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    Ben Levi

    I beleive that Rashi in the begining of Parshas mishpotim states clearly that Mesira is ossur and a Chillul Hashem even in cases where the “arkous” (goyishe courts) have the exact same laws as Beis Din.

    In addition I believe that there is a teshuva between Rav Elyashiv shlita and Rav Feivel Cohen shlita in which they both clearly state that from a halachic standpoint Hilchos Mesira are fully applicable in America.

    However I would hesitate to think Mesirah applied in your case since the intent was simply to have the police have the person shut his alarm and not to administer an “oinesh” however please consult your LOR who is knowledgeable in this area of Halacha.

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    Ben Levi


    First off none of the Four Rabbonim mentioned signed onto that Kol Korah and they all said so publicly.

    The specific reason they did not sign that Kol Koreh is in order to prevent people from BP interfering in Flatbush.

    Again this was stated publicly by Rav Feivel Cohen ( I personally heard it).

    I am unaware of the fact that Lodz or Odessa had shishim riboh, in the case of Warsaw which did have Shishim Ribboh there is a river running through the middle of Warsaw which complicated matters.

    As for your statements about the Mishna Berura.

    First off to say the “we are now aware that the overwhelming majority of Rishonim held of Shishim Ribboh” is comical.

    It’s simply untrue.

    You can try and say that there are a number of Rishonim who did hold like that however the Mishna Berurah’s two main problems (from memory since it’s a number of years since I learnt these inyonim) with it is 1) since it is a machlokes rishonim it should be regarded as safeik d’oiraisa l’chumra 2) The Shulchan Aruch qoutes it as a “yesh Omrim” meaning he did not hold of it.

    Many Gedolei Poskim in fact held that the real reason why people were somech on “shishim ribboh” in Europe was because of “dochak Hashoh” even though it should have been sofeik d’oraisa l’chumra.

    In fact the Psak of the Gra (qouted by an earlier poster) never to rely on eiruvin was based on the fact the Gra held unacceptable kulos had been introduced to eiruvin in account of the great need for them in Europe.

    The thrust of Rav Aaron Kotler’s teshuva on the Eiruv as well if I recall is to show that one cannot rely on shishim ribboh B’zman Hazeh where the need for an eiruv is not “shas hadchak” as in Europe.

    As for Paris Rav Chaim Ozer in consultation with the Chazon Ish in fact paskened that Paris was a Reshus Harabim if not for the sea walls the teshuva was to Rav munk zt”l and is printed in AchiEzer.

    I find it amusing that so far you have deemed the Mishna Berurah followed by Rav Moshe as “misinformed” in order to justify your position.

    As for Rav Wosner’s reaction to his son there are witnesses to it and they were far from the terrorists. Rabbi Simcha Klohr, Ruby Shron, Rav Feivel Cohen among others.

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    Ben Levi

    I would point out that the problem that was raised at the start of the thread is one of the very issues that were raised by those oppossed to the initial construction of the eruv.

    Mainly that it is very hard for people to remain aware of the exact boundries of th eiruv which can ( and is alleged here to have done) cause actual Chillul Shabbos.

    While at the time these Rabbonim were laughed at for being so “simpleminded” it seems that there is reason to beleive that it is they who were correct.

    As it is quite well known that the Gedolim of previous Generations were opposed to the building of an Eiruv (For whatever reason) and it would seem that it is only present day Rabbonim who have permitted it one could perhaps see from here the wisdom of Chazal “If the elders say to destroy and the youn ones say to build, then destroy for the destruction of the elders is building and the building of the young ones is destruction”

    Woe to to the Dor that has forgotten the Gedolim who built the Torah World we live in.

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    Ben Levi

    Feif Un,

    The Letter was signed against the Flatbush Eiruv specifically and was signed by Rav Shmuel Berenbaum zt’l, Rav Aaron Shechter shlita,Rav Hillel David shlita, and Rav Feivel Cohen shlita(Mechaber of Badei HaShulachan).

    Furthermore Rav Feivel Cohen headed a delegation to Rav Elyashiv shlita to present the shaila to him and he gave over the written psak of assur as was circulated at the time.

    All the above Rabbonim hold the Boro Park eiruv is assur however they did not wish to sign publicly against it in order to be able to ensure that the Boro Park Rabbonim who were Pro the Eiruv would not be able to intrude on their “turf” in Flatbush. (This was stated publicly by Rav Cohen shlita in front of his entire shul).

    Rav Moshe wrote clearly that Brooklyn is a Reshus Harabim D’Oraisoh to state otherwise is to simply overlook the fact that it is written in Igros Moshe.

    To state that Rav Moshe “ignored” the Gedolei Achronim is basically admitting that one is a complete Am Ha’aretz.

    Yes there were Eiruvin in Europe.

    Europe was a lot smaller the Brooklyn is today and the need for an eiruv was overwhelming. Meaning it was needed for basic things like going to the bathroom and getting one’s food from the communal oven.

    Do you follow the Mishna Berurah?

    Well the Mishna Berurah himself writes that the eiruvin in Europe were established based on many Kulos and a “Ba’al Nefesh should be Machmir. He makes quite clear that he was not very happy with the stae of Eiruvin in Europe.

    Did the Mishna Berura also ignore the Achronim?

    There are no mainstream competent Flatbush Poskim that I am aware of that hold of the eiruv in Flatbush. It was actually built by a Rov from Monsey who is the son of one of the Gedolei HaDor and when his Father was made aware that he went against the express wishes of all the Rabbonim of the area he was furious. I cannot report the exact exchange that occured since there are conflicting reports suffice to say that his father lent his signature as well against the eiruv. ( I am not stating the identity on the off chance said Rav has done Teshuva)

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    Ben Levi

    Regarding the Ramabam it’s in Hilchos Teshuva Perek Hey Halacha Hey.

    The Ravad there happens to take a strong stand against what the Rambam seemingly writes.

    Rav Shach in Avi Ezri has a fascinating explanation of that Rambam and continues with a very fundemental explanation of Emunah.

    Rav Shach writes clearly that Belief in G-d is a logical conclusion and not what emunah refers to.

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    Ben Levi

    Bowwow: You seem to have misinterpeted my statements.

    Of course Divorce is and should always be looked at as legitimate and sometimes needed. As you said quite accuratley the Torah allows for it and in some cases requires it.

    That said the Gemorah also says that over every Divorce the Mizbaiach sheds tears.

    Perhaps if people would be more cognizant of the possibilty of Divorce and the terrible ramifications that go along with it, as well as the fact that their actions as a spouse can and sometimes do lead to this heartbreaking result then they would be more careful in their actions beforehand and thereby eliminating the need for this option.

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    Ben Levi

    The satistics on the matter are hard to really rely on and vary wildly ( there are estimates placing the Divorce rate as high as 30 percent and 50 percent among certain age groups in certain communities).

    Most of the info I rely on comes from anecdotal evidence as well as conversations with Rabbonim involved in Sholom Bayis and a writer for a major Jewish Publication who was tasked with investigating the matter.

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    Ben Levi

    Oomis:Your comment shows a basic lck of knowledge of the divorce scene.

    The Divorce rate among those who are more modern is astronmically higher then the more yeshivish cercles.

    That sid it is undeniable that Yes, the trend among the Orthodox Jewish World is drifting towardss the non-jewish world where there is a Divorce rate of over 50%.

    This poster for one does not know why people would be surprised.

    We Have been subtely told that the Torah is “outdated” and that only those trained by non-jewish sources are “proffessional” and capable of dealing with these matters.

    The result?

    Well when those dealing with certain issues in our communities are the same as those of the wider population, is it ny surprise that slowly the results are mirroring those of the wider population?

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    Ben Levi

    Those who who think that Democrats do not fear Sarah Palin have a basic lack of understanding of the Liberal mindset.

    Linerals Beleive that all woman should be pro-abortion and men who are pro-choice are anti-womans rights.

    Liberals beleive that woman should have careers and “large” families prevent that and those who believe in having large families are anti-womans rights.

    Liberlas believe that Conservatives are inherently cruel and have no pity for minority’s hence have no appreciation for womans rights.

    Libelrals believe that the only People who are conservatives are old white southern males.

    Sarah Palin is a Wife, Mother of Five, Woman and proud conservative hence she shatters the core beliefs of Liberals.

    Hence Sarah Palin is dangerous.

    Now to fight Palin the attempt is being made to construe the woman who had an Israeli flag in her office as an anti-semite.

    And Palin is the unintelligent one?

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    Ben Levi


    Of course I don’t rely on the media for details as I already mentioned in my last post.

    In regards to the appeal they did appeal and lost.

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    Ben Levi

    I have knowledge of the particular case cited by popa as the man is a close relative of a freind and in fact stayed in my house.

    There is currently no Beis Din that has stated that the Man is obligated to give a get rather Bes Din has testified that it was the wife who left Bes Din and was unwilling to work with them.

    The Man in question is being persectuted unfairly and going through a rough time simply because he wishes to maintain a connection with his only son.

    As Rav Yisroel Belsky stated in his letter regarding this case “let those who do not know gittin busy themselves with something else”.

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    Ben Levi


    I personally do not have any great love for physchology nor for Bruno Bettleheim but the fact remains that he was from the great child physchologists of his era and did much to influence the field.

    And whoever wrote his theory makes no difference as it is quite convincing.

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    Ben Levi

    I must admit it is quite amusing to consistently have European countires with tiny populations compared to the U.S.A with a population that dwarfs them.

    Oh and the comparisons stop as soon as you start hitting the midsized economies that collapsed (or are near collapse i.e Greece,Portugal, Spain or have began the move towardsCapitolism to head off collapse i.e Isreal, France, England.

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    Ben Levi


    1) Just so you know in the 1950’s many isreali’s did starve they were undergoing a depression.

    How do I know?

    My Father was an Isreali child then!

    He still remembers standing in line to recieve US AID which kept many people from starvation.

    2) To state that Isreal’s socialist economy kept it from collapse is laughable till Netanyahu became Finance Minister the Isreali economy was in a perpetual state of collapse, it virtually did not exist rather was proped up by billions in loans from the U.S.A

    3) To state the Gedolim back the wWelfare state is to simplify a complex issue in an extremley naive way. The Gedolim are strenuos in their objections to cutting the Chareidi budget in disproportion to the wider population and not provide legitimate way’s for Charedim to earn a living.

    4) In every place where legitimate competion has been introduced the results have been a better quality product introduced at a lower cost with greater profits provided.

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    Ben Levi

    It’s quite interesting that Dr. Bruno Bettelheim (an irreligous jew) who was considered one of the greatest child physchologists of his times wrote an entire book examining childrens fairy tales.

    The essence of his work basically made the point (quite convincingly) that each and every one of the famous fairy tales are lessons designed to give over specific points in parable form.

    For me it was quite eye opening to realize that what I had always been warned of by my Rabbeiem. That even innocent fairy tales that are supposedly just to “entertain” pose hidden risks as they convey hidden messages that are many times in direct contradiction to our mesorah was in fact documented and proven by an independent outside source who most definetley had no idea what he was writing!

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    Ben Levi


    It is quite interesting that while those in favor of what are generally conservative positions are able to cite expicit Torah sources and real life examples that have formed and continue to support and inform ours/their worldview.

    However the only counter arguement that you are able to muster up as “Rush Limbaugh is not Da’as Torah” This in spite of the fact that I have yet to have heard someone proclaim him as such or use him as a primary source for thier opinions.

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    Ben Levi


    It’s great to read your comment right when I just returned from taking an Isreali Meshulach around for an hour and a half trying to help him earn some money to pay off his debts.

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many Isreali Meshulachim here to help pay for medical expenses when they have Socialized medicine.

    Because Socialized medicine does’nt pay for good medical care. Period.

    Oh and yes Isreal had a socialized economy.

    The socilized economy broughty the country to the brink of collapse.

    Then an MIT trained Netanyahu came in and introduced the concept of free markets and soon brought in an American Banker (Stanley Fisher) enouther staunch defender of Capitalism.

    The results.

    Even while the world economy declined. Isreal is expieriencing growth.

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    Ben Levi

    They have gotten a temporary editor and they are in the process of integrating their new Editor

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    Ben Levi

    To compare the Torah to liberalism is absolutley ridiculous.

    As popa-bar-abba said quite pointedly liberal philosophy is that the poor man is entitled to the rich mans money, it is not charity that the rich man is giving rather it is simply the poor mans true rights that he is fulfilling.

    In other words the liberal believes that the rich mans money is not really his rather it is the poor mans.

    Now the Chachomim were rather clear about what is the status of someone who feels that someone else’s money is his “Those who say that mine is yours and yours is mine is a an “am haaretz and there are those who say that this is the midda of Sidom”.

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    Ben Levi
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    Ben Levi

    Sorry Health,

    However I personally tend to agree with that one as well. Yes there is a place for therepy but for the most part it’s Kefira.

    Take a look at the small Kuntrus of Letters from Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt”l that came out on his sheloshim. Rav Wolbe writes that the milchoma of our generation is to push pshycology from our camp. According to Rav Wolbe zt”l much of the root of psychology is Kefira.

    And Rav Wolbe studied psychology.

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    Ben Levi


    All JewishCourage did was state the HALACHA it is very quastionable at the very least for any Single man to be the therapist of any single woman.

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    Ben Levi


    Your point seems to be that people nowadays do not have a wise and trusted friend. If so a therapist will not help though the importance of a friend has been stated by Chazal “asay Lecho Rav UKinei L’chu Chaver” I higly doubt Chazal were referring to tharapists!

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    Ben Levi

    Jewish Courage,

    I would think that a phycologist in many ways should be compared to a teacher.

    It is prohibited for an unmarried man to teach children because of the fear he may develop a relationship with the mothers who bring them to school (Even HaEzer Siman Chuf Beis) while there is some disscussion about when this halacha is applicable nowadays where we have school buses, I would think it would be quite logucal to infer that it is of sourse prohibited for an unmarried man to expressly treat an adult married woman especially since treatment usually nessacitates building a relationship.

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    Ben Levi

    Women were’nt under the same pressure and stress!?

    Come on!

    HAve you forgotten there were no washing machines, gas ovens, electric heaters, air conditioners, all clothing was sewn by hand, and oh I almost forgot,

    No indoor plumbing.

    nd you think Women were’nt under “pressure” how about someone nowadys trying to run a home like that for a week?

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    Ben Levi

    Personally I would be hesitant to allow my child to go to therepy as according to research the rate of chid abuse among therepists is quite alarming to say the least. In the report issued by William Donohue Phd. on behalf of the Catholic League (2004)which seems to be very credible and is well sourced the numbers given are between 3 and 12 percent!

    Basiclly if I was convinced that is the ony way to go and the person/child who really need it I would do a grea amount of research and send them but if it was not an extreme case probably not.

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    Ben Levi


    Sure Dr. Spencer believes the earth has gotten warmer you cannot debate temperture readings.

    However there are two key points

    1) the warming seems to have “miraculasly” ceased.

    2) Dr. Spencer along with many others beleive that humans have no effect on the earth’s temprature what so ever. As such the proposed “cap and trade” which any economist will tell you will cost real jobs and cause real hardship on people are absolutley ridiculus.

    However it would be hard for scientists who are essentially Kofrim in many (not all but many) cases to admit there is some things that they have no control over,

    As an aside “global warming” beleivers have brought about the ludicrous notion that carbon dioxide is a poluutant in other words every time a human being breaths he is polluting the air and essentially destroying the planet!

    Oh and methane gas is emitted by cows when they belch so again cows belching is polluting the planet and destroying it.

    As Rav Amnon Yitzchok once said you want to beleive in Evolution fine but it was your grandfather who was the monkey not mine and now I’ll feed you bananas!

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    Ben Levi


    If you want to really be accurate its actually Professor Roy Spencer who is cited interviewed by Rush Limbuagh and he is a climateologist.

    I do admit that I personally feel the entire Global Warming “debate” is somewhat similar to the Dor Hafloga building support struteres for the sky.

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    Ben Levi


    Al tadin es Chaveircha does not mean that one should turn issurim into “maybes” if someone is dressing in anon-tznius manner then it is not tzniusdig and should be addressed as such.

    We should of course be “Dan L’chaf Zchus” that unfortunatley the individual does not know any better or some similar thought (which is often times true). This is far different from saying that tznius is not clear cut

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    Ben Levi


    In a way your right and in a way your wrong,

    Yes you can notjudge someone wearing a blue shirt in a locale where bnei torah as well wear blue shirts.

    However if you live in a locale that Bnei Torah do not wear blue shirts then one who so chooses is making a conscious decision not to identify himself with those who wear white shirts. When the one who sees him on the street then assumes he is not a Ben Torah he is not “judging” him rather he is acknowledging the decision the person himself has made.

    In fact such things do have implications L’halacha.

    There is a difference in Hilchos Yichud as to whether a man is considered a “Parutz” or not. Ashkenazim hold that every person is considered a “Kusher”. However Rav Shmuel Wosner (One of the undisputed Gedolei Poskim) holds that if someone owns a television then the person is rendered a “parutz”.

    A prominent Posek in America told me in private conversation that as a whole he does not agree with Rav Wosners ruling in the location that he lives, However in Bnei Brak where Rav Wosner lives he does see merit in the ruling since it is a place where no person who is really a “kusher” has a television so by one simply bringing it into his house he is automatically showing that he does not have the level of a “Kusher”

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    Ben Levi

    Philosopher, You hit the nail on the head!

    Not “Judging” has become a password for “leave me alone I can do what I want and you should still think the same of me’.

    Real Ahavas Yisroel has nothing to do with not “Judging”, It is no secret that the Yeshiva World is fiercly “anti chabad” yet it has been the Yeshiva World that has rallied to support and defend Rubashkin lately while unfortunatley those that are extremley into “ahavas yisroel” and “not-judging” rushed to condemn and failed to support.

    Real Yiddishkeit is indeed to “judge” based upon Torah, to advocte for Torah and Halachic Observance and to make clear that full Halachic Observance is required At the same hand we must remember a “brother remains a brother no matter what. That is real Ahavas Yisroel.

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    Ben Levi

    I am sorry for what I stated about goyishe stores not accepting returns on sale items,I meant to write clearence items.

    As for clearence what Wolfish states is basically correct, I have a relative who has a store and takes credit card on everything but not sale items since it cuts into increases the loss by to much.

    Incidentally, I would posit that if more Jews would be makpid to purhase from Jewish stores then the profits would go up allowing stores to increase their profits and institute better return policies.

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    Ben Levi

    In regards to the poster who said store would not take back an item because it was on sale. You do know that most Goyishe stores do not allow returns on sale items as well?

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    Ben Levi

    I personally have heard from Rav Yisroel BElsky shlita they are ossur and I believe that the Lakewood Poskim put out a Kol Koreh along those lines.

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    Ben Levi

    CharlieHall, the hop was not that the women would civilize the men in the way implied. Rather there was a tremendous lack of women for Men to marry in the Western States (in the way of thousands of men per women) which resulted in obvious problems.

    There was many things done to try and attract women for the men to marry, voting was one of them “mail order wives” was another (I kid you not).

    in reply to: Pesach "Excuses" #866221
    Ben Levi

    By the way the opinion of Rav Moshe zt’l on shabbos clocks is not “Mipi HaShmua”rather is written in Igros Moshe.

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    Ben Levi

    hereorthere,Have no fear Tendler is not considered a competent Rabbi by to many (he’s the one who led the fight against the Gedolei Yisroel on metzia b’peh).


    Just wanted to let you know it seem the Dems messed up the bill and kids pre-existing conditions are only covered in 2014.

    Oh Well the competent dems got in their tax on tanning salons.

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    Ben Levi


    Would you bother giving a decent explanation as to how the constitutional clause allowing the Federal Government to regulate interstate commerce allows the Federal Government to force people to purchase insurance that is not allowed to be sold over state lines?

    Don’t worry so far 13 Attorney Generals (including A DEM) it’s unconstitutional.

    in reply to: Health Care Bill #682105
    Ben Levi


    You amaze me with your ability to cherry pick

    Sweethart deals to robber barons?

    In case you forgot it so happens that the Democrats resist all efforts to explore for oil on environmental grounds. Have you forgotten about the ban on offshore drilling.

    What you keep bring up from Dr Tendler is ridiculus. You already posted hi “shiur” I debunked it and you refused to reply.

    As for Private Property rights.

    As for Leket Shikcha and Peah. Have you forgotten those are derived from the Torah and are the obligations G-d placed on his people they are religous obligations. The USA is a secular goverment whose power is derived from the people.

    And the private property rights of the torah mean that even if someone sells his land he gets it back after fifty years among other halachos such as dinei d’bar metzra.

    in reply to: Health Care Bill #682101
    Ben Levi


    I do agree with you that it is impossible to be liberal and and a Torah Jew.

    Many of the “problems” the liberals set out to do are made greater by them.

    Example: Education

    Those who believe in G-d understand that children are A gift from G-d and therefore must be raised properly.

    For Torah Jews that means a Torah education.

    Liberals decided to care for everyone and creat a “public school” something that is impossible for us to allow our children to attend.

    However we must fund it.

    What doeqa that mean we pay thousands of dollars in taxes and fight to get a drop back.

    Cut the public school system free up the thousands of dollars, allow parents to raise their children. People will be able to pay tuition, Rabbeim will get decenent salaries and be able to affor HC ect..

    In other words the interest of the modern day liberal democratic party are squarley at odds with those of G-d fearing Jews.

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    Ben Levi

    Hereorthere, Id isagree

    Firstly from a historical perspective the Rockefeelr wing ( the liberl wing) of the Republican party when Reagen fought to get it back was stronger and more entrenched then the liberal wing is now that is a fact.

    Secondly there is no way to get around the fact that starting a third party at this time would cause Republicans to lose in November.

    Now is a time of crisis.

    First the Liberals running the show now who are a danger to both th country and those that have strong religious beliefs must be driven from power. After the present danger is stemmed then there is time to do an even more thourough house cleaning through the primaryt process.

    However if the Liberals are allowed to stay in power past Nowember them Hashem Yrachem on all of us.

    In any case we must all daven to the only one who is truly capable of protecting us from the athiests in power now.

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    Ben Levi


    If conservative governments enact liberal policies they remain liberal policies,

    The duplicity of GOldman Sachs was simply that they allowed Greece to borrow money they did not enact the policy’s that required borrowing money.

    France’s unemployment rate is low artificially because of the public sector, the public sector is unaffected at times of recession (as we see in the USA) as such the unemployment caused by the recession has less of an effect.

    A better judge would be the acknowledgement that in good times France had an 8.5 % unemployment rate (roughly) when the USA was at 4% roughly.

    As per Norway’s gross domestic product. I fully agree as I wrote before I wish the dem’s would allow us to use our Natural Resources as does Norway.

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    Ben Levi

    Greece is headed towards bankruptcy specifically because of the “social benefits” Sarkozy was brought to power because of the 18% unemployment in France as a result of the “social order” and England has high unemployment and a NHS(National Healthcare System) that makes it illegal to give Dialysis to people over the age of 70 to maintain solvency.

    Yes the E.U as a whole has lower unemployment because certain small countries such as the ones you mentioned bring down the average of all of them.

    However lets if you look at there economies it is possible to do what they do simply because they take advantage of their Natural Resources ( something we in the U.S.A do not do) and are extremly small countries, in fact the smaller then many States. The larger the population the higher the bill.

    Let me explain.

    Lets say Bill Gates is generates @ Billion dollar a year.

    You then tax that at 50% generating a 1 Billion dollar amount.

    That 1 Billion dollars can cover lets say 10 thousand peoples social benefits that they get from his work.

    IF the population is 10 thousand people they are completley covered.

    However the U.S.A has 300 million people ( not counting illegal immingrants) hence to compare it to Norway is foolish.

    Then again we do not need to compare.

    We have the begining of the end of the USA as we speak.

    California with a bigger economy then any you mentioned is insolvent followed by Michigan with a disaster rivaling the Great Depression and New York on its heals.

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    Ben Levi

    I would add congratulation to Obama on fulfilling his campaign promise to bring more Bipartisanship to Washington.

    Look how admirably he’s pursued that goal.

    HE created a Bipartisan coalition against the centerpieace of his agenda. Why even Massachusetts elected a Republican.

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    Ben Levi

    CharlieHall I agree with you healthcare saves lives.

    I also think jobs Save Lives, They allow people to put food on the table, they keep people occupied productivley instead of turning to crime. And really good jobs that are really well paying produce innovation that save lives like the great medical breakthroughs 95% percent of which just happen to occur in the USA.

    Producing a measure guaranteed to produce the double digit unemployment that is standard in Europe kills.

    Hence the HC bill in fact does kill.

    in reply to: Health Care Bill #682090
    Ben Levi

    Welcome back Charlie,

    FIrst off about the CBO score Congressman Paul Ryan is not calling the CBO “liars” he is simply stating the facts CBO must score bills based on what is put before them.

    Hence we have the CBO scoring a bill which states that Medicare comp will be cut by an excess of 20%.


    COngress has already stated they will pass a seperate “DOc FIx” to eliminate those cuts (as they should or no Doctor will treat MEdicare patients).

    The CBO is asked to score a bill based on Congress ebactings taxes years in the future. Will COngress do that? Fat chance considering the fact it does’tn take a rocket scientist to figure out what a 3% payroll tax will do for Jobs.

    The Cbo is asked to score a bill based on 500 Billion dollars in fraud and waste being cut from Medicare.

    Will it be cut?

    Good Questiion, if it can why was’nt it till now?

    Hence you arrive at the conclusion the former head of the CBO stated openly (NYT op-ed I believe) The CBO is the best at what they do neaning they score what you give them give trhem a fraudelent bill and you get a fraudelent result.


    in reply to: Health Care Reform Bill Got Passed, What's the CR's take on it? #681991
    Ben Levi

    I would just point out that to that I believe Martin Luther King was a registered Republican (look it up to me) and Abe Linciln was definetley a Republican.

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    Ben Levi

    I could not agree more, and guess what?

    I just don’t do it the extra savings help pay tuition.

    in reply to: Designer Companies #682010
    Ben Levi

    Mrs, Ben Levi Here, While some brand names are nothing but paying more for the same thing in other cases you are actually getting a better product. I sell headgear for women and I know that while I sell both the cheaper pre-tied bandana’s and the more expensive ones I know that are generally a drop more expensive like DaCee Designs are made far better and will hold up better over time.

    in reply to: What Exactly Was Given On Har Sinai? #681398
    Ben Levi

    Please see the Gemara Brochos Daf Hey, Amed Aleph, concerning your question as it states openly that everything was given on Har Sinai.

    There is some question as to what form it was given it whether it was the actual words or the Clalim (rules and principals) as seems to be the case from the Medrash in Shmos Rabbah.

    The reason why these things are not taught in more specificity in school is probably because of the complexity as there many Gemora’s and Medroshim on the subject and it is something that does not allow for mistakes as a mistake can lead to Kefira please see the yud gimeel ikrim.

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