ELECTION RESULTS: Flatbush Spared From Disaster: ‘Flatbush Flop’ Loses to Jewish Community-Backed Farah Louis

Farah Louis (center) with Councilman Kalman Yeger, Councilman Chaim Deutsch and other supporters on Election Day in Flatbush

The race for the NYC City Council seat vacated by Jumaane Williams is over.

The winner is Farah Louis, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Budget Director for Williams before was elected Public Advocate on March 20.

The 45th council district covers East Flatbush, Flatbush, Flatlands, Marine Park, and Midwood. More than 188,000 people live in the district.

There were 8 candidates on the ballot in Tuesday’s special election. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Louis had 42.4 percent of the vote (3,718 ballots) compared to Monique Chandler-Waterman’s 30 percent (2,631 votes). Chandler-Waterman, who was the community outreach director in Williams’s City Council office, was the only candidate Williams had endorsed. All other candidates received under 10 percent of the vote.

Louis only holds the seat until the end of the year. She will have to win a primary on June 25 and the general election in November to serve the remainder of Williams’ term, which runs through 2021.

Nearly every Frum community leader backed Louis. Many Rabbonim felt there was much at stake in this election and all backed Louis. Councilman Chaim Deutsch and Councilman Kalman Yeger did the same. They, along with many community activists such as Chaskel Bennet worked around the clock to get the vote out for Louis. Their hard work paid off, and assisted in handing Louis a victory.

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  1. Bh the correct candidate won. Hopefully
    We heard the last of Flatbush Flopper.
    I’m sure a Yeshiva will take the Sash children with open arms. Mr Sash has it
    In with the institution on Coney Island Ave. Let’s turn a new page now – normalcy!!!!

  2. Please change your headline. As much as I agree she does not well represent the image Klal Yisroel would want embarrassing her will accomplish nothing except making her angry and determined. We got the result we wanted. Accept it graciously.

  3. The level of immaturity displayed in this article is astounding. Do you really think Hashem is proud of this? The election is over; there is no need to put down a frum woman publicly.

    Shame on you, YWN. I’m unfollowing on Insta.

  4. 2 points
    188000 in the district 9200 total votes lets see how many frum flatbush residents actually bothered to vote?
    the bashing is a response to someone w/ an narcissistic type need for attention putting the frum community in a difficult position , we dont want to do this there is no choice when baited let her live in her own corner and no one will bother her poor husband

  5. While i’m glad the candidate who openly mocks the frum communities values on social media, and ran on a platform of “fighting for our values” didnt win, this headline is so silly and childish. Was it written by a 3rd grader? Whats next, calling her poo poo head?

  6. Why the need to mock and celebrate her public failure, YWN? I’m no fan of her’s or her views and outspoken opinions. But why can’t we report the news without “opining & editorializing” the headline?

    She had the right to run and express her views like anyone else who ran. The fact that the community showingly rejected (ignored) her candidacy i’m sure is sobering enough for her and her family.

    Her 45,000 Instagram followers, obviously didn’t translate into support and votes, although she did run an earnest campaign and canvassed like any other good candidate should, impressively.

    She’s a Jewish mother with children. Why trample on her like she’s some kind of public enemy like a Tlaib or an Ilhan Omar? Misguided and unaligned with majority mainstream views? Maybe… But a frum woman who clearly cared enough about her community to attempt a candidacy to represent them and advocate; controversy and discomfort nonwithstanding.

    I contend, that the snide swipe and mockery in your headline makes most good-hearted fellow Yidden cringe a little bit.

    Some more class YWN. We expect “a little” more.

  7. I don’t understand why the frum community won’t supo her. Do they really think that this African American lady will be good for the frum people? Just wait until the African American turns on the Jews like they all do. Just wait until she too joins the other New York politicians who try to pounce on us. Just wait until you see her backing the anti yeshiva bills.

  8. All
    It’s over,the best man won.
    Unfortunately Flatbush Flopper
    Needed the attention.
    I’m sure she is not done.
    She will be like a phoenix .
    Let’s just all be smart and intelligent
    To see right through the scam.

  9. She deserved a lot worse considering the terrible aveiras she publicly not only commits herself but encourages many others to commit.

    Machshel es harabim what she is.

  10. Sick Yeshiva world!!! A Jew is a Jew and it is disgusting to put down and disgrace another Jew with this title!!! Shame on you!!!!

  11. Moderators Note: We won’t approve your pack of lies.

    FYI, Kalman Yeger was kicked off a committee for opening his mouth to Ilhan Omar. Seriously, get a life buddy.

  12. If the moderator had to use those harsh words on you, flatbush dad, you must have said something pretty messed up.
    so i’m with the moderator on this one (and probably most other ones).

  13. Dear Flatbush dad
    It’s apparent from your comments
    That you are “MILES” away from the
    My recommendation to you is
    Recommend tushuva for Flatbush
    Flopper”. We wouldn’t want you
    Walking around in a “SASH cloth”.

  14. These special off elections have low turnout so she did have a chance

    The community needed to send a message to would-be imitators
    you can’t mock everything that is of value Cherished to us on social media and then turn around and say
    ” I’m one of you come support me”

    credit to Rabbi Yehuda Levin & his crowd for being first to her call attention to her indiscretions

    F Dad,

    the only arrow quill you got in your sheath?
    Buchanan Buchanan
    against an individual devoted his all for 40 years ?

  15. She didn’t just lose. She had a crushing defeat, getting only a few hundred votes and coming in sixth — yes, sixth — place.

    A total vanity and perennial candidate like the vanity character that she plays when encouraging the klal to commit aveiros.

    Her huge loss is a major victory for Klal Yisroel.