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    “zen-baddhism” Love it! You could also refer to the getschke as Buddhu. That means idiot in Hindi.

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    I want him to win so that he leaves the White House in 2016 a broken shell of a man, responsible for the utter discrediting of his shallow ideals and of his party that is now a European socialist party.

    The Republicans have no one good, and if their candidate is elected on a spite Obama platform, his successor will be another Obama or worse. Letting Obama win again (which is what happened in 2008 – McCain was a hopeless case) allows the Republicans to find another Reagan while the Democrats end up as disdained as Harding or Grant.

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    Those people are people who want to be with Jews or just check out davening for Shabbos. The rov just might want to invite those people over in the future if he can and if they return so that they don’t have to drive. He’s also avoiding the aveiro of embarrassing someone in case they do know they’re not supposed to drive.

    In many cases, the driver barely knows he’s doing an aveirah by driving or that davening is a mitzvah. The rov is trying to prevent future aveiros and there is no mitzvah to tell someone to leave a shul because he drove. (Actually, in prior years our rov has told people not to drive on YK, to the point that shul attendance declines every year.)

    Sam, see HaLeiVi’s post. He explains things better than I can because I am noigea bedovor and “in the parsha.”

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    I would certainly say there is no neemanus by him and I would not accept him for eidus or anything else. I would not let him touch any non-mevushal wine in my reshus or drink from a bottle that he poured from.

    If anything, he is a koifer beikar and mumar lehachis of the first order – he is saying the Torah is immoral and is kovea Torah laitim instead of kovea itim laTorah. He is also davening in a moshav leitzim, but that is beside the point.

    I knew one such person as well, but his standards were very low, somewhere around what just may be accepted at Chovelei Torah (or in the unfortunate Jewish world of the 1930’s to 1950’s) but nowhere else.

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    A practicing member of the con-servative offshoot of Judaism is a mumar lehachis and a koifer beikar in most cases (most of their clergy certainly are.) In addition, their definition of shomer mitzvos has little to do with proper halocho.

    Having grown up in that withered branch’s institutions, I would sooner accept the shechita of a j4j or one of the five or ten mental institution candidates who proclaim that the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA is even more than Moshiach over that of a con-servative shochet (none of whom exist anyway). My high school principal was a practitioner of the con-servative faith and he had an indoctrination class for us in senior year in which he taught us kefira mamash as a supposed guard against assimilation and inter-dating in college. Yeah, right. Had I listened to him I DAVKA would have intermarried because he basically taught us the “man-made but divinely inspired” and “tikkun golem” bubbamaises.

    The debatable “fact” that some people who davened in those institutions supposedly showed some chessed to frum immigrants (probably true as they did not know the beliefs of anyone they were sponsoring and they sponsored as many socialists and communists as they did frum people, never mind that in those days you just went to whatever shul was closest or in style regardless of its affiliaiton and few of those people knew what the movements even stood for) does not change the nature of these movements. Far more frum activists, like the leaders and volunteers for chessed organizations in EY and Chabad shluchim, stick their necks out and give all they have for largely unappreciative, often literally parasitic and contemptuous, frei Jews (most of whom, especially outside of EY, know no better but also won’t pass up a freebie when they need one) than the other way around.

    What is known is that once the refugees arrived, those institutions and movements put a lot of pressure on the frum ones to assimilate. BH most held steady and ended up rekindling the flame of Torah in the United States.

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    However, in chassidic philosophy(not all sects, but most) if a person, usually the Rebbe himself but not necessarily, needs to do an aveirah to reach a certain spiritual level, he is permitted to do so.

    Complete fiction, unless you are referring to the Admou”r meCreedmoor who believes that welfare fraud is the path to spiritual redemption of expired food stamps.

    If anything, some Chassidim do not believe their Rebbeim are even capable of aveirois (also misunderstood, but anyway..).

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    Just gave the excerpts of Kissufim a quick listen. It’s on my list for Chol Hamoed. The only negative is that he just as soon could have made it an 11 track album and left out the three filler tracks of wordless niggunim (the Chabad nigun in particular is one that everyone everywhere knows already so there is no point in re-arranging it especially because the new arrangement is nothing earth-shattering.)

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    “Treyfway,” a partnership between the fugitive owner of Shvache Meats, the Admou”r meCreedmoor and Iranian investors who are being fronted for by the Saddle River Road clowns, have purchased the former Pathmark.

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    Thanks. Unfortunately because of bal tashkis and not wanting any leftovers around I have to go with the Arcoxia – it is sold in smaller packages and I can probably find enough friends to test it with me and take the pills I don’t use.

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    Health, does Celebrex work? I really fear this Arcoxia. I can get Celebrex here too, no RX required.

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    If anyone is in EY or Europe, try Arcoxia 120mgs before fasting. It is a non-narcotic painkiller, but it is not approved for any use in the US because it is chemically too close to Vioxx. You can probably get it from an offshore pharmacy in time for the fast if you order today. If you try it, get the smallest amount available (7 tablets over here) and put whatever you don’t use away – don’t get tempted to use it as a painkiller because it is dangerous for long-term use.

    Researchers in EY claim that Arcoxia prevents headaches when taken before fasting. I can get it here and probably will give it a try on Thursday evening and then again with the seuda hamafsekes along with the 2 or 3 Imodium I take every day for 3 days up to the beginning of the fast to create a full feeling. Imodium is not approved or researched by anyone for this purpose so try it at your own risk.

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    Please. I’d sooner help Dwek than Pollard considering how much damage the latter did to Jews.

    He was a drug addict with delusions of grandeur who tried to sell his wares to everyone from Australia to China before the dumb idiots from the supposedly savvy Mossad bought his bill of goods.

    Innocent Jews suffered because of him, and today Jews are still suspect in some branches of the civil service.

    So, daven for Yehonasan ben Malka Pollard and Shlomo (Hacohen) ben Raizel Dwek…by keeping them in mind during velamalshenim!

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    Read, or better yet don’t read, what kind of a life Amanda Knox led. Her alibi was that she was smoking marijuana (lots more left out and marijuana is illegal in Italy) with her equally prust and pritzusdige boyfriend. She also framed an innocent man.

    Average non-Jewish Americans are on a higher moral level than she is and get turned off the minute they see all the sleaze in the case. Many Americans have roots in Italy or admire Italian culture and they don’t see why a silly, loose girl should get a break when she went there to have a good time under the guise of language instruction or cultural exchange.

    That is why no one cares about Amanda Knox, one way or the other.

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    They really picked the wrong day. I don’t fast well and I needed the Internet yesterday for music and something to do.

    If I would have felt better I would have needed the Net even more to catch up on work from the three day yom tov.

    This might be a good idea for Chanukah or for the yahrtzeit of a tzaddik.

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    This (third-hand) story sums up who the Klueless Klutz Klowns are:

    Someone saw a friend invite Chaim Fryman, a YU graduate who is one of the more pathetic NK characters, over for Shabbos.

    He asked his friend – don’t you know that Chaim Fryman is in cherem?

    Response: “Chaim Fryman isn’t important enough to be put in cherem!”

    These guys aren’t important enough to be called roidfim or moisrim. I actually communicate with a few of them in London, EY and NY (none of whom are important enough to have been put in any sort of cherem although one constantly appears wearing a kaffiyeh at demonstrations in London). The trash they send me is beyond ludicrous.

    Of course, they don’t know that the only reason I want to hear from them is so that I have new material for Creedmoor.

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    I know what THEY claim their intent is. I also know that THEY suffer from delusions of grandeur that go back to their failure to attract any attention as far back as cheder.

    They are clowns and fools looking for attention. Rebbetzin Bloy AH was in contact with Khomeini YMS quietly and no one even knew this until after she passed away. She may or may not have accomplished anything but she also did not do any harm or make Jews look foolish.

    The Klueless Klutz Kartel fools allow Ahmadinejad to use them on television that is also watched by 25,000 Jews in Iran.

    Satmar and other sane, normal anti-Zionists are the ones who suffer the most from these clowns. Satmar is able to do avoidas hakoidesh in Yemen because they do things the right way. The Klueless Karta Klowns are a collection of oisvorfen, meshuggeners and senile old men who don’t believe one word that they say and they make everyone else look bad.

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    Egalitarian minyan = con-servative. Ossur lemehadrin.

    “Orthodox” women’s minyan – women only minyan – ask your rov – best not to discuss here.

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    If we add “veshomru bnei Yisroel es hashabbos…” before goal Yisroel, does this qualify?

    Creedmoor of course holds by yom ki purim and therefore its illusory Chassidim make kiddush over a mixture of wine, diesel fuel and arak no matter when YK comes out.

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    The ones who get riled up are the less observant and more tzioini contingent, and they use these NK as a way of showing what happens when you do not accept Rav Kook’s shitta and all kinds of heterim and kulois that go along with it.

    They try to lump every non-Zionist charedi ben Torah in with this nonsense, even though they must know by now that the Klueless Klutz Kartel is in de facto cherem across the board (meaning that they are too ridiculous to bother putting in cherem).

    I would not even call the KKKarta the Westboro of Judaism. They are more like the wise menof Chelm at this point.

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    I occasionally use body spray on hot summer days. I also have homemade mint extract in my shul locker for use after the mikveh although the scent of the mint doesn’t remain on my skin or in my beard for long.

    I wore cologne in the US; I don’t here in Ukraine because of ridiculous prices and problems with counterfeiting.

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    I’ll try on Thurs B”N IYH.

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    If Speaking to Ahmadinejad doesnt make you a Moser, then explain exactly C-Halacha what a Moser is……


    Look up Solomon Dwek. That is a moiser al pi halacha. Also look up the PETA activists Philip and Hannah Schein. They are moisrim. If you want another one, try Robert A. Kasirer. A moiser is an informer, in other words, someone who turns Jews in to the civil authorities or who “exposes crimes” by publicly condemning Jewish practices and their practitioners. All of them should have a misse meshune, as we request in birkas haminim.

    There is a very slight case for calling NK who went to Iran roidfim, but their actions really don’t endanger a single Jew. They are just minor irritants, so far off the wall that no one can take them seriously anymore.

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    The NK hate is coming from the less observant and more Zionist segment of the frum world playing RIGHT INTO THESE SCHMOHAWKS’ HANDS!

    They WANT to be hated! They WANT negative attention! On the other hand, if you IGNORE them, they’ll go away. IF you can do something real, like put them in cherem as was done in Vienna, some of them may leave the fold. But to rant about them online or even in person, except by laughing at them (as the Indian man basically did and as I would do with a camera in the background if I ever came upon them) is just what they want.

    Even Mad Mahmoud knows they are a joke. That is why he only had 2 of them over this time around.

    You have to be doing something that really endangers Jews to be a moiser and a kapo. Those titles pertain to the left in EY and perhaps to Froman who does live in EY and is basically putting the city which he serves as rav in danger by his antics. The Sikriki and the other ShaBaK employees who claim to be NK in RBS are in some very low category, albeit perhaps not moiser but possibly roidef, because they are physically hurting Yidden.

    However, the karta klowns of Monsey, Willy, London and even Hirsch in EY are just that – the Klueless Klutz Karta.

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    If you can wait until the Thursday after Tzom Gedalia, I can do it. I’m not that interested in being paid either :).

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    NK are not kapos or Judenrat. That term is reserved for “people” like Noam Chomsky, Uri Avnery and Gilad Atzmon.

    They are clowns who need to find a new act in time for next Peerim.

    Chomsky does have some influence in certain circles and he is a true kapo. Same with Uri Avnery. Atzmon is an up and coming kapo who goes even further than those 2 do and is out-and-out anti-Jewish.

    The NK have no influence anywhere except over a few misfits whom they recruit for demonstrations.

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    bsd thanks ICOT – a gut gebensched yohr!

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    The haimishe silver stores are hurt by this. When I was in NY, my friend, who is well-off BH, married off his first daughter and then a year later, it was time for his second daughter’s chassune.

    Knowing that they did not need cash, I bought the first chosson and kallah a silver kiddush dispenser from a mutual friend’s silver shop, a well-known 13th Avenue store. When I went back to get a similar gift for the second chosson and kallah, the best price I could get was about 200 dollars more for a similar piece that really wasn’t as nice or as heavy. I had to give the second sister and her chosson cash/gift certificates instead.

    I wanted a particular cup for myself that was on sale at Hatzorfim when I was in EY just before the first chassune, but I passed on it figuring I’d buy it from my friend in NY. I forgot all about it for months and by the time I remembered, prices had gone so wild that the cup was way out of budget for me.

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    The most expensive and coveted tickets for Yom Kippur davening are the ones sold to visitors at the Otisville shul.

    That’s because it is one of the only shuls where you are really mispallel im haavaryonim!

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    Today’s NK are clowns looking for attention. They make for good Peerim entertainment and do not even deserve the title of roidef – only shmoiger, meaning shoiteh, menuval vegas ruach suits these clowns.

    Indeed, the tzioinim are responsible for far more loss of Jewish life and property than these clowns are. These clowns had some impact and did create a chilul Hashem at first, but today they’re way past the expiration date on their act.

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    In Russia and Ukraine, I have seen many a loaf of bread that resembles challah to a T sold to the general market. I believe they took the shape from us but I am not sure.

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    Yes. Eggs – we should break our enemies’ eggs (vehamayvin yavin).

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    LOL Squeak – Dayan Ehrentreu of the LBD knows his stuff when it comes to mashke.

    Like the OU, the LBD is a mass-market semi-non-profit hechsher that is meant to enable as many people as possible to keep a baseline standard of kashrus.

    Like the OU, they have expert rabbonim, mashgichim and staff who know what answer to give depending upon who asks them about what.

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    well the problem with diamond is that its inherently worth very little. the price is regulated by one specific interest which holds a monopoly over the diamond market as a whole.


    Nope. Leviev broke that monopoly about 15 years ago. Now others (almost all of whom are frum) buy direct from Russia and own mines in Africa as well.

    Cocaine is the best investment with heroin a close second. Contact your local branch of the Lucchese or Gambino crime family, or buy direct from Colombia and risk your life rather than turning 20-25% over to the mob.

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    You’d have to listen to one of the online Jewish radio shows and hope the album you want comes up.

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    Drambuie – 100% kosher – London Beis Din.

    in reply to: Neturei Karta?? #1106106

    The Arabs won’t waste their time on these fools.

    If Weiss did not have a yerusha from his father AH to pay for his foolishness, he would not be able to go to Iran. Ahmadinejad figured out who these clowns are, and that is why the delegation went from six to two recently. Scheiss Weiss probably footed the bill for his fellow traveler as well.

    in reply to: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Violation What The Torah Wants? #812376

    What does selling non-Jewish wine have to do with dina demalchusa dina? Most frum liquor stores in Brooklyn sell non-Jewish wine to non-Jewish customers and mehadrin wine to Jews. It is indeed not ossur and for business reasons it is permitted but it is not a legal requirement to stock treyf wine in NY.

    IIRC the liquor store on Ave J near the subway, being much smaller than the others, has no room to stock non-kosher and sells only kosher.

    You don’t have to sell or stock treyf by law in any store except if you’re a kosher grocer who accepts WIC, and even then you’re just forced to stock non cholov yisroel evaporated milk. And you can put up a warning sign telling people that it is not CY.

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    The present band of fools who call themselves Neturei Karta are just a bunch of immature jerks looking for attention. The Monsey ringleader lives off a yerusha and has no life other than running from demonstration to demonstration and occasionally to Iran where he sounds off in his irritating whine.

    Reb Amram Bloy ZYA was a yochid segula who truly felt the pain of EY being desecrated by the secular Zionists. His NK was more of an umbrella organization for all Yidden who did not recognize the state. He was of Hungarian origin and davened in a Chassidish minyan; others who believed as he did were descendants of talmidei ha-Gra and their shuls and yeshivas include(d) Masmidim in Y-m.

    Ohel Hagar of today’s NK in Y-m, and the Saddle River Road (Monsey) and Alcombe road (London) Islamic centers, have nothing to do with Reb Amram ZYA. He loved Yidden and helped even those who persecuted him for demonstrating against chilul Shabbos. Today’s NK are self-hating Jews, no more and no less than Chumpsky or Uncle Tom Friedman.

    These guys are just pains in everyone else’s necks and it is time for them to go back to pre-1a if they think every day is Peerim.

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    Overstock.com has had some real suit deals in the past.

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    He probably sang it at a mitzvah tantz.

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    600 Kilo Bears do not like honey in any form. Neither do most bears, although today’s garbage-stealing bears that invade residential areas probably eat it along with everything else. The association of bears with honey is strictly a legend!

    I’ve never tried mead. We have some sort of local mead but its kashrus is very doubtful.

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    Yes, methylene chloride/methanol/MEK paint remover works if:

    1) You are stripping hard wood (or using it as a cleaner to remove graffiti).

    2) You follow up with steel wool especially in crevices.

    It ruins some pine and don’t use it with a metal knife in corners or crevices. Since it ruins plastic knives, using it with steel wool is your only choice.

    in reply to: Frum Store Credited Card $1700 in Error #812552

    Contact the credit card company as you would for an incorrect debit. They’ll tell you what to do or they will reverse it.

    in reply to: Question about revarnishing old dining room chairs? #811210

    Metro, actually it is a lot of fun to do this yourself. I probably did my first refinishing job before I was bar mitzvah, and with one exception, a pine door (see below re methylene chloride and soft wood) I’ve always had great results. I wish I had time to restore some of the historical furniture that you can get here for pennies or for nothing when people renovate.

    The problem is that the methylene chloride paint strippers are dangerous dreck and the non-toxic substitutes that I have tried, which are admittedly older ones, are stam dreck that do not work.

    Especially if the chair is a softer wood, don’t use any more methylene chloride stripper (the smelly, flammable stuff like ZipStrip which is best left for kiddush on Simchas Toyre in the Chanichei Otisville minyan). It softens the wood and you’ll end up gouging it with your putty knife when you remove the finish after it softens.

    Wood bleach -> sanding and/or fine steel wool -> pre-stain conditioner from Minwax -> water based polyurethane varnish stain is your best bet.

    No, arak cannot be used in place of either wood stain or paint remover. Rancid galle, on the other hand, takes off two coats of paint but it eats through wood.

    in reply to: Three State Solution #810743

    Three state solution as it will turn out:

    EY under post-Zionist surrender monkey leftist rule leads to ->

    Hamasistan 1 and 2 in Yehuda, Shomron and Aza leads to ->

    Mass exodus of Jews from EY and Russian non-Jews to the US.

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