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HEAR IT: The Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg Excoriates Neturei Karta Who Join Pro-Hamas Protests

The Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, sharply condemned the Neturei Karta extremist group in the wake of their participation in pro-Hamas protests around the world.

“There are those who lack Mesoras Avos and take action based on their own opinions because they think that they understand better than the tzaddikim from previous generations,” the Rebbe said.

“Even in the days of the Divrei Yoel, z’tl, they thought they understood better than the Rebbe, causing him great tza’ar and he spoke against their actions a number of times.”

“Unfortunately, we see now to what depths these people have reached and how far they’ve gone – to the point that they’re going around with Arabs, with those who shamelessly scream that they support the horrible murders. They appear in public with them while wearing a streimel and bekeshe – together with Sonei Yisroel and murderers. This a terrible Chilul Hashem to support murderers in the name of the Torah, r’l.”

“Their actions are proof that when people act without Da’as Torah, they reach indescribable places and have no boundaries.”

YWN has been exposing these Kapos for the past twenty years. These Muslims who dress in Chasidic garb have openly supported terrorists for years and years. The past few weeks they have been Michalel Shabbos bifarhesia, joining in violent radical pro-Hamas protests around the world, dragging their young innocent children as pawns in their sickening chess game, and parading them around on national TV, as they hug and kiss terrorists.

In fact, just weeks ago the group met with the “Butcher of Tehran,” Ibrahim Raisi, at the United Nations. Before that, a delegation from the Palestinian Neturei Karta group met with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad multiple times.

Neturei Karta Reshoyim flew to Iran when Ahmadinejad held a “Holocaust Denial Conference”, where one of the main Reshonim in this group stood up – Mr Achmed (Yisroel David) Weiss and literally hugged and kissed the Iranian Hitler. You can consider these animals nothing less than holocaust deniers.

At another meting of terrorists, Mr. Weiss told Ahmadinejad that he was “a light to the nations”, and that he was “exemplary” in his recognition of what Zionism really is and his warmth for Judaism.

They have met with Iran’s Foreign Minister, to thank the world’s largest sponsor of Terror for “friendship” with Jews worldwide.

They met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan just days after he called Israel a “terror and apartheid state”.

They have visited the U.S. Capital to show their unwavering support for anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar and her “courageous stance” against Israel.

The list goes on and on.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

30 Responses

  1. It actually seems reasonable and not all that shocking. While to a large extent, both Islam and Christianity are anti-Jewish, Hamas with its (rape, murder of non-resisting non-combatants, etc) violated Islamic law and tradition (and BTW, the origins of the “Geneva Conventions” go back to what was widely understood in the Middle Ages by both Muslims and Christians to be “the rules of war”). By crossing that line, Hamas and its allies in the western countries, in effect changed a real estate dispute over Eretz Yisrael, over a much simpler “Do you favor genocide of Jews?” dispute.

  2. So weird, how come he didn’t condem Chamas as well?
    Sounds like he has some affiliation with the NK, so he’s trying to be politically correct

  3. Just FYI. This Neturei Karta attack from R’ Zalman Leib, was actually the very end of a longer all-out anti Zionist speech, where he blamed the Zionists for the October 7 attack.

  4. @BarnOwl, a couple of points. Firstly, your lack of awareness of both the gadlus of the Divrei Yoel and basic halachah is showing. There’s a very serious case to be made for Satmar’s anti-Zionism, outlined in great detail in the Vayoel Moshe. As I like to say, the Satmar Rov didn’t write the Vayoel Moshe because he was anti-Zionist, he was anti-Zionist because of what he wrote in the Vayoel Moshe. The only ones who can speak the way you do are those who ignore Torah in pursuit of ideology. Learn to respect those whose derech is different than yours.
    Secondly, the Divrei Yoel told his kehillah not to vote for a certain anti-Zionist candidate because “their anti-Zionism isn’t our anti-Zionism.” He knew the difference between the halachic argument against the state and buddying up with murderous antisemites. These NK malshinim are completely without any basis in Torah and they follow no one. Blaming the Satmar Rov zatza”l for them is as foolish as blaming Christians for the Westboro Baptist Church – it’s a group of evil crackpots who don’t represent anyone or anything but a bastardization of the original message.
    Please, abandon your hateful ideology and allow your Zionism to be rooted in Torah instead.

  5. Gadolhadorah They were always against these people. If you only knew your history of the NK, you would know that they were thrown out of satmar.

    FaceIt – A real hater aren’t you? You’re basing your genius comment on a minute and 8 seconds clip? You probably didn’t even understand a word he said. You’re relying on the translation.

    Barn owl, stay in your barn because you have no idea what in heaven’s name you’re talking about. Another person who hates. I strongly urge you never to take advantage of any of the chesed from satmar. If you are ever CHV in a hospital and you need any of their services, tell them you’re not interested because it all came from the Satmar Rov ZTL.

    I’m beginning to wonder from the people that made comments above if you are even Jewish. If you are Jewish, there’s no doubt in my mind that you have a p’gam in your yichus!

  6. Barn Owl, you have no idea what you are talking about. Naturei Karta is a very old group, and aren’t affiliated with Satmar. Do some research.

  7. במחילת כבוד הרב, the Satmar Rebbe שליט”א is not חס ושלום disagreeing with the hashkafos of the holy askonim of Neturei Karta, but rather critiquing their methods. It is unfortunate that the Zionist apologists on YWN misconstrue his words as some form of support for the Zionist Occupation Army רחמנא ליצלן.

    But כבודו במקומו מונח, HaRav Teitelbaum שליט”א is making a technical error. The holy Neturei Karta are not ח”ו supporting murderers, but are rather mollifying and placating the Gentiles among which Yidden live so that they do not kill more Jews ח”ו, following i the footsteps of the Tanna Reb Yochanan Ben Zakkai.

    As a NK poster put it bluntly: We are against “Israel” BECAUSE we are Jews!!!

  8. Most couldn’t care why R’ Zalman condemned the NK, just that he did. Their so called “anti-Zionist” shitah going back to R’ Yolish has always been very careful to parse the realities of geopolitical pragmatism as it relates to the mosdos in EY and also any existential threats to the Medinah they profess to oppose.

  9. The sad fact is,that these filthy criminally insane sewer rats of NK where brought up and educated in Satmar.
    That is where they were brainwashed in their insane and pathological hatred towards our God given Eretz Yisroel.
    Yes they were thrown out of Satmar because of their extremism,but it is Satmar who has spawned and educated these sewer rats to hate Israel and their fellow Jews. They cannot honestly say YODAINU LO SHOFCHU DAM HAZE.
    Just like the PLO can’t wash their hands from Hamas or Islamic Jihad,because it they who spawned these filthy monsters.

  10. I was very impressed with the sensitivity and respect with which the Rebbe spoke. I saw an example of how to treat another Yid and how to speak in a Torah way, l’toeles.

    To the author any commenters: Please refrain from attacking and name calling. I remind that even if the Yiddin are doing idol worship, like during the reign of Achav, if they had shalom they were successful.

    Same goes for the Neteurie Karta. If everyone rallies behind Israel, even if you maintain it’s wrong to do so, if it’s in shalom, we will be unified

  11. These reshoim should be put into cherem. It’s terrible that the world thinks that they represent orthodox jewry. It’s purim all year for them.

  12. You guys stop attacking barn awl. At such difficult times we do not need to treat each other with such harsh words. You all owe him an apology! Of course he respects the Gedulim. but let’s not forget many many other Gedulim ON THIS NEKUDA disagreed with the Rabenu Yoel, Z”l. Judaism teaches us that devrie Chachamim Benachat Nishmaim. If you have a brother or child that is not behaving, are you going to criticize him in public so easily? No. You keep the dirth at home. Look at this weeks Haftara. David Hamelach could not go against his rebelious son Adoniyaho!None of us are neviim. when it comes to complicated matters like this we refrain from words that show arrogance on our part. We do not know. We just love each other and do kiru on each other. Anything else has a great potential to backfire. The good news is that Satmar is easing up and would like to join the kelal Israel on this issue and many others more and more. To that we say BH! Let’s love each other and stop being so sure of ourselves. We need it now. Today is Yom tefillah and Teshuva. we need each other!

  13. @Barn Owl,
    you’re exactly what a soneh hadat is,
    you don’t intrinsically have an issue with specifically neturai karta and their methods, you have an issue with the holy revered Satmar Rav ztzkkl”l, and some axe to grind with him.
    You might want to note that to date, no-one has argued with the hashkafa of the Satmar rav, in fact the term ‘Satmar Shita/Hashkafa’ is the most ignorant thing someone can ever let loose from his mouth.
    All Rabbanim etc who argued with the Satmar Rav, did so on the practical level on how to engage the fact that the state is already standing.
    It would do you well to check what they all say about him.
    You might also want to see Yabi’eh Omer chelek yud alef where R’ O. Yosef actually explicitly writes that the halacha is like the Satmar Rav, sorry to pop your zionist bubble.
    End of the day, you are a sone dat.
    ….and lets not elaborate on what the chachamim say about such people…..

  14. its about darn time one of the Satmar dynasty members clarify themselves.
    We should make a ground operation on NK too.
    NK stands for nikonpoop

  15. “YWN has been exposing these Kapos for the past twenty years.”

    The Satmar Rebbe in this video audio clip pointed out that this group thinks they know better than Daas Torah in what is good for Jews.

    The obvious implication of that is that they are trying to help Jews. Of course, they are right that Zionism is opposed to Judaism, and the Satmar Rav zatzal held that it was important to tell the gentiles that truth so that the gentiles should not blame Jews for anything the Zionists do.

    The Satmar Rebbe here called out the NK for their improper methods. But YWN goes much further and calls them kapos, “reshoyim” and much more, none of which is supported by anything the Satmar Rebbe said.

    These are Jews who are misguided who are literally trying to save Jewish lives. Stop the silly rhetoric and hate, and instead reach out to them and explain to them why their methods are wrong.

  16. The NK guys on Shabbos in London were dressed up plants by Iran
    Ir mentally retarded
    Either way have pity on them
    Hate what they do but not them

  17. @chugibugi

    No they were not. Most of them were not even raised hasidic. “Rabbi” Weiss of NK lived somewhere in the states his father was a BT. The others were also mostly not raised in satmar.

  18. There is a big difference between being ideologically opposed to something (be it Zionism, reform, orthodox/Kollel, hedonism or anything) versus directly inciting and endorsing a group of terrorists to engage in killings people affiliated with that ideology.

  19. They are all the same garbage, with a different ideological twist. Whether NK or satmar or all other factions, all same virus different strains. The entire middle east would have stayed at peace and tranquility between the Muslims and the native middle eastern Jews, who got along and coexisted well for centuries, if European Jews, maskilim/tzionim/charedim/reformim/and all foreigners, would have stayed in their own native European countries. They brought nothing to the middle east but ideological contamination, chaos and endless conflicts.

  20. chugibugi:
    Unlike Zionists, they don’t hate “Eretz Yisrael”; as the Torah obligates all Jews, they hate the Zionist State that the Zionists made in parts of E”Y.

  21. There are opinions on the topic of Eretz Yisrael which are completely opposite of the Satmer views. Anyone who wishes to read the Safer Eim HaBanim Semeicha which was written by Rabbi Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal, and published in 1943. In it you can clearly learn why the Satmer views are not the only halachic perspective.

  22. chugibugi,

    They were educated by Satmar? You saw their transcript that you know that’s where they went? I’m willing to bet at least half of the seven of them, didn’t go anywhere near any division of Satmar because Satmar wouldn’t let them in.

    I say to you as I said unto others, watch what you say about Satmar because they have taught us all the true meaning of gemilas chasodim. As you bash them and is the others here bash them as well, if you are God forbid sick in the hospital, they will do whatever they can to help you no matter what you look like. No matter whether you wear a srugi or even nothing on your head provided that you’re Jewish. They don’t care. The nurses in the hospitals are envious of them!

  23. I used to think to pity the NK and tried not to hate them. However, during a rally, one of them announced to the Palestinians that they must not give up and continue to fight.
    Now this is basically encouraging them to kill more yidden.
    They have to be rejected and thrown out of klal yisroel

  24. @Machnovke Belzer,
    You really do make me laugh,- i mean who exactly do you consider yourself so important to be, that it is up to you whom to have “pity” on, and whom to “throw out of klal yisrael” (whatever such an ignorant statement could mean)??
    Klal Yisrael is not a political party, or anything remotely related.
    Klal Yisrael is consisted of people who fit the criteria that the Torah Hakdosha sets down as to what the definition of a Jew is.
    Your feelings and dissapointments aside, it just really isn’t up to you who to “throw” out of klal yisrael….

  25. @Moshe77,
    You must be a total idiot or a wannabe Biden tripping up over your shoelaces.
    Rabbi Weiss is no BT nor a son of one (not that being one would, intrinsically, discredit him in any way), he in fact comes from a long line of a famous prestigious family of which many carrying the ‘Weiss’ family name are of the same wider family.
    Because you may not like someone, it doesn’t make you sound clever to make up total codswallop, especially when it wouldn’t make a difference anyway…

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