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Senior US Senator Slams Iran Nuclear Deal As ‘Shopping Spree

mccThe Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is blasting the Iranian nuclear deal, saying the agreement paves the way for Iran to develop an atomic weapon and gives the country billions of dollars for a “shopping spree” on the international arms market.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona criticized the deal at a hearing on Wednesday. At year five, he says, Iran will be free to acquire fighter aircraft, attack helicopters and warships. McCain says that at year eight, Iran will be able to acquire material for more sophisticated ballistic missiles.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter defended the deal, saying it is only one part of the U.S. strategy and that America is moving “full speed ahead” to confront Iran and the Islamic State’s malign activities in the region.


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  1. McCain talks big now but when he was the Republican candidate for president he ran a non race. He handed Obama the presidency. When he was challenged in the primary for the Senate seat here in Arizona he ran a vicious, personally vindictive campaign against a true conservative. It’s long past time to retire. He reminds me of another senator who didn’t know when to retire, Arlen Specter, who was also elderly and had cancer but won’t retire.. What is it that makes these guys want to stay in their positions? Is it the power? The prestige? All the extras and perks? I think it’s safe to say it’s not out of true service to the country. Pack up your ego John and live off your more than ample senatorial retirement and your wife’s beer money.

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