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by Rabbi Yair Hoffman Last week, a Bais Yaakov high school was addressed by Holocaust survivor Mrs. Blanche Fixler of Kew Gardens.  Mrs. Fixler’s grand-daughter arranged for the speech.  Mrs.

A powerful blizzard that a meteorologist termed “as bad as it gets” howled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, closing a long stretch of Interstate 80 in Northern California, forcing ski

Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman over what he says is a betrayal of the ChatGPT maker’s founding aims of benefiting humanity rather than pursuing profits.

Former President Donald Trump continued his march toward the GOP nomination on Saturday, winning the Missouri caucuses and sweeping the delegate haul at a party convention in Michigan. Idaho Republicans

Michigan Republicans awarded all 39 of the state’s remaining presidential delegates to Donald Trump during a convention Saturday, a clear sign of his firm grasp on the party’s base ahead

Firefighters in Texas faced rising temperatures, whipped-up winds and dry air Saturday in their battle to keep the largest wildfire in state history from turning more of the Panhandle into

A Muslim man stabbed and severely wounded a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in Zurich, Switzerland, on Motzei Shabbos. According to eyewitnesses, the attacker shouted “Death to Jews!” before

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman The saving of thousands of people who received Sugihara visas was miraculous.  The ship that transported the refugees from Russia to Japan was the Amakusa Maru.

Israel has essentially endorsed a framework of a proposed Gaza cease-fire and hostage release deal, and it is now up to Hamas to agree to it, a senior U.S. administration

Street parking was already scarce in Hoboken, New Jersey, when the death of an elderly pedestrian spurred city leaders to remove even more spaces in a bid to end traffic

Lyudmila Navalnaya and Alla Abrosimova, the mother and mother-in-law of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, were among mourners who brought flowers to his grave in Moscow on Saturday, a day

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said Friday that she raised $12 million in February, a haul that will likely allow her to remain in the Republican primary against former President

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed what would have been one of the most far-reaching social media bans for minors on Friday, and lawmakers are proposing new language that seeks to

National Unity chairman Benny Gantz is flying to Washington on Motzei Shabbos for a series of meetings with US officials. Gantz is scheduled to meet with US National Security Adviser

A Jewish man from Ashkelon, 57, was stabbed in the Arab city of Ad-Dhahiriya in Har Chevron on Shabbos and was moderately wounded. The man had entered the city together

Live at Genazym Auction

Three American transport planes air-dropped thousands of meals for the “innocent” residents of the Gaza Strip on Shabbos. U.S. military C-130 cargo planes dropped 66 pallets with about 38,000 meals

The IDF on Motzei Shabbos announced the deaths of three soldiers killed on Friday in battle in the southern Gaza Strip. Their deaths raise the death toll of the ground

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