really take time to figure these things out.)

    Once one has the reasons that he/she thinks that he/she is a nerd, he should go through them and see if there are things that he/she can change. For example if one tends to be forgetful and puts his glasses on top of their head and forgets that he/she put them there and then looks for them for an hour and finally finds them, one can think to themselves” Boy am I slow…. I am such a scatter brain… etc…. etc….all these are negative feelings which lead a person to have negative thoughts and low self esteem which eventually leads to being anti social and then leads to depression G-d forbid. but if one learns to do things to help oneself not get into this situation it will help him/her reverse this effect and to build a better self image etc…

    One has to believe in themselves in order to succeed so after he/she devises some sort of plan to change what can be changed and to accept that which is hard to change I believe that he/she will be more ready to believe in themselves.

    I am sure that I barely covered this in depth as there is a lot more out there and there are a lot more possibilities of what the problem might be related to. Usually these issues are related to low self esteem and reading books on how to develop better self esteem will be helpful.

    Last but not least one needs to ask Hashem to help him/her see the truth, to be happy with who they are and to be able to change the things that can be changed and to accept the things that cant be changed.

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    I am not saying that my approach is right and I don’t have much experience but the thought that occurred to me is that most importantly I think she would have to see the beauty in Shabbos in order for her to want to observe it more. I don’t really have any suggestions on specific books but sometimes a good book that explains the beauty and importance of Shabbos and what it means in terms of it being a special day where one can connect to his/her creator on a higher level. Also I would suggest if applicable, if she can somehow get involved with a Shabbos program that deals with children, i.e an oneg Shabbos or b’nos etc… where she will see the childrens joy in partaking in the beauty of Shabbos. Once the connection is in place I think things will fall more into place and she might be more interested in observing shabbos. Also I would suggest that as much as possible if she could somehow be invited to other peoples houses for Shabbos meals it would probably be good for her. Once again I don’t really have any experience just my thought. Hatzlacha.

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    Not sure if its my place. Just a suggestion. Sometimes if you take small areas where you think you can do better and increase mitzvos etc…. it brings more light into the soul and it might help in these situations. A little light pushes out a lot of darkness. Hatzlacha

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    Thanks AmYisroelChai and PrincessEagle for your words of encouragement. They show that you recognize that someone took the time to write them and to show them appreciation.

    Blabla, I hope that you will be able to navigate these stormy days. And I hope that Hashem gives you the strength to pull through.

    Although it is dark now, with Hashems help the light is not to far away.

    Don’t give up! Hashem is there even though it might not seem like it.

    (I hope my words are not offensive. If they are please forgive)

    Drowning in a sea,

    Of dark misery.

    Does anyone see?

    Can anybody help me?

    The waves are strong.

    What did I do wrong?

    The water is churning.

    For relief I am yearning.

    My soul is badly burning.

    Life for the worse is turning.

    Despite the blackness.

    Through my sadness.

    In spite of this madness.

    I hope to find a bit of inner gladness.

    In the darkness I grope,

    To find something I hope.

    A lifeline, a rope.

    Anything, just to help me cope.

    In a dusty little nook.

    I find a worn out book.

    I open it to have a better look.

    My breath away it took.

    The first page I read:

    To any one in need,

    Salvation is bound to come with speed.

    As these words sank in,

    The damn of my soul burst within.

    All the barriers wore thin

    Tears flowing, my head in a spin

    Softly they roll

    The pain, the hurt has taken its toll

    Breaking free of this dark hole

    I can feel myself getting whole

    As the prayers soar up high.

    Hashem listens to your anguished cry.

    His angels he sends your tears to dry.

    The more I pray,

    The less my heart does weigh.

    The easier the way.

    The brighter my day.

    As I end my supplication.

    My soul refreshed, renewed with determination.

    I notice, the fierce black sea backed down in resignation.

    In the distance I can see my destination.

    In reality G-d is very close to you.

    Pour your heart out with prayers a few.

    They will surely be answered, though it might take a moment or two.

    A beacon of light,

    In the dark of night.

    I hold on to it tight.

    My Tehillim I will always keep in sight.

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    Summer, a time for fun.

    Lay out in the sun.

    Children on the run.

    Projects to get done.

    Fresh green trees.

    Green crisp leaves.

    A soft gentle breeze.

    Relax with ease.

    Birds fly high,

    In the crystal blue sky.

    A yellow butterfly,

    Softly flutters by.

    The sky turns gray.

    The sun goes away.

    Trees begin to sway.

    What’s happening? I say.

    Thunder, lightning.

    Oh how frightening.

    My stomach is tightening.

    My anxiety is heightening.

    Suddenly I am aware,

    I am not the only one here.

    Hashem’s creations everywhere.

    They come out in the rain, to get their share.

    Ants in a hurry.

    Mice in a scurry.

    Bees in a flurry.

    All without a care, without a worry.

    The darkness passed.

    The storm ended at last.

    In a world so vast,

    Things can happen so fast.

    With everyone’s needs filled.

    Farmers are thrilled.

    Fields are tilled.

    Grains are milled.

    Trees give praise.

    Hashem’s creations, their voices do raise.

    Oh Hashem! how wondrous your ways.

    Thank you for thees gloomy days.

    So what might seem gloomy and blue,

    Is actually there to help you.

    To pull you through.

    Think about it, it’s true.

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    Oh Zion,

    My heart is crying.

    My soul is dying.

    To be with you I long,

    To sing your beautiful song.

    But sadly due to sin,

    We were cast from within.

    Woe upon me.

    I no longer have thee.

    In your day,

    In the Holy Temple I’d pray.

    Three times a year,

    We would gather there.

    If I did the wrong thing,

    Sacrificed to the One above.

    I would be forgiven with love.

    Thousands of years,

    Millions of tears.

    Cast away,

    Gone astray.

    On a journey alone.

    Its length unknown.

    For your splendor I yearn,

    To your beauty to return.

    I sit and cry

    To think I try.

    What can I do?

    How can I return to you?

    I know I am to blame

    I am full of shame.

    If I only I can go back

    There’s nothing I would lack.

    As my thoughts race

    Tears roll down my face.

    I realize my mistake

    Action I must take.

    Brick by brick,

    Through thin and thick,

    With the sweat of my brow,

    To rebuild your Temple, I vow.

    Each good deed,

    Is a brick in need.

    A smile to one you don’t know.

    A helping hand to and fro.

    Charity for the hungry and poor.

    Helping the elderly feel secure.

    Listening to an anguished call

    All can add more bricks to the wall

    Myself, I can’t do this task.

    So for your help I do ask.

    If you can take a minute and pause.

    Can you please help this needy cause?

    The more workers we can acquire,

    The sooner we can fill this desire.

    To be back home.

    No longer to roam.

    May we merit the moment,

    Through repentance and atonement.

    For G-d’s promise to unfold.

    In Zion will rejoice young and old.

    Sounds of laughter and glee,

    In the streets of Jerusalem we’ll see.

    The third Temple in sight,

    To cast away the darkness, of this long dreadful night.

    Oh, Zion

    May it be, by the might of His hand,

    That He return His children to their promised land.

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    I hope I wasn’t the one to offend

    That I did not intend.

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    Pain, confusion

    Suffering, delusion.



    I need an infusion.

    Gloomy, sad.

    I feel so bad.



    Please help me, Dad.

    Anxiety, fear.

    Death is near.



    I no longer care.

    Why should I live?

    What can I give?



    Do I have an alternative?

    Thought, emotion.

    Time and devotion.



    Block out the commotion.

    Slow, sure.

    Feeling secure.



    I think I can go more.

    To help and assist.

    To love and guide.



    G-D is at my side.

    I know I can,

    Be a better man.

    I need to really think;

    Am I really on the brink?

    I look deep inside.

    The truth I cant hide.

    There is so much in me,

    I just need to set it free.

    I am thankful for my sight.

    They help me see your might.

    I thank you I can hear,

    The songs of your universe so clear.

    I thank you for my speech,

    With which your mercy I can beseech.

    I thank you for my heart,

    I can feel the love and devotion you impart.

    The list has no end.

    Just as the kindness that you send.

    You gave me so much,

    I just need to stay in touch.

    To tap into my inner being,

    And my soul to start freeing.

    I know it’s in there,

    I know You care.

    If I open my eyes and look around.

    I will see, that your mercy and kindness has no bound.

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    Darkness, night,

    I shake in fright.

    Alone forlorn,

    My spirit is torn.

    I try to see

    Past my misery.

    I try to cope,

    In the darkness I grope.

    I try to break free,

    to get out and flee.

    I try with all my might,

    But something holds me tight.

    I start to cry.

    My tears go dry.

    Feelings of despair.

    I will never get anywhere.

    Drained, distraught.

    My spirit caught.

    My heart shattered.

    My soul battered.

    Will this darkness lift?

    Can I stay adrift?

    In this black sea,

    Does someone know of me?

    With my emotions drained.

    My heart so strained.

    My eyes slowly close.

    I forget all my woes.

    My spirit soars.

    Possibilities it explores.

    Everything seems so alive.

    To new places I arrive.

    Mountains so high.

    A crystal blue sky.

    Rays of sun.

    Rivers on the run.

    I see myself strong.

    I feel I belong.

    I want to stay in this place,

    Where worries I wont face.

    I open my eyes.

    What a surprise!

    It was all a dream.

    I holler and scream.

    I am back.

    Same old track.

    Back to my hole.

    Oh my pour soul.

    But wait!

    Its not to late.

    If I try a little more,

    Maybe I can score!

    By giving one a smile,

    I can lift their pain a while.

    By doing a good deed,

    I can help someone in need.

    And even if it is plain old me,

    As boring as I can be,

    I am still deserving of love,

    A child of the One above.

    So if your feeling down,

    Don’t fret and frown.

    Pour out your heart,

    And try to make a new start.

    Hes always there,

    Your cries to hear .

    But we have to do the best we can,

    For after all this is what builds man.

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    Thanks evreybody for your feedback and encouraging words. Much appreciated.

    Here is another one, let me know what you think.

    My pain,

    So insane.

    My soul aches,

    My heart breaks.

    Why oh why?

    My heart does cry.

    A soul so pure,

    Is not with us anymore.

    A candle once so bright,

    Has faded into the night.

    Too much for me to bare,

    I wish this pain was not here.

    Can’t you see my cry?

    Oh One on high.

    When will it cease?

    Hear my prayers please.

    My little one,

    I love you like a son.

    It hurts me too,

    I cry along with you.

    You are too young to understand

    All the details that are at hand.

    Out of darkness comes light.

    Everything will be alright.

    Life is a test,

    You have to try to do your best.

    Just open your heart,

    And do your part.

    The rest leave to me,

    For I listen to every single plea.

    What seems dark today,

    In the future, can illuminate the way.

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    Not usually very into poetry but figured I will give it a shot. Let me know what you guys think, open for suggestions:

    A child’s plea:

    Mother, trust me.

    I am fully grown,

    I can go alone.

    Mother says no,

    Alone, please don’t go,

    Please!, is the child’s plea,

    And mother finally does agree.

    Full of confidence,

    Bursting with independence,

    On his journey, he sets out.

    Soon, mother I will see without a doubt.

    The way seems longer,

    The worries grow stronger.

    Regret, uncertainty and fear,

    Mother, I wish my cries, you can hear.

    A search set into motion,

    We search with all our devotion.

    A boy has been lost,

    We must find him at any cost.

    The days go by.

    We cant help but cry.

    Oh, Father above!

    Please, return him with love.

    The news broke.

    Our emotions choke.

    Is it true?

    I won’t be seeing you?

    The journey has ended.

    Though not as intended.

    Called from on high.

    For reasons only Hashem knows why.

    We are all on a way.

    Our Father in heaven says don’t stray.

    I am grown, I am strong!

    How can I go wrong?

    In just one wrong turn,

    You can sadly learn,

    Someone who seems to “care”,

    Is actually the enemy who brought you there.

    Hear your Fathers voice.

    Make the right choice.

    It is you who will gain,

    And loyal to him you shall remain.

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