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    Such of a complicated world (Some of psychiatry’s are good for -Some of the people and only -for certain situations……), is the medication world!

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    R’achmonoh Yatzileinu!! Maybe you should legalize the ADHD Behavior?!! 🙂

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    The little I know – You are so right!!

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    “Speak to most divorced couples and they will most likely tell you that speaking to a rav just made it worse.”

    Ch’v! R’abbanim are just getting influenced maybe from ‘Psychologists’ etc. It’s the truth, that it’s difficult to combine T’orah and Psychology. This is the m’atzav today’s days. Lot of confusions.

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    “A lot of women think that certain situations are abuse when they are Not.”

    So right said, Health!

    Also on what you said that sometime it’s the friends fault.

    It’s a big c’hurban that some of the work places are mixing into employees life v’dei lehuvin!!!

    Also, who says that always one are supposed to go to ‘Psychologists’ etc.? The psychologists are sometimes causing brain-wash to their clients, that they are getting Abused.

    There are times that one could get her own therapy from S’efarim/books on h’ashkafa, for example one of like “Getting to know your soul/self”, Or Books from “Rabbi Twerski” etc. It’s more Kosher and from the T’orah which isn’t superficial and more deeply.

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    “agave nectar is just concentrated fructose (primarily). I don’t see why it should be any better than high fructose corn syrup.”

    High Fructose is an Artificial sugar. It got already un-natural throughout its extremely strong processes that it went through.

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    I’m a steady user of Zero sugar – Stevia, (Splenda). Well, I stopped with splenda because that it is making me nauseous as I said, but b”h everything is fine with that..

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    (“Real sugar will kill you faster than replacing it with splenda will, regardless of splenda’s unknown side effects.”)

    You know what “Unknown” when FDA are saying it, means!

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    Taught to them M’usar seforim from time to time.

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    “So you are correct that there is more to it, but these are regular, weaker kids who will be fine in a positive, healthy environment”

    That’s right!

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    Right! D’avening is the only solution here.

    S’yag L’chochma S’htikah.

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    “Sam – what do you mean by a home yeshiva? Do you mean home schooling?”

    I’ll correct it. Yeshiva at Home. Home schooling like you said!

    I hope it will get developed eventually, I meant.

    H’ashem should help.

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    Great! Great! wait while it gets developed IY’H. Thank you

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    If you can do it -to learn with him at home, or arrange groups of people doing it with groups of so called ‘Home -Y’eshivah’ (and there is such a person which I know, in israel), and everybody will learn from you -how good will it be then.

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    To bring up Ideas. It is very possible as it’s sometimes appearing, that people with high intelligence in a way that they are not understandable to the society, like how the saying goes “Destroyed as an Artist,” is the cause here.

    Despite that it is G’aaveh involved (as in each person), but maybe that will be a help tool, to show them respecting their intelligence etc.

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    If it talks about a -husband in hard situations, for instance, then the wife should be helping him out and support him until he’s getting out from his situation, and then would be able to start going out, do what he have to do.

    That’s the right thing to do in the perspective of the T’orah

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    It depends which type of kid it is and which type of person -you are.

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    People! Don’t you see a T’zad Hashovah between all of your explanations???

    Simplify it. It is not more than G’aaivah!

    If she/the college student wasn’t such a smart one, and then her career wasn’t ideal for her, it could bring a lot of G’aaivah!!

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    As far as I know, Sometimes it’s the fault of the Involved ones.

    Regardless to feminists, the brain wash from the messages which they are sometimes getting from psychologists or psychiatrists on blaming one of the spouses, are having the power to destroy families.

    Even-though the spouse is completely needless for help, is sometime that there is not to whom to talk to. Rather -Talk to the wall. Just because the huge and -powerful theory’s from the powerful…(remotely) on one of the spouses is being giving out to A so-called P’sak din!!!

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    “Are you kidding me?! Please tell me how in today’s economy a frum, middle size (or even small!) family can survive on one income? When the frum guys start becoming cardiothoracic surgeons, we’ll talk.”

    You have to consider it well, the pros and cons. If you see so many divorces mainly coming from college students, then it’s time to invest more on shalom bayis than to on the economy part.

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    The Great Bear of Creedmoor. Now I would ask you for an explanation for the Definition of; ‘MD’s, ‘Regular Doctors, ‘Natural Doctors, and so on!

    in reply to: Why Are Divorces Usually Initiated by the Wife? #870678

    Naysberg, Yes. Girls learning in college might lead to divorce! Men are created to be Professionals, and not woman.

    One cannot fight hashem’s creature and nature, everyone should know that once and for all!!!

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    In today’s generation the woman are the one who works when starting life, instead of men. It’s one of the unnatural cultures, therefore it can cause to get a very Big Shot in a unnatural way and then -hard to give up!

    in reply to: Optimist or Pessimist #862118

    Some times, the so called “Pessimist” is the Realist!

    Before the economy crisis, Before the 9-11, (and etc.) -Who was right then, the Optimists or the single ones of Pessimists!!!!!

    These is what’s going on in America.

    in reply to: Cereal for Dinner #860715

    I would rather say It is a great way of being violating the “Mitzvah of V’nishmartem and B’al Tashchis” of your body!!!

    The vitamins and minerals there, are Not beneficial, especially for kids (B’kitzur nimratz).

    In s’hmoineh esrei, the first thing is A’tah chonen and then goes R’efoeinuh etc!!

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    Correct. You shouldn’t take such risks. only if it is on self.

    in reply to: Seizures #869874

    The Great Bear, First, Mental Ill is indeed considered disorder, and so are Seizures.

    Natural methods are not like s’hin dalets as you said!

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    Grounded Coconut!

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    Sacrilege, What route?

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    There it is. Alternative doctor you should consider it as a REAL DOCTOR. A time will come…

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    I meant -As you know, some people don’t want to go with Medical on Mental disorders which is the Brain, and as you know , Seizures is a Disorder on the brain, so I came with a c’hidush that there are alternative ways for that. But Not without guidance of a doctor.

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    Now I will say what I’ve heard. Seizure is a Disorder and not a Disease< so it can be helped with responsible sources of Natural. Only through a doctor (alternative).

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    Health, I will leave it between me and the Hungry for -Nutrition info (and not for enjoynment)-Reader.

    Aditionaly, an assertive person will realize I guess, that a Diet low in Carbohydrate is causing Hunger. It’s that simple.

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    The first, and the most -sense step is, Eliminating TRANS FAT (any word -hydrogenated) and HIGH FRUCTOSE at first.

    in reply to: Healthy Eating #743080

    Health,…..”the food pyramid……it has recently been updated.”

    That’s right! and they will continue of being updated way to a big change (high Saturated Fat).

    Know that “Technology” gets upgraded Fast, “Medical” (governmental info.OR confirmation) gets upgraded very slow.

    in reply to: Child Has Croup Cough #724239

    Eclipse, You are right, but after he got rid what’s should he do? He should get Vitamin D3 drops.

    it may be a 1000 IU daily at least (double is recommended) followed by blood tests after every few weeks.

    No arguing, and with full responsibility -for a one week old baby. Hatzlacha!

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    HIE, Excuse me! What a ridiculous critic is it that even when sitting in the Car and making oneself ready to leave, the police are right?!

    don’t you know that the streets were built in the Horse -and Wagon period?

    It seems to be a m’idas s’dom from the city rather than non sense.

    In other words. Don’t consider -Not acting -the same as bad action. Drivers are cornered enough from among the moving irresponsible.

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    Try of taking Magnesium, and reply with results.

    In General you will benefit from it.

    You should start the dosage -gradually.

    in reply to: Tips for building immune system #715981

    It has been studied for Thousands of years (it’s controversial anyway) that Whole food Diet is Vital and important, the most right full one, Enjoying enough, Tasty enough and what else not.

    in reply to: Vitamin D #715909

    Yankdownunder I agree! An important Tip. From time to time you should bite into one of the Fish capsules to make sure it’s not spoiled (has A bitter taste), as I’ve experienced with one of the Companies.

    Also, look for A Certified’ OR Registered’ symbol.

    It is recommended to take Fish Oil together with Vitamin E’ to prevent oxidation. Very Important!

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    Shlomozalman, You are Pointless according to Torah! It says, T’zinim U’pachim, etc.

    Only on Headache the G’morah says -C’hosh B’roshoh Y’aasok B’torah -Be occupied in Torah.

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    Vitamin C’ -3000mg is A parable amount. I have A good experience from it.

    There is A partner to vit. C called Bio-flavonoids, it is best when it’s the same amount.

    Be careful with Bio-flavonoids! It can be mixed other Metals in it. “Maxi Health” is trustful and Certified for cleanness, and for all their Products, what I know.

    in reply to: Vitamin D #715905

    Yankdownunder, You are right about the mercury, it depends how much A day you intake that the body could handle it. Every fish has its own statistics on their amounts and the information keeps get updated.

    in reply to: Vitamin D #715902

    No Toxicity when American’s take 5000 IU daily for A few months even.

    This is what I has doing and does now, and it went up to A very nice number!

    For A few of my kids I gave 2000 IU daily for few months and were in A nice condition B”H.

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    I’m sorry! I’m not blaming Doctors in general. There’s is lot of sources one within the other and don’t know who is the blame. Maybe Corruption is the right word.

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    Health – If everyone went to a nutritionist and followed what they said….

    I pointed out “The most prominent and RESPONSIBLE Nutritionist” which is controversial.

    …but most normal people know the truth.

    Exactly! From the word “Most” people, it comes the answer. The system is only with the Most’s and is wide, but it can still be considered A System who’re just following corruption because lack of knowledge.

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    I will not be surprised if with the time you’ll see such controversial topics on ‘WIKI LEAKS’ about the corruption it’s going on in the Health field too.

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    H’ashem Y’ishmereinu! The scary Medication JUST for Cholesterol???

    No time for tech. details now. (I’m just relying on A most prominent and responsible Nutritionist).

    Do what I did for High LDL. Low Carb. and High (saturated) Fat diet.

    After A few tests I got rid of Med. and remained so for more than a year B”H PERIOD!!!!!!!

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    YakovL, This is called S’echel H’ayoshor. Altough i am not A home owner, this is what I would do when I would be.

    Don’t one realize that the streets was built at the Horse and Wagon period???

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    WIY, It also bothers me when my “super masmidim” family members do it at family sheva brachos and at the shabbos table.

    For some people, the family should appreciate just on what they came, and in General how can you know how hard for him it was Today to celebrate in any kind of… He came to take part of ‘families S’imcha etc.!?

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