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Israel’s Counterterrorism Bureau: Turkey Travel Advisory

1:15PM IL: Israel’s Counterterrorism Bureau has issued a stern travel advisory for Turkey, instructing Israeli nationals to avoid that country due to current realities.

Amid the travel warning, Turkish media reports are hinting that government officials in Ankara may announce a cut in diplomatic ties with Israel.

In the meantime, Israel Radio reports that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is in Ottawa, is seriously considering curtailing his trip and heading home, even at the expense of canceling a planned meeting with US President Barak Obama in the White House. There has not been any such official announcement as of the publication of this report.

Reshet Bet indicates members of the prime minister’s delegation are stating Mr. Netanyahu is not coming home at present, but he continues to monitor the situation, receiving updates from high-level aides and cabinet members.

Foreign agency reports are signaling Turkey is recalling its ambassador from Israel but this has not been confirmed by Israeli Foreign Ministry officials at this time.

Following is the official statement:
The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau (NSCCTB) has released the following statement:
“In response to the events surrounding the protest flotilla, there are growing protests by the government and public in Turkey.  At this stage, relatively quiet demonstrations are taking place around the Israeli Consulate General in Istanbul and the Israeli Embassy in Ankara.  This delicate state of affairs is liable to deteriorate into violent outbreaks against Israelis in Turkey.
The NSCCTB’s recommendations are as follows:
 Israelis due to leave for Turkey should – at this stage – refrain from travelling until the situation becomes clear.
Israelis currently in Turkey should remain in their places of residence, avoid city centers and sites in which demonstrations are being held, and monitor developments out of concern that the situation could worsen.”

 (Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Read the first paragraph, then the last, and ask yourself Mr Spiro, what kind of self contradictory journalism have I just written?

  2. Your first sentence contradicts your last one. Are the Israelis in Turkey meant to leave or remain in their places of residence?

  3. #1,2 What is the problem with the article? – Those who haven’t yet traveled shouldn’t go, and those who Rachmana Litzlon are there already should lie low.

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