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    s’ok sidi 🙂 midwesterner, thanks, i noticed!!!! sorry you couldn’t make it 🙁

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    Amen to all brachos! thank you all! sidi, no, not planning on living there…most likely gonna stay put in my hometown, but its still a possibility we will end up where he comes from. to be decided…

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    guyz, i always learned that there are many times that Mashiach has a very strong potential to arrive. It could be that all these Rabbonim/Gedolim are 100% right when they say what they say, but maybe since we don’t end up deserving it at that time, we have to wait for the next time.

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    i’ve been kind of following this thread on and off…since i’m in the parsha, figured i can add in my two cents… first of all, i’m one of those girls who wants a “normal” boy- whatever that means. And ya know what- this might blow you all away, I’m one of the (few) girls that wants a G-d fearing, upstanding, respectable, kind, WORKING guy. I just want to let you know that when i tell this to shadchanim, i get set up with boys much more modern than myself. I am a totally 100% frum BY type girl- and that doesn’t mean button down shirt, dark colored sweater, pleated skirt BY- I mean fun, colorful, (a little) open minded- but I’m in no way modern. Not that i like labels, but i’m using them so u understand what i’m saying. so basically, the working boys i’ve gone out with have either been a) totally rude and obnoxious and think (know) they are G-d’s gift to the world, and they let me know it, or b) just totally socially awkward, not knowing that u can’t come to a date in a crumpled suit, big lazy bums… so yes, out of all the boys i went out with, i’ve said no to like 11 of them! cuz you know what, i’m not even giving a second/third chance to ppl who are rude, obnoxious, or don’t care to present themselves nicely. So yes, you may call me picky, b/c i’m the one mostly saying no- but gosh- don’t i have the right? you don’t know my story, and you don’t know lots of girls stories!and yes, by the way, just like boys are attracted to certain looks, so are us girls, you can’t just marry someone whose looks you can’t stand! (disclaimer, there are for sure girls who are sooo picky and they don’t want anyone with red hair/beard/big nose/glasses- you know, narishkeit like that, i’m not saying there are no girls out there that are picky like that, i’m just saying, i don’t think most of them are) So I dunno where all the boys are that you are talking about are- the respectful, respectable, kind, gentlemen, who love Torah but perhaps happen to be working. where are they?? Another problem that i face by the way is the problem of support. my parents can’t commit to a certain amt! right now they are trying to support themselves, like many other ppl! i’m sure my parents aren’t the only ones! but if they can’t support, i’m not worth it??? THAT BOTHERS ME TO NO END. I THINK IT’S DISGUSTING. I HAVE A JOB, I’LL WORK, MY HUSBAND WILL WORK. IF YOU TRUST YOUR SON TO GET MARRIED, WHY CAN’T YOU TRUST THAT WE WILL FIGURE OUT OUR FINANCES WITHOUT MUCH FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM MY PARENTS? SO WHAT IF WE MAKE A FEW MISTAKES- THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN IS WE WILL LEARN FROM THEM, AND WE WILL LEARN TO COMMUNICATE BETTER THAN MANY COUPLES WHO ARE SPOONFED FROM DAY ONE AND HAVE NO FINANCES TO DISCUSS CUZ ITS ALL BEING TAKEN CARE OF FOR THEM.

    i might have gone slightly off topic, but just had to get it out, and it seemed like a pretty ok thread to add it to.

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    thanks guys 🙂 shopping, i only wrote that cuz when i was actually typing the cake, it didn’t look as it does now- it looks much more like a cake now than when i actually typed it…so i wanted to make sure e/o could tell what it was 🙂

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    woohoo!!!!!!!!!! it worked!!!!!! i’m back!!!!!!!!!! i tot feel like this is an old timers reunion!!!! hi everyone!!!!!! now for my personal mazal tov to yossi z- MAZAL TOV!!! so excited for you!!!! may you and kallah b zoche to a long happy fulfilling life together!

    ~{*]*]*] (that’s supposed to b a three tiered wedding cake, complete with flowers. just pretend it is, ok??? 🙂 )

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    mazal tov coffee addict! that’s so cute 🙂 he probably looks so big! asach nachas!

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    no, toi. i don’t like that joke, and i don’t think its funny. what would happen if someone reading this has a relative or someone close, who is a vegetable? would they think its funny? not so nice to make jokes of things like this. sorry.

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    WIY, you may be right 😉

    yeah takahmamash, as long as it’s about a simcha, its great!

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    the shidduch crisis 🙂 i don’t think ppl talk about it enough…

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    This totally depends on every person individually. Different people have different ways of expressing their emotions. Just because a chosson isn’t crying, it doesn’t mean he’s not feeling emotional. That’s how he expresses his emotions. A chosson who is crying expresses his emotions that way. It doesn’t mean he isn’t happy.

    I’ve seen both crying and smiling by chassanim and kallos.

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    that and a yummy cupcake 😉 we’ll be sure!

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    aaawwwwwwwwwwwww, thanks gefen 😉 ur makin’ me *** blush ***

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    threads like these

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    i’ve been wondering the same… those guys give (the good kind of) life to this place!

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    where did you post this story from? sounds strange. i mean, assuming its true, just because i have no reason yet not to think so, its scary.

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    shlishi- excuse you!

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    sorry, that gefen post was really mine! i didn’t realize gefen signed out of my name, and when i got back on, i didn’t sign in…

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    oops i did it again… GEFEN WHY’D YOU SIGN ME OFF OF YESHIVA WORLD?????????????? 😀 😀 😀 😀 (GUYS, THAT GEFEN POST IS REALLY FROM ME!)

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    Thanks sidi, Amen!

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    zeeskite, ur the best! i forgive you if you did anything that requires being forgiven, i just hope that you forgive me too, if there was anything i have done as well…

    and to all posters,i know i specifically started up with popa and dorafelder (?) recently, i hope you forgive me. Sometimes what i said wasn’t nice, and I will IY”H work really hard on being as nice and as peaceful as i could.

    Wishing all a meaningful beautiful ruchniyusdik year, and may those looking for their bashert find him/her very soon (i think there are a few of us on the cr 🙂 ) and may anyone who needs a yeshua be granted it, and may we all be zoche to much simcha and bracha lasting forever, ad bias hamoshiach, b’mheira v’yameinu!

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    no one wants a cupcake? or did the posts not post yet…

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    well goq, i can bring some really yummy cupcakes!

    here’s 10 to start- first come first serve (‘cept the first one’s obviously for goq)

    [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~ [}~


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    Happy bday goq!!!!!! may you have many many more happy and healthy ones!!!!!!

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    first two were correct…

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    ty men! ur great! (of course, behind every great man is a great woman, but for the sake of this thread…) 😉

    in reply to: ??? ???? ??? – A Thank You to Women! #1180351

    he says “as a bochur in yeshiva…” could mean he’s in 10th grade!

    but thanks anyway, gefen 🙂

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    thank you for caring sidi!


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    btw, sidi, its also really special how you go back and specifically reply to each person who writes to you. wow wow wow! she IS gonna be lucky 🙂

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    hey i’m gonna be at the siyum IY”H! look for me i’ll be the one wearing black.

    in reply to: what made you choose your screen name? #889521

    well, originally i had a different name, but someone in the cr didn’t like for a certain reason, so in order to keep peace, i changed it to something similar.

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    wow, Sidi! that’s so sweet and thoughtful and sensitive of you! Shows you have an ayin tova, which i hope takes you very far in life.

    as a girl (yeah, yeah, i’m still single, so i don’t even know the half of it, but) i can tell you we definitely need to feel appreciated, and that what we’re doing is not going unnoticed. so I’m with you on the thank you part. (shout out to gefen: thank you!) 🙂

    Sidi, may you very soon have a wife to thank 🙂 whoever ur wife is gonna be, she’s sure a lucky one!

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    :):):) shending shome shmileshhhhh in ur direcsssssshhhhhhhhhon 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    that’s right moski. just like samoa recently skipped a day b/c of the dateline, we skipped a month so we could be closer to mashiach!

    have a super amazing shabbos to one and all, and may we be zoche to a fleishigen tisha b’av!

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    yekke2, are you a fleishigs person in general, or you just can’t wait specifically this yr cuz its not something usual that happens that you can have fleishigs b4 the fast?

    I’m also gonna do fleishigs. i could have fleishigs breakfast lunch and supper day in and day out. seriously.

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    it comes along every once in a while when someone has an icky attitude… you get what you give

    ~{]*IC*[}~ 🙂

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    thanks moshhhhhhhhhhhki. bringshhhh back memorieshhhhh 🙂

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    when we went in sem we were shown one pillar which many believe to be the one, but we were told that there are many so it’s possible that may not have been the one. we all took salt from it anyway. i still have mine.

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    you raise me up, sung by shwekey. neshama (don’t know who sings it, the conversation b/t malach and neshama).

    malachim, by chaim yisrael.

    cry no more, shwekey.

    mama rochel, journeys.

    oh and window in heaven, by shea rubinstein, is really good. kinda on the sad side tho, but in the end it all comes together.

    you’re watching me, michoel pruzansky.

    in reply to: Annoying–too many people care about halacha. #887951

    “There are simply too many people who care about halacha now, and are constantly calling poskim. Enough already.”

    popa, because i know ur bad attitude towards almost everything there is to have a bad attitude about, let me set you straight and remind you that Torah, mitzvos, halacha, etc, are our ways of getting closer to Hashem. Yes, we all should care.

    and assuming you were being sarcastic, it’s not funny.

    in reply to: attn: postsem #887341

    yeah i don’t like it either… see ya around!

    and, btw, how special do you feel seeing that there is a special thread just for you?!

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    gefen, are you seeing things? 😉

    in reply to: Do you multitask? #887264

    i can still do what i did a yr ago 🙂 oh, and at the same time, i can make myself breakfast/lunch/dinner.

    in reply to: H-a-s-h-e-m H-e-l-p M-e F-i-n-d A S-h-i-d-d-u-c-h-!-! #888491

    so that’s it. i don’t agree. end of my posts on this thread. bye 🙂

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    postsem, you are quite the crack up!

    dora- i don’t think its true at all that girls wanna marry someone like their father. it totally depends on who the girl has become by the time she is ready to look for a husband. by the time a girl is 20, lets say, she has gone through so much change and growth (hopefully), and school and her peers have helped her further develop and realize what she truly wants in life. not necessarily will that be exactly what her father is. (and no, i’m not saying that either way is the way it is for most girls. i just don’t think you could make a general statement.)

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    df, i don’t think ur evil, just maybe not 100% correct, and definitely not a mind reader. and i don’t get ur story. could you please explain? did she like the fact that he was average or higher or was that not good enough? does she look up to her father for his smarts? please clarify. i don’t understand.

    in reply to: H-a-s-h-e-m H-e-l-p M-e F-i-n-d A S-h-i-d-d-u-c-h-!-! #888483

    oh good postsem, you had to mention that so on tisha b’av we’ll all be rolling…

    in reply to: H-a-s-h-e-m H-e-l-p M-e F-i-n-d A S-h-i-d-d-u-c-h-!-! #888478

    thanks postsem, i also hope gefen’s daughter finds her bashert soon! 🙂 and so should you!

    and it was nice seeing you in shul too. its funny, cuz i always wanna say something to you in shul pertaining to the cr, but then i chicken out, which is weird, cuz i know you know who i am, and i know you know that i know who you are (whoa that was a mouthful), but if there are ppl around, i don’t wanna just come over and say “hey postsem”- i think that’d be a little funny…

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