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    It is better to ask Rav Brog what he meant. I am sure he will have a great answer for you.
    I have heard many of his shiurim. Always filled with Taam Vdaas.

    There is a famous story of the Brisker Rav’s minyan, when he lived in Jerusalem, waiting during Chazaras Hashatz for a Kohen to come and bentch Birkas Kohanim . Asked why he is makpid and will wait so long until they find a Kohen ,he said that people wait on line a long time for brachos from Tzadikkim, so Kal V’chomer for a Birkas Kohanim.

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    The Republican’s “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government” is totally living up to it’s name as McCarthy, Jordan and other members have intimidated, harassed, and attacked the Manhattan District Attorney in order to prevent him from completing his criminal investigation of Donald Trump.

    Total hypocrites.

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    I cannot tell if you are serious.
    If Trump would have accepted the results of the election and conceded then ALL THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE FREE.

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    They tried their hardest to lock Hillary up. She was under investigation until 2019 when her investigation for her email server ended. The investigation found “no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.” If they had found something , she would have been locked up.
    Before that she was under investigation for Ben Ghazi. She testified for 11 hours to the committee. Trump has not testified publicly for a single minute.

    Democrats only want him to be convicted of crimes that he committed. Most of them he has loudly admitted to and publicly dared the justice system to get him.
    His running for office was not a crime but a few things he did during the campaign and after winning might have been.

    A lot of people are sitting in jail because of him and one is dead . He has not expressed any regret or requested forgiveness for ruining their lives. Michael Cohen was one of his closest lawyers who he then proceeded to destroy when Michael no longer wanted to commit perjury for him.

    That people feel sorry for him that he might sit in jail is astonishing. He never expressed that feeling for hundreds and maybe thousands of people going to jail because of him.

    Tish James is doing what she was elected to do – investigate Trump. Similar to what Trump promised to do with Hillary.

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    Hillary Clinton, Dr Fauci, Hunter Biden, President Biden , and Nancy Pelosi are all not being indicted this week and will never be indicted.

    Allen Weisselberg, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, George Nader, Elliott Broidy , Steve Bannon and hundreds of January 6th participants have all been indicted and most have also gone to jail due to their connections to Trump.

    in reply to: I don’t like Donald Trump, but… #2175055


    The logic of “However, I think the justice system system should leave it up to us to decide that. ” and “Don’t they trust the American citizens to elect the right person?” was used by Republican Senators – specifically Mitch McConnell – who refused to impeach Trump the second time.
    That is EXACTLY why he is being prosecuted by the justice system. The republicans did not have the courage to impeach him which would have prevented him from ever holding public office.
    The republicans who despise him now should regret not having begged their Senators 2 years ago to impeach him and that would have been the end of him.

    in reply to: Murdaugh Verdict – Circumstantial Evidence without Motive #2175051

    After it having been proven that there is one murderer in the Murdaugh family, the Smith family is going to dig up Stephen Smith who died under very suspicious circumstances .
    It was a “hit and run” with zero signs of a hit and run.
    This time it is connected to Buster Murdaugh.

    in reply to: Looking for a song #2174528

    You can go to Jewish Moments in the Morning with Nachum Segal: Playlist from December 13, 2021
    It is the first song of the day at 10 minutes in.



    I am not trying to argue with your reality, I am trying to understand your scenario.
    Please lead me through what happened according to you.

    It sounds like Arabs planned a pogrom and Israel was doing nothing to prevent it . Why?

    in reply to: Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs law loosening child labor protections #2173191

    “if someone wants to open a factory with child labor in a remote Bangladeshi village and save those kids from starvation, would you object on principle?”

    That is seriously misguided and evil. The defense of using child labor is what capitalist’s dream about.
    It is anti-torah , totally corrupt and completely unethical.

    in reply to: Silicon Valley bank and the economy crashing #2172958

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    Congressional Directed Spending Requests
    Senator Sanders logo

    NEWS: Sanders Statement on Silicon Valley Bank
    March 12, 2023
    BURLINGTON, Vt., March 12 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday issued the following statement on Silicon Valley Bank:

    “Let’s be clear. The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is a direct result of an absurd 2018 bank deregulation bill signed by Donald Trump that I strongly opposed. Five years ago, the Republican Director of the Congressional Budget Office released a report finding that this legislation would ‘increase the likelihood that a large financial firm with assets of between $100 billion and $250 billion would fail.’

    “Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened. During the debate over the legislation I said: ‘Are our memories so short that we learned nothing from the 2008 Wall Street crash? Have we learned nothing from the Savings and Loan disaster of the early 1990s or the thievery of Wells Fargo over the last couple of years or the dishonesty of Equifax or the accounting fraud at Enron and Arthur Anderson or the failure of Long-Term Capital Management or the billions of dollars in fines that financial institution after financial institution has paid out for illegal or deceptive activities?’ Sadly, the Republican Congress and the Trump Administration answered all of these questions with a resounding NO.

    “Now is not the time for U.S. taxpayers to bail out Silicon Valley Bank. If there is a bailout of Silicon Valley Bank, it must be 100 percent financed by Wall Street and large financial institutions. We cannot continue down the road of more socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for everyone else. Let us have the courage to stand up to Wall Street, repeal the disastrous 2018 bank deregulation law, break up too big to fail banks and address the needs of working families, not the risky bets of vulture capitalists.”

    in reply to: Silicon Valley bank and the economy crashing #2172940


    Is your real name Yehudah or Shalom or Sam?
    You copy/pasted from this site directly to another one with a video of Ira Zlotowitz under multiple names .

    in reply to: Silicon Valley bank and the economy crashing #2172909

    The bank tanked because after being flush with billions extra in cash, it made a terrible decision to buy securities and bonds that lose value when interest rates go up.
    They lost that bet because the economy needed to raise interest rates due to inflation. They rolled the dice with investors money and lost it all.

    in reply to: Silicon Valley bank and the economy crashing #2172855

    Regarding #1, “Hashem promises anyone etc…”
    There is no such promise. Do not speak for Hashem or make things up.

    Re#2, Your words are taken out of thin air.
    You are not a Navi . You do not know why things happen, nor how to rectify them. Every Yid can make their own cheshbon hanefedh and increase their Torah and Mitzvos.

    The economy is not bad. One bank tanked.

    Yidden do not bow down to money. But we all realize the need for parnassa which allows us to support our families and communities.

    Re: 3, True emunah and bitachon is hard, but does not take 30 years .

    It takes constant daily repetition and living with Hashem and Tefillah.

    Hashem has many ways to wake up Yidden. We pray that he always does it by giving us extra good , so that we experience tremendous gratitude to Him that leads to closeness and love of Him.

    in reply to: Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs law loosening child labor protections #2172209

    Better that Americans get a real education than get force fed lies and right wing propaganda from Fox “news” and all of it’s appendages. Then they won’t grow up to become Governors of failing states that remove safety protections for minors and allow AR15’s to wipe out students.

    in reply to: Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs law loosening child labor protections #2172145


    The benefit it served is so that the government ensures that the business is not taking advantage of the situation.
    That is why the law was enacted in the early 1900’s.
    How many kids worked in the coal mine’s before child protection laws?

    And that is the answer to your second point.

    It boggles my mind that Republicans want to make voting as restricted and regulated as they can, but child safety gets thrown in the garbage because of inconvenience.

    in reply to: Murdaugh Verdict – Circumstantial Evidence without Motive #2172075

    Rmo are from live castrated bulls.

    in reply to: Murdaugh Verdict – Circumstantial Evidence without Motive #2172008

    Rocky mountain oysters is ever min hachai and is served at Colorado Rockies baseball games.
    It also has other names and is served in Canada too.

    in reply to: Rabbeim- ditch the drink #2171965

    Everyone has to use their own Da’as to use the obligation of “l’bsumey ad d’lo yada” to bring them closer to Hashem and not as an excuse to get drunk and act in a way which is the complete and total opposite of Purim and Kol Hatorah Kulah.

    in reply to: Murdaugh Verdict – Circumstantial Evidence without Motive #2171896

    He killed his 22 year old son. Just consider it a late term abortion and all Republican’s should demand capital punishment.

    in reply to: Rabbeim- ditch the drink #2171584

    In Slabodka I had two rebbes, zichronom livrocha, and boruch Hashem they were both inspirations to me. I will describe to you how different their behavior was on Purim.

    On Purim it was a minhag of the bnei hayeshiva to go to all the roshei yeshiva and menahalim of the yeshiva. We went to the homes of the roshei yeshiva and to the mashgiach and we went to all the important people of the yeshiva. And these two rebbes of mine were different in the way they behaved on Purim. Pay attention, because the ways of tzaddikim we have to learn; both of them are ways in avodas Hashem.

    One rebbe—I won’t tell names—when he sat at the head of the table and the yeshiva people were dancing around the table, he was watching to see who was a little wild, and those were the ones he gave wine or a glass of schnapps to. He poured fuel on the fire in order it should burn more brightly!

    The other rebbe was an old misnaged type; a cold misnaged. When we were dancing around his table, he looked at the boys suspiciously to see if somebody was ungeshikert, intoxicated, and anyone who was drunk and a little wild, his face turned unhappy and sour. That was the other rebbe.

    Now, which rebbe I followed you can understand yourself! The rebbe’s face that was sour, that’s the one I followed. And this rebbe said two separate schmoozen. One schmooze was that you shouldn’t get drunk on Purim; you should drink but don’t get drunk. Because gedolah deiah – how great it is to have daas! It means Awareness of Hashem. It’s always good to have daas. You drink עד דלא ידע – until you don’t know. עד means עד ולא עד בכלל; it means just before you lose your deiah, that’s when you stop. You should drink עד דלא ידע – until you don’t know. When you reach that stage, you’re yotzei already the mitzvah, more than that – stop. That was one schmooze; that whatever you do, you shouldn’t lose your deiah on Purim.

    Because Purim is a time of deiah; Purim is time to gain Daas Hashem, Awareness of Hashem. נודע השם משפט עשה בפעל כפיו נוקש רשע – Hashem becomes known when He does justice; when the wicked is ensnared in the work of his hands. So when Haman was hung on the same eitz that he made for Mordechai, it was בפועל כפיו, it was the work of his own hands, נוקש רשע, that ensnared the rasha, and that’s when נודע השם – that’s when you get daas Hashem awareness of Hashem. That’s when you get real emunah. When you see בור כרה ויחפרהו ויפול בשחת יפעל, that the wicked falls into the same pit that he himself made for somebody else, that’s when people get daas of Hashem.

    So Purim is a time to recognize Hakodosh Boruch Hu from what happened on Purim and to be mifarseim the nes, to publicize what Hashem did for us. And therefore Purim is not a time to lose your deiah, no. On Purim you have to have deiah, you have to acquire deiah. Only you drink up till then, as we said before, in order to get more hislahavus in deiah; more enthusiasm in this knowledge of Hashem.

    However, the other time we went to him he said as follows: Since Purim is a time for deiah, therefore we have to know that there’s a rule that the Mesillas Yesharim teaches us: החיצוניות מעוררת את הפנימיות – The outward acts of a person awaken up the inner thoughts. By doing certain outward actions, you stimulate your inner machshovos, your emotions.

    “Therefore,” he said, “on Purim when we dance—we were dancing around his table—every stamp you make on the floor—the floor was shaking from that—every stamp you make, you have to know that you’re stamping emunah into your neshama.”

    Don’t think it’s not so! You may be thinking also of a good time; why not? You like the exhilaration of dancing; you can let go on Purim. But if you’re doing it with a little bit of lisheim shomayim, you have to know that you’re imprinting emunah onto your neshama. That’s what you’re doing. “Every klop that you knock with your foot,” he told us, “you’re knocking the emunah into your neshama more clearly.”
    From the Rav’s Purim Mesiba, תשמ״ה, March 7th 1985

    in reply to: Rabbeim- ditch the drink #2171583

    What should be our attitude towards those who become shikur on Purim?

    We have to know that the purpose of our lives is to acquire da’as, not to lose da’as. When a person becomes very intoxicated so he is already b’geder beheima, he’s in the category of an animal, and that’s no praise for him at all.

    However, sometimes in order to raise the airplane off the ground, you have to put high octane fuel into the tank to help get liftoff. And therefore, in order to make yourself more enthusiastic it’s the proper thing, there’s nothing wrong with imbibing a certain amount. But to get out of control, that’s a mistake. It’s not a kiddush Hashem; you make yourself look disgusting. No, I don’t approve of that, it’s very wrong, very wrong.

    And therefore, although it’s a mitzvah on Purim nichnas yayin yatza sod, you have to be very careful that nichnas yayin, the wine should come in to you, and yatza sod, and the secret of the Jew comes out. יין is gematria seventy, and סוד is also gematria seventy. So the seventy of wine comes in and it pushes out the secret that the Jew keeps inside him.

    So the Jew has in his neshama a love of Hashem, only that he’s too bashful to talk about
    it. He’s enthusiastic for the Torah and mitzvos but he’s embarrass to show it. But when the wine comes in, so the truth comes out and it shows his real pnimiyus. When he’s a little bit intoxicated the Jew shows the real enthusiasm that he possesses, things that he never showed before.

    So therefore, Purim is a great opportunity for people to demonstrate their loyalty to the Torah, their emunah in Hakodosh Boruch Hu, that He’s protecting us at all times, and that eventually we will conquer, we will outlive all of our enemies. All this and much more we can demonstrate on Purim; and we are able to do it when we evoke, we elicit, the greatness of which we are capable. We have it in ourselves! And a little bit of mashkeh helps out, no question about it.

    Of course, Purim is a great day of da’as in general. And we should try to make it as much as possible important in the eyes of our children, and in our family and in our community. Make a big fuss out of Purim! And the Purim seudah should be a very important affair, a very important seudah. And by making Purim very prominent in our lives, then it becomes one of the jewels, one of the most beautiful tachshitim on the luach of the Jewish year.
    TAPE # 867 (March 1992)

    How do I utilize drinking עד דלא ידע in order to serve Hashem?

    עד דלא ידע בין ארור המן לברוך מרדכי. I’ll tell you one peirush. It means עד ולא עד בכלל. You drink up to the point of losing your da’as. You drink just enough. But not enough to lose your da’as. On Purim you have to have da’as. You have to have more da’as on Purim, not less.

    Now, a little bit of da’as can be gained by drinking. A little bit. Oh yes; it’s like an airplane that needs high octane gas to get up in the air. A little bit of alcohol helps your spirit go higher. Yes, a little bit of mashkeh. But too much alcohol will sink you. And therefore, there’s no use in falling asleep in the middle of Purim like a drunken goy and then they have to call Hatzalah. On Purim you should be gaining da’as and if you utilize the day properly, it’ll be a day of da’as. And you won’t be gaining any da’as lying on the floor waiting for Hatzalah to come.
    TAPE # E-225 (March 2000)

    in reply to: Rabbeim- ditch the drink #2171551


    As a talmid of Rav Miller zatsal, you certainly know that Rav Miller was the happiest person alive on Purim , but was nowhere close to drunk.
    FYI – He was probably the happiest person alive the other 365 days of the year too.

    in reply to: Rabbeim- ditch the drink #2171213

    For those who follow Daas Torah, here is their message

    An Appeal to B’nei Yeshiva & Ba’alei Batim
    “One is obligated on this day [of Purim] to have an abundance of simcha, and to eat and drink To contentment. However, we are not commanded to become drunk to the point of diminishing ourselves through the simcha, for the simcha that we were commanded to have is not one of frivolity or foolishness but one of spiritual pleasure that brings us to the love of Hashem and praise for the miracles He performed for us.” (Meiri, as quoted in the Bi’ur Halacha, Orach Chaim 695.)
    In recent years, the problem of dangerous drunkenness on Purim, especially among b’nei yeshiva, has reached alarming proportions, and has led to sakonas nefoshos and chilul Hashem.
    Medical doctors as well as representatives of Hatzolah have reported numerous instances of bochurim having to be rushed to hospital emergency rooms, some of them even placed on life-support systems, because of over-drinking on Purim.
    To address this intolerable situation, we call upon the entire community that seeks to fulfill the mitzva of Simchas Purim properly, and especially our dear yeshiva bochurim, to take special care in drinking practices, and to adhere to the following suggested guidelines.
    1. The mitzvah of “Chayav adam l’v’sumei b’Puria…” is preferably fulfilled with wine, as is stated In Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (142:6). Unrestrained use of whiskey and other alcoholic beverages is entirely inappropriate and absolutely contrary to da’as Chachomim.
    2. Ba’alei Batim should not serve any alcoholic beverages, including wine, to groups of bochurim visiting their homes.
    3. Those who drive under the influence of alcohol endanger not only themselves but also their passengers and other members of the public. Drivers must therefore not consume any alcoholic beverages, including wine, and must take extra care to drive safely, observing all applicable Laws and safety procedures.
    4. Nobody should enter a car if there is reason to believe that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, and all appropriate steps should be taken to prevent such an individual from driving.
    In the merit of fulfilling the mitzva of Simchas Purim properly, may we be privileged to see haromas keren Yisroel.
    Rabbi Shmuel Berenbaum
    Yeshivas Mir
    Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Lieff
    Yeshiva Gedolah of South Monsey
    Rabbi Yehoshua Schiff
    Mesivta Bais Shraga
    Rabbi Chaim Boruch Wolpin
    Yeshiva Karlin Stolin
    Rabbi Mastisyahu Salomon
    Beth Medrash Govoah, Lakewood
    Rabbi Yisroel Plutchok
    Yeshiva Derech Chaim
    Rabbi Shmuel Mendlowitz
    Mesivta Bais Shraga
    Rabbi Asher Kalmanowitz
    Yeshivas Mir
    Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt
    Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Meir Hakohen
    Rabbi Yisroel M. Kagan
    Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Denver
    Rabbi Yaakov Abramowitz
    Yeshiva Gevoha D’Chassidei Gur
    Rabbi Chaim Leib Epstein
    Yeshiva Zichron Melech
    Rabbi Simcha B. Ehrenfeld
    Mattesdorfer Rav
    Rabbi Dovid Kviat
    Yeshivas Mir
    Rabbi Shloime Mandel
    Yeshiva of Brooklyn
    Rabbi Mordechai Rennert
    Yeshiva Derech Chaim
    Rabbi Yaakov Schnaidman
    Yeshiva Bais Moshe, Scranton
    Rabbi Yoseph Rosenblum
    Yeshiva Shaarei Yosher
    Rabbi Moshe Wolfson
    Yeshiva Torah Vodath
    Rabbi Dovid Schustal
    Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood
    Rabbi Yeruchim Olshin
    Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood
    Rabbi Moshe Green
    Yeshiva D’Monsey
    Rabbi Yitzchok Paler
    Yeshiva M’kor Chaim
    Rabbi Yosef Frankel
    V’yelepoler Rebbe
    Rabbi Yehuda Svei
    Yeshiva Gedolah of Philadelphia
    Rabbi Zecharya Gelley
    Khal Adas Yeshurun
    Rabbi Chaim Stein
    Yeshivas Telshe, Clevaland
    Rabbi Moshe Glustein
    Yeshvia Mercaz Hatorah, Montreal
    Rabbi Yekusiel Bittersfeld
    Yeshiva Harbotzas Torah
    Rabbi Yitzchok Feigelstock
    Mesivta of Long Beach
    Rabbi Aharon M. Schechter
    Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin
    Rabbi Eliezer Gross
    Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles
    Rabbi Aharon Feldman
    Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, Baltimore
    Rabbi Yitzchok Sorotzkin
    Rosh Yeshiva, Telz Yeshiva, Lakewood
    Rabbi Chaim Steinwurzel
    Yeshiva Shaarei Yosher
    Rabbi Avraham Chaim Levin
    Yeshivas Telshe-Chicago
    Rabbi Eliezer Eichler
    Tiferes Mordechai Shlomo, Boyan
    Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel
    Yeshiva Gedola Zichron Moshe
    Rabbi Eliyahu Kanarek
    Yeshiva Ohr Hameir, Peekskill
    Rabbi Henoch Leibowitz
    Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Meir Hakohen
    Rabbi Shmuel Miller
    Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel
    Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler
    Beth Medrash Govaoha, Lakewood
    Rabbi Naftali Jaeger
    Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv
    Rabbi Yisroel Perkowski
    Yeshiva Bais Hatalmud
    Rabbi Yechiel Perr
    Yeshiva Derech Ayson
    Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller
    Yeshivas Telshe, Chicago
    Rabbi Shimon Alster
    Yeshiva Gedola of Cliffwood
    Rabbi Binynomin Zeilberger
    Yeshiva Bais Hatalmud
    Rabbi Tzvi Spira
    Bluzhover Rebbe
    Rabbi Lipa Margolis
    Yeshiva Torah Temimah
    Rabbi Yaakov Busel
    Mesivta Rabbeinu Yaakov Rabbi Yosef Eichenstein
    Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yaakov Yosef
    Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky
    Yeshiva Gedolah of Philadelphia
    Rabbi Dovid Harris
    Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Meir Hakohen
    Rabbi Reuven Feinstein
    Yeshiva of Staten Island
    Rabbi Levi Dicker
    Yeshiva Mercas HaTorah, Belle Harbor
    Rabbi Yaakov Bender
    Yeshiva Darchei Torah
    Rabbi Yochanan Zweig
    Yeshiva of Miami Beach
    Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka Leifer
    Yeshiva Toras Chesed
    Rabbi Dovid Feinstein
    Yeshiva Tiferes Yerushalayim
    Rabbi Refael Gettinger
    Yeshiva Toras Chesed
    Rabbi Meir Stern
    Yeshiva Gedolah of Passaic
    Rabbi Yaakov Perlow
    Novominsker Rebbe
    Rabbi Yosef Harari-Raful
    Yeshiva Ateret Torah
    This message is published as a public Service by Agudath Israel of America,and has been publicized regularly for close to twenty years.

    in reply to: White History Month #2167956

    This is the current sad state of the republican party.
    Let’s make fun of Black History Month because there is no white history month.

    in reply to: White History Month #2167854

    Do you feel a need for White History Month?

    in reply to: “Karen” #2166867

    Everyone should have a good Shabbos.
    I find it amazing that the karen meme can lead to so much discussion.
    Similar to a lot of terms used on the internet , there is no definitive interpretation on the source or meaning of the meme “Karen.”
    Other memes that we can discuss, “Dad Jokes” , “Epic Fails” and “Doge”.

    in reply to: Pompeo #2166657


    What makes Pompeo qualified for President?

    What would Nikki add to the ticket as a VP?

    They are 2 Trump sycophant’s.

    If people want Trump, they will vote for him.

    in reply to: Shame on EVERY Democrat – re Islamist-bigot Ilhan Omar #2166167


    Your definition of “Islamist” is not the way the dictionary or wikipedia defines it. You should have used the word ‘radical’.

    She is not a radical. She is a moderate , conservative democratic member of the American House of Representatives.
    She is also not an islamist. She is a Muslim. Andre Carson from Indiana is also a Muslim. They are both upstanding US citizens and members of the US congress. They swore an oath on the koran to uphold the constitution. They did not hold the constitution and swear an oath to uphold the koran.

    “What does African by origin – Ilhan Omar have to do with the (mostly grandparents of Arab immigrants who are today called) “Palestinians”? Of course she is not “pro Palestinian” but anti Jewish.”

    That is your perception , but it is not objective. There are many members of Congress from all races, ethnicities and religions , (including President Biden and his administration) , who are concerned about the situation of the Palestinian’s vis-à-vis Israel. That is official US Policy. It has nothing to do with Anti-Jewishness.

    When you write this way about a Muslim member of Congress , you give credence to what people suspect about Jewish members of congress – that they are biased towards Israel.


    Islamism – 1) the faith, doctrine, or cause of Islam. 2)
    a popular reform movement advocating the reordering of government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam
    Islamist – No definition.

    Wikipedia –
    Islamism – described an ideology seeking to revive Islam to its past assertiveness and glory, purifying it of foreign elements, reasserting its role into “social and political as well as personal life”; and in particular “reordering government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam” (aka Sharia).

    Definition of BIGOT
    Merriam-Webster – a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices
    especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

    Regarding the JPost article, I guess all the Nazis in the world lost their internet connections.

    in reply to: Shame on EVERY Democrat – re Islamist-bigot Ilhan Omar #2166067

    What does an article in the WSJ by a notorious anti-muslim lady have to do with the Congress of the US being filled with bigots of all types ?

    in reply to: Shame on EVERY Democrat – re Islamist-bigot Ilhan Omar #2165861


    What is an Islamist-bigot?
    Is that similar to Zionist-bigot ? Jewish-bigot? White-supremacist-bigot ? BLM-bigot?
    Rich-bigot? Liberatarian-bigot? MAGA-bigot? Racist-bigot? Sexist-bigot? Christian-bigot? Lying-bigot – Ala George Santos ?
    I can give every single member of congress a nickname with a slash bigot based on their personal beliefs and biases. They could then all be kicked off of their committees .

    in reply to: Itamar Ben-Gvir #2165863


    Jews have been given the tremendous privilege and zechus to live in EY. But we are all all still in Golus until Moshiach.

    Practically speaking, Israel has enemies within and without who are ready to destroy her at the first opportunity. They must always be very careful how they act.

    in reply to: Itamar Ben-Gvir #2165764


    Not sure the Gedolim would say that the state in not ‘authorized’ by the Torah.
    Correct. No Gadol would condone sitting on their hands.
    Who is sitting on their hands ? Not the state of Israel. It is trying it’s hardest to prevent these attacks.

    in reply to: Itamar Ben-Gvir #2165591

    Baby Squirrel,

    We live in the current reality where millions of Arabs are residing in these communities . We are not living in the times of Moshe, Yehoshua, Gideon, Shimshon and Dovid Hamelech.

    Has Hashem appeared to you and revealed his will that פקוח נפש demands the expulsion of the arabs living in areas where they are close to a populated Jewish presence ?
    If not, don’t quote Him.

    Which Torah Giant of today paskened that פקוח נפש demands the expulsion of the arabs living in areas where they are close to a populated Jewish presence ?
    If none, don’t quote the Torah.

    Do you realize the פקוח נפש repercussions of such actions ?
    Do you realize that all the Jews in the world would suffer the consequences of such actions?
    Do you realize Israeli’s are living in the same Golus as the diaspora Jews?

    in reply to: Shame on EVERY Democrat – re Islamist-bigot Ilhan Omar #2163333

    Blind obedience to anything results in its constituents losing their ability to think critically. Nobody is blindly obedient to the democratic party. For sure, no Jew is blindly obedient to Ilhan. This is a straw man argument.

    “….many police are in fact criminals as well as racist bigots.”
    The data DOES support this. So do the thousands of dead innocent Americans who were killed over traffic tickets and the like.

    Reportedly Omar has a Palestinian map in her office which has Israel completely erased from the middle east

    Reported by whom ? Why believe in conspiracy theories.

    The past 2 years , a Democratic President and Congress have shown to the eyes of all the non-believers of the Jewish Republican party that supporting Democrats, is totally consistent with supporting Israel. Netanyahu’s administration, and Bennett before him, has a great relationship with Biden and American/Israel relations during his tenure have been outstanding.
    America has consistently condemned violence and terrorist attacks and supported Israel 100%.

    It behooves long-time Jewish republicans to face the reality of what the democrat party of today is.

    All the quotes from square root are from over 3 years ago and are referring to a tiny fraction of a fraction of the democratic party.

    If you want , we can brush the whole republican party with the actions of a few of the real meshuganes in the party.
    Anyone want to buy a cheap , barely used , almost new , Jewish Space Laser ?

    And socialism is not some random package of ineffective programs like public education. Socialism is Venezuelians bringing toilet paper and light bulbs to the hospitals treating their loved ones.

    This is another straw man argument.

    in reply to: Dental Insurance #2163076

    Yes. health insurance companies are greedy.

    On this I am in complete agreement with Ubiquitin. The insurance companies are part of our capitalistic system. There is nothing stopping them from raising premiums and lowering coverage. All this was happening before Obama. Individual Americans have no recourse.
    The insurance company lobby will destroy all dissent.


    As printed in flatbush jewish journal – week of parsha beshalach 5783




    in reply to: Dental Insurance #2162900


    I thank you for going back and forth about taxation and healthcare with DrP. He is getting answers that are very close to what I have written but I simply do not have the patience to go back and forth.

    My 2 cents are that the Government has an infinite ability to spend money that it does not have. It simply prints it.
    When it does , it is called a deficit. The current deficit is 31 Trillion. If we wanted to pay it all off, the government could raise taxes on everyone this year to raise it. That would never be done, because it would cause the economy to tank, impoverish everybody and cause a civil war.

    The standard options to pay for what the government spends are either raising taxes or let the deficit grow and hope that tax revenue will also grow without the need to raise taxes.
    There is never a one to one relationship between new government spending and raising taxation.

    in reply to: Shame on EVERY Democrat – re Islamist-bigot Ilhan Omar #2162227

    Republicans need to look in the mirror to be ashamed.

    in reply to: WANTED — Looking to Hire Immediately #2162187


    I wish you and your family much Gezunt, Parnasa, Nachas and Bracha.
    I don’t respond usually because as I explained I am not posting in order to change anyone’s mind.

    This whole post is a troll.
    Joseph is not hiring anybody.

    I tried once to get Joseph to stop but he continued. So I posted my own little troll. The description of a republican bible when there isn’t any at all, is obviously coming from my imagination. I have applied for a trademark on the moshol of a republican pope and bible found in sedom.

    Our Torah Hakedosha, which we all firmly believe was given to us at Har Sinai 3335, is not followed by any political party in America.
    The American constitution and Bill of Rights contain many elements that are direct rebellions against Hashem.

    in reply to: Arrogance at its best! #2161993


    No desantis and trump are different people I’m sorry whatever you think about two people being the same is ridiculous .

    I was discussing the topic of Ben-Ghiat’s view of DeSantis and the danger she sees in authoritarian arrogant politicians. Trump, who lead an overthrow of the government, and DeSantis who, as I pointed out, acts unilaterally and squashes debates on issues and people that he disagrees with are the same. It is not a republican vs democrat issue. All other republican politicians do not act in this manner. The issue is that the republicans will continue to vote for someone who acts in this manner.

    Her opinion might have value on this issue since she is a professor of history and Italian studies at New York University and wrote books called “The formation of a Fascist culture: the Realist movement in Italy, 1930-43” and “Fascist Modernities: Italy, 1922–1945”.

    I actually do not agree with her on DeSantis. He is much more grounded in following the constitution and the law than Trump. Trump will do whatever he wants and then hire a hundred lawyers to stay out of jail.

    in reply to: Dental Insurance #2161963


    I’m also sorry to hear about your hardship.
    We should not be discussing the ACA.

    We are discussing basics of government’s responsibility to ensure that Americans do not need to travel to Hungary in order to get dental care because insurance is too expensive, does not cover everything and the premiums are through the roof.

    in reply to: WANTED — Looking to Hire Immediately #2161937

    When you find the republican pope and ask him to show you the 2 pages you will find the first one blank and the second covered over with dollar bills.

    When you ask him where it is from, he will tell you that is was found in the dead sea area.

    in reply to: WANTED — Looking to Hire Immediately #2161936

    So the answer to why are you trolling is to troll some more?

    Go ahead spend your life believing in the republican bible.

    It is 2 pages long and ignores every word of Torah Shebiksav and Baal Peh.

    in reply to: WANTED — Looking to Hire Immediately #2161787

    Why are you trying to troll?

    in reply to: Dental Insurance #2161688


    Ask your son a simple question. Remind him of any friends or acquaintances that have special needs.
    Does he believe that society should just abandon these people since they are incapable of taking care of themselves or does he believe that he should contribute together with other people in order to enrich their lives?

    Then ask him if he feels that it is fair that he should contribute the same amount as bill gates and elon musk.

    in reply to: Dental Insurance #2161662


    To add another 2 cents on taxes:

    1) The idea that taxes means “taking away from one (rich) person to give to another (not rich) person ” is a tragically flawed and selfish view of taxation. It benefits everyone that we have a functioning government and society.

    2) The idea that republicans are against taxes is absurd. Republicans love taxes or else they wouldn’t be able to pay for anything that a functioning government and society needs.

    Rich republicans have hoodwinked people to believe that 1 and 2 are true.
    They have built a system over time where the rich people do not have to pay their fair share. They have brainwashed people so that every time they are demanded to pay their fair share they claim that it is unfair.
    The tax rate for rich people has gone down drastically. Before 1986 the tax rate for married filing jointly was 50% for 175,00.
    Now it is 37% for 687,000

    They have also hoodwinked people to believe that red states aren’t bigger takers in federal funds that they give back.

    in reply to: Dental Insurance #2161314


    I have read ubiquitin’s responses and he has clarified the crux of the issue. He has also described every day scenarios where nobody was willfully negligent but still was caught in the death trap of our capitalistic system of healthcare.

    To add my 2 cents.

    I do not understand how anyone can believe that government is NOT supposed to help the population.
    I do not understand how anyone can believe that Selfish Capitalism is the Torah view.

    in reply to: Looking for a quote #2160806

    If there is a quote, it is not a quote about “benefiting from electricity on Shabbos”.

    The reference to the Hazon Ish is referring to benefiting from the electricity produced by Israeli Power Plants that have Jewish non Shabbat-observant employees working on Shabbos.

    The Hazon Ish writes (Orah Haim 38:4),
    If the electricity was produced by a Jew who is not Shabbat-observant, it is forbidden to benefit from it. Even if it is a situation in which Halachah technically permits benefiting from the electricity produced, it is [still] forbidden since its use constitutes a chilul Hashem (desecration of God’s name)… because it is a public service, and the worker who [maintains the power plant] on Shabbat does so in a rebellious manner. One who benefits from the electricity produced in this manner indicates that his heart is not pained by the desecration of Shabbat [by other Jews]. May it be God’s will that everyone should speedily commit to a complete teshuvah (repentance)!

    The moshol (whoever said it) is referring to the callous lack of pain at Chilul Shabbos and Chilul hashem shown by using electricity produced with the assistance of a Jewish person on Shabbos.

    in reply to: WANTED — Looking to Hire Immediately #2160827

    I suspect a person who is looking to be hired by a website and claims to know what is “Daas Torah” clearly does not have “Daas Torah”.

    I was at a TU convention and Rav Pam zatsal was called up to give over “Daas Torah.”
    The first thing he said in his humility was that “I am giving over “Daas Avrohom”

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