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    I have proposed Antarctica as the proper location for a palestinian state. If you know my name, find me on Facebook and join my group that advocates sending the pallies off to be pallies with the penguins.

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    Actually, at Lubavitch you almost never need to make reservations for Shabbos, and even on Pesach you won’t get thrown out if you just come on in.

    As for the street sign, those are the lunatic fringe. I have a feeling, knowing those characters as I do, that the sign is unofficial but that no one dares take it down. The city council has a Chabad presence, as Chabad took over a lot of former slum property and turned the former no-go zone called “Shikun Canaan” into a mokom Torah. The street was probably named that when the Rebbe was with us (or just named Harabbi meLubavitch even afterward as we have streets called Haadmour me (insert) for Rebbes who have left us). The loonies probably made and installed their own sign; I’d have to see a picture to know for sure.

    These yellow flag goons are like the Petzuei haNachal of Breslov or the NK – a bunch of ex-cons and druggies with a ShaBaK agent or 2 thrown in to egg them on (the ShaBaK shtinker in Tzfas is Meir Baranes, who ran over and shortened the life of the very mainstream Chabad chief rabbi of Tzfas Rav Bistritzky AH and served only a few months in a mental institution. When released, he organized a pulsa denura in the Tzfas beis hachaim, which is a mokom koidesh, for Pope John Paul II who was mechasidei umois haoilam. He is clearly a protected species, and you don’t want to risk being the next one he runs over.)

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    Is your teenager heading for trouble?

    Send him to a Chol Hamoed event he’ll NEVER forget!

    Baderech lo Derech and Scared Straight bring you:

    The Big Gimmel – A Chol Hamoied Excursion to Gehennom!

    Send your teenager to meet some of the inhabitants of this subterranean garden of immolation and harsh punishment. Once your rebellious child experiences a day in the eternal lives of the inhabitants of Gehennom Hot Springs, they’ll never, ever think to go off the derech again!

    Separate boys and girls tours led by experienced guides who have lived in Gehennom for at least 15 years and know every inch of the place backward and forward.

    For more information, call Gehennom Direct Tours(429) 464-7374 (GEY-IN-DRERD) and ask for Teddy Herzl or Moishe Mendelsohn.

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    Yes. The boss may not want his workers coming in unsupervised – that is generally a good policy when you are dealing with hourly workers.

    In times like this, hourly workers should be very thankful they have any work at all. The boss could very well be living order to order as well, and he is probably careful not to have work build up on Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed.

    If times were better, any good boss would look for heterim to keep people working whenever possible. There were years when I went off to EY or Paris for Chol Hamoed and kept people working for me while I was away. Now I do everything virtually through subcontractors and am also a subcontractor myself so there is no inyan.

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    While I do not know if Lubavitch has any shluchim on Native American reservations yet, I know of more than one shaliach who has helped victims of gambling addiction who frequent the casinos on these reservations.

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    I’d recommend the Kfar Shaul koilel, but you’ve gotta be crazy to learn there :).

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    Neturei Karta in Monsey and London is having an open house so people can get to know their activists a bit better.

    The name of the event is: “Deluxe Fruitcake in the Sukkah!”

    in reply to: OPEN SHABBOS – KOSHER PIZZA #873793

    What I meant was how can the pas yisroel (and even the general kosher) status of the ovens, if this is an issue, be guaranteed over Shabbos. You have a goy with no neemanus using the ovens and he can sneak anything in when there is no mashgiach – assuming this is not a snack bar where they reheat wrapped food.

    There is a chance that this may be a situation that is machshil es harabim, and also a chance it is not. It is unusual, that is for sure.

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    How can pas yisroel be guaranteed on Shabbos? What do they do if the oven goes out? That is what I would ask this rov. In any case, pizza should be BISHUL Yisroel and again, if the ovens go out, what happens?

    We do eat pas yisroel products where an automatic oven was started by a Yid at the beginning of the run, but I don’t know if those plants run their pas yisroel on Shabbos and YT as well. Rabbi Levy of the OK has expanded pas yisroel by putting proper practices into place for automated lines that are run by major firms, but I don’t know anything about the details. I also think that his “Pas Yisroel program” is mainly for very simple products where little human intervention is needed once the machine starts.

    However, stopping kashrus fraud or even making people aware of low standards is a great kiddush Hashem, regardless of whether the perpetrator is a Yid or a goy. Unmasking unreliable hechsherim is also a mitzvah and those who give dubious hechsherim are machshil es harabim. I was asked about a “rav” ha “machshir” in Manhattan by a former neighbor in Brooklyn who just didn’t know what goes on in Manhattan with con-servative level hashgochos handed out by “orthodox” rabbis but fortunately knew enough to ask.

    If the owners realize they made a mistake, they could just as soon rent that part of the operation to a kosher Yid. That would mean one more Yid with a good parnossoh and the ability to help others. I think a lot of Monsey residents would be uncomfortable, as I would be, with a rov they never heard of giving hashgocho to a place open on Shabbos. I also don’t think non-Jews would care to eat kosher pizza in a mall that undoubtedly has other food options.

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    From my involvement with YU-right wingers, I can say that they are at least as aidel and Torah-dig as other right-wingers.

    This was the case even 25 years ago when the YU right wing started to take shape.

    YCT (Yeshivas Chovlei Torah), on the other hand, is an outgrowth of the Upper West Side “chattering classes,” composed of borderline con-servative, a handful of followers of Rabbi David Weiss-Halivni, Soviet Jewry activists who were “fellow travelers” as far as Yiddishkeit was concerned and then they were left without a cause when Communism fell, and “social” baalei tshuva who came out of the 60s and 70s counter-culture. All of these people kept their krum values including a desire to add leftist “social justice,” feminism, environMENTALism etc to Yiddishkeit. (C.H. was our representative of that crowd; many of them were raised with almost Communist values by the children of Bund leftovers, labor organizers etc and they really don’t know any better.)

    YCT won’t last, but sadly it will take a few hundred or even a couple of thousand Yiddishe neshomos down with it. They are really no more significant or authentic than the US Neturei Karta, except that they are placing “rabbis” in congregations where a real kiruv organization might otherwise have gone.

    YU and much of the rest of non-Chassidic American right-wing orthodoxy will converge together and become a Torah-true but more open society.

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    I never said anything about China :). I do not believe Apple products were knowingly made with slave labor; Foxcomm is as legitimate as you can get in China and there is just no way to make these parts in the US or anywhere else. Until automation is allowed to replace expensive and entrenched union workers, the US will not be a center for mass-market manufacturing and in any case the Chinese are ahead with automation as well.

    Jothar really hit the nail on the head. Steve Jobs produced entertainment – if he did license the operating systems it would be a different story because prices would dip and different manufacturers would issue different feature sets. Apple and Pixar are both technological entertainment.

    I was out shopping for a new “communications device” today and I was just shocked by how expensive an iPad is compared to a comparable Acer Android model. (I don’t know the prices in the US – this could be because of the way Apple is distributed in Ukraine.) I’m not ready to buy until at least a month after the yomim toivim end so I did not check carefully but I saw no reason to pay $400 more for the Apple and be locked into their apps.

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    You can download SHAS for Kindle or iPad for 99 Cents

    You can download Tanach for 99 cents too


    Zahavasdad, as usual, is being disingenuous and not giving us the full story. He is now guilty of genevas daas, because he just caused me to waste my precious time, right when I’m trying to get things done in time for Yom Tov, looking for this when all it amounts to is the dubious Rodkinson translation of Shas, poorly formatted, and the JPS Tanach that I and others hold can be read in the beis kisse.

    What Zehavasdad did is the same as me giving directions to the women’s mikve if a man asks me where you can toivel in my area. I wouldn’t even do that to my worst enemy on Peerim.

    I and others come to this board to get away from the free-for-all, LH and rechilus, unchecked facts, nivul peh, any self-hater or left-wing koifer is a godol, atmosphere of certain other sites. Most of the worst apples are BH gone and ranting in the juvey hall, but we have a couple left.

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    Jewel is correct. Our shul gabbai asked me this months ago when I gave him a name for mi-sheberach and I looked into it.

    It is Yiddish from old German. (OB Creedmoor – it is a name given in memory of a relative who was a…now how do you say jewel in modern German????)

    And yes, TZIG mit a gimmel is goat.

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    Do you make a borei minei besomim on air freshener? For that matter, if you sniff a bottle of arak, do you make a brocho? Besomim refers to fragrant spices (minei) or herbs (isvei).

    Maybe if natural cinnamon or cloves are used to scent tobacco there might be an issue. But that isn’t the case; an extract is used.

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    I used Arcoxia, a painkiller that is similar to Celebrex. It works. You can’t get it in the US but you can in EY, where the research was done into using it to prevent fasting headaches.

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    🙁 Had I seen that, I would have taken off my gloves from the beginning rather than giving the benefit of the doubt.

    Elki is a paid shill for this site. It isn’t worth the pixels it’s printed on and is most probably a scam.

    And again, I may well have something to gain from its success so I would not be saying this if it were not so.

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    Yeech! $10-$15 for a schmeck tabak? We pay $3 or less here in Ukraine where you can get it at any tobacconist. I guess it is taxed like cigarettes in the US.

    The odor is artificial. A friend of a friend of mine in EY makes and sells his own and one Shabbos when I met him he confirmed to me what I already knew – he treats ground tobacco with chemical extracts to create the odor. Absolutely no brocho required.

    in reply to: New Charity Website! #815629

    Something looks wrong.

    “Chabad” is listed, but it is not a tzedoko. It is a Chassidus/hashkofo. You can’t give money to “Satmar” or “Bobov” or “Belz” any more than you can to “Chabad.” You can give to Merkos leInyanei Chinuch which is “official Chabad”, or Colel Chabad which is the Lubavitch Rabbi Meir Baal haNess in EY or Chabad of (insert state and location) etc etc but not to “Chabad.”

    There is also no clear information from Aguda or Aish showing that they’ve authorized any use of their logos.

    At best, this is a pre-beta that isn’t ready yet and is using names of organizations as placeholders. That is not very professional, unless they add “Coming soon” or a similar message to make it clear they are not set up yet.

    Interestingly enough, the name of this site is very similar in name to a domain that I own and that I used for a now-completed research project. I just happened to notice that I still had the domain three weeks ago and I renewed it when I was doing my (financial) pre-Rosh Hashanah accounting. If this Buy2Give site succeeds, my dormant domain gains value – but I am the last one who wants to see anyone give information to a site like this unless it is very clear that every merchant and tzedoko gave permission to be listed on it.

    From the quality of the merchant logos and the questionable information about the organizations, I would say that this is either a start-up that hasn’t launched yet in any meaningful way or a trial balloon site that has already failed.

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    Givat Zeev (trying to use some different letters)

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203973


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    Agadir (in Morocco)

    in reply to: Eating on Erev YK #898664

    🙂 BH we have a bris tomorrow morning that I have to and want to go to (one I was not expecting as the baby was born right at krias haTorah Friday and rumors started to fly that it was a premature birth LA). I am going to count that as the first seuda – 2 seudas further spaced apart will be more comfortable for me.

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    I once heard a joke about this. A old chassid who drinks only zektz und neintziker goes to the doctor for because he has a cough.

    The doctor tells him he has “water on the lung.”

    Chassid says, “Water? I knew it! It’s that feer percent!”

    A true story, although I think it was a joke that the old chossid told about himself. His name was Reb Meir Itkin AH and he lived in Crown Heights. He was a mesirus nefesh Yid who ran black market businesses during Communist times to keep frum Yidden clothed and fed and to provide funds for clandestine yeshivos. He consumed “96” to the exclusion of all other drinks back then, too. He passed away 4 years ago, and yes, he was 96.

    I was once doing 96 shots at a simcha. All of a sudden, probably from eating too much fruit to keep hydrated, my face turned red and I was warned that I had too much. Instead, knowing what happened, I took a walk around the block and a few deep breaths, and came back perfectly OK. My line was: “That four percent water got me! It isn’t filtered!”

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    I think I’ve made my position clear. It stems from the fact that I have had the fortune (obviously misfortune in some of your eyes) of having met several Conservatives who are Shomer Halacha.

    They APPEAR to be shomrei halacha. So do some mess-ianics. The question is – what do they BELIEVE? Wood alcohol appears the same as perfectly drinkable “96.” One is as good as the other for cleaning, too. Try drinking some wood alcohol and you’ll end up blind or dead.

    The answer is NOT – vezois haTorah loi sehay muchlefes. It is also NOT Torah meSinai. If they believed this, they would not set foot in a tembel. Right there and then, they are violating halacha.

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    Unfortunately there are some Orthodox Jews who have gone OTD and sadly done the same….This is in despite of years of Yeshiva Education and not being exposed to TV Movies etc…

    The difference is that the frum parents care and are devastated by the loss. The con-servative parents will be very happy if the goy gets even a deformed or deconstructionist conversion and then pff…he’s a Jew after a year of courses in how to do tikkun olam and the importance of eco-kashrus.

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    If they keep Shabbos and Kosher (really keep, with all of the Halachos) I wouldn’t call them Mumrim Lehachis or say that if they touch your wine it’s Stam Yeinam.

    If they touch my non-mevushal wine (not that I have any, serve any or give any as gifts except small bottles that I know a family will just enjoy by themselves, because of all the halachic issues), it is yayin pogum.

    Well, many rabbonim would differ. My example of a frum Yid stuck in a con-servative shul is one thing. I’d still be leery of sharing non-mevushal wine with him until we spoke more, but it would come out very quickly that he is not a part of the movement.

    Your examples are 2 malcontents who put their own feelings and desires ahead of halacha and/or community rules which have the force of halacha. They are 2 Chavas who now have their husbands and children eating from the eitz bli daas (or 2 Izevels who have their husbands worshipping a’z.)

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815314

    This woman was giving a Gemara Shiur, not Nach or Halacha.

    1) Did other women want it?

    2) Was she in-your-face about it?

    She could have given it quietly at home, too. Every rov and/or shul board has the right to determine what goes on in the shul, but none to determine what goes on in homes (except if the rov is asked whether so-and-so’s kashrus is reliable or if chas vesholom there is abuse and the rov is the one who is notified).

    I suspect there was an attitude problem.

    in reply to: Steve Jobs, RIP #819121

    Strange coincidence. 6 years ago yesterday (6 Tishrei going into 7), an erlich and frum salesman at Datavision in Manhattan talked me out of getting a Mac (losing his commission in the process as he had no PC in my price and features range).

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815313

    By the way, Sam2’s stories reflect how every kefira, from notzrus and essenes to deformed, got started. Some malcontents got upset at an organized kehilla and because of some personal issue or misunderstanding, and they found an easier way out somewhere else that in the end took them away from Yiddishkeit.

    I think the answer is 2 frum alternatives minimum, even if they’re run by the same kehilla or organization, in all but the smallest communities.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815308

    Sam, those people are kovea Torah laitim. I would not eat at either of their homes or let them touch my wine. The real shuls are at fault for letting this happen (or at least the first scenario – something sounds fishy as in every normal community such a woman is very much looked up to and encouraged), too, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    I think even MO rabbonim make it very clear that you are better off staying at home rather than walking into a con-servative or deformed tembel.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815305

    sam2 is defending a straw man. Literally – he is defending the old man in a straw hat who sits in the corner of his conservative tembel because he can’t sell the shoe store his father started in Yehupitzville, his real estate is not quite ready for him to sell to a developer (or he’s waiting for his sons to finish their law degrees or MBA’s so he can leave it to them to develop) and Chabad hasn’t sent a shaliach yet. There must be 20 minyonim of such people in the whole US.

    The con-servative belief, as I learned in in Solomon Schechted for 5 years is:

    The Torah conflicts with what modern science and history have determined is true. We prefer modern science and history because we don’t know much about Torah and don’t want to learn, so it’s easier to learn “higher biblical criticism.” We also don’t want to be too Jewish, you know, or to put Torah ahead of enjoying life and left-wing politics, so we’ll bend it just about until it breaks chas vesholom. We’re really deformed, but with just enough tradition to fool people who at least want to feel Jewish once a week in the morning and on holidays before they go to the mall.”

    If anything, it is worse than deformed. A child knows deformed is not Judaism, but a tinok shenishba can truly be conned by con-servative.

    in reply to: Steve Jobs, RIP #819115

    8. What?? Apple made applesauce out of Microsoft, not vice versa.

    The rest of your post shows only a superficial understanding of tech and business – but who won in computers? Wintel or Apple? All of these gadgets have their place, but the PC is and will be an absolute necessity for years to come.

    Apple was a shooting star. It went high, came back to earth once, and now will die off like Kodak is doing. The lack of an iPhone 5 announcement and the Samsung lawsuit over the 4s is the shape of things to come.

    in reply to: Jokes #1201912

    Times must really be hard. I got an Email from an animal rights group that said: “You can use cash or food stamps in place of a chicken to perform the kaparot ritual.”

    in reply to: ACHDUS! #814789

    Umm..this is very empty and has to do with internal politics and fighting between dati leumi hesder yeshivos and their roshei yeshiva. The message is for their tzibbur, not for anyone else’s.

    in reply to: "Doing Kapparos with Fish-ies" #816630

    Zaidy, are you serious?

    Usually I use an elephant attached to a crane. This year I was a little better so I downgraded to a hippopotamus.

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203955

    Oradea (it’s in Romania – it is the Romanian name for Groysvardein, a city full of Yidden before the war)

    in reply to: Steve Jobs, RIP #819099

    Not only was Jobs an oived avoida zoro of a type that is not even permitted for bnei Noiach, but he was proud of the fact that Apple contributed nothing to any corporate philanthropic causes. He himself only began to contribute to yenna machla research when he was stricken. He is not someone who should be remembered in our world.

    He also abandoned an out-of-wedlock child until he no longer could do so – the child’s mother was on welfare until he admitted paternity (probably to avoid a costly lawsuit).

    His heritage was yishmoeli (he was adopted and his biological father is from Syria), and at the end of the day, the pere odom is always there.

    The technology he introduced is highly overpriced and gimmicky. Everything Apple comes out with is quickly superseded with better and more economical alternatives from elsewhere. Jobs was more a pitchman than anything, and with him gone, the apple will soon be but a core.

    Jobs had one real opportunity and blew it – that was licensing the technology for computers to run on the Apple operating system. He blew it again with iPhone and iPad; licensing the operating system for these would also have been a good idea because the Apple made gadgets are very costly especially outside of the US. In the end, Android will make applesauce out of Apple the way Microsoft did.

    In the end, Apple will be a flash in the pan. If you have Apple stock, sell it.

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    Lompoc (California)

    in reply to: The geography game! #1203948

    Kandahar (it’s in Afghanistan)

    in reply to: Will Obama win Re-elections?? #814691

    Yungerman – I fear that if he gets out of there now and is replaced by a mediocre Republican, he will come back in another incarnation (perhaps Pelosi herself) in 2016 or 2020. I would not say what I am saying if I saw a clear leader among the Republicans.

    Better to let the rot fully expose itself, fester and then die a clear death than to get rid of it part-way and then have it come back. If he gets in again, he faces at least one Republican house and will not get much done anyway. That is why he will leave a broken man with everything he stands for finally discredited.

    Charlie Hall is in group 1. His continued employment depends upon continued public funding of scientific research that can and should be farmed out to India for better and cheaper results. That is assuming his work is even necessary. Trimming funding for useless research is something neither party has ever done, but it is long past time.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815291

    What I am pointing out is that statements like 600’s that anyone anywhere who goes to a Consevative synagogue is a Mumar Lehachis and a Kofer B’ikar is just wrong.

    There are always exceptions that prove the rule, such as the lone frum Jew in a small town, stuck there for professional reasons, who goes to whatever shul is there because he doesn’t want to be alone on Shabbos (and BH Chabad is moving into those small communities so in another generation that won’t be an issue anywhere in the US). Such people usually send their children far, far away for chinuch at some point and they are usually the last generation to live in that town (unless their children are the ones who encourage Chabad or perhaps SEED/Ner leElef to come back with them and start a community.)

    However, I have experience with this religion called con-servative and I know that its adherents do not believe in many of the 13 ikkarei ha-emunah.

    That makes them koifrim be’ikar and those who know there is a real Jewish alternative are mumarim lehachis.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815290

    Spell Checker and Grammar Checker


    And why are these capitalized and Jew not capitalized? Either you use a new checker that was programmed by Lipa Schmeltzer on Peerim or you’re just making excuses for some deep-seated self-hatred. Your posts make me suspect the latter – that you would rather be frei or even a non-Jew but you’re stuck for social reasons.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815277

    Where did you go?

    I have a B.E. (breaking and entry) degree from the Ossining Institute of Advanced Correctional Study, better known as Sing Sing.

    in reply to: Lev tahor sect? #814487

    LOL Dr Seuss. Helbrans/Elbaranes is one of the 80 tzaddikim who is such a big tzaddik that only HE knows he is a tzaddik.

    And we all know what letter has the value of 80 in gematriya!

    in reply to: Lev tahor sect? #814485

    Check the name Shlomo Helbrans. Elbaranes is his real name; it is of Tunisian origin, but he claims to be a Chassidishe rebbe!!! so he goes by Helbrans.

    in reply to: amanda knox #821023

    I think justice was served in the Knox case (I read Italian, but I did not care to read about the case from the Italian perspective because of the pritzus involved) and at least the soap opera is on its way to a well-deserved end. In any case, it isn’t our inyan except that:

    What can we learn from the case?

    Sheloi, sheloi asani goy…………ich bin shtultz tzi zan a Yid!

    The way that whole crowd lives is baruch Hashem so foreign to our ways, and we need to always make sure we understand what “sheloi asani goy” and “vehaya machanecha kodoish” mean.

    If that means sending oisvorfen who have gone OTD and live like Knox and Soleccito and Kerchner did far, far away, that is the price we need to pay to make sure that this kind of behavior is never, ever seen as even remotely normal in our world.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815273

    After World War II many jews..

    Zahavasdad, I don’t care if I am embarrassing you in public. Learn and learn FAST to capitalize the words Jew and Jews. It is not the first time I have seen this error in your posts and it reeks of subconscious self-deprecation (actually Jewish anti-Semitism) because it is usually an error I see made deliberately by anti-Semites including Churban deniers. I don’t care if you’re dyslexic either, because you manage to capitalize other words.

    Re’eh. Huzharta.

    in reply to: Egalitarian Minyan; As Bad As Reform? #815271

    Sam, I know that movement inside and out and there are no excuses that can be made for it. You cannot imagine what I was taught in the guise of Torah. It is kefira and those who practice it and believe in its doctrines are mumarim.

    It is based on Torah NOT being from Sinai chas vesholom. End of story.

    con-servative is like Solomon Dwek – it appears frum if you don’t look into it and accept what it tells you about itself at face value, but once you get to know what it really is, or once you have been fooled by it, you know it is chozzer treyf and of no value.

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