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    You have never heard of a rhetorical question?
    I use them to open your eyes to the truth of the Republican party.

    The Democrats.passed the ACA bill. The Republicans voted 100% against it.
    They get zero credit for pre-existing conditions

    The Republian’s recently tried to repeal the ACA without replacing it. If you repeal the ACA- the law on pre-existing conditions is gone.

    I do agree that the Republican’s realized after the Democrats passed the ACA that American’s love parts of it like the provision on pre-existing conditions and also the provision on insurance including dependents under 26.
    The Graham-Cassidy bill got the closest to the new Republican view on the two. It kept the under 26 provision but allowed states the ability to opt-out of requirements that insurers charge the same premiums for healthy and sick customers.

    Medicare and Medicaid were also passed by the Democrats. Once the Democrats passed them, the Republican’s realized their value.
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently said that to get the federal budget deficit under control — the deficit grew to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018, the largest since 2012 — Congress needs to reform entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.
    In laymen’s terms That means that they are spending too much on them and there have to be cuts.

    My point is that a major amount of the chesed that the malchus shel chesed does is because of laws that the Democrats have passed – not the Republicans.

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    It is time for Truth,

    Please tell me the end of this posuk and the next posuk in Yechezkel.
    Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned …

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    It is time for Truth :

    Who told you the pyramid for America ?

    Murder is one of the big 3. How good are the NRA and the Republican’s at preventing it?
    Avoda Zara is also one of the big 3. Any laws preventing it ?

    The Republican platform does not punish or even make illegal the toevah behaviors! They are not more moral. It is a bluff.

    In truth, Democrats and Republicans are similar in that both have representatives with strong family values and some are sewers.
    Do not hold up the Republican party as a paragon of morality.

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    The Little I know:

    Republican’s have a monopoly on morality ?
    Do they show concern for healthcare for all ? Even with pre-existing conditions ?
    Do they want to take care of people needing SS, Medicaid and Medicare? Or take away their benefits?
    Did they lower taxes for the rich and drive up the deficit?
    Are AR-15’s in the hands of mass murders a good idea ?
    My Torah has a lot of laws that deal with a moral code – not dealing exclusively with the toevah part.

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    The Republican talking point was that they were not going to lose the house. So Losing the House is a Major Loss and a sign that the Blue Wave has begun.
    “Republican National Committee (RNC) spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said last Thursday that she believes the GOP will likely lose House seats in November’s midterm elections.
    “I do think we’ll lose seats in the House. I think we’ll end up keeping it,” McEnany told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on “Rising.”

    The Democrat’s won the House and also 6 (so far) Governor’s mansions.
    The Blue Wave has changed the dynamics of this administration.
    Trump is no longer going to be able to do whatever he wants with a complicit House rubber stamping everything.
    Investigations are going to be real and get to the truth.
    The checks and balance system that this country was founded on will finally be back in place.

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    Coffee Addict,

    I find it hilarious that you can bring up examples of things that Obama did but are blind to the fact that Trump has already done 100 times worse.
    Shoes on the table?
    How about running Chinese foreign policy from the dinner table at Mar O Lago while surrounded by a crowd?
    How about spending vast amounts of time playing golf? Or only working 3 hours a day and spending the rest on “executive time” ?

    Condescending tones to Netanyahu ? Netanyahu 100 % deserved it. And you admire Trump who “fights back” (which is another word for being unable to control his baby self.) If Netanyahu did to Trump what he did to Obama , Netanyahu would have a knickname already and if you know his current knickname it would not be hard for Trump to mimic it.

    Trump has alienated so many allies. Canada, China, Britian, the entire EU for examples.
    If while speaking in the UN , there would have been laughter when Obama spoke , the Trump supporters would have never let him live it down. Well, I will never let Trump supporters live the laughter at him down. He is the laughing stock of the world. Even Saudi Arabia is not happy at how he reacted to killing a resident of America.

    One final question: What adjective did Trump call the terrorism in Pittsburgh and the terrorism against the 11 Democrats ?

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    Thank you for confirming to me that you are stuck in your ignorant belief that Obama is an antisemite and nothing will ever change you. You should stop mentioning your belief on TYW until you are at least open-minded enough to debate it and change. It makes sense since I think you still believe that Obama was not born in Hawaii, USA.

    Coffee Addict – you are correct. But for some reason, I did not feel personal fear due to those attacks. Whereas now I say a prayer before going into a shul, yeshiva, school, kosher restaurant …

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    Liberals live in the real world. The first and largest attack against Jews was committed a week ago.
    It could have been any one of us commenting here.
    All any good American cares about is that it should not happen again.
    Whatever caused it needs to be prevented and not giving excuses or “thoughts and prayers.”

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    If you can’t remember any, can’t you do a little research?
    Call any one of these people, I dare you, and then come back and confirm that you were wrong.

    Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff to the President
    Ben Bernanke Chairman, Federal Reserve
    David Axelrod Senior Advisor to the President
    Elena Kagan Solicitor General of the United States
    Jack Lew Secretary of the Treasury
    Eric Lynn Middle East Policy Adviser
    Daniel Rubenstein Ambassador to Syria
    Dan Shapiro Ambassador to Israel

    Obama never was and is not an antisemite. It was not hidden. It does not exist. Just like Trump isn’t.
    Your accusation of him is false.

    I disagree with Avram on this . A lame duck act committed after 8 years in office regarding the state of Israel in the UN, as payback to Netanyahu who had shamed and embarrassed him publicly – in the US Congress also – for many of those years is not a sign of antisemitism. Just remember what Netanyahu did – all you people who think now that it is a chilul Hashem of the highest proportions and a lack of gratitude to criticize the current president.

    Who do you think Israel has to thank for the Iron Dome ?

    Israel , under Obama, received more than $20.5 billion in foreign military financing. Unlike President George W. Bush, who rejected Israel’s request for bunker-buster bombs, Obama became the first president to approve the sale of these advanced weapons,

    Under Obama’s 8 years , the U.S voted against resolutions in the General Assembly condemning Israel, cast the only “no” votes on five anti-Israel measures in the Human Rights Council, and worked to ensure that the General Assembly hold its first-ever session on anti-Semitism. Obama also prevented the Palestinians from unilaterally declaring an independent state.

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    Here is an example.
    I quote from a tweet from DJT. These are his own words. “The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it! Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others. These are not signs made in the basement from love! #Troublemakers.”

    DJT accuses Soros of being behind the Anti-Kavannaugh campaign.

    Why did he need to mention Soros ? The point of the tweet would mean the same whether he mentioned Soros or not.

    After he tweeted this, the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer wrote this and included a screenshot of DJT’s tweet: (Do not look at that website unless you want to get chizuk to move to Eretz Yisrael today or pray for Moshiach to come soon)

    “It is impossible to deny that subversive anti-American Jews were the primary force involved in a sinister plot to destroy Kavanaugh,” Lee Rogers wrote on the site a couple of days later. “These Jews do not represent the interest of America. They represent the interest of their diabolical and evil race first and foremost.”

    Avram is correct that Trump has spread (probably unwittingly ) the antisemitic conspiracy theories of the Nazis.
    Soros’s name has also been used to vilify the caravan walking to our southern border as a Jewish conspiracy to overrun America.

    If you want to know about Obama , talk to the thousands of Jews who interacted with him daily for 8 years. Don’t develop a theory based on a picture.

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    You are correct. It wasn’t removed.
    Can you see a distinction between what an elected politician says from what a stupid, idiotic, and low-life celebrity says ?
    Can you show me where the democrats didn’t care about any of these statements ? (The Chazon Ish famously said that if he would refute everything said in his name he would be spending the whole day). There is no official democratic department called the “let us show we reject the stupid statements of celebrities.”
    Where does the op-ed writer get the audacity to put false words into democrats mouths? They didn’t care about a shooting at a concert ? Or the shooting of Steve Scalise ?

    This author believes that all democrats want innocent people at a concert to die? Or for a Congressman to die?
    The writer is full of hatred towards democrats and will, just like Robert Bowers did about Jews, attribute the vilest motives and actions towards all of them.
    Assassinating Trump is not a democratic goal – never was and never will be.
    I wish TYW would remove the op-ed because it is so full of lies and hatred. There is one small step by an unhinged individual from reading that op-ed to actually doing harm to democrats.

    I will also remind all the peace loving , genuflecting to DT, republicans of the 8 years of Obama when they couldn’t get enough of mocking and degrading him. (Remember in the middle of the State of the Union speech – “you lie”). There were also many real assassination attempts against him and his family. Nobody ever thought that the republican party was behind them.

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    I disagree.
    I saw the post yesterday on YWN ( that was removed) that had a completely false and disingenuous attack on all Democrats saying that they have been calling for assassination.
    I read how people on YWN write against all liberals with loathing and detest.

    Why believe in a conspiracy theory over the straight facts?

    It is clear to me that Robert Bower’s hatred for Jews led him to believe the most unbelievable conspiracies against Jews. He honestly believed that we are committing genocide to his people.
    He is not mentally incompetent or crazy. He is filled with hatred and it was fed and nourished by others in social media (gab) with the same views.

    We should realize as frum jews that we do not follow an R or D but Hashem and that we are in Golus.
    The spokespeople for the R’s and D’s are not our idols and we do not worship what they say.
    They are politicians and the Mishna says – אל תתודע לרשׁות שׁאין וכו׳
    The constitution and all the amendments, including the second, were not given to Moshe Rabbenu on Har Sinai.

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    To all the conspiracy theorist believers, please do a cheshbon hanefesh and determine if your hatred for “liberals” has caused you to lose the most common sense interpretation of an event. השׂנאה מקלקלת את השׁורה

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    To all the conspiracy believers (or can I just call you Michael Savage listeners since he was the one that thought up and promoted this whole shtus) It is not looking good.

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    RebYidd23 ,

    The excuse was ” his being a Trump supporter is part of the conspiracy.” It is an excuse for when the terrorist is discovered to be a Trump supporter and not a Democrat.
    Why can’t you admit to the truth and reality if he is a Trump supporter?
    I will admit to the truth if he is a Democrat.
    Why are we even having a bizarre thread before the authorities catch the terrorist and tell us who he is?
    The answer is because Trump supporters need to get ahead of the story. They are so afraid that this is from a Trump supporter that they need to plant seeds of doubt in people’s minds that it is a conspiracy from the left.
    A reasonable reaction is that we should all wait and see who the terrorist is and then we can discuss it.

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    RebYidd23 ,
    First, I will hold that answer for you. Please do not use any other excuses from now on.
    Second , when I tell you that Trump is a Russian puppet, how will you prove me wrong? Any evidence that you present, I will say that is part of the conspiracy.
    This is what is called gaslighting. It is the defining term of the Trump administration. Reality means nothing. Only what Trump and fake fox news tell you to think and believe is true. Nebach.

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    To all the believers in the liberal conspiracy theory, please tell us all right now what your response is going to be if it is discovered that the bombs were sent by a Trump supporter.
    I would like to know right now so that you don’t have time to watch fake fox news or listen to Lying Sean Hannity etc to figure out what to say.

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    whitecar – We have discussed this before. Democrats do not favor higher taxes. That is not part of the party platform. You are using a slur that the Republicans use against Democrats to justify themselves.
    Do you know how much the wars that a Republican president (Bush) started has cost the USA? It is in the trillions. Who is paying for it? You. I am not discussing the merits of the war, just that it is hypocritical to blame all higher taxes on Democrats.

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    whitecar –
    ‘Also a school funded by taxpayers are getting state of the art equipment, and redesigning the property with trees, why is that something that taxpayers have to cover? ‘
    Funding Public Schools is a local issue. Property taxes pay for most of the cost of public schools. Although public schools get a very small percentage of their funding from donations and parent and student fundraising efforts, by far the greatest proportion of the money comes from state and local governments.
    If you live in a wealthy community, you want the school to give a better education, have modern devices with a beautiful campus. Public schools are probably the best investment of property taxes there is.
    How is this connected to Democrats, Republicans or Liberals ?

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    Yungrman – Do you remember the financial collapse of 2008 ? Lehman Brothers? Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. Merrill Lynch, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HBOS, all came within a whisker of doing so and had to be rescued.
    Republican leaders, who for years boasted about the self-evident benefits of light-touch regulation, had to sink trillions of dollars to prevent the world bank system collapsing.
    Those are the facts.
    Obama steered the economy through the recovery which continues under Trump.

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    A wish list is not an economic plan of action.

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    Coffee Addict – I am not sure why the Mods allow you to post these kinds of caustic comments that do not contribute.

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    Because they do address the economy.
    It was great during Obama’s 2 terms after almost completely collapsing at the end of Bush.

    The Republicans are the ones going to the printing presses after giving a GIGANTIC tax break to the wealthy and corporations and adding to the deficit. The deficit is projected to rise to 1 Trillion dollars under Trump.

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    “If you vote democrat, you should move to Mexico” – you call that rational thinking and an eloquent presentation of the facts ?!

    I call that a troll.

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    To add to what I wrote about self-promotion. It is known that Trump lied and inflated what he owned to the Forbes so that they would put him on the richest Americans list.

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    Health – If a us citizen is born outside the US to US parents, he needs to go to US agencies and show documentation to get his US citizenship. There are none for Obama.

    What is written by a person to promote themselves and make money is not proof of anything.

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    Health ,
    You know I meant that he was not born in America and therefore not eligible to become the president.
    Now , answer the questions regarding the number of people needed for the conspiracy of the presidency and of the landing on the moon.

    If you agree he is American , just not born in America, then show me one official document for his becoming an American!

    Why does the Hawaii newspaper, The Sunday Advertiser, in 1961 have a birth announcement for Mr and Mrs Barak H Obama in Hawaii?
    Did this conspiracy start in 1961 when nobody imagined him becoming president ?

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    I asked you to consider the number of people who need to be silent, lie and ignore the truth for this conspiracy that Obama is a non-american to be true and for it to forever remain a secret and never be revealed.
    This is the same proof when people claim that the moon landing was a hoax.
    Every one of the thousands of workers at NASA in the 60’s until now need to have been sworn to secrecy.

    It not only boggles the mind it makes the theory sound stupid.

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    I could answer your “proof”. Before I do, I would like you to consider the number of people that are involved in this conspiracy, for how long they have been silent and that there are both Republicans and Democrats.
    Consider that those involved in the conspioracy are positive that it will never be revealed by any of the organizations of the US Government.

    It boggles the mind.

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    Health “Nothing to debate! His laws are Not binding on anyone!” Try that on a judge. Maybe you will discount all the laws that come from the SC because Sotomayor and Kagan are illegal ?
    That is not a healthy view while living in America.
    Trump gave up the birther issue because even he knows it is a 100% complete lie.

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    “coffee addict”
    Russia is communist.
    Forcing people to buy insurance is a socialized way of thinking but it has nothing to do with Russia.
    Canada, Israel, Norway, and Belguim are democratic political systems with socialized medicine.
    USA already has Medicare and Medicaid.
    Taxation is the trademark of every government in the world. It is done on the Federal, State. and Local Level. How else do you pay for NASA, Military, Highways and other expenditures?
    Right now the rich pay higher taxes $91,901 – $191,650 at 28% up to $418,401+ 39.6%.
    The argument always is how much.

    Can we debate Obama’s policies without calling them Russian ?

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    “coffee addict” I do not recall him constantly apologizing. In fact, I googled clips of Obama apologizing that were put out by sean hannity and they do not say a word of apology.
    He says that America made mistakes. If you call that an apology then you must be very upset over what Trump just said about American mistakes.
    In fact, in one clip at the UN that sean hannity shows, Obama says that he will never apologize for the US.
    I do remember sean and his ilk calling his first visit overseas an apology tour but that was their definition because they hated him. Until Trump arrived, I honestly thought that sean and his ilk were just strong republicans. After Trump, it all smells of racism. Obama is clearly not a Muslim and clearly was born in Hawaii. So ask yourself, why do they still believe in the conspiracy theories?

    Don’t you agree that there a police departments with cops that are racist ? That shoot black people in the back on video? Or black people being shot while complying with orders that are on the ground begging not to be killed on video? Or black people in a choke holding saying that they can’t breathe?
    There is no comparison between this and Trump trashing American intelligence agencies.

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    You don’t have a trunk and I don’t have long ears.
    None of the political parties – Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals have a monopoly on the Torah.

    Do you have anything smart to add?

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    “This President seemed to have been imitating the previous policy of weakness that the liberals loved.” That was not Obama’s policy at all.
    ” He’s putting down America (intelligence agency) which is what Obama did and allowing Putin to be the victor.” Obama never said that he trusted the word of Putin over the assessment of every single US Governmental agency. He never, as far as I remember, ever put down the American Intelligence Agencies. He certainly never did this on the world stage at a summit with Russia.

    Most Americans (Trump lost the popular vote) want him out of office because they do not agree with his policies. His embarrassing behavior and constant lying, and then lying about lying, to cover up his lies are also reasons to want him out. He ha a meeting with the Russian President, who the Amerian Intelligence agencies said was behind the cyber attacks on our elections, without anyone else present is a red flag. No normal American President would do that.

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    “1. What about FBI agents explicitly working against his election? Is that respect for the Constitution and separation of powers? ”

    Text messages only show that they did not want him. It does not show that he worked against him. Show me proof that the explicitly worked against his election.

    “2) As for trade wars, he wants a fairer deal for America. What’s wrong with that. ”
    That is a nice concept. A trade war is not he answer.

    “3) I also wouldn’t care so much if he blocked Jews from coming. Let them make aliya. ” I doubt you really mean that.

    “4) Little, so what if Amazon bankrupts the USPS? I would completely privatize it and let the free market decide. This is, in fact, the true public interest. ” So when we privatize the USPS and they start acting like big insurance companies and raise the rates every year and apply different rates for American in out of the way locations that would be good? OK.

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    Calling a person a name is your response ?! I can discuss crime if you want. Please show me one proof that liberal policies promote crime and we can debate. Vacuous slogans and repeated insults are not replacements for truth.

    “Liberalism is a disease” is not a very good argument.

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    ou deserve a line by line response. Firstly, I note that you repeat yourself , making the list longer. If I don’t accept your statement the first time, chances are that the next 1-2 times won’t help much. But the longer list sure makes your anti-Trump stand look stronger.
    1, 14, 23 – lying. Not so sure, and it certainly doesn’t add up to lying about everything.
    2, 3 – enriching. This cannot be documented anywhere. The left sells this message via its liars in the media. No evidence has ever been found. Trump himself has disconnected from his businesses, and this was monitored carefully prior to his taking office. Yet, his businesses continue to prosper, without current benefit to him. Same goes for his family.
    4, 5, 6, 7 – ethical issues with those he hired. Once again, conjecture, and based on the belief that anything he does must be suspect. Most of his hires have undergone scrutiny by others, including Congressional approval.
    8 – free press. You gotta admit, as even they do – the MSM has occupied often up to 80% of their broadcast time to trashing Trump, even ignoring major stories in the news. There is a HUGE amount of falsehood in the MSM. Trump just calls them on it, and NEVER took any action to restrict what these journalists do, even when they spread lies and misrepresentations about him.
    9 – distrust of Congress. You are factually inaccurate. Trump did not challenge the hacking and meddling claims. He has denied having any role in that whatsoever, and there has yet to be evidence demonstrated that he did. There is evidence that Russia did not directly influence the election, though they tried. This was reported in your beloved MSM.
    10 – destroying institutions of US. You’re kidding. There is demonstrated improper behavior of people at the helm of major government agencies. IRS, the Obama cabinet, the FBI, and the CIA. The evidence of all this has seen sunshine. The electoral system has its issues, and massive pockets of voting fraud have been exposed. Trump never destroyed or tried to destroy anything. There have been problems, still are, and Congress is aware of them, as is available to the public via the WWW.
    11, 12 – pardons. You’re kidding. Please supply a quote and source for any such statements. The idea was floated by inquisitive people within the media. No one ever stated they would commit crimes with impunity. That accusation is vicious on your part. You know it’s untrue,but you flaunt it the same way the Fake News MSM does it. Have you no shame?
    13 – staff who worked for other countries. You’re getting ridiculous. Every administration had staff that had prior connections to other countries. Such experience can be potentially valuable. Whether this experience becomes a conflict of interest is an issue. Don’t suggest that Obama and Hillary had no such conflicts of interest. They were jam packed loaded with these. Shall I cite Uranium One?
    15 – racist and sexist. This is a proven fabrication. This gets repeated often enough by some of the stupidest people, including some Democratic politicians and some of the imbeciles of the MSM. Nothing has ever been documented. But it does sell well. Sorry, but it doesn’t wash.
    16 – Muslim ban. Another documented red herring. The countries on the travel ban are all associated with terror. I agree that when we think of terror, the first image that comes to mind is a Muslim. That’s not a Trump fabrication. That’s the hard work of the terror groups, and gets the support of the libtards of the world. Do you want to offer the populations that commit, support, justify, and encourage terror, who have sworn to attack Israel and the United States free entry without proper vetting? If you do, I would sooner see you as an enemy of Israel and US than a friend.
    17 – trade wars. Partially valid issue. I am not in the business world, and I do not have any deep understanding of world economics. I bet that trade wars are not good for anyone. But the current lopsided status, with American goods subject to tariffs without anything similar existing in the other direction just sounds unfair. If someone offers to negotiate with you and you refuse, can you blame him for taking a hard stand against you? You asked for it. More often than not, US has a good chance of winning the trade war, and the other countries are likely to back down and bargain in good faith. I understand Trump’s stand, as far as my limited grasp of economics permits.
    18 – health care. I would agree. But who will pay for these pre-existing conditions? You, me? This is not the only problem with health care. The costs of health care are inflated greatly by the desperate need for tort reform, and no one with a background in law will tolerate this. I think only one state placed a cap on awards, and health care costs went down drastically. 49 to go. Would you support that, or do you just want to gripe about the push to eliminate the albatross called Obamacare?
    19 – birthing. Do you really care at this point? There was so much shrouded history and documentation that the suspicion that something was being hidden is justified. The real problem with Obama was that he was an enemy of democracy, the Constitution, and he wanted desperately to push socialism and Islam down the throats of America. I might believe what I want about his legal status, but it is overshadowed by my disdain for him.
    20 – insults. Good point. Anyone want to address Obama’s insults to Netanyahu? Trump is quite free with saying insulting and insensitive things. Most have learned to not take those comments seriously. As of yet, they are foolish and babyish, but harmless.
    21 – revenge. Please explain. I can’t guess what you mean. In the business world, that’s how competition works.
    22 – financially destroying. Are you for real? There are times when companies exert their market power in a manner that becomes destructive to the public. Amazon has huge discounts for delivering Amazon merchandise. It comes at a substantial deficit for the USPS, and contributes handsomely to the USPS running in the red. That system is bankrupting a government agency, and needs to be revamped. Trump is correct. I am a beneficiary of the current system, but it is unfair to all. It has nothing to do with political views. It is dollars and sense.
    24 – aid to PR. Read the rest of the story. The systems in place to distribute monies effectively are failing. Just giving them a blank check will not work. There is structure needed so that the people of PR benefit, and the current work is about creating that.
    25 – police violence. I won’t debate the cause, though I solemnly disagree with the premise. But even so, there are ways to deal with it. The anthem kneeling thing is nothing but a disgrace. It accomplishes nothing. It creates a narrative that is false, and justifies the pattern of protest and violence that has characterized the left. Trump loves America, and is sincerely trying to make it great again. The left doesn’t want that, and opposes everything just because it comes from Trump. That’s shameful. What, pray tell, does the left propose to make America great again? Anything?
    26 – unpatriotic opposition. Another myth promoted by the MSM, the anti-American politicians, and the left. I ask you to please document this suggestion of yours.
    27 – stroking his ego. You’re getting stupid. He has an ego, strokes it all the time, especially in his persistent tweeting. The money spent on the parade was supposed to go for another event, which he cancelled and diverted to this. He ended up saving a ton of money.
    You have the burden of proof.

    A line by line response.
    1) “You have the burden of proof.”. I wish you would hold the President to the same standard as you do me.
    2) 1, 14, 23 – lying. Not so sure, and it certainly doesn’t add up to lying about everything.
    You aren’t so sure ? I brought 2 examples. (BTW ‘Everything’ was explained as being from insignificant to very serious. It did not mean everything.) Here is a lie from this morning. Donald Trump has tweeted an unsubstantiated claim from an hardline Iranian cleric and circulated by a news agency linked to the country’s Revolutionary Guard, that thousands of Iranians were granted US citizenship as part of the 2015 nuclear deal.
    In his 8am tweet, the US president said: “Just out that the Obama administration granted citizenship, during the terrible Iran Deal negotiation, to 2,500 Iranians, including to [sic] government officials. How big (and bad) is that?”
    He cited no evidence for the allegation.
    The Iranian American population is about a million strong, and the number of Iranians naturalised in the US dipped slightly between 2015 and 2016, from 10,344 to 9,507.
    The claim of 2,500 Iranians being made US citizens as part of the nuclear deal was first made in a newspaper interview on 26 June with Mojtaba Zonnour, a member of parliament from Iran’s Shia religious centre at Qom. He is an outspoken critic of President Hassan Rouhani and the nuclear agreement, by which Iran curbed its nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief.

    3) “Firstly, I note that you repeat yourself”. I agree that a repeated claim does not strengthen an argument. Please hold the President to the same standard.
    4) “enriching. This cannot be documented anywhere. “ I guess you also want to see his tax returns for proof . In truth, it is simple. He has not sold his share in his businesses or put them in a blind trust. All of the Trump businesses prosperity goes directly to his pocket. That means from Mar A Lago here he spends many weekends to the Trump Hotel in Washington DC where many foreign dignitaries stay . The naiveté that it takes to trust someone who has been enriching himself his whole life and will continue after he leaves office to completely disconnect from his businesses that he spent his whole life building is astounding and I don’t buy it.
    5) 4, 5, 6, 7 – “ethical issues with those he hired. Once again, conjecture.” Do the names Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort mean anything to you? Does an indictment still mean it’s conjecture? Check into Scott Pruitt and his behavior . Does a lobbyist for private schools show the necessary background to head the Department of Education ? Does being Trump’s doctor give you the skills to head the VA ?
    6) “11, 12 – pardons. You’re kidding.” Absolutely not. Rudy Guliani is an official Trump spokesman and a lawyer said . I quote: Asked whether Trump has the power to give himself a pardon, Giuliani said, “He’s not, but he probably does.” Giuliani added that Trump “has no intention of pardoning himself,” but that the U.S. Constitution, which gives a president the authority to issue pardons, “doesn’t say he can’t.”Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” program, Giuliani added, “It would be an open question. I think it would probably get answered by, gosh, that’s what the Constitution says.”

    I will finish this list later and I have proofs for everything I said.

    in reply to: Why does the Yeshiva World constantly post anti Trump articles #1551442

    YWN doesn’t post enough articles about the man in the WH. They should post many more.
    It is not OK for any President:
    1) To lie every day about everything from the most insignificant verifiable facts like the size of his inauguration to very serious matters like whether the previous President bugged his hotel.
    2) To enrich himself while being President
    3)To enrich his family while being President
    4) To have an administration full of people that are enriching themselves
    5) To have his personal lawyer enrich himself, selling access to the President
    6) To hire people in his administration that have zero experience in what they are leading.
    7) To hire people for agencies that have directly lobbied against the purpose of those agencies
    8)To call all free press – enemies of America.
    9)To distrust and ignore the Congress, FBI and CIA when they have determined that Russia directly influenced our election
    10)To destroy the institutions of the US – including the FBI, CIA, and our electoral system either directly or by casting aspersions on them
    11) To declare himself so powerful that he can commit any crime that he wants and has the power to pardon himself for them’
    12) To tell members of his family and friends that they have nothing to fear since he will pardon them.
    13) To hire major staff and administration officials who have been compromised by working for other countries
    14) To lie constantly
    15) To be a racist and sexist
    16) To call for a ban of all Muslims from entering the US to cheers from the crowd. (Replace Muslims with Jews.)
    17) To start trade wars with friends of the US
    18) To deny people health insurance with pre-existing conditions
    19) To advance conspiracy theories like that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii
    20) To constantly insult Heads of State, Politicians, and even common people
    21) To believe in “revenge/hitting back” as an answer.
    22) To try to financially destroy American companies because the owner is not politically aligned with him. (Amazon\WP\…).
    23)To lie constantly.
    24) To not send more assistance to PR thus causing thousands of deaths.
    25) To declare black football players unpatriotic for protesting police violence against blacks during the national anthem
    26) To declare anyone opposing his policies as unpatriotic.
    27) To waste millions of dollars on a military parade to stroke his ego.

    This is a small sample of the corruption that he is involved in. I could add to this list daily since the corruption emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave multiplies exponentially daily.

    This does not mean that he has never done anything good or praiseworthy. It means that when he does improper actions, including tweets , then the press and TYW are correct in printing and publicizing it.

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