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    Based on something I just posted on a different thread I got to thinking that its time to take action. Baruch Hashem I have just had the zchus of deactivating my Facebook account. I am very proud of myself and I feel great for doing it! I feel so alive!!! Wish me Mazel Tov and I hope you all get the siyatta dishemaya to do the same.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Hooray!! I for one am thrilled and VERY impressed! The zchus of this should bring you bracha!!!!!


    Kol hakavod! That took a lot of strength and you did it!



    Amen! Thanks so much!


    Thank you! 🙂

    Its amazing how Hashem puts so many good ideas in our heads and we often have just a few seconds to catch those thoughts and act on them to improve our lives or just let them float away and disappear. I realize I could have just “ignored” that voice in my mind that said “why do you still have Facebook?” Baruch Hashem I took advantage of the moment.


    Mazal tov, WIY! It is true that we sometimes only have an inspiration to do something for a short period of time, and if we can use that inspiration to make improvements in our lives, we will have truly seized the moment.


    So true!

    But what are you going to do to prevent yourself from going back..?


    wow! very impressive! hatzlacha with everything that comes your way- that’s one for WIY, zero for yetzer hara!


    Good work! May it be a zchus for you.



    hey! yummy- welcome back! haven’t seen u around for a while!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Mazal tov!

    Makom shebaalei tshuva omdim….


    Kol hakavod! May others have the zchus of doing the same!


    WIY – Mazel Tov, I will not have to do the same, as too I never created one!


    Who needs FB if we have the CR?!

    a mamin

    WOW!! I really am impressed!! You should see the salvation immediately!!


    Wow, WIY, that’s wonderful! I’m so happy you shared this with us. May you shteig mailah mailah. Wishing you lots of hatzlacha and siyatta dismaya.

    Mazel Tov!


    Wow! amazing! a real kiddush Hashem!!

    ED IT OR

    yungerman, maybe the mods closed your account! lol

    I get a real geshmak when I get my weekly email from Facebook telling me I haven’t logged on recently! its been over 1 & 1/2 yrs since I went on, don’t they get the hint!


    yayyy me too! havent logged on for almost 2 years now – pesach will be the 2 year anniversary since i’m facebookless 🙂 WIY your life will be much better this way..i always thought how will i manage without facebook – now i just think to myself – what was i thinking being on facebook – was the biggest time waster ever it was amazing how much spare time i had after i stopped going on fbook!


    WIY – WELL DONE!!! ? ? ? ? that is really something very special, hold on to it and let it elevate you further!!!!

    Bored214, Crazybrit (you two know each other?) WELL DONE to both of you!!!


    I don’t have one, but can imagine how addictive it must be.

    Good for you!


    Facebook is going public.

    As if it wasn’t already public enough.


    wow your amazing!


    Thank you to all the well wishers! May you all have the strength to be misgaber over your own nisyonos and pass with flying colors.


    Do people really waste so much time with Facebook? I have an account with about 40 friends (and “friends”) which I check for about 5 minutes every other day or so.


    Btw I don’t want to mislead anybody. This wasn’t something that happened from one day to the next. I had an account for a while and used it a lot more in the past but the last 2 years hardly used it but as much as I knew I had to disconnect it and that I should, I still couldn’t bring myself to disconnect it and I still liked to go on every 4 months or so see what’s doing by my friends pages. All I can say is that it was a big waste of time and didn’t lead to anything productive or positive. I wish I had never made the account and Baruch Hashem its out of my life. I really can’t describe it but I felt like I had a special siyatta diahmaya today and i was more upbeat than I have been in a while. It feels good to let go of your spiritual baggage. Don’t underestimate the value of such actions. All the more so if you are hooked on Facebook. There’s no doubt that Hashem will amply reward on this world and in the next anyone who gets rid of Facebook.


    Wish me Mazel Tov and I hope you all get the siyatta dishemaya to do the same.

    If it works for you, then, indeed Mazal Tov.

    It would not work for me.

    The Wolf


    I don’t think this is something that deserves such comments as “AMAZING!” It is something you want to do, and kol hakavod. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the concept of Facebook IMO. The problem is with the people who over-utilize it. I have found it to be a valuable tool in re-connecting with old friends and even family members with whom I lost contact info, and I spend VERY little time on it, otherwise. No one is forced to be on Facebook 24/7 (or 6, if you are a frum Yid). It’s especially valuable when you want to tell something to someone but do not have time for a phone conversation, and don’t know their e-mail address. Everything has its up or down side.


    I agree with you, Wolf and oomis. I personally have FB and I’d say I use it quite productively. And I definitely do not waste time on it. So, for WIY, he felt it he was wasting his time on it, so getting rid of it was a wonderful thing.



    “If it works for you, then, indeed Mazal Tov.

    It would not work for me.”

    You were fine before facebook existed and those who disconnect their facebooks are fine and better after. I love the baloney that people say “I cant______” or it wont work for me…

    I know people who dont watch movies

    I know people who dont listen to non Jewish music

    I know people who dont go on the internet

    I know people who dont have cell phones

    And guess what? They are all happy with their lives and are living very well and have a lot less distractions and yetzer horas in their life.

    Anyone can do anything (within reason, I dont mean things that are truly humanly impossible) they feel is worth doing and important enough to do.

    I dont mean to lecture you or anyone but theres no such thing as can’t with regard to the things that we should be stopping. We need to say the truth, when we say cant we really meant “I dont really want to enough or dont feel ready to.”



    I wont go into the many things that one gets exposed to on facebook that a frum person shouldnt be exposed to. Just the blinking ads on the sides of the page are so disgusting that its enough of a reason not to have facebook. Looking to meet singles….? you know what I mean. Those who have facebook know what I mean. Or should I mention the disgusting apps that keep getting invented by sick people to destroy any purity that is left in the world?


    WIY, I appreciate you are looking out for me. But believe me when I say that I use it productively, don’t waste time on it, and it is important that I have it for school purposes, as well as other, productive, reasons. If I really felt that it wasn’t good for me, I would definitely get rid of it. But I do not feel that way about it. I’ve gotten rid of many, many things that I felt weren’t good for me. But Facebook is not one of those things for me. Again, I appreciate that you are looking out me, and I am happy you were able to get out of something you felt wasn’t good for you. Kol hakavod.


    WIY, congrats on dealing effectively with your YH and getting off FB. You should be zocheh to be able to meet your future challenges in the same way.

    I never signed up just for the reasons you indicated. How much time have I saved myself by not having an account? I can’t count the minutes. I do wish I could see more of my family, but I’m actually not sure who has an FB account that it might have been worth it for me to sign up for one, so I’m not starting now.

    I just wanted to add a note about the blinking ads, which I mentioned in another thread. I use Firefox (don’t know which browser you use) and I have an add-on called AdBlock Plus. I have the simplest list of ads blocks and I see NOTHING on YWN or anything else. It’s a pleasure since I was getting dizzy and having a headache with all of the blinking things on the home pages. B”H the CR doesn’t have blinking ads – or does it and I just don’t see them?

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