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TERROR CONTINUES: AMERICAN Chareidi Man R”L Killed By Gaza Rocket – THIRD Fatality on Sunday

A young Chareidi father is the latest victim of Gaza terror, after a rocket exploded next to an apartment building in Ashdod. R’ Pinchas Menahem Pashwazman HY”D, 21, a Gerrer Chosid was R”L killed from a rocket. He is the father of a young child.

Emergency personnel from United Hatzalah, Magen David Adom treated him and rushed him to the hospital for further care. At the time of transport, he was unconscious, and in traumatic arrest.

According to initial reports, he was driving when the siren went off. He reportedly exited his vehicle and attempted to run for cover. Unfortunately, the rocket landed near him causing critical injuries which he soon succumbed to.

[THE LATEST – HAMAS REPORTS CEASEFIRE: Israel Lifts Restrictions After Terrorists Fire 700 Rockets, Kill 4 Civilians]

The Niftar is a son to HaRav Chaim Dov, a well-known Posek in Guer in Beit Shemesh. He was named after the Pnei Menachem of Gur. He is a son-in-law of Rav Yitzchok Brauner.

He is reportedly an American citizen.

As can be seen in the video footage below, as personnel were treating the victim, additional air raid sirens were ringing, causing them to run for cover.

[TERROR VICTIMS IDENTIFIED: 3 Additional Fatalities on Sunday From Gaza Rocket Fire]

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At the Levaya in Yerushalayim

Terror groups in Gaza has fired well over 600 rockets and mortars at Israel since Shabbos morning, launched anti-tank missile at car in Israel, as fighting enters second day. An Israeli man was R”L killed on Motzei Shabbos, and two were killed on Sunday. Hundreds were injured.

Israel has retaliated by bombing 250 terror targets, and have assassinated two Hamas commanders.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. It’s a terrible tragedy no matter who of our Israeli brothers and sisters is killed or injured. Why the need to specify that this latest victim is “Charedi” (or American citizen, for that matter). Same thing goes for other attacks on Jews around the world. We are all Hashem’s children, no matter our differences. Our enemies do not differentiate between us, why should we do it ourselves?! Hashem Yerachem al kulanu!

  2. A yid is a yid, but that said, there is an additional element of tragedy when a victim was spending his life in this world doing what the Rbsh”o wants him to do.

  3. mayerfreund
    You can stay out of Israel, nobody needs garbage like you there. Making fun when Jews are being killed I guess that is what your rav instructed to you since you pretend to be so frum. Anyway, one day you get your heshbon as well.

  4. mayerfreund:
    you made a mistake…
    it WAS the safest place for jews!!!!
    hashem should help and bring mashiach now !

  5. Please correct the niftar hy”d’s name: Pinchas Menachem Przewozman
    He is the son of HaRav Chaim Dov Przewozman who is a renowned Rosh Kollel in Beit Shemesh.
    The young niftar leaves behind an almanah and 1 little boy of about 2 years old.
    The niftar’s maternal uncle was murdered years ago in a bus bombing in Meron.

  6. The Przewozman family is originally from the Boro Park/Monsey area. Levaya is soon/now in Yerushalayim.

  7. Israel should send missels back and if the U.N. condoms them they should pull out of it
    To begin with I have no idea why they are still in that place filled with rabid anti Semites

  8. The main thing is that Israel shouldn’t injure any Arab if Israel decides to perhaps maybe defend herself a little.

  9. 74 years ago, 10,000 Yiden were deported daily al Kiddush Hashem. No one dared to say if they were Charaidi.
    A Yid is a Yid. Hashem Yinkom Domom!

  10. mayerfreund – um… says who?
    Nowhere in the world is safe – and certainly NOT Israel – you’ve made a grave mistake in posting that statement on this very page where a Jew was killed in Israel.
    The only way to be safe is to distance ourselves from other nations, keep low profile, get off the high ranking government and political affairs, respect other nations, follow Torah and Mitzvos and whatever Rabbonim tell us to do, keep Kosher, Taharas Mishpacha, and Shabbos, display and act and improve on our Ahavas Yisroel, dress and act Jewish and keep our Jewish names. Just like 1/3 of Jews left Mitzrayim, so too, in the coming days of Moshiach, 1/3 of us will be zoche to greet the Moshiach.
    I can say that those living with or next to Rav Chaim Kanievesky merits extra protection or living in Bnei Brak for that matter. I don’t know the source for this but it was reported on Yeshiva World a number of years ago.
    I am torn – Pinchas Menachem HYD, father of 2 and only 21 years old. We cannot fathom Hashem’s ways. Reincarnation is one possibility but we do not judge or assume why. We just need to daven and ask Hashem to protect our brothers and sisters and ask Him to guide us and instill Emunah and a sense of direction and chochma in all of us. Politicians and all those who are fighting against social media’s anti-Semitism aren’t getting anywhere. Matters are getting worse with time and people need to turn to Hashem in despair.

  11. Brooklyn Bachur: Your posting makes no sense whatsoever. Please try to spell check before posting.
    Toronto Rav: Mayerfreund’s comment seemed to have been said sarcastically.
    It’s just a complete tragedy! Not the first, or even second one, for this chashuve family, r”l!
    May the family find a true consolation within Hashem’s grace!

  12. Hey mayerfreund,
    You sound just like the “leaders” in Europe who told their flock to stay put..
    ” Nah, EY is not safe- malaria,poverty, Arabs, gunshots.. blah, blah.. Stay put yiddlach…”
    Now you go to the Auschwitz crematoria Mr. mf, and repeat your comments to the ashes of millions includ. my family… Go, go, there are so many tours…
    This will pass. BE”H.. Hashem is with EY… but you’re a meragel… a kofer..

  13. 4 Yiddishe korbanos nebech!
    כולם אהובים כולם קדושים
    The terrorists didn’t discriminate: why should we? They’re handing out candy because they killed 4 of ours nebech.

  14. Israel is the safest place on earth. I am not being sarcastic. When I lived there with several bus bombings , in an hour of 9/11 more Jews were killed than many years of terrorist attacks in Israel. Do u all realise how many nissim occur there daily? How many threats are avoided?

  15. reply to LAmother
    “in an hour of 9/11 more Jews were killed than many years of terrorist attacks in Israel” did you mean to say “MORE PEOPLE”?

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