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    WIY- Park in the shade. Or get a remote starter so you can turn on the AC first.

    in reply to: Why don't the Rabbonim enforce Tznius? #967219

    I am dismayed by the negative comments and mockery. I thought that we are all interested in improving the situation.

    Now let me respond to the objections:

    1) Regarding the Halacha of 4 inches, the Rabbonim should come out with a uniform standard, whether it’s 4 or 3 or whatever.

    2) Who will enforce it? Perhaps the Rabbi’s wife, and some community leaders wives. It’s no secret who the provocative dressers are. The violators would be warned first by the Rabbi’s wife.

    3) All those people who say let’s enforce learning or Lashon Hara are missing the point: HOW YOU DRESS IN PUBLIC IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS BUT MINE BECAUSE I HAVE TO SEE IT.

    Something tells me that the people out there voicing the most vociferous objections are the biggest Tznius violators. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Bottom line: We are fed up with the Hefkerus in Tznius.

    in reply to: Internet Filters… #985711

    jbaldy22- If K9 is installed correctly it’s impossible to get around it without wiping your hard drive or installing a new OS. I tried every trick out there.

    K9 is the best by far, blocks proxies etc

    in reply to: Anti-Semitic Apartment Rating #964624

    Someone need to say this so I will.

    Yes there is anti-semitism but I doubt that all the complaints are made up. They certainly are exaggerated but most likely are somewhat true.

    My guess would be that management doesn’t care much for non-Jewish residents.

    The fact that the friend said everything’s great and its all lies is like Satmar saying everything’s great and abuse never happened.

    in reply to: The Complainers Thread #963710

    I’d like to complain about your spelling

    in reply to: What Not to Share With Your Spouse #1000275

    The little I know- There is absolutely no reason for spouses to share a bank account, only causes problems.

    in reply to: Autographs From Actors. Right or Wrong? #963204

    Sam2- How can you say that? This guy conquered his strong Yetzer Hora to idolize these pruste goyim. Of course he gained.

    playtime- Bill Clinton is so famously immoral that I wonder why the Rav keeps his picture up.

    There certainly is a distinction between a president and an actor. Most likely the picture was taken at some Jewish event. But actors are just empty people of no benefit to the Jewish Community

    in reply to: Who Is Your Favourite President #963828

    Benjamin Franklin cuz he’s on the hundred dollar bill

    in reply to: Cutting off cars waiting on line�rude or not? #963456

    HaLeivi- There is no comparison between Yetzer Hora and emergency

    in reply to: Too many pinocchios (nosy people) #963060

    It’s not true that Jewish or frum people are more snoopy than the general population. I saw online that 70% of people admit to snooping through other peoples stuff

    in reply to: Filtering iPhone vs. Smartphone #964071

    Safari can’t be filtered. What browser do you use?

    in reply to: Cutting off cars waiting on line�rude or not? #963450

    Morah Rach- I find that very odd. If it’s so bad that you have to take off your Yarmulka you shouldn’t be doing it.

    And if it was necessary due to emergency, then leave the Yarmulka on.

    There is never a time in Yiddishkeit that you pretend to be a Goy.

    in reply to: Tipping Vallet? #962799

    Correct spelling is Valet

    in reply to: Locking bedroom door when lending apartment #963185

    For someone so easily offended, you sure do seem callous about offending others.

    Popa -10000

    I’m not sure why you misunderstood me. I was not offended that they locked the door. I just think it’s awesome that I understand the psychology behind it.

    Either the husband or the wife (probably both) is the type to snoop through other peoples stuff. Hence they felt the need to lock the door, as they suspect everyone of being the same creeps they are. Miritchka is the perfect example of this. She admits she’s a snoop, and therefore locks her doors. As Chazal say ‘Kol Haposel Bemumo Posel’

    And just to clarify: I meant no offense to anyone who needs to take medication for any condition mental or otherwise. I just mean that being hypersensitive that someone will see your medication is counter-productive.

    in reply to: Locking bedroom door when lending apartment #963179

    I’m not sure what’s in the medicine chest, Prozac?

    What are you afraid of?

    Torah613Torah- For all you know, I already stayed at your house and snooped through your stuff. Your diary in particular was very interesting.

    in reply to: Yiddish Translation #962361

    Shikron is correct. Chazal say that although Hashem favored a single stone altar in the time of the Avos, once the idol-worshippers started using it, it is not to be used.

    The same has been said about the learning of Tanach and Dikduk in Yeshivos, once the Maskilim started being all into it. (Of course one should learn Tanach on his own)

    in reply to: An interesting Rashi! #962494

    Frum Jews that celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut aren’t Frum at all since they are going against all the Torah leaders from previous generation who said not to observe it.

    And they should be called out for it.

    in reply to: Filtering iPhone vs. Smartphone #964064

    sharp- If you don’t, then you can just download another unfiltered browser. I know what I’m talking about.

    in reply to: Filtering iPhone vs. Smartphone #964061

    Impossible to filter Iphone unless you settle for a mediocre browser and lock the AppStore.

    Everyone seems to have one. Not sure what the heter is.

    in reply to: Locking bedroom door when lending apartment #963106

    Curiosity and 147- I am very grateful,that’s irrelevant.

    And it’s not a money thing. There was plenty of silver in the breakfront.

    in reply to: Locking bedroom door when lending apartment #963103

    While everyone is slapping OOM on the back, I thought I made it clear that I was looking for the guest room.

    in reply to: RIP James Gandolfini #961624

    rebdoniel- I will chastise you for your spelling though.

    And I wonder why everyone thinks I’m a man with a name like Genendel

    in reply to: Satmer #961601

    Yeshiva world discussing Satmer is like Abraham Lincoln discussing Lipa Schmeltzer

    in reply to: what camp to send your son #961340

    According to activist R’ Nochum Rosenberg, one should be very careful to investigate the camp and counselors etc.

    It seems that child abuse (inappropriate touch) is more common than people think.

    Educate your child about this. Many people are uncomfortable with the subject and don’t want to talk to their kids about it. Make sure they know that it’s not OK for anyone to touch them, and if anything happens they should tell you immediately

    in reply to: RIP James Gandolfini #961614

    Unlike the Goyim around us, we (religious) Jews don’t idolize movie stars. In fact, we don’t watch movies and TV at all.

    And if it happens that we fall and transgress and actually enjoy the forbidden fruit, we certainly don’t advertise that on a public forum.

    in reply to: Bye Bye CR #963754

    OneOfMany- stop twisting what I said! I NEVER TOLD HER TO LEAVE!!

    In fact I encouraged her to post good things.

    in reply to: Bye Bye CR #963752

    2scents- Thanks for misunderstanding. I never told shopping to leave or poked fun at her. Just gave some advice helpful to her and to us.

    OhShreck- I completely agree. And that’s why I took pains to say it in the nicest way possible. I can’t believe the way it was twisted out of context to ‘knowingly hurting someones feelings’

    And note to mods- not sure if you sleeping on the job but I’m noticing unclean language in the CR recently, the most recent one in NoneOfManys first paragraph

    in reply to: Bye Bye CR #963745

    Rationalfrummie- Thanks, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    As for what I said ‘on behalf of the entire CR’, I admit I took the liberty of using poetic license to get my point across. Turns out it was just on behalf of most of the CR.

    in reply to: What's so good about steak? #961097

    The Goq- I dont want to take this thread off-topic but see my response here

    I am not sure if you have kids, but one of today’s biggest Chinuch problems is that parents are afraid of their children and give in to their blackmail or whitemail.

    in reply to: Bye Bye CR #963738

    ubiquitin- +1000000

    yekke2, TheGoq, and all others who rushed to her defense-

    You aren’t doing her any favor by giving in to her. People must learn how to accept criticism without whining or threats.

    Shopping613- Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. We wish you all the best

    in reply to: What happened to all the interesting topics? #961279

    Attention Miss Shopping613- I feel that I must address you in the name of everyone else in the CR. We all see your incessant posts and we feel you hang out in the CR too much. That’s why the topics are boring to you because the CR is meant to briefly check into every couple days or so, just to see whats happening. You, on the other hand practically live here.

    So please, find something to do and don’t check the CR every 5 minutes, and please don’t post unless you have something original, humorous, and appropriately mature, that other people would appreciate reading.

    All the best to you. On behalf of the entire CR.

    in reply to: The Gemorah is Amazing! #960519

    As usual, when someone says something good and true, along come the Apikursim to tear it down

    in reply to: Pre-paid Cell Phone Plans #960952

    I recommend AirVoice Wireless. $30 unlimited talk & text. Runs on AT&T network.

    in reply to: No-Contract Cell Phone Plans in the Catskilks #959243

    I heard MetroPcs is not so good. Look into AirVoice Wireless. They use AT&T network

    in reply to: In-ear headphones #959210

    Popa- Please post the make and model. I have been searching for good earphones for a while

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