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ALERT – Another Melted Pre-Filled Oil Cups For Menorah [PHOTOS]

m02The attached images were submitted to YWN by a reader following the publishing of another alert regarding melting ready to use oil-filled cups. In the first incident, the company states that the person didn’t use the wicks that were supposed to be in the packaging. Not finding any wicks in the box, the person went and purchased their own cotton wicks – with the same company name, figuring there would be no issue.

In the latest case, the readers claims he used the wicks that the cups came with.

It should be noted, that this is a different company then the first story.

(Dov Gefen – YWN)

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  1. Instead of the mindless comments about not publishing such alerts since they might c’v constitute “lashon harah”, this product should be removed from the market before anyone is hurt. Its not worth the risk to one yiddeshe family to suffer a fire tragegy than to worry about the reputational risk to whoever produces this product.

  2. I don’t understand how The Yeshiva World maligns a company over a Facebook post. Did they verify anything? Did they verify anything the first time? Such things are not allowed. Last I checked, it’s not “OK” to destroy someones business based on a Facebook post.

    Aside from that, this article is not even accurate! The title “ALERT – Another Melted Pre-Filled Oil Cups” simply isn’t correct. The last article was maligning a different company’s, different product. Their’s was NOT pre-filled oil cups. So it’s not “another alert regarding melting ready to use oil-filled cups.”

    It’s one thing for the editors at Yeshiva World to bring their own twist to the news. Its another thing entirely to destroy another yid like this. It’s even worse when it’s based on total falsehood.

  3. Gadolhadorah: What your calling “mindless comments” is called something else “halacha.” Furthermore, no one is even beginning to say in their stories that there is a fire hazard; their saying the cup melted – oil spilled. Lastly, and most importantly, non of these stories are based on any problem with the product. For example, look at the photo above. In the picture of the unused cups, there is a metal holder inserted into the cups to hold the wick – and the flame – up on top. In the picture of the melted cups, the extinguished wick is on the bottom – inside the cup – where it clearly doesn’t belong; you don’t see any metal holder. The person didn’t first place the wick into the metal holder, instead they light a fire in the middle of a plastic cup – not very clever… Yet, somehow, this nonsense makes it to a popular Jewish news site.

  4. These cups appear from the picture to be the type that are supposed to be used with a metal insert that holds the wick in place. From the picture it appears that the wick was put in with the metal holders removed which allowed the wick to fall over onto the side of the cup thereby melting it.

    It’s the old adage, idiot proof something and a bigger idiot will come along.

  5. Sorry to sound like a cliche but you are both right.
    Yes, this is a potential danger to life and has to be publicised. BUT, not until someone has investigated this issue properly and as the last person said, not base this article on a FaceBook post…This should be done today and the Yeshiva World should update us later today…

    Derech HaGav, I stopped using these silly lazy things a few years ago. It is a fraction of the price to buy glasses (with the metal pipe inside), wicks and a bottle of REAL Oil oil. Pop the wick into the pipe. 2 seconds! Pour the oil into the cup. 10 seconds…..then light.
    Chanuka Sameiyach

  6. Wow, It seems like the metal melted! In the left upper pic the metal is taller than the cup, Right no oil pic the metal is half length, and in the right oil pic there is no metal.

    The only issue we can have with the manufacturers is that they should put in bold bright red letters “use only with provided wicks and metal posts. Failure could result in fire”.

    Obviously we’re dealing with mindless people that buy a car, take out the car brakes, put in bike handbrakes and complain when the trainwreck is traveling at 50mph.

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