DETAINED: Ex-IDF Officer Who Called For Bibi’s Murder, Probe Opened Against Inciteful Lawyer

Colonel (res.) Ze'ev Raz. (IDF spokesperson); Adv. David Hodek. (Screenshot/Kan News)

Former fighter pilot Lieutenant Colonel (res.) Ze’ev Raz was summoned on Sunday morning for questioning at the Lahav 433 unit under a warning, on suspicion of incitement and violence against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The police stated on Sunday afternoon: “A short time ago, the officers of the cyber unit in Lahav 433 detained Ze’ev Raz following a post he published and on suspicion of incitement and threats, and he is being brought to the unit’s offices at this time.”

The police also announced that they opened an investigation against Adv. David Hodek on suspicion of the crime of incitement to violence. The case is being investigated by the National Fraud Investigations Unit (NAU) in Lahav 433.

Both men now claim that their words were misconstrued, with Raz even claiming that his statement was a quote from someone else. In an interview with Yisrael Hayom, Raz said that the statement he published was a quote from Dr. Avshalom Elitzur – a lecturer at Tel Aviv University – and that he retracted the words and therefore deleted the post he published.

Adv. Hodek told Kan News on Sunday that he apologizes that “his words were interpreted incorrectly and caused a furor.” He added that he opposes violence and that the reforms must be fought “in every legal way.”

Hodek added that “the intention was to illustrate the danger that will occur if we become a dictatorship”, with the legal reform, he said, being the first step in the process. “The legislative process being called the reforms may lead to the destruction of democracy and places the country in existential danger,” he said.

He claimed he did not call for the use of firearms at all, but that “if they come to impose a dictatorship on me and use firearms against me, I will return fire in self-defense.”

Regarding the police investigation, Hodek claimed that it was a “completely political” investigation.

Shin Bet head Ronen Bar on Motzei Shabbos said that “the law enforcement system is adopting a zero-tolerance policy toward those who incite violence or call for harm to individuals and elected officials as well as those who call for harm to protesters.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable under any guise: not unto a regular civilian nor a duly elected official. This is not Shariah/pariah law!

  2. Lapid needs to be detained as well…..if one could gather all the rainbows then that would be amazing and transport this happy lot to New York

  3. Nothing was misconstrued nor retracted, and then these evil pieces of meat need to be permanently locked 🔒 up in prison with Arab terrorist monsters 👹, whilst Prime-Minister Bibi Netanyahu forges ahead with his amazing wonderful agenda, being assisted by wonderful people the likes of ben Gevir & Smotrich, whom we are very blessed to have in our Government

  4. I have zero tolerance for that G-d-forsaken, cursed, abominable regime in Yisroel that employs kofer thugs in units like Lahav 433 to ruin the lives of decent Jews. Glad the regime’s useful idiots all got vaccinated. May their veins clog speedily in our days so that Yisroel ultimately may be inherited by those that merit it.

  5. @Schmendrick; with all your kanoes you must not curse a fellow Jew! The saintly Satmar Rebbe Ztz”L would have NEVER done it.
    If you are such a kanoi, you shouldn’t be on the internet reading this stuff either.