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    you really outdid yourself on this last post of yours..

    so now you’re saying that the charaidim better stop complaining or else the Zionists will start murdering them in cold bold as they did to Jacob De Haan HYD ??

    wow!!to exhibit such blind bitter venomous hate toward the charaidim,nebach….

    and the mods let this through ???

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    If as you claim were tring to be funny, please dont quit your day job yet, you have a very poor sense of humor.

    I was just saying that if you want to avoid the rude Satmars then also avoid their Chesed Organizations,

    BTW there’s unacceptable thing going on EVERYWHERE , even where you belong , as unacceptable things are going on since the day of Cain & Hevel…

    Also please censor yourself more often..

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    You don’t hate Satmar you despise Satmar… for you to twist words & then implying that the Satmar’s are annoying & rude, (when the poster meant the TSA) is way beyond hate….

    I hope you never need any of the services founded by the annoying rude Satmar people…

    Don’t use Hatzolah

    Don’t use Bikur Cholim

    Don’t use Chesed rides

    and many more chesed organizations…

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    The bias issue is still unrebutted….

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    My point is regarding the bias that is blatantly obvious by certain posters, where they get all upset by minor wrongdoings by some people & ignore crimes by others…

    Satmar Rebbe’s trying to have the TSA respect the Rebbe, generates dozens of scornful venomous posts…

    Fraudulent smicha , which is a crime … ZERO posts…

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    I’m just curious why when a few weeks ago, there was a story reported on YWN about a certain great rabbi who gave out fraudulent smicha certificate & you didn’t bother to post any comment…..

    Yet here we have a silly story of the Satmar Rebbe being subjected to a pat down, & one of his gabboim asked that he be spared ( nowhere does it say that he yelled, pounded the on the table or the like….)& the story goes viral with dozens of posters….

    And you want us to believe that there is no bias in the CR…

    BTW the Satmar Rebbe Reb Zalmen Leib is one the classiest people I know, & I’m sure he didnt mind the pat down.

    in reply to: Jacob Lew, Orthodox Jew? #918960

    Reverend Wright YM”SH, Farakhan, etc. etc. are probably jumping out of thei skin for excitement, (no I’m not implying conspiracy…yet…)now they will have a full fledged Jew to blame for all America’s financial woes….

    circa Europe in medevil times

    circa Europe in the 1930’s

    circa the 2,000+ years we are in golus….

    in reply to: Chasidish cheder- my gripes about child safety #918931


    The great Ronald Reagen famously remarked “boys will be boys”

    I’m not condoning this behaviour, however its ridiculous to consider this a chasidishe problem….

    in reply to: Chasidish cheder- my gripes about child safety #918928

    I fail to comprehend why the term chasidish was interjected in the OP title, there ae many fine chasidishe yeshivas that have round the clock supervision, vs. some non chasidishe yeshivas who dont.

    Unless the OP was looking for a fight, by making this a chasdishe problem, so that we can ( again ) witness an outpour of wrath against the terrible chasidim


    At least he accomlished one important thing, as this behaviour clearly illustrates that NK members are as crazy as can be & they also have a very warped shitta of “kenuois”.

    Therefore he & all NK members (about 14 people worldwide…) have ZERO in common with the Satmar shitta, and ther antics just blackens the real Satmar shitta, to the average person to whom all anti zionists are alike….

    in reply to: Davening on a plane #915376

    I have been on Continental/United flights that had much more then 20-30 people, & the crew was extremely gracious in assisting with 2 minyanim, it was done respectfully and with ZERO disturbance to any passenger.

    I have been on ELAL flights where a minyan would cause no disturbance as it was in middle of the night and most passengers were sleeping, but they wouldnt even consider any attempt to help a minyan….

    Oh and I love DaMoshe’s comment, that ELAL knows of this psak & therefore prevents minyanim, well this is probably one of the only psakim they hold of….. maybe we can get all those rabbonim to pasken that its prohibited to be Mechallel Shabbos, so that ELAL should adhere to Shmiras Shabbos…now dont start tellig me that ELAL is Shomer Shabbos, go online and search for flights on any shabbos day & you will find ELAL flights that are mechalel Shabbos…

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    Nobody ever condoned praying in aisles where its usually a inconvenience, I was commenting about praying in the galley when its not being used, and was stating my experience that the United staff is much more accomodating the El Al.

    The reason ? well El Al has secular Israeli’s on their staff who tend to dislike chareidi Jews much more then a typical United employee, who on average has the American mentality of “live & let live”

    in reply to: Why are some Jews against Israel? #913187


    I meant to say that whenever possible, United/Continental has a much better track record of accomodating minyunim then El Al does,going so far as to vacate the galley for 30 minutes for a minyan, yes, I was once in such a situation , where a respectful request was made, and the crew granted this privilige.

    However You are 100% correct, that if this inconveniences the crew or fellow passengers, then you should rather daven in your seat

    in reply to: Why are some Jews against Israel? #913180


    I now always fly United/Continental when I visit EY, because my experience with El Al was as follows:

    1) EL AL is mechalel shabbos

    2) El Al has those nasty secular Israeli personnel who hate chareidi Jews

    2) El Al rarely if ever accommodates a minyan

    United/ Continental goes out of the way to accomodate a minyan if possible, & show much more respect to chareidi passengers

    Satmar shows disdain to a fair & just electoral system.

    in reply to: Frum English #900235

    If I have a solid command of Hebrew & Yiddish & lets say a somewhat shaky command of english, then I’m an idiot.

    So you who has a solid command of English and lets assume Hebrew , but have a shaky or less, command of yiddish are a…. ???

    in reply to: Frum English #900231


    I and I asuume a lot of other people were very offended when I read your comment:

    “No, because it rightfully reflects their incompetence. Why would you want the idiots running around spouting proper diction and locution?”

    which implies that if someone isnt so articulate in the English language they are an idiot, which is very offensive & false.

    I then read a later comment of yours , where you state that your school offered French, but dropped Yiddish, why did they drop yiddish ? isnt it indictative that you & your fellow students were incapable of learning a 3rd language in high school?!?!

    And you have the chutzpa to call us idiots?!?!

    my 9 year old son currently studies 3 languages every day & he is not in high school…..

    in reply to: Frum English #900228

    TO The Chassidishe Gatesheader.

    I apoligize that I confused you with Goldesgreener who actualy wrote the typo I quoted in your name, sorry.

    The fact is thata lot of frum people learn how to speak & write 3 languages from a very early age.




    with the most effort being put into lerning the first 2, so English often is the 3rd language, so obviously we are not so proficient in the English language.

    However despite the somewhat lower degree of using the english language,a lot of people have become very successful in business, and we all know of brilliant highly educated collage graduates who are penniless.

    in reply to: Frum English #900205

    Mr. Chassidishe Gatesheader,

    Please practice what you preach….. The following is part of a comment posted by you a few months ago, in the “confiscating shoe” issue

    “After being reminded the first couple fo weeks of every school year, anyone who forgot tgeir sneakers”

    MY eyes hurt reading this…..

    in reply to: I don't think that impressed Hashem #899308

    IF the story is true , then this van driver is a dumb jerk.

    I’m just trying to comprehend how is it possible that you were looking out your front window, and down the road this episode occured, & you want us to beleive that you could see a bentcher from your vantage point ?!?! c’mon you are smarter then that….

    in reply to: Being Beaten Al Kiddush Hashem #894074


    Your hatred for the Satmar Rebbe has no limit, you just keep attacking & belittleing him without any basis in fact.

    There were a very miniscule amount of heroic mesiras nefesh jews pre WW2, who as a matter of fact dont & most of their children dont wear shtreimlich.

    your subtitle of Proud MO leads us to belive that you know zero about shtreimlich or when they are worn.

    there are at least 20-25 times a year that shtreimlich are worn when its permissible to carry…

    please al least get you facts straight & don’t make yourself a laughingstock every time you post…

    in reply to: Dr. Phil, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, mom from LKWD #901119


    Well the “truth” is that I didn’t mention Chaverim, I wrote about CHESED rides which in “truth” did start in wmsbg.

    Next time read the post before you question the “truth”


    Feif Un

    BOBOV 2 Bobover shteibels in Wmsbg

    VIZNITS 3 Vizniter shteibles in wmsbg

    KLAUSENBURG 2 Klausenberg Shteibels in Wmsbg



    Thanks for your offer to refrain from attacks & to stick to the issues, which is a very rare phenomenon in the CR.

    Those were to top talmidim of the CS & they clearly held that its usser.

    Reb Moshe Feinstein ZL was a gadol hador but not all his psukim were accepted by people of Hungarian, Austrian decent, where the word of the CS ZL is unequivocally accepted as law.

    I apoligize for some of the language I used to degrade you


    Rabbiofberlin & Josh31

    Well we are now 64 years after the establishment of the medina, and basically the only real accomplishment they can point to, is the receipt of a tremendous amount MONEY for Kollelim , Yeshivas etc.

    Also rabbiofberlin by claiming that the Chasam Sofer died in 1839 & his shita is not relevant, is a terrible insult to the Chasam Sofer who was the undisputed gadol hador & his psukim & words were revered by every single faction of klal yisroel


    Thank you very much for this most interesting historical information.

    This is exactly what frustrated the Satmar Rebbe ZTL so much, the false portrayal of his shita as “the Satmarer shita” when in fact; it was the shita of the majority of pre war gedoilim.

    The argument that most gedolim “changed” or would of changed their shita in light of the defacto situation of the medina, IS WRONG & UNACCEPTABLE by anyone to whom the words of the Chasam Sofer ZTL is dear & holy, as he constantly taught, that the torah doesn’t change, and this was the battle cry of his talmidim who fought to establish the Orthodoxy in the Austrian Hungarian empire in the 1820’s.

    Lets not go into why a lot of gedolim changed their shita…. I will give you 1 hint…… money….

    in reply to: Dr. Phil, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, mom from LKWD #901097


    That was my point, Satmar in not only about Ant-Zionism,

    Satmar STANDS for Chesed, as is famously known ,that the Satmar Rebbe distributed vast sums for tzedoka for ALL yidden from ALL stripes & factions, chasidish litvish etc.

    So to make a blanket statement disagreeing with ALL Satmar Stands for is very wrong.

    in reply to: Dr. Phil, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, mom from LKWD #901094


    “I disagree with everytbing the Satmar stand for but I wouldn’t call them Mr”

    Well, first your grammer & spelling is very Satmarish….

    So you disagree with the all following:

    1)HATZOLA – was founded in Williamsburg & the name was given by the Satmar Rebbe ZTL

    2) Bikur Cholim – the first & largest in the world is the bikur Cholim founded by the Satmar rebbetzin

    3) Shomrim – started in Williamsburg

    4) Chesed rides to hospitals – founded by a Satmar yingerman in Williamsburg

    Shame on you!!



    We all appreciate that you appreciate what you & millions of yidden mistakenly call “the Satmarer shitah”

    The shittah so brilliantly espoused by The Satmar rebbe ZTL via his seforim was not “his” shitah, it was also the shitah of:

    The holy Belzer Ruv Reb Yisucher Dov ZTL

    The holy Minchas Eluzer of Munkatch ZTL

    The holy Reb Elchonon Wasserman ZTL H”YD

    The Holy Brisker Rov ZTL

    And many many others


    mogold- “ed mipi ed mipi ed mipi ed……..” too many “i heard”…

    Dear rabbiofberlin

    Sorry there is only ONE I heard…..I heard this entire story from ONE rosh yeshiva ….. at ONE time


    I heard from a famous Rosh Yesiva (back in 1984) that at a rabbinical conference in 1948, after the Satmar Rov spoke against the establishment of the medina, Rabbi Bloch stood up & said (in yiddish) “Satmar ruv maybe you know whats doing in heaven , but in this world this (the medina) is a good thing”

    upon hearing this, the Satmar Rov stood up & left , & a large group of rabbonim also left in protest.(even the Klausenberger Rebbe Z”l also left in protest….)

    In the 1950’s (I dont recall exactly which year) the Satmar Rov was invited to give a shiur in Telse Yeshiva in Clevland, the Gabbei, Rabbi Y. Ashkenazi who was present at that incident was apprehensive about the Rebbe going to Telse, as there might be some slighting of kovod, the rebbe insisted on going & delivered his famous shiur on Mesectas Nedorim….

    After the Shiur, Rabbi Bloch came over to the Satmar Rov & said I’m sorry but the Rov was correct back then.

    I promise I heard this from a famous rosh yeshiva, a mechaber of a very popular sefer being learnt in all yeshivas around the world.

    no, dont ask, as I wont give out his name

    in reply to: Kanoyim Campaign Against YWN #844135

    To the Y.W. Editor,

    With all due respect, I too was appalled by the headline.

    Good riddance to a Jew who went to jail???

    That article also claimed that he was involved in extortion, burning etc,

    in reply to: Articel on NY Post Web-site on religious Jews child abuse #832389

    Please be advised that I know of a family that recently went through a terrible ordeal when a 23 Y/O young man was FALSLEY accused of molesting a young boy.


    1) Was Arrested, and sat with the lowest of society for 24 hours

    2) Had to post $100,000 bail

    3) Retained a lawyer which cost him $75,000

    After 8 months of hell, the DA office finally had to concede that it was proven without doubt that this was a blood libel (MONEY….) ,and the DA dismissed the charges.

    This young man is ruined for life!! He was arrested without a shred of evidence,

    Footnote: at the bail hearing for this young man where the DA requested a $100,000 bail and the judge agreed, there was a case of a person accused of stabbing a person and shooting a person during a burglary attempt, his bail was only $25,000 !!!!!

    Also recently an Hispanic who was accused of molesting a young Jewish girl & he confessed to the charges had his bail set @ $2,500 !!! this is not a typo, yes ONLY $2,500

    the so called askunim are creating this hysteria in the DA office and innocent people are really getting hurt.

    this 5% of falsley accused cases is not based on any facts, just a number taken from thin air.

    the reason we dont hear about the large amount of the falsly accused, is because NOBODY wants to go public of being accused as a molester even if proven beyond doubt that he was innocent

    in reply to: Is Bais Yaakov BP before closing? #737697

    to Why I Bother

    I was shocked and hurt when I read you vile public attack on Reb R. Wolf. Reb R. wolf is one of the biggest balei chesed in BP, who spends most of his waking hours helping yidden.

    No I am not in his employ, I am also not a litvisher sticking up for him.

    I am a Chasidishe Yingerman who is familier with some of R. Wolf’s gevaldige chesed projects.

    I am Moicha against this brazen smear campaign that you attemted to start, but fortunatly the CR members didnt fall for it.

    Also after seeing the MOD comments , we all know how seriosly to take your comments.

    in reply to: A Letter I Sent To Hadassa Chapters in US & UK #714917

    , msseeker

    I know that every word you wrote is factually correct, and accurate, as I personally know this family very well.

    Please accept my advice:

    in reply to: Malchus Yisro'el #707507


    Did you ever even peruse the Satmar Rov’s seforim to write such a chutzpadige statement?

    every single aspect of the Satmar Rov’s pshatim (as you call it) is based on rock solid proofs & quotes from the entire length and breadth of the Torah, starting from T’nach all the way down to the holy Chofetz Chaim.

    why is it that after 50 years since the V’yoel Moshe was published NO ONE refuted it? I understand that on certain points or proofs you can argue or even refute, I mean to say that the essence of his holy Shita which is laid out brilliantly was never refuted.

    come on be a man and show us 1 not emese pshat…

    in reply to: Malchus Yisro'el #707502

    Great question,

    I would recomend you learn the holy sefer V’yoel Moshe, written by the holy Satmar Rov Ztl.

    you will find all you need to answer this question.

    in reply to: is there some way we can get along? #698418


    You forgot to look at the thread title before you posted your divisive (wrong) comments.

    we are trying to find ways & reasons to get along, your libelous post, won’t help at all!

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