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    It reminds me of the story (maybe I am not repeating it correctly but you will get the gist) of the Klausenberger Rebbe zatsal when he lived in Eretz Yisrael. A Yid came to him and was complaining about the geferleche chilul shabbos that occurs at the beach in Tel Aviv.
    The Rebbe stares at him and says “A Pele. I have lived in Eretz Yisrael for many years and never realized that there was Chilul Shabbos at the beach in Tel Aviv.”

    We don’t have to search out for news about these people.

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    Dr Pepper,

    I wrote a long response that I still have but I want to make it easier to discuss.

    Please tell me what other Lo Taaseh’s do the Republican party follow besides abortion (with a lot of push back regarding mother’s life,incest,age, and rape) and gay marriage (with no push to actually penalize them) ?
    Even abortion is completely erased by their position on Guns. “Guns for you, and Guns for You and Guns for everyone.”

    What Positive commandments in the spirit of “Only this was the sin of your sister Sodom: arrogance! She and her daughters had plenty of bread and untroubled tranquility; yet she did not support the poor and the needy.” does the Republican Party follow?
    What about Avoda Zara ? Aver min Hachay? White Collar Gezeila ? Other forms of Giluy Arayos?

    If the republicans (or Jews who vote exclusively for them) want to live in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Iran they are welcome to go there and find out what it means to live under Shariah Law.
    If you want don’t want the American government restricting your rights to live as a frum , shomer shabbos Yid, then you have to realize that we are in Golus America surrounded by Shivim Zeevim.

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    I did not defend anybody. I just said that YWN does not need to report about a ganav who is LGBT and part of the Biden administration just to stick in how repulsed we all are by him.
    It is poshut to every Yid. It is poshut that the guy is going to gehenom unless he does teshiva. I did not know about him before yesterday and we are all worse off now learning about him.

    The right wing media amplifies all these stories for their shock value. It is just like everything else they amplify – immigration, the border, inflation, BLM, Communism, etc …Everything is a major crisis. They are playing to their audience. And they do not have any solutions.

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    You really think that it makes a hoot of a difference what his biological gender is, what he stole or for how long he denied it?

    Punkt Fakert. YWN should ignore the story for those reasons alone.

    I will not research who he is. I will ignore the right wing media amplifying a simple story of a ganav because of the side aspects of the story.

    If you have issues with the Biden administration selecting him in January 2022 to be the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy because his gender/lifestyle should automatically disqualify him, then I have a lot of people whose immorality should automatically disqualify them from the government. (One of them is Trump who paid someone off to be quiet Vday Lachakima Bremiza.)

    “As for the SS marriage issue… I guess only a real frum yid would relate to the pertinence of the issue.”

    The pertinence of the SS issue is only for republicans who have no positive commandments and only have 2 negative ones (Abortion and Immoral Lifestyles.)

    Maybe we should only vote for congressmen who will disallow all marriages between jews and non-jews? Because in my Torah it says that is the worst aveirah.

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    Senate passes same-sex marriage bill with bipartisan support.

    You have Trump, McConnell and Clarence Thomas to thank for that.
    McConnell and Trump stole 2 Justice seats and appointed justices who have politicized the court. After lying in their Senate hearings about whether Roe V Wade was settled law, and whether they would adhere to Stare Decisis, they immediately overturned the ruling which was ruled a constitutional right for 50 years.

    Thomas then decided to say that that we should revisit the SC ruling that allowed these types of secular marriages and other constitutional rights that are taken for granted.

    Congress, therefore, decided that they had to act and pass a law to legalize marriage between 2 people of the same gender in America.

    Regarding Brinton, stealing is stealing. What does non-binary have to do with it? It is only news in the right wing media where there main purpose is to get people upset and angry about things which are ridiculous. They have no other purpose than that.

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    Both of my posts are my own translation from the original.
    The original hebrew version can be found on the internet.

    A side note on the page has the words of Rav Yerucham Ginsburg shlit”a as follows.

    The interpretation “Peshuto Shel Mikra” demeans the sanctity of the Torah, and interprets many things in their own opinion, completely not as the Torah intended. It also brings the words of the Ramban in twisting his intention, and when studying such an interpretation, the reader will start minimizing the sanctity and greatness of the Avos Hakedoshim.
    And instead of our knowledge and belief that their lives and their words were all in loftiness and great madreigos the reader will come to crooked De’os, R”L.
    Surely it is forbidden to study in such an interpretation!

    And many, many times this bad interpretation goes against the interpretation of Rashi and the interpretations of Chazal and minimizes the greatness and holiness of the Avos ,R”L, and woe to the one who wrote these words!
    And who requested that they come to cool the words of our Torah, which are like coals of fire, and our Holy Torah, of which we have no idea of ​​its Exaltedness, Greatness, and Holiness.
    “Strangers came and defiled it”, and all their words are a great obstacle to many.

    There is no room for a Limud Zechus of such a Perush.

    And what is printed on the cover of the book ‘quality books’ is not comprehensible at all, because it has no “quality”, nor is it even a Sefer.And it is a terrible bizayon to our holy Torah that the Chumash was printed with such malicious “commentaries”.

    And CH”V, that in the Holy Chadarim where they study with the ” Tinokos she Beis Rabban”, the dear Melamidim and Morim who come to implant the Torah and the fear of God and the greatness of the holy Avos in the hearts of their students who thirstily drink their words, will use words of malice and the opposite of this goal.

    Chaim Yeruham Ginsburg

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    In the matter of the Chumash “Pshuto Shekl Mikra”

    We have come to reveal our opinion about the “Perush – Pshuto Shel Mikra” – “The Simple Interpretation of the Mikra”, which is an obstacle for the public, as it ignores the words of the Sages, and is a serious change in the form of studying the Mikra handed down to us by our Sages. And their intention is clear with the aim of replacing Rashi’s interpretation – which has always been the foundation of education and Judaism , and especially for the young people of the flock, and that all the foundations of faith and study of Torah Shebiksav and Torah Shebaal Peh are built on it – in this interpretation, R”L.
    The aforementioned book also has strange and fake interpretations in the name of the Meforshim, and there is a spirit of Haskala in it. And it is not correctable at all.
    And the great Torah scholars in the Land of Israel have already published their opposition in writing and by letter.
    Therefore, it is simple and clear that this book must not be “Bo B’Kahal” and must be removed from homes and Shul’s and Beis Medrash’s and it is forbidden to trade in it.

    Signed by
    Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler
    Rabbi Dovid Schustal
    Rabbi Yitzchok Sorotzkin
    Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer
    Rabbi Osher Lieberman
    Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel
    Rabbi Yisroel Neuman
    Rabbi Aharon Zuckerman
    Rabbi Aharon Feldman
    Rabbi Herschel Zolty
    Rabbi Osher Eliyahu Kalmanowitz
    Rabbi Shlomo Feivel Schustal
    Rabbi Yerucham Olshin

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    “There’s no stira. When the OP called for accountability for the draconian mandates themselves it referred to governmental bodies that enacted those policies. When the OP called for accountability for those who committed mesira, expelled, bullied, etc. it was in reference to members of our community who did those things.”

    I refer to my previous post on this topic. Everyone here commenting lived through the Mageifah of Covid, which is why I am surprised that people can be so sure of themselves on either side.

    If you are going to call the measures “draconian” or “mesirah” ,expelled, bullied, fired – you have already taken a stand on the issue .
    The other side calls it Pikuach Nefesh and V’nishmarten Meod Lenafshosaychem.
    They will tell you that they want accountability for the people who didn’t take normal safe measures and maybe bear some responsibility for their actions.

    Regarding how the government should react to the pandemic, this issue is still ongoing. There are riots currently in China over Zero-covid rules. ( I am not taking sides.)

    I want to see an accounting in order that we can learn from this pandemic for the future and not make the same errors again.

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    It is clear that Putin realized a long time ago that he has completely lost the war and Ukraine won.

    Now all he is doing is damaging Ukraine’s electrical and gas. Infrastructure because he is preparing to receive the World Record for violating human rights.

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    Anonymous ,

    Everyone in America (and it is almost exclusive to America ) knows that Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Ambulances, Health Insurers, Drug and Vaccine Manufacturers, etc… are ALL BUSINESSES and they all constantly have money as their main goal.

    It was that way before Covid, during Covid and after Covid.
    Every decision that is made in a hospital has a monetary motive.

    If you think that they went to Cuomo and said “We need to make more money so lets force nursing homes to accept the dying patients”, I have a bridge to sell you.

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    I will quote the end of the article for you.

    “Being unvaccinated is still a major risk factor for dying from covid-19. But efficacy wanes over time, and an analysis out last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the need to get regular booster shots to keep one’s risk of death from the coronavirus low, especially for the elderly.

    Anthony Fauci, the nation’s preeminent infectious-disease expert, used his last White House briefing yesterday ahead of his December retirement to urge Americans to get the recently authorized omicron-specific boosters.

    “The final message I give you from this podium is that please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated covid-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible,” he said.

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    If you vote Republican you further the proliferation of assault weapons in the hands of every single American.
    So you are responsible for all the mass shootings and all the school shootings.
    The 19 kids in Uvalde were very alive on May 24th.
    So you might love trump’s tweets but you also are supporting furthering the depravity of this country and the destruction of America.

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    Common Saychel,

    I am sorry that this a bit lengthy.

    First of all , everyone in the CR was alive during covid and we all have first hand experiences of family and friends that suffered terribly from covid. Some of us suffered ourselves from covid and thought we were ready to go to the next world.

    Some of us still have family and friends that have not yet fully recovered from the ravages that covid did to their bodies.

    Second, I would not trade the zechusim that Klal Yisrael gained during Covid through trusting in Hashem, listening to their Rabbanim and Medical professionals, and being moser nefesh for normal daily Jewish activities. All the talmidim and talmidos that were moser nefesh to continue learning over the phone is a tremendous zechus.

    Third, as we all experienced , everything was different during covid than during normal times. The hospitals and medical community were overloaded by the amount of people that needed urgent medical care. There were medical professionals (Nurses, Doctors, Hospital WORKERS ) who DIED due to covid exposure. There were nursing home WORKERS who DIED due to covid exposure.

    Before there were vaccines, the medical community was still trying to figure out how to treat it.

    Everyone was deathly afraid of the virus.
    One of the miracles that I heard of is that even though Hatzalah transported thousands of covid patients, none of the Hatzalah members got sick due to their exposure.

    I agree that there should be a auditing of what went on during covid. But because we know more about covid now, it is too easy to look back and second guess people for their errors and inactions done while the pandemic was raging.

    Rabbi Reisman shlita told of 2 amazing stories that occurred due to the camp that he made in New Hampshire during covid. One was a baby born after many years and a second was a marriage after many years.
    He said that he sent a few people to check out the camp before the summer and they all said it was not possible to open. It needed a lot of work and was too far away from Jewish areas.
    Only one person answered him that it might be possible. He told that one person. “OK, me and you are going to open a camp.”
    Due to the camp, hundreds of bochurim were able to learn with menuchas hanefesh.

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    I agree a lot of house if representatives politics is local.
    That is why I have no idea the reasons for the wins and losses.

    However, once you admit to that, it takes all the thunder away from Kevin McCarthy.
    He was not given a mandate to do anything.
    The only thing he has is his promise to the most extreme and stupid member of Congress MTG to spend the next 2 years not doing a single thing to help Americans.

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    We have the exact same opinions and views.

    It just so happens that my opinions are about Republicans and yours are about Democrats.

    Could be all Democrats are brainwashed.
    Could be all Republicans are brainwashed.

    The truth is Hashem runs the world. That we agree upon.

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    Flawed candidates is the reason?
    Every candidate has flaws. Put an R after there name and they were supposed to win big .

    I do not have the time to check into every congressional race.
    Ask the people in the districts that flipped why they decided to flip and we will know.
    I don’t know.

    We all know that there was expected a red tsunami.No matter how flawed the candidate was.

    It was expected because of inflation, crime, Biden, morality, etc…

    It did not happen.

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    Zelensky acted in the way that anybody in that situation would have reacted. He would not admit that it was from Ukraine until an investigation was done and proved it to him. He said, that based on his Commanders info, the crater that was created was too big for a Ukrainian missile.

    Russia acted the same way and denied it right away.

    If your are skeptical of Zelensky’s honesty , please turn on RT and listen to Putin and his paid group of propogandist liars.
    They are the 2022 version of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf aka Baghdad Bob or Comical Ali.

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is on Zelensky’s side and saying that in the end Russia started the war and is responsible for everything that happens since then.

    Even if it was accidentally from Ukraine , so what ? The idea that Zelensky would send a rocket into Poland and then blame Russia for it in order to bring NATO into the war is far fetched. NATO is not going to join the war without 100% proof that they are being attacked by Russia. Not because of one missile.

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    Do you have an explanation?

    Why didn’t the republicans win more Senate seats?
    I haven’t heard any really strong good reasons yet.

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    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said the blast appeared to come from a Ukrainian rocket, but he blamed Russia for starting the conflict originally and causing a situation like this to occur.

    “This is not Ukraine’s fault; Russia bears ultimate responsibility,” he said. “The whole incident is caused by Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine.”

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    A man who was a platoon leader in Afghanistan and has a bronze star and purple heart is the exact opposite of a sniveling coward.
    He lost in a district that is highly Republican to an incumbent.

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    This is an astonishing post.

    Anti-semites do not need or care about high profile Jews.
    They blame Jews for all the evils in this world because they are anti-semites.

    Anti-semites can read The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination. It was first published in Russia in 1903.

    Or they can blame all jews for the actions of The state of Israel.
    Or for killing Yoshka 2 thousand tears ago.
    Or for blood libels.
    Or for being genetically inferior and causing all diseases. (Nazi Theory)
    Or for trampling on the Har Habayis.
    or for infinite number of lies.

    Jews should do what is right because we represent Hashem in this world.

    But none of us Yidden are the CAUSE of anti-semitism.

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    Gezeila/Sheva Mitzvos/Chilul Hashem/Dor Hamabul are definitely issues we should shout about.

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    I can’t argue with you when we disagree with basic facts that are verifiable and have been publicized since the beginning of the attack.

    Chabad and other Jewish organizations had been in Ukraine for decades building Shuls and communities. Putin destroyed it all.

    The only propaganda is the continuous stream of lies coming from Russia when they started their “special military operation” to “de-nazify” the Ukraine.

    Many Jews went to Uman for Rosh Hashana. Did they all walk around bare-headed?

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    If you make a logical argument against a democratic position maybe we can discuss it.

    The Republicans know only how to point out issues but have absolutely zero ability to solve them.

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    Do you know how many Jews were murdered, displaced, orphaned, and maimed by Putin in the current war?
    Do you know how many Shuls, Yeshivos, Community Centers, Houses and Yiddishe Gelt were destroyed by Putin in this current war?

    in reply to: Today Kherson has been liberated #2137741

    It is possible to condemn Putin for starting an unprovoked war and wanting to see him be punished for it and also remember Jewish history.

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    Stacy Abrams is not BLM . Nor a communist.
    Not every african american democrat is a BLM communist.
    She does not need the benefit of the doubt because she was 100% correct in 2018.
    It is Kemp that needs the benefit of the doubt against her charges.

    Comparing her refusal to concede in 2018 with what Trump and his party did in 2020 is comparing apples to bananas.

    Abrams was running against Secretary of State Kemp who in his position of SOS had power over his own election.
    That is a 100% conflict of interest and he should have recused himself from every election related issue. He didn’t.

    Abrams acknowledged her loss to Kemp days after the 2018 election. But she attributed that defeat — by less than 1.4 percentage points — to efforts by Kemp, to suppress voter turnout. Kemp denied the allegations.

    “The issues that I raised in 2018 were not grounded in making me the governor,” Abrams told The 19th’s Editor-at-Large Errin Haines at a Monday event. “Not a single lawsuit filed would have reversed or changed the outcome of the election. My point was that the access to the election was flawed, and I refuse to concede a system that permits citizens to be denied access. That is very different than someone claiming fraudulent outcome.”

    I gave this mashal before on YWN . If the Jews in Lakewood would have enough people to elect a Republican Governor, Murphy could simply assign one polling station for all of Lakewood, Toms River, Manchester and Jackson.
    Or he could purge 100,000 jews from the voter rolls and when they show up to vote , the polling station says ” Sorry, go home and bring proof that you still live here and we will let you vote.”

    Or he could put their registration on hold due to the “exact match” law, which puts someone’s voting status on hold if the information they put on their registration form doesn’t exactly match their driver’s license or social security records.

    That is exactly what Kemp did in 2018.

    Did he legally win ? Yes. Did he prevent people from voting ? Yes.
    Was it illegitimate ? yes.

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    That counts for only 1 on the list.

    There is not a shred of evidence that it is statistically impossible. There are a lot of intelligent people on YWN, including a few with great statistical skills, that would love to see your statistical evidence.

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    Even I am suspicious of foul play now

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    No one won the latest Powerball jackpot. Wednesday’s jackpot is a record 2,300,000,000$

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    This is what happened to the people who claimed that the 2020 elections were rigged :
    Some have been sued and are currently in very expensive legal battles to defend themselves from defamation.
    Some are under criminal investigations.
    Some have been forced to testify in criminal trials of others.
    Some have lost their ability to practice law.
    Some have had their businesses lose major amounts of revenue.
    Some have been ridiculed publicly because of their fantasies and the ease that they believed lies.

    All of the claims have been investigated and proven to be false.
    The Arizona investigation wasted tremendous amounts of money.

    And some people opened up funds to collect hundreds of millions of dollars from innocent gullible republicans to “prove” that the elections were rigged and then never used the money and are laughing to the bank.

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    Halevai, those that believe that their political views are following DAAS TORAH should follow DAAS TORAH in every aspect of their lives.

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    Dr Pepper,

    Having my own political views based on my understanding of what Hashem wants for Jews in Golus living in a democratic country, and respecting Rabbanim and Rosh Yeshivos, and their political views, are all part of Torah.

    Halevai, those that believe that their political views allow them to disrespect Rebbe’s and thousands of frum jews should do a 180.

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    Approximately 1,900,000,000$ for tomorrow’s drawing.

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    Jack K would never ever consider interacting, even privately, with Morenu V’Rabbenu HaRav Reisman Shlit’a , or any other Rav, in such a fashion of giving them tochacha.

    I assume that they consider the issue of the NYS DOE interfering in NY Yeshiva education – which Zeldin has promised to impede and prevent – to be an issue which trumps all the other issues this year.

    If he is elected, he better deliver on this promise.

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    In the navi shiur last night , while explaining how to announce the molad in shul on Shabbos mevorchim and what the time announced actually means, Rabbi Reisman advised everyone to change their clocks and governor.
    He also gave a blessing that ‘May the best man win.”

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    What do you mean by “the collapse of society” ?
    Where do you see this “collapse of society”?

    Why is this dor more a dor of reshaim than for example the crusades? Avraham’s Avinu’s dor?

    Who are you to decide the status of our dor?
    It’s all al pi Hashems cheshbon.

    This country has over a million Frum Yidden Avdey Hashem.

    Abuse of children? I am unclear on what you are hinting to.
    FYI – my post was a complete copy and past of Sam Klein’s post in another thread.

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    Hashem runs THE ENTIRE WORLD and all these politicians from big presidents and kings to small mayor’s and senators etc…. Are honestly and truthfully just actors and direct messengers from Hashem to act as rulers but really Hashem is running every tiny city to state and all countries in the entire world.

    Turn directly to Hashem for help in your time of need…. Much better than going through a messenger rather a Rabbi or political leader etc…..

    As we say in the end of bentching-from Tehillim-vdorshei Hashem lo yachseru kol tuv which means for one who seeks out Hashem directly lacks nothing that is good

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    Nice summary.

    It is not a normal response, based on past precedent, for a Governor to fire a DA when they are not complying with their wishes. It has never happened in recent history in NY.

    A similar case occurred in 1996 when Pataki was upset that Bronx District Attorney, Robert T. Johnson would not seek the death penalty in a case of a murdered Police Officer. It was attempted to be handled privately and Pataki attempted to work with Johnson to have him remove himself from the case.
    In the end, Johnson refused, and Pataki removed him FROM THE CASE.
    The removal went to court and in the end a state judge upheld Gov. George E. Pataki’s removal of the Bronx District Attorney from prosecuting the case – a rare step that the Governor took because he believed the District Attorney would not seek the death penalty.

    If Zeldin was acting in a normal fashion, he would work with Braggs to demand cash bail on these cases or remove him from those cases.
    But as I said before , in 2020 he tried to undermine the will of the voters of the US by not certifying the presidential elections and he still won his parties nomination for governor.

    in reply to: POLL hocul-zeldin #2132759

    Coffee Addict,

    There appears to be a process that the Governor can initiate in order to dismiss a district attorney. But it is not simple and straight forward as walking in on day one and firing him. It will be a drawn out process and Bragg will be given the ability to protest during the process.

    Initiating the process 10 months after Bragg was elected to his position by the voters , is politically risky. Zeldin doesn’t care because in 2020 he tried to undermine the will of the voters of the US by not certifying the presidential elections and he still won his parties nomination for governor.

    in reply to: POLL hocul-zeldin #2132712

    Cashless bail is a law. He can’t just declare it null and void.
    His trick was to create a 30 day emergency on crime and suspend cashless bail FOR 30 DAYS.

    That is not a plan to stop crime.
    It is a sick joke.

    He has no plan.

    Police can do their jobs right now. Nobody is stopping them.

    in reply to: POLL hocul-zeldin #2132629

    Sorry , I didn’t catch the grand plan that Zeldin has to reduce crime in NYC. Does anybody know of his plans ?
    The 30 day “plan” sounds like a sick joke to solve a real problem.
    Does he have any plans to do anything or just pointing out problems?

    in reply to: POLL hocul-zeldin #2132047

    The lieutenant governor of NYS is not an independently elected position. It has it’s own primary, but in the general election , it is jointly elected with governor.

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    A ksiva vchasima tova to you and your family and all of klal yistael.

    in reply to: Russia is losing the war in Ukraine #2127118


    Do not move the goal line.
    If after all is said an done, they gain a small amount of territory – which I doubt because I believe Ukraine will kick Russia at least back to Crimea – then they lost the war.

    in reply to: GAS PRICES #2127116


    As I told someone else on YWN, you will have to listen to me for the next 4 years whatever happens.

    in reply to: GAS PRICES #2127001

    What are you going to do when
    1) gas prices stay low and go lower
    2) zeldin loses as expected
    3) trump loses again

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    Putin just announced a “partial mobilization” of troops, drafting as many as 300,000 reservists.

    How many more people is he going to send to their deaths for a war that he is losing?

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    (A) “Does NYC, MV, and DC not have jobs, housing, and food? ”

    The problem is that they abused immigrants and did not treat them like human beings. The migrants were in Florida or Texas where they were being given their basic needs as they need to deal with the American immigration system.
    Lying to them to remove them from such a situation, putting them on a plane and dropping them in the middle of a town that was not notified that they were coming and did not expect them, is the exact way you treat a person that you don’t care if they starve to death.

    Listen to the Avraham Aveinu in Texas – Mayor Oscar Leeser, from El Paso, TX :
    “Well, the numbers are not 1,300. The numbers are — two days ago we had almost 2,000. ( Jack K’s note – yes, that is 2,000 a day in one town) We had a little bit over 1,900. Yesterday we had — or the day before yesterday we had a little bit over 1,500. So, the numbers have been continuing to increase.

    And, you know, that — that’s continued, the rise. And that’s because a lot of the people in — probably about 80 percent of them are coming from Venezuela. And — and that — that’s where a big part of the– the — the migrant surge is coming from.
    Well, and, you know, and that’s really something important. And I have a great, incredible working relationship with Chief Chavez (ph) from the Border Patrol. And our goal, and it will continue to be our goal, IS NEVER TO DROP ANYBODY OFF IN THE STREETS of El Paso and make sure that No ONE’S HOMELESS and NO ONE’S HUNGRY.

    So we have our NGOs, which is non-governmental organizations that really have opened up their doors and we’ve gotten hotels. And in the last few days WE’VE NOT HAD ANY PEOPLE released into the streets of El Paso and we continue to work that way.

    So, you know, it’s been an incredible working relationship between El Paso, the city of El Paso, and also the — Chief Chavez and the Border Patrol. I spent about two, three hours yesterday driving to the border and talking to a lot of the migrants and talking to the Border Patrol agents that really are down here working today.”

    All Bera, Birsha and Shinav had to do was call ahead to the proper authorities and involved them in the situation. The US Government immigration system supports the care and needs of immigrants.
    In fact they didn’t even have to make the call because NY and DC called them asking them if they are sending immigrants. They refused to coordinate.

    (B) ” NYC, MV, and DC does, not have medical care and food? “. I will repeat that of course they have. But they need to be advised that there are people coming.
    Can a wedding feed even 2,000 guests ? Of course. Can a wedding feed 2000 uninvited guests ? Of course not.

    (C) “But Sedomites? Hmmmm .” Go read Parshas Vayeira again and Tractate Sanhedrin.

    (D) “The migrants are already in the immigration system and need to show up in courts in the US for their cases. They are now guaranteed to miss their court dates which is a strike against them.”
    Gee, you’re getting desperate.”
    Why is that desperate ? The lawyer for the immigrants made that accusation. If you are expected in Immigration court in Texas and you are flown to the Northeast you are 100% going to miss your court date. And I believe that is exactly what Bera, Birsha and Shinav want.

    (E) “Because they arrived when no one anticipated it?” Exactly! Adams said that it is a crisis because they were not anticipated. Here are his own words. “Let’s coordinate in that fashion like we’ve done with others — other large communities we have in New York City, where we’re able to coordinate, get sponsors, work with our nongovernmental organizations. That is what crisis calls for, it calls for coordination. ”
    Adams said that NY called the Governors of TX and FL to try to coordinate but they refused to.

    in reply to: At first I thought, what are the Libs thinking (or are they?) #2126800

    I would believe it that the 3 of them ( bera birsha and shinav ) gave the migrants stacks of fake dollar bills that wouldn’t be accepted.
    Then when the children die from hunger, the 3 will take the fake bills back and give it to the next group of migrants.

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