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4 Injured As Hezbollah Pounds Israel, 15 Fires Rage, Tzfas Cancels School

The Hezbollah terror group in southern Lebanon continued to bombard Israel with rockets and drones on Thursday [Isru Chag] following the barrage on Wednesday, which was the largest barrage since the war began. Non-stop sirens sounded throughout the day warning of rockets and drone infiltrations, with 100 rockets and drones launched by Hezbollah by early afternoon.

Numerous rockets hit northern Israel, including several that hit the Katzrin area in Ramat HaGolan and sparked fires. Also, two men in their 20s were lightly injured by shrapnel.

Numerous fires also broke out in other areas of northern Israel due to rocket hits and interceptor missiles and several buildings sustained direct hits. Tzfas was particularly targeted, with non-stop sirens sounding in the city. By early afternoon, the Tzfas municipality unannounced the cancellation of classes for the rest of the day and the closure of the city shuk.

A Hezbollah source claimed that the barrage on Thursday was the largest attack the war began, telling Al Jazeera: “We attacked 15 Israeli bases in the Galil and Golan. We fired 30 attack drones toward the bases and launched 150 rockets.”

On Thursday evening, two IDF soldiers were wounded, one moderately and one lightly, from an anti-tank guided missile launched by Hezbollah at the Galil.

(YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated on Isru Chag in Israel)

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  1. Anyone having such audacity to disdain Such Holy city of צפת and especially in such vultureous way is definitely in league of אין לא חלק בולם הבא

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