DISTURBING FOOTAGE: Convicted Nachal Chareidi Soldiers Seen Beating & Laughing at Palestinian Detainees


The IDF has released disturbing footage of a group of Nachal Chareidi soldiers beating two Palestinian prisoners earlier this year – just days after they were convicted of abuse, and given 6 month prison sentences.

The clip, which was recorded by one of the convicted soldiers, shows the soldiers repeatedly hitting the Palestinian detainees in the back of a vehicle while laughing and shouting in Hebrew “say hello now” — seemingly urging the beaten man to address the camera.

“We’re having a party,” one soldier in the video jeers, while the handcuffed and blindfolded prisoners can be heard calling out in pain.

Following requests from a number of Israeli news outlets, the Israel Defense Forces’ Central District Court in Jaffa lifted the gag order for the video, but only after the voices of soldiers had been distorted and their faces blurred in an effort to protect their identity.

The incident took place in December 2018, shortly after the Givat Assaf terror attack in which two Chareidi soldiers were tragically killed. The soldiers were still recovering from the deaths of two of their comrades, when they were expected to watch over the suspects believed connected to the attack.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why is that disturbing? They are treated like royalty in comparison to an IDF soldier detained by the arabs. I do no tfind this disturbing at all. Generally you have a habit of giving your own opinions in the headlines. If you are a news source, then let the people decide what to make of the news items you post. In this case, ‘disturbing’ is way off the mark.

  2. DISTURBING FOOTAGE: Convicted Nachal Chareidi Soldiers Seen Beating & Laughing At Palestinian Detainees

  3. chilul hashem. glad to see they were convicted. this shows israel punishes for such actions.
    Why did yeshivaworld need to show it though.

  4. not disturbing at all
    these soldiers carrying all their equipment in the heart etc
    are fedup with these palis throwing stones etc
    gd forbid the otherway this would be a picnic for the israeli soldier

  5. This footage is not disturbing. What is disturbing, is that thes soldiers that put their lives on the line to protect their country get in trouble for narishkeiten. You want to see disturbung footage? Show the video of when the Jews were lynched and murdered when they accidentally entered Ramallah

  6. That’s very disturbing. Trying to compare how they would treat us is far from the point. We should be holding ourselves to a much higher standard then them. Because they would act like animals doesn’t give us the right to…

  7. Lets point out that that is wrong, and should be prosecuted. There must be laws and there must be a process for any nation to function. That said, we have to have perspective, the soldiers were abusing them yes, but NOT HARMING THEM IN ANY WAY visible from this video at least. And lets not forget that the “prisoners” are would-be killers, they were just unsuccessful, and killers dont deserve too much mercy when their pray ends up getting them. So while this IS NOT “ethical” because, as we said, order and justice must be maintained, and the soldiers SHOULD be penalized to that end, it should be looked at IN PROPER CONTEXT.

  8. We could not go fight darkness with darkness (beating or harming).
    We are light. It is true that we should defend ourselves and our Holy Land.
    If your enemy is hungry, give him bread.
    If your enemy is thirsty, give him water.
    We defend and not harming a person without reason till our Moshiah and true salvation come. Let the evil of the wicked destroy themselves. We do NOT have to copy wickedness of the wicked by hitting them. We should NOT even harm any animals. Judaism and holy Torah bring peace to the world. Let other nations look at us to learn kindness and goodness. We have in our Tanach there when enemy falls, do NOT laugh for we do not want G-d forbids to be the next. Please try to be kind to all G-d’s creatures.
    Please think before talk. Others read these news and our comments. Do we like to sound like unkind people, instead of holy nation? Thank you in advance to think before talk.

  9. all of you know thta if you know this was happening but the media wouldnt find out youd be happy
    so whats the problem that the media knows
    who cares
    the goyim will not love you better dont fool yourselves

  10. One must take into consideration that
    any law enforcers adrenalin levels are through the roof,
    when in constant
    danger of being killed

    The anticlimax can cause
    them to behave in this manor much quicker than
    they would under normal

    The question goes begging
    as to the modus operandi of the IDF
    Would they have
    released a video of non
    charedi soldiers doing the
    same thing

    Or is this another example
    if the establishment being
    anti charedi

  11. Israel is trying to impress the world at large that law & order in the IDF remains the order of the day. When will Israel finally realise that whatever they do they’ll be hatred. Israel will NEVER EVER find favour upon the nations of the world. With such minor offences, the nations of the world considers Israel a laughing stock by imprisoning their own soldiers who are protecting the public from those whose ambition is to annihilate them. When are they going to get to their senses?!

  12. For all who pity those cruel Arabs:

    The wicked terrorists who were beaten in the video, helped the terrorist who murdered two soldiers run away!!!
    And these soldiers are friends of the soldiers who were murdered !!!

    According to Jewish law, these terrorists must be killed immediately! And cruelty! It is certainly permissible to beat them. Whoever claims that the soldiers made “Chilul Hashem” is simply wrong, and distorts the halakha!

  13. Nachal Chareidi has always been mostly non-Chareidi. About 85% Daati Leumi and 15% Chareidi. And the 15% who are Chareidi are basically Chareidi dropouts or OTD.

  14. Well done soldiers… keep up the great work, every time you get your hands on these guys I beg of you to please give them exactly what they deserve… I don’t find this disturbing at all, if anything I find this extremely pleasing.

  15. What a non-scandal! I’ve seen more serious “abuse” in horseplay among friends. Some light taps on the back of the head with an open hand doesn’t need to be promoted to a level of a human rights violation and submitted to the ICC.

    I would expect this kind of sensationalism from one of the many extreme left-wing NGOs trying to smear Israel, not from YWN. Shame.

  16. Why is this “disturbing”? On the contrary, it is very reassuring that some Israeli Jews still have guts to stand up to Islamic terrorism. There are no “innocent” Arabs in Ramallah, they all help, aid and encourage terrorism.

  17. Your website is becoming more & more like aljazira !!! Congratulations on all the disgusting & disturbing articles you spread. You are the true anti-semites !

  18. To The Yeshiva world:
    Such an article is only causing the Arabs to get more angry. Is it really worth it to publish such an article?
    You are just hurting yourself when you publish such articles.

  19. These brave boys had just buried two of their friends, and another is still in a coma. Considering the situation, they showed restraint. They were sent to find and capture the suspects because they (Netzach Yehuda) are familiar with the area. The only mistake was by IDF brass, using them to make the actually arrests. Once they located the suspects, another unit, not personally involved, should have been used to make the arrests.