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  • in reply to: Incomplete Talents #968528

    do you mean like making someone musical but with a very non-pleasant voice?

    in reply to: Do you care about the royal baby? #968197

    omg mazel tov! who’ll be the mohel?


    in reply to: Who is Mordechai Schmutter? #967029

    lol yah, now that i think of it- he DOES resemble PBA! lol

    in reply to: Hypnotists #966796

    yes, hypnosis does exists, and in many cases, it works too. people can do it for all sorts of reasons- I know someone who had hypnosis done to them after a car accident

    also, sometimes you can cure psychological problems by hypnosis…

    And I don’t think there are any halachic problems with hypnotizing…

    in reply to: Canadian Provinces Should Become U.S. States #1106815

    No way! first of all, that would NOT make us all one big happy country at all! And second, it would just end up being one huge America rather than Canada AND America so united…

    in reply to: What will be the first song you listen to? #1074361

    i went straight to my piano and played “River Flows in You”

    in reply to: The YWN Coffee Room Welcome Wagon #1064863

    thank you the goq, i feel very welcome!

    in reply to: Kosher Non-Jewish Books #1022062

    when pink dynamite said that #6 wasn’t good, i dont think he meant the plot and all that wasn’t good, it’s just not good in a kosher sense.

    but yah, besides that, harry potter’s great- every single one of them!

    in reply to: What's so good about steak? #961096

    i agree with younglady. now is not the time to be discussing food, not to mention steak.

    in reply to: Funny Analogies #1015156

    did you actually expect people to read that ENTIRE thing?- it’s like trying to walk through a never-ending tunnel!

    in reply to: Funny Babysitting Stories #961271

    this isnt exactly a babysitting story, but here it is:

    i used to babysit this kid named hadassa, and i also have a friend named hadassa. so one time my friend hadassa was babysitting this hadassa kid, and so i wanted to talk to her so i called their house, but i was too late and she alredy went home, so the mother asked why i called and i told her i called to talk to hadassa (i forgot for a second there that her daughter’s name was hadassa), so the mother replied to me saying that hadassa was in bed, and then it clicked! it was really funny, and we both realized what each of us meant- it was hilarious!

    in reply to: Hakadosh Bar-b-que #963685

    no, i dont think thats very appropriate. but i like playtime’s suggestion: bar-b-q hakadosh

    in reply to: The Government Is Monitoring Your Phonecalls and Internet Searches #958854

    uh, yah, i do. but actually, since im not actually american (as u can see from my name), it doesnt really apply to me unless i make a phonecall to the US.

    in reply to: Kiddush Hashem? #958741

    i don’t think its considered a kiddush Hashem if u just let someone go before you in a situation like that. okay, they were obviously annoyed, but i dont think that letting them go before you would have even evoked the thoughts that dr horse was saying because they thought they were first in the first place (no pun intended).

    in reply to: Professional pictures of kids�outdoors or studio? #958735

    u shld totally do outdoor pics- way nicer

    in reply to: Canada, the best country in the world! #963604

    im a canadian, and a proud one too!

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