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    So please explain to us all why Kasztner defended Nazi war criminal Kurt Becher after the war?

    Answer: It was his Nazi friend who helped during the war.

    Fact: Kasztner was Adolff Eichmann’s Jewish capo to deport Hungarian Jewry to the gas chambers. His reward: The train. He allowed some non-Zionists unto the mostly Zionist train to make this less than obvious.

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    It was by and large anti-Zionist amongst what today is called the Chareidi Gedolim.

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    This is neither limited to the Hungarian Jewry, nor the Chasidim. The Lithuanian Gedolim were anti-Zionist all the same, as they were in all the European Torah communities.

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    aft: Gizi Fleischmann was a Socialist-Zionist. Mentioning this just to put her comments on Kasztner into context.

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    says who: I thought Touro in Flatbush was strictly separate nights for men and women.

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    sg: If you prefer a firsthand account, there is Min HaMeitzar by Rabbi Weissmandl.

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    sammygol: That still does not justify the nameless faceless anonymous internet poster a number of posts back calling Rabbi Miller’s Sefer to be not a “fact based book”.

    cantoresq: Kasztner is the a Zionist who testified on behalf of some Nazi getting him acquitted from his post-war war crimes trial. He also helped the Nazi’s in Hungary (or was it another country??) keep the Jews quit and deport them to the camps. His reward was that train you reference, so no kudos to him. I know they’re is a revisionist movement attempting to posthumously rehabilitate him, and apparently you bought into that.

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    “Until then, go and rewrite the TNa”CH, where the greatest of the great are openly castigated for their mistakes.”

    Not by the guy on the street. And certainly not by nameless faceless anonymous internet bloggers.

    Their equal can castigate. Tanach can castigate. YOU cannot castigate these great of the great who’s dust you don’t equal.

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    Let’s grant for arguments sake it wasn’t written as a history book. So what? Whatever type of Sefer it is or isn’t, where do you take on the chutzpa to say that a Godol’s Sefer is not a “fact based book”?

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    tsharer: Will an apology be forthcoming from you for saying Rabbi Miller’s Sefer is not “fact based” (QED)?

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    PY: Wow, yet another nameless faceless anonymous internet poster “taking on” Rabbi Hutner.

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    In that case read Min HaMeitzar by Rabbi Weissmandl.


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    tsharer: When you effectively said that Rabbi Miller’s Sefer is not “fact based.” (QED) That was reprehensible.

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    That is precisely because Rabbi Hutner agreed with Rabbi Kotler after hearing Rabbi Kotler’s points.

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    “It was only when it became politically incorrect to be associated with R’ Kook that R’ Hutner started to distance himself.”

    Oh, please. After attacking one Godol of being a liar (Rabbi Miller), now you are attacking another Godol’s motives.

    For shame.

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    Rabbi Hutner, like the rest of the Gedolim, disagreed very much with Rabbi Kook and Rabbi Soloveitchik’s hashkofos. The latter were Daas Yochid’s. In fact, Rabbi Hutner removed Rabbi Kook’s photo from his Sukka where it used to hang.

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    Rabbi Hutner agreed with Rabbi Kotler.

    Rabbi Hutner never “encouraged” Yeshiva guys to go to college. In fact he discouraged it, but with prior approval allowed it for some.

    As far as his attendance, that was prior to his becoming a Gadol. He never used that attendance as any example for anything.

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    So we are to believe nameless faceless anonymous internet posters calling our generations Torah leaders liars.

    We are to believe these, over the words of our giants such as Rabbi Hutner and Rabbi Miller.

    Yes, that will be the day.


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    al tarbeh sichah im ha’esha… al ishto amar, kal vichomer al eishes chaveiroh…

    Lo Sasuru Acharei Ainaichem may also apply.

    We find more Gedorim and Siyagim (fences and safeguards) against Arayos than any other sin.

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    It seems a whole lot worse than the email addresses I’ve seen. I just saw a whole thread in the cr on twitter with posters trading their twitter addresses and talking about the contacts they made from the cr. Just when I thought it couldn’t be any worse…

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    Bemused makes good points.

    One point I would like to add, while I think NY Mom’s position taken on this thread is mistaken, I do not think NY Mom has engaged in any of the referenced activity here. I do think those folks themselves, as Bemused pointed out, fail to recognize what they are doing at the very time it is happening.

    And who even knows whats going on outside this service, as a result of the contacts made. Some (very) limited contact I’ve seen has been tolerated if with no one else than the site admins.

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    NYMom: I also second truthsharer’s observation that you seem to be seeking a loophole that clearly your stated level of tznius would dictate against.

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    NYMom: And to add to what truthsharer wrote, do you chat with that Rav as frequently, or joke as much, as some folks do over here?

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    truthsharer: None I am aware of.

    truthsharer is correct in both of his last 2 comments.

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    Nymom, I’m talking about the chummy attitude between posters that sometimes happens here. Yes, stuff that does make it to the big board. ( is great. I also use

    mepal, You don’t see ppl fawning all over the mods all the time? fawning is fine, worship is too much… sending coffee and sugar-free donuts is the best. YW Moderator-72

    havesomeseichel, and that is a problem just as well!

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    All I am suggesting is that perhaps, just perhaps, we need to do some introspection (did i spell that right?) on this issue rather than assume all is well.

    I hate to pick on the mods, but isn’t there a form of mod worship around here?? Everyone probably wants to be on the mods good side…

    wait… what’s wrong with admiration for the crack moderation team?

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    YWMod72: C’V I didn’t mean to infer otherwise. Please be moichel if i came across that anyone doesn’t.

    But we must all ask ourselves this question, no? We dont allow everyone here to moderate themselves… only some have that privilege.

    And can we judge ourselves honestly?? Or do our taivos cloud our judgement sometimes?

    I wasn’t offended. I was making a joke. maybe we need a civilian review complaint board…

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    I don’t mean to infer anything other than a general comment of who moderates the mods??

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    I beg to differ. Mods are human like the rest of us, and not necessarily any stronger in this area that you or I. They are all subject to the same human frailties that we all suffer in this area.

    So while suggesting to not read the CR may be very good to many, how else does one influence his brothers who may have not realized his faults on this subject??

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    “I do not feel a shadchan should expect or ever ask for the kind of money that has been mentioned here.”

    You are disagreeing with halacha.

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    Do funny couple stories qualify for inclusion on this thread?

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    People promoting the mitzvah have had to put up with the negativity of those opposed for a long time. I envy their schaar for dealing with those people.

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    I do not envy the Din V’Cheshbon the above critiques will receive in Beis Din Shel Maalah.

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    tzippi, same story here in Brooklyn. Most folks wealthy folks, to their credit, live below their means. Obviously there are exceptions, and obviously the exceptions get all the attention.

    in reply to: Eruv in Brooklyn #761412

    sammygol, Thanks for sharing that story.

    I think it speaks well that the Rov stood up for what he felt halachicly correct, without compromise.

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    tzippi, All the fellows I know married around a good quarter century ago (your time fram), started dating much earlier – say at about 20 or 21 for the guys, and 18 or 19 for the girls. Not saying they all got married at that age – just started dating.

    Seemed to work quite well. And didn’t hear all the talk about a shidduch crisis back then. In fact, it still works for those starting dating today at those younger ages.

    in reply to: Budget Crisis! Bais Yaakov of Boro Park Cannot Open Yet This Year #657944

    anon: Your story is far different than how it operates in Chasidish Yeshivos. The Yeshivos never deny entry to the Yeshiva — either to an existing student or a new applicant — due to any financial considerations. If you cannot afford to pay a dime in tuition, they will accept your child into the school in a heartbeat without batting an eyelash — tuition free. And if you later can no longer pay, your child will neither be threatened nor expelled.

    artchill: With all due respect, that sounds like an excuse to avoid charitable giving. Someone coming up with excuses, will find others if that one is alleviated.

    gavra: The bottom line fact remains throughout every period of history there have been many poor Jews, who through no fault of their own, cannot afford basic necessities (i.e. food, rent, etc.) let alone tuition. to believe otherwise, is to be victimized by Western secular beliefs in each man for himself and/or everyone can “make it”. Therefore it is incumbant on every Jew who can financially assist, to pony up the charity as much as possible. As a Jew, you should at least as bad for the BYOBP parents who cannot pay any or all tuition, as you do for those who do.

    in reply to: Altering Photos in Photoshop for Fundraising Purposes – Okay? #655064

    “Posing” for a photograph is almost the same thing as altering it later. Neither is the natural setting and thus the emes. In fact, photography itself is problematic from a halachic point of view. Some G’dolim refused to be photographed due to “avoda zora” and other issues with it.

    Insofar as dress codes and “uniforms” are concerned, Bnei Torah and Jews have always dressed differently than society at large. And we always had a limited uniform that we conformed to. It varied somewhat, but it was never anything goes. The Sfardim had a different uniform than the Ashkenazim, who had a different uniform than the Yemenites, etc. Just as, l’havdil, each branch of a military (Army, Navy, Air Force) each have their own distinct uniform.

    If an officer of the U.S. Navy decided that instead of the mandatory dress blue uniform consisting of a navy blue suit coat, trousers, and white shirt he will substitute the white shirt with a blue shirt and refuses to any longer wear a white shirt, he will be court maritaled, probably incarcerated and dishonorably discharged.

    Are we yidden any less?

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    Chaverim is not a medical/emergency service, and does not use lights and sirens. So that is one “mistake” he could not make. The cop clearly knew Hatzolah was a medical emergency service. No “mistake” about it.

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: Do You Know Where I Can Get a New Tire #655129

    Thank you all.

    in reply to: Budget Crisis! Bais Yaakov of Boro Park Cannot Open Yet This Year #657886

    What are we going to be doing about this chevra? We can’t just sit back and shmooze…

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    icot or dr pepper, any explanation of how when starting with exactly the same numbers one gender can all get married, whilst the other has some every single year who can never marry, would be appreciated. (I saw it work as you showed above with mathematical formulas, but still don’t chap the logic.)

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation. The result is there are 10 additional girls every year who never get married (using our imaginary scenario). So if this scenario happened from the year 1500 to present (2009), you would have 10 girls each and every year who never get married (in every single year), while every boy can and does get married. (The first year this setup starts is not part of my concern for this excersize, nor is the latest years.)

    This obviously works on pen and paper using simple math. But the mental hangup that is causing me indigestion that I cannot seem to swallow, is how is it mathematically possible that if there are EXACTLY the same number of boys and girls… EVERY boy can get married, while some girls cannot (due to a lack of boys.) I must be missing something here.

    BTW I discounted other factors, such as differences in the gender ratio, survival rates, OTD ratio between genders, etc. since I

    a) want to see if/how the age gap issue is mathematically possible

    b) these other factors are statistically unknown in the frum community and

    c) the ONLY solution for a numerical plurality of girls vs. boys is reinstitution of polygamy. There is simply no other way to insure the marriage of all girls, if there are more marriageable girls than boys.

    havesome: If you have issues with car companies, do you revert to horse and buggy? If you have issues with the government, do you no longer utilize government services? Or do you complain?

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    AZ: Remember we are taking any girl under 35 out of the equation. I want to know how (for example) between 100 and 200 years ago (in our scenario) every single guy got married by age 29, yet you are saying that some girls did not ever get married — even though there were exactly the same number of guys and girls in that time period.

    in reply to: Therapy – To Tell or Not to Tell? #657383

    havesome: I agree people don’t, in general, shun people who utilized a mental health proffessional. But for purposes of marrying that person other considerations are in play that are not regarding general friendships, and many many of those same people will shun such a potential shidduch, just by hearing that fact. It may or may not be right or wrong. But it is a fact.

    As a result, unfortunately, many people will not go to therapy in the first place. This way they “don’t know, don’t tell” about any potential mental health issues for shidduchim. This, however sad, is a fact. So if we insist everyone must always under all circumstances tell, however minor, any mental health doctor visits, the obvious result will be many people will not seek treatment for existing mental health issues so that they have nothing to tell about.

    The clear result will be that the same person will now marry someone untreated for their mental health issue UNTREATED, rather than seek treatment quietly and just not mention it (in which case s/he’ll would have gotten married with the same issue, but it at least being medically treated.) Which is the lesser of the two evils?

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    AZ: Considering that there are is the exact same number of boys and girls of every age, and every single boy got married, how is it possible that some girls did not get married? (Using the aforementioned assumptions.)

    (I’d still like to see Dr. Pepper’s input.)

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    in reply to: Tu B�Av – Put the Girls in the Freezer #668068

    Since Dr. Pepper is the in-house math wiz, I’d like his professional opinion (although anyone else is also welcome to comment) about the mathematical veracity of the age gap theory.

    If we make the following assumptions:

    1) Every year an equal number of boys and girls are born.

    2) No one dies before age 80.

    3) All boys are married by age 29.

    4) Every boy marries a girl born one calendar year after himself.

    5) Every year 20 more babies are born than the previous year (half boys; half girls).

    6) This scenario goes on exactly as described above for the past 500 years.

    Question: In the past 200 years are there any girls over age 35 who is not married? Are there any girls who never married in the past 200 years (aside from the current crop of young ones – i.e. under 35)?

    I’d like to see the mathematical conclusions with the proofs/equations if possible.

    in reply to: Therapy – To Tell or Not to Tell? #657381

    Let us be honest with ourselves. IF someone admits going to therapy, no matter how small an issue it was for or how far in the past it was, many many otherwise perfectly normal people WILL shun that person because of the fear of the unknown. That is a fact. The potential shidduch WILL be signifigantly reduced for such person.

    Considering the above, why is it any shock that people don’t mention this, however it is justified. (It is minor; its like a toothache/headache/strep/etc.) And it may well be justified. Does the fact that you saw a physical health doctor any more or less necessary to mention to a shidduch (before first date; before serious; before engagement; or whatever point) than the fact that you saw a mental health doctor? Both types of doctor visits can be for a minot issue and may legitimately be no big deal to mention.

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