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    I read it earlier.

    (sorry for messing it up now – it doesn’t make any sense now.

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    Thank you!

    Very, very creative, talented.

    I do try not to get personal, too close, here. I indicated that (sometimes / always / frequently / often / occasionally) when I post, or turn to the CR (for another fix), I turn of the master thunk. Which explains the content of my much sought after, important input here. This name was no exception, notwithstanding all your masterful suggestions. It “hopped” into existence, just like that.

    “Little” is not at all for anivus, it just gives an extra, an extra, an extra something. I mean, in real life (where’s that?) I’m not that big either. So I decided to be “mosef” (NO – NOT JOSEPH) another shem.

    Tweet Tweet, oops, I mean croak croak

    Little Froggie – “Toad”ah Rabbah.

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    Piloting a plane.

    in reply to: Why Do You Post? #1043469

    Whoops, Seems like I forgot another one:

    C) Couldn’t hold myself back from a good one!

    (btw most if not all apply to me)

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    How would I find it without reading it? – By someone posting it here!!

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    Shopping – to spellll it out.

    You asked when I think up these ideas. I replied that I don’t.

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    On the blink again?

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    Obviously, I unplug the thunk before posting.

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    Redleg, yes, they did. As you correctly wrote both types. However, that wasn’t their goal, their pastime, their occupation as by all other nations. Their main focus was on Hashem.

    Indeed, Talmud tells us of numerous Torah inquiries and thoughts that were discussed by generals and warriors WHILE ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN COMBAT. They were most certainly fighting with their hands, however their heads were firmly elsewhere.

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    Froggies too!

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    Oh really?!? How about “plane”?

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    The reason why there is no real Megillah, and it’s attempt to copy the real ones is not read, should be apparent.

    Nations of long ago would revel in war, fighting, combat. That was their pastime, their glory. Reading material (whether real of fake) then was only about warfare and battle. That was definitely not the Jewish way. To read these works and revel in these matters would be playing right back into the misyavnim’s hands.

    We do fight as an emergency measure only, we generally accompany the other two as well, ????? and ?????. We certainly do not revel in these matters, it’s not the Yiddishe pastime, we have something else to occupy our attention – Torah and Avodah.

    A cursory glance at these works show from which angle they’re coming from. Muscles, elephants, brilliant strategies, sprinkles of a few miracles etc. No, nothing of the Jewish sort. Nothing close to the real one – Megillas Esther.

    The gemarah speaks about it, and all we need to know about it, with a mere few words. The big attention Gemarah affords is to the Nes of the Menorah, to show that Hashem was pleased with our actions – the Chanukas Habais.

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    Is that the only thing to do, popa?

    in reply to: Three Chairs for the MODS #1042991

    Why am I trying to provoke the Mods? Hm.. that is a good question. I’ll get back to you when I have the answer.

    Oh, I have one. – It is impossible to provoke a Mod. One must go through so much training, self perfection, exemplary character and middos refinement. After a completion of a such a thorough rigorous workout, they’re ready for anything that comes their way.

    We’re not talking about regular people like you and me, these are MODS!!

    (and WIY in this case you’re not WI. It is little me that requested, I did not join the banned wagon)

    in reply to: Why didn't Kaput Ha'ir work for me? #985974

    VM is right. If one is giving for “Kaput Ha’ir”, things can only get… scary

    in reply to: Three Chairs for the MODS #1042987

    How dare you!!!

    Mods are supposed to be the super role model of perfection. Somber, solemn, serious. Humorless, (gloomy)… How’d you manage to get a dab at humor past the tight secured Mod Command Center?

    in reply to: MODSóThe Plug!! #986191

    OK, don’t forget to pull it out before Shabbos. We don’t want anyone posting r”l on Shabbos. Or even to be chosheid that one posted in the other time zone. (and start a whole…)

    Oh, and those working at the CR consoles – don’t forget to change your clocks. (with better ones – better “times” are ahead)

    in reply to: Questions for mods #985810

    You’re not supposed to be asking such a pointed question. You may be ???? ???. Maybe some aren’t married. (maybe you too..)

    in reply to: Rozinkes mit Mandlen Ė ????????? ??? ??????? #985798

    something like

    ????? (***) ???????

    ???? ? ??????? ??????

    or something like it.

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    Why should they wake up with half of MY body on the floor, it’s they who’s overweight. (Unless the pushed half of MY body off..)

    in reply to: Questions for mods #985804

    ..And to my question?

    in reply to: Questions for mods #985802


    OK Here’s a good question for the mods. Do mods ever get moody? (a good, happy, jolly mood)

    Note: by law I’m required to inform you of your rights to remain silent…

    in reply to: Technically tznius, but… #987596

    it can because there’s no rosh on purim

    in reply to: Any rishonim, achronim etc. named Shalom? #989196

    Sar Shalom

    in reply to: If you know me, raise your hand #985438

    Again, I’m slow.

    Are you asking who knows you, or who is curious to know who knows themselves? Of course I’m curious to know if anyone knows me.

    If anyone knows you? Well.. (Mod 73, turn around a minute) oh.. forget it. He’s peeking. I knew it. He let in this thread, and then says “be careful”. Obviously he’s baiting us…

    p.s. how does a froggie raise a right hand?

    in reply to: to TAOM: I'm Resisting the Urge… #985861

    He’s WI, he knows things we do not.

    in reply to: Goodbye Coffee Room! #985083

    I think it means adding a new post. (I know a bit math)

    Seriously, it means “Plus!”. As in approval, bravo, well said.

    in reply to: I can't sleep #984939


    Everyone was able to watch sunrise recently, up until yesterday. We got up at the early hour of 7:20.

    in reply to: Why are some people so smart? #1043636

    I’m definitely NOT. Many here can attest to that.

    in reply to: I Need to Wake Up Soon #984862

    I wanted to have a good morning thread next to a good night one.

    in reply to: to TAOM: I'm Resisting the Urge… #985857


    Pardon, I don’t fully understand what was so insensitive, out of place. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, if I hurt her’s.

    in reply to: Goodbye Coffee Room! #985069


    When one has hashkafos properly implanted (such as you – as I read from your posts), strong winds of doubt won’t matter. Not so an impressionate young teenager (I suppose). Emuna takes a lot of cultivation, a lot of work is required to grow it, and with it. So any doubt, questioning etc. is a real cause for concern.

    in reply to: Goodbye Coffee Room! #985056

    That being said, I always thought there always has to be a line (whether on-line or off-line) when dealing with this sort.

    For instance, we have always known to keep away from missionaries, engaging them in conversation will not alter their pre-programmed mindset, it will only puncture holes in our own armor of Emunah.

    Those that come in earnest, to seek, explore, find out, those we are bidden ??? ???? ???. To them there is a mitzvah of Tochacha. For them we must do whatever it takes to bring them back. Patiently, courteously, gently. Just like the four sons of the Hagadah. One who comes to scorn we chase him out. Others we deal with, each to their own method.

    So when dealing with these issues here in the open, (even for those that come earnestly to seek) I think it would be prudent for some to take note and look elsewhere (all-important humor ones). For some, looking will only cause more doubt, disbelief.

    in reply to: Goodbye Coffee Room! #985053

    Look how many posts are going up in a Good-bye thread!!

    in reply to: Help! I let my wife into the kitchen! #984870

    Does he want to publicize that he’s entertaining the thought of getting married? Is married? Was Married?

    in reply to: Why are some people so smart? #1043625

    I was passing by the office of the principal of Sem one day and overheard them (mechanchos) arguing over the Drisha, Tur, Shulchan Aruch, R. Chaim… peeked in, saw them with their twisted thumbs… sevara.. kasha.. kler..

    in reply to: Lekavod Halloween #984788

    Sam2: Of course. shin dalet is one, shin dalet yud mem is plural.

    (oh. and I’m not so learned to actually fathom what you’re referring to)

    in reply to: Goodbye Coffee Room! #985046


    If you’re reading this.. you shouldn’t.

    in reply to: Goodbye Coffee Room! #985035


    I certainly will miss you, and your posts.

    BTW, you don’t necessarily have to bite everything those people write. You have to choose carefully. ?? ?? ????? is an important admonition. One must know what to answer, and more importantly, HOW to answer. You’ll find these in real life too, just it’s easier to pick out who you’d choose to interact with in real life. Some times, as you write, it’s true, just dealing with these sort will only get you mired deeper in their mud.

    Hatzlacha Rabbah! ??? ???? ????? ???? ?? ???!

    (come occasionally check up on me..)

    in reply to: Why are some people so smart? #1043610

    Are we allowed to post a link to a post about a mod who posted a link?

    in reply to: Lekavod Halloween #984786

    Why not just ask if there are any shin daleds who post here?

    in reply to: Any weird mouse stories? #998737

    zen, I’m with you, totally.

    When I take my children to the pediatrician for immunizations or of such sort, she ALWAYS makes sure to either send me out or have me totally distracted when she goes about her work. After once nearly fainting, she doesn’t want to have two cases.

    Oy. Just thinking about it…<PLOP>

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    I don’t rub any humans’ shoulders. Remember, I’ll just little froggie. I hop on the same earth as you.

    in reply to: Why are some people so smart? #1043583


    See, I told you there are literately geniuses here that frequent this place. Look for yourself. This fine poster (probably ?????) HaLeiVi writes TWO (cryptic) words. I have sat on it for five hours, cannot fathom what he meant, what it’s all about. Yet two others here seem to know what he’s referring to.

    Wow. And imagine, I share the same hallowed place as them here. They’re so humble, they lower themselves to us little creatures. WOW!

    in reply to: Should Avraham have died at 173? #984717

    Good question.

    I think the correct answer is that then (13) is when he first started out. He reached his “high” when he was 15, that’s when he want on an aveira rampage.

    My question is it’s quoted that the reason or excuse he went totally of (by 15) is because he saw Avraham Avinu – the biggest tzaddik – being niftar. So he went out and said ??? ??? ???? ????. Here we’re told that Avraham Avinu was niftar because of him. So if he wouldn’t have passed away Eisav wouldn’t have gone out ?????? ???. So then he wouldn’t have to be niftar. So then He wouldn’t have gone astray. So then…

    in reply to: What is a purposeless life? #984712

    I’m also helplessly addicted to this place.

    H E L P!!

    in reply to: Transfer Tapes To Digital Files #986134

    High speed audio devices are very costly, they start at about $1,400. There are USB regular speed converters, they’re about $30 – $50. Most of them come with a kit – so it will guide you how to get the best recording possible.

    in reply to: Why are some people so smart? #1043563

    I’m not talking for those smart, bright personalities that frequent here. Yes, they are probably walking encyclopedias of Torah – Tanach, Mishnah, Talmud, Halacha, Medrash, Kabalah etc. When they engage in conversation I could barely follow along, I sit and study each line (and between the line) for hours. “Oh! Now I chapped what this one said…” “Said Sam2 in the name of DaasYochid…”

    If I ever quote any Chazal, Passuk or saying, as I wrote earlier, it’s b’shem omro – it’s in the name of my untiring, ever faithful Rebbi, Rabbeinu Google. Such a baki – he knows EVERYTHING.

    in reply to: Today I'm in a Mood of: #984583


    D is for a bed too.

    ps I don’t sound like anything other then a croak.

    And live right, that’s what the CR is for, to give us a boost, a lift.


    in reply to: I Need to Wake Up Soon #984861


    It sure is. Actually it doesn’t let me sleep in the first place.

    But I thought the “olam” here would catch on.

    That was supposed to be a joke (oh) similar to one related by (I think) Rabbi Miller. Here goes.

    A man and his wife were (rachmana litzlan, heaven forbid chas vchalila, may it never happen to you) not on speaking terms. He wrote a note to his wife that he needs to get up early for some job, (without please r”l) set the alarm clock.

    He gets up bright and early at 11:00 am, with a whole bunch of notes from his wife, “Get up, it’s 6:00”, “6:15”..

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