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    i agree i think this thread will become very popular and just worsen that tachlis of it…..i dont agree they should add only a few times a day bec thats boring and its not like the internet its just a little faster then a newspaper—maybe im saying that bec im at work all day so i dont go online till night so its not such a big nisayon for me

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    oomis1105—-i went to cvs not at 5 but at 1:30 in the afternoon, im not crazy i wouldnt go so early…….i happened to have been at that walmart on thurs afternoon everyone was very calm never in my wildest dreams did i think s/o would be killed over a sale

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    i have an extra care card and my cvs was always a cvs i usally get coupons….

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    the moderators usally use there their regular screen names…but when they want to look cool(or blue lol)they use moderator……..for all u know im moderator 99 or 72 or maybe im really the editor..haha you will never know…….lol

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    btw i went to cvs 2day and they didnt have any sales and not only that i didnt even get 1 coupon on my recipt

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    of course that is a major part of the shidduch crises parents are saying no for their kids bec thats not the type of girl/boy they want to marry forgetting that they are not the ones who need the shidduch and their child is looking for s/t totally diff

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    bugyes— maybe yw will start a new coffee room for the men….aaha

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    what stores are open today besides kmart and walmart?

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    fine, how about 1$ for every 1000 posts—is that more resonabale?

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    i 2nd that! i charge 20$ an hour

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    i happen to be a big camp person…i think u should send them a little older so they dont get burned out but the time there 12…i know people that started going into 4th and by the time they got to 8th grade they were board of it while as people who started in highschool go till they get married bec they only have a few years as campers then when u get to be staff, its more fun and your job changes every year to make it exciting (if you do the same job—then u def like it)

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    oh well….if i get internet can i become the yw editor IN CHIEF?

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    todah rabba

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    hey yw editor…when u retire can i take over? or better yet can we become co editors? is there more then 1 “editor” just curious??? btw i love when u post-it feels like we know u now( ur prob thinking oh no-but i think its good)

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    hey that was quick- last post 42 sec and people u know whats cool till its

    “posted 1 minute ago” it gives u a chance to edit it…shticky

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    btw i havnt been on here all day(i work not behind a desk lol) and i started reading the posts and u know what i relized? i havnt seen joseph around 2day…like i said i didnt read them all yet….but so far he hasnt been around

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    i live in on planet earth(is that to personal 4 u? lol)

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    u c now the top page only goes back 12 hours so if u were looking at something in the morning it wont even be up there now….so some people will give up and not try to bring back out of hybernation, when really it was a very intresting topic……..

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    come on here-that could always entertain u

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    you could try

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    this is at the bottem of the page….lets keep it up there at least for the next 3 days, so we can help as many people as possible with saving money……anyone else know of any other black friday sites? does anyone know if the canon SD1100 is a good camera?

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    my name is dont have internet bec when i made my screen name i didnt really have the internet….now i got a laptop(dont worry i basically only go on ywn and emails)

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    btw-i dont like the shortsleeves over longsleeves look-never did but so many people that i would never dream in a million years would were it are! alot of those people are even the ones i discussed it with and they agreed with me…then…….and noone give me the excuse that u cant find longsleeves even in the summer i never had trouble finding

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    thank u zimby i have the same question

    AHAH shtultzy guy and posek hador are the same person?

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    i knoe what shes talking about–all these chassidish men on street corners of b.p. with there hands sticking out they try to stop u…but when u slow down and u give them a look they stop asking

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    i still dont understand whats not tznius about driving?

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    is the canon s55o good? if u have a camara that u like(quick responce time,good zoom,video) can u please list it? i had the panasonic dmctz1 -i loved it but there not making it anymore and people are saying that panasonic isnt good

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    i have the garmin c330 its pretty good-it does get u lost once in awhile but it also always gets u unlost…u will always get to your destination it might just take u a crazy way….i always say gps are great if u have no clue where ur going if u know the basic idea there not good because they take u the way they want to go…lets say lakewood is an hour away it will take u an hour but u will go on streets u have never heard of

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    i agree w u! i dont want to start a fight i just want to understand WHY its not tzanua? why is it better to be snooring rides from e/o and yes be standing in the street forever waiting for your ride? i understand that the chasidim dont drive and im not telling them they have to drive, i just want to know why? my friend has a sis-in-law who doesnt drive and she never has time to do a/t for herself bec shes always chauffeuring her s-i-l and her kids and what about the chassidish schools who dont let there teachers drive at all not just not to school????someone please explain this to me

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    great idea

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    i didnt buy 1 yet -i think im gonna iy”h go today–thanx

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    i once started a thread like this but it disapeared

    why dont chasidish laides drive? i know your all going to tell me its not tznius BUT WHY? its not like they stay in there house all day? they have to get places-so they walk more thats worse then driving…..we all want our husbands to learn but im assuming they theres a lot more bittle torah if they have to keep stoping and driving there kids places

    i mammesh dont understand can someone please explain this to me-thanx

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    im assuming u mean flying in 4 a wedding bec if your not then what everyonr who comes should be payed back for the gas? you invite your good friends who are poor are u expected to pay 4 there gas? girls who fly for a friends wedding pay for it themself and they think long and hard before going to an outoftown weddding that they have to fly in for….also the bocher’s parents are going to end up paying for there ticket….and if a bocher gets married out of town he doesnt expect alot of guys to come and most of them have friend everywhere so i doubt that anyone is going to have noone there

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    the source of the quoted thing right before it

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    NO SLITS!!!

    in reply to: Going Back to Old Threds #635329

    noitallmr—i noticed not only joseph, there are alot of peopple on here that i dont know how they have time to do anything letalone a job bec they post on here all day! i only go on ywn only a couple of times a day and never before 4:15ish and i manage to keep up with coffee room….people who are ocd w/ ywn -how do your bosses (or chavrusahs) deal

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    Okay, forget it, I’m not expecting; just nauseous! No need to talk obout midwives etc, and about Joseph. (JK, but really, I did not intend for this to become a pregnancy thread; just about the nausea aspect…)

    everyone should READ bec look at what she wrote—she was joking bec she wanted joseph to post on here!

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    what does IMHO stand for?

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    can i make a suggestion? that when u are answering or giving an answer say which 1 u are answering like 2nd page 4th from top—or at least say the question—thanx

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    random–yashrus20 when did u start posting here i mean i dont think i ever saw u here before then all of a sudden tonight u pop up and start posting everywhere -i dont care its just weird

    could be uve been here all along and i didnt notice(im not a expert at this coffee room lol)

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    i just heard a rumor that she has officialy won? is that true? does anybody know?

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    thanx for the suggestions….keep em coming

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    i def want to be able to take videos

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    ya, of course digital

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    where do u live? brooklyn? fine then i understand bec i dont live there but from what ive heard its not good but where i live in the 5towns there is a great erev,they just redid it and e/o holds from it so in that case ur holding from something as a chumra and there is no reason to put a burden on the other person

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    ok so i havent really been folowing this thred at all but i did notice at the begining(i havnt read since so i dont know if other people said s/t about it–i do know that this isnt what u are talking about -so sorry) thebigone said that he doesnt hold by the erev so if s/o who is coming to his house he asks that they dont either, my problem is (assuming its a kosher erev) is that there is nothing wrong with using the erev so why is it your buissness if he does or does not do it? lets say your friend is wearing red- will u not let him in the house? or if she is wearing a snood that doesnt cover all her hair? in other words please explain?

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    if u want to get a cheep pair on 13th ave, u have to spend 80$ i dont know about u but i cant bring myself to spend even 50$ on a pair of shoes(ok i know im cheep but till recently i did amazing in places like payless,walmart,kmart for 12.99 and now im having such issues finding a normal pair)

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