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The IDF and Shin Bet have officially confirmed the killing of Rafa’a Salameh, commander of Hamas’s Khan Younis Brigade, in a strike in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday. Salameh was

Authorities have revealed that the man accused of attempting to assassinate former President Trump had explosive devices inside his car, which was parked near a rally in Pennsylvania, according to

#51יצא לאור לרגל יומא דהילולא קדישא ט’ תמוזבטחו בה’ בכל עת ‘דברי חיזוק נפלאים להאמין ולבטוח בההזן ומפרנס לכל בהשגתו הפרטיתמאת הרה”ק מצאנז קלויזענבורג זי”עמתוך שיעור חומש רש”י תשמ”ב  צו הערן קלקיט דא

Israeli politicians responded to the attempted assassination of US presidential candidate Donald Trump on Motzei Shabbos by saying that the unprecedented incitement against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could easily lead

Before Saturday’s apparent attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, there have been multiple instances of political violence targeting U.S. presidents, former presidents and major party presidential candidates. A look at some

The man identified as the shooter in the apparent assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump was a 20-year-old from a Pittsburg suburb not far from the campaign rally where

On the heels of an apparent attempt to kill him, former President Donald Trump called Sunday for unity and resilience as shocked leaders across the political divide recoiled from the

Four Israelis were injured in a ramming-shooting attack at the Nir Tzvi junction near the Tzifrin army base in central Israel early Sunday afternoon. The victims were evacuated to Assaf

Former President Donald Trump was the target of an apparent assassination attempt Saturday at a Pennsylvania rally, days before he was to accept the Republican nomination for a third time.

European allies in NATO are stepping up their military spending, just as Donald Trump wanted. They’re pointing to common interests, such as concerns over China. They’re creating American jobs by

Russian shelling of Ukraine killed four people on Saturday, officials said, as the two countries exchanged drone attacks, one of which set ablaze a Russian oil depot. Two people died

Conservative groups are systematically attempting to challenge the legitimacy of large numbers of voter registrations across the country before the presidential election. The strategy is part of a wider effort

Donald Trump’s campaign said in a statement that the former president was “fine” after a shooting at his rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. A local prosecutor says the suspected gunman and

Four female IDF soldiers were injured, one seriously, in a rocket barrage on Kiryat Shmona and nearby areas on Shabbos evening. The soldiers were evacuated to the hospital, one in

The IDF carried out a targeted strike on Shabbos morning to eliminate the head of Hamas’s military wing Muhammad Dief and Rafah Salameh, the commander of Hamas’ Khan Younis Brigade,

I’m not a fool. I know that by writing this letter, I am setting myself up to become a punching bag on the very Whatsapp groups I am about to

The data of nearly all customers of the telecommunications giant AT&T was downloaded to a third-party platform in a 2022 security breach, the company said Friday, as cyberattacks against businesses,

Troops from the IDF’s elite Commando Brigade discovered a significant weapons cache and a command center used by Hamas at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) headquarters in

The Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America has released a Kol Korei emphasizing the significance of the Erev Shabbos of the week of Parshas Chukas, which has been established for generations

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