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    Well in actuality Women in “Europe” of old did at times practice Birth Control.

    Rav Moshe Feinstein, the pre-eminent Posek & Godol HaDor of his time in America, actually began his “career” (for lack of a better term) as a Rav in Europe and he has a Halachic Responsa about it.

    If I recall correctly he confirms it occurred, he speaks strongly against the practice and urges a husband to divorce his wife if she engages in such practice.

    So Yes it occurred and Yes the Rabbonim held it was wrong, against the Torah and disapproved.

    But I am sure that while some posters will criticize those who take issue with Dr. Fauci due to his vast expertise, they will equally feel entitled to disagree with Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l on account of the “similarities” in their vast Torah knowledge of the subject.

    Ben Levi

    I am just waiting for the next crisis.

    The experts will convene to discuss the declining birthrate in the West.

    Professors will organize Think Tanks.

    All will ponder, Why is it that the birthrate is sinking?

    Those brilliant penetrating intellects will then realize it is the fault of the lack of incentives at play.

    Michelle Obama’s school lunch program took the will away from parents to subject their children to it.

    After all who would want to force a child to go through 8 years of that?

    And to get them all Avocado toast?
    Think of the cost!

    So we must reverse course!

    No less then CNN and the the NY Times followed by WaPo will trumpet editorials about the obvious need to incentivize child bearing!

    It is the consensus view!
    All experts agree that only proper incentives will get the birthrate numbers up!

    A new program will be started,

    “Have a child get-Free Burgers & Fries for life”

    Ready for two children?

    Get Free soda as well!

    But have no fear no Bug Gulps will be given out!
    That’s to unhealthy plus you need to use environmentally unsafe straws!

    Of course the free burgers and Fries will the engender a new crisis of declining longevity due to a prevalence of heart attacks.

    At which point the brilliant think tanks professionals and media personality’s will have another crisis to solve.

    Ben Levi

    It is an objectively true fact that whomever votes for the Democrat Party is voting for the party that
    a) Has a strong base of at least 20 to 30 percent that is actively opposed to Israel ( how many voted for Bernie.

    b) Has a core of rising stars that are visibly opposed to Israel ( The “Squad”
    The Republican party may have isolated cases of individuals who are anti-Israel however the leadership and core are visibly and actively pro-Israel

    a) Donald Trump was and is acknowledged by all to have been one of the most beneficial Presidents in History for the Israeli State.

    Ted Cruz, McCarthy, Hannity, DeSantis & others who have leading voices in the Republican Party were not shy about forcefully speaking up and defending Israel and forcefully condemning Hamas.

    It is also objectively true that while Trump was in office there was peace in the Mideast.
    Permanent Peace treaties were signed not temporary truces.

    The USA stopped send hundreds of millions of dollars to those who killed Jews.

    As soon as Biden entered office the Hamas terrorists saw fit to start another war.

    As a wry Isreali commentator said

    “we are glad the Jews who voted for Biden are no longer bothered by Trumps tweets, Instead, now we are bothered by Hamas rockets”

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    Ben Levi

    Inequality is a more elegant way of saying
    ” I am jealous that others have more then me”.

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    Ben Levi

    So GH
    Let me get this straight in this representative democracy, where the elected representatives are supposed to reflect the will of the voters who elected them to represent them, it is “cancel culture” to vote out representatives who do not represent your views?

    in reply to: Talk Radio #1951998
    Ben Levi

    I actually think Rush was responsible for the massive loss of credibility that the mainstream media had with American public.

    I recall seeing a clip of an interview with a Black women who supported Trump, I think it was on CBS. She was asked why and replied. After Trump’s July 4’th speech at Mt Rushmore I watched all the commentary calling it “dark’ and “divisive” and then I went to watch it and saw it was nothing of the sort. So I started investigating the man and administration behind the caricature the media was painting and I became a supporter”

    I may have got somethings wrong but that the gist of what she said.

    I feel Rush served the same purpose.

    Anyone who actually listened to Rush on even an occasional basis saw and heard that he was no bigot. He actually had an African American who produced his show, and had African Americans filling in for him all the time. He was extremely pro Israel and extremely respectful of religion.

    He was also very generous dedicating his show to raising money for various causes and donating plenty himself. In fact he was considered from the most generous celebrities out there.

    His personal failings are well documented but that does not change facts.

    The media regularly would take a line or two out of a 15 minute monologue and purposely take it out of context to create a caricature of him that was objectively false showing they were in essence dishonest.

    in reply to: Cuomo covered up nursing home deaths #1947986
    Ben Levi

    This is getting pathetic,

    No DeSantis did not have an intentional coverup as certified by no less then the extremely liberal USA Today in a July 9th Fact Check.

    Yes Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order that arguably caused thousands deaths.
    Yes he admitted that the true extent of it was covered up.
    No Liberals do not.

    in reply to: Is there a middle class frum family financial crisis ? #1947788
    Ben Levi

    Yes but there are limits on deductions.

    To the best of my knowledge ( and I am not an accountant) Tuition is not Tax deductible, nor is Day Camps, nor is tutors for a child who needs it, Kosher food, nor is food for Shabbos & Yom Tov.

    And it is quite common for a frum family to be paying upwards of 50,000$ of basic tuition.

    in reply to: Recapping some of Biden admin. steps negative effects #1946753
    Ben Levi

    So Trump consistently acted in the interest of Jews & Israel yet was called an anti-semite.
    Biden is consistently acting against the interest of Jews & Israel and yet is considered a friend.

    in reply to: Lindsey Graham’s Stupid Argument #1946747
    Ben Levi

    Funny how the Dems opened the trial by playing his speech but purposely left out the part where he called for them to be “peaceful”

    in reply to: Is there a middle class frum family financial crisis ? #1946638
    Ben Levi

    Actually it seems to me that the reason for the many “luxuries” we see now is pretty much because of what you see as the result of most socialist/economic economies.

    You can either be rich or poor, or single.

    Rich can afford life, poor is supported by the government, single has no expenses.

    However middle class families need to earn a salary that forces them to pay taxes that can only be afforded by the wealthy, so as such they must stay poor.

    Because of this fact there are many wealthy people in the Jewish Community and many poor and a vanishing middle class.

    in reply to: Gedolim who went to public school #1946575
    Ben Levi

    Rav Chaim Dov Keller went to public school

    in reply to: Is there a middle class frum family financial crisis ? #1946364
    Ben Levi


    You seem to be ignoring the numbers,

    A basic house in Lakewood, NJ and it’s environs, which is cheaper the New York costs aroun 500,00 right now and that is cheap factoring in taxes and the current low mortgage rate, and you already have 40,000 in expenses just to cover a mortgage.

    Tuition in Lakewood, which is far cheaper then anywhere else is aroun 4,500 per kid.
    If an average Orthodox Jewish Family in Lakewood has 7 kids that equals 31,500.

    So just tuition and mortgage cost are 72,000 dollars for the average Yeshiva family.

    We are not even beginning to talk about utilities, insurance, food, clothing, shabbos, yom tov, simchas, day camp etc…

    in reply to: Is there a middle class frum family financial crisis ? #1946367
    Ben Levi

    One of the biggest drivers of expenses today are the combination of property tax, of which the majority goes to fund a public school system which is not suitable for any Jewish child and tuition.

    We are forced to pay exorbitant fees to fund a system that we cannot afford then have to go and build a parallel system for our children,

    in reply to: Biden’s destructive rule re Houthis #1946262
    Ben Levi

    You have no idea how the Mideast works not the UN or the “humanitarian orgs”.

    Most of the aid that has flown towards Houthi controlled territory is diverted to help the Houthis similar to aid that has gone to Gaza.

    Helping the Yemeni people means defeating the Houthis.

    in reply to: Biden’s destructive rule re Houthis #1946075
    Ben Levi

    To say Trump did “nothing” is flat out wrong he actually supported the Suadis campaign against the Houthis and worked against them in many ways, formally designating them as a Terrorist org. was simply the next step.
    Biden has signaled formally and informally that he is intent on reversing Trumps policies towards the Houthis.
    It’s only one of the terrible policies the Biden is implementing.

    But it’s especially comical that he has decided that an organization that contains the words Death to America as part of their slogan is not a terrorist entity but a few hundred people who stormed the Capitol are.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1944639
    Ben Levi


    I am not a posek so I cannot speak specifics. However one of the main parts of being a ger includes an acceptance of the Ol Mitzvos, the Yoke of Mitzvos. That would seem to mean that if one expresses belief in an ideology that runs counter to the Ol Mitzvos he or she would be unable to become a Ger.

    in reply to: Democrats are scared of trump! #1944519
    Ben Levi


    Are you honestly trying to make the case that impeachment may be unconstitutional and legal at the same time?

    in reply to: Biden announces restoration of U.S. relations and aid to Palestinians #1943817
    Ben Levi

    Youre post is in a word

    a) Trump had an actual peace plan between the Isrealis and Palestinians, the Isrealis accepted it, the Palestinians rejected it.

    b) Negotiating a “warm” peace between Isreal and 4 Arab countries is not just “show”

    c) Changing the dynamics in the Mideast so that the Palestinians realize they cannot hold up peace in the entire region is not just show, rather it is a negotiating tactic whereby the Palestinans leverage is reduced forcing them to come to the table, something they have refused to do in the past.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1942762
    Ben Levi

    Again as i understand the practice of modern liberalism (as opposed to classic liberalism) vs conservitism.

    The modern day conservative movement is predicaed on a basic belief of a “small federal government” that embraces a theory of “live and let live” the federal government is not required to accept or not accept you as long as I do nothing to activley impede or harm you. Similarly the federal government is not required to help or not help you as long as, again, it does not activley impede your success.

    The basic role of federal government is simply to ensure that society as whole can function on a macro level and as such is relegated to the basic tasks that are need to ensure the protection and functioning of society as a whole on a macro level.

    Example one is defense, the National defense requires a collective effort as such it falls into the realm of govermental affairs.

    Basic infrastucture such as roads and bridges are again needed for society as whole to function as such it falls into the realm of federal government.

    The application of this theory is basically that the federal government has a relativley small footprint in the average citizens life ensuring that they have an individual chance at success but not ensuring that success is going to happen.

    As a social level it means that the indivudual community is allowed to function based on the moral values of that community.

    In other words Quakers are left to construct their societies based upon their morals and beleifs and transmit them to their children. The government has nor role to play in it what so ever.

    Muslims are the same way as are Christians and African Americans.

    Modern day enlightened Greenich Village is the same way.

    Now while I fundementally disagree with many of the basic principles and values that these individual communities espouse and implement, it really makes no difference because I have no right to dictate to any indivual which community they may join nor how that community should conduct themselves.

    The benefit to me is that I am allowed to live in a Torah based community which is constructed to live based upon Torah values and transmit them to their children free of persecution.

    This basic idea is why we Orthodox Jews have been able to live in the USA for years and practice our religous belefies freely and openly.

    Even during say the 1930’s when anti-semitism in America was open and widespread, Shuls & Yeshivos functioned because a basic tenet of America was that you can keep me out of you country club but you can not stop me from opening mine.

    You do what you want and I do what I want.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1942765
    Ben Levi

    However Modern day Liberalism is of the view that it is immoral to hold any beleifs contrary to modern day liberal thought and the moral system espoused by Modern Day liberal thought must be enforced upon individuals becuase the federal government must not just ensure that society funcions, rather it must ensure society is moral.

    So if the Federal Government decides that the definition of marriage in the Torah is immoral ch”v and the government now understands what the moral definition of marriage is then it must enforce everyone who wants to have any part in society to practice that definiton of marriage.

    The above is but one example.

    This has been correctly identified as a mortal threat to religous freedom in this country becuase it subjects the Moraal ethics of the Torah to the approval of the Federal Government.

    If the Federal Government does not approve of the teachings of the Torah then one can be forced to publicly diavow them ch”v.

    in reply to: Supreme Court Dismisses Case Creating a Laughter #1942437
    Ben Levi

    Reb Eliezer

    Actually many constitutional scholars Alan Dershowitz amongst them are of the opinion that the Democrat impeachment is fundementally unconstitutional,

    Justice Roberts is actually declining to preside over it.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1942435
    Ben Levi

    Actually the way I understood that comment was simply that many of the most basic tenents of Liberalism run in direct contradiction to the Torah, as such one can not claim to be “mekabel ol mitzvos” accept the Yoke of Mitzvos yet beleive in an ideology that completley contradicts it.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941937
    Ben Levi

    Furthermore from

    “In his 1984 follow-up book, “The Abandonment of the Jews,” Wyman documented how after Roosevelt’s administration authenticated information that the Nazis were systematically exterminating European Jewry, President Roosevelt did nothing to allow Jewish refugees to enter the U.S.

    What’s worse, Roosevelt’s policies succeeded in “piling on extra requirements and bureaucratic obstacles in order to disqualify Jewish refugees who were seeking admission to the United States,” according to Rafael Medoff. In 1933, the year Hitler took power, the existing U.S. quota system permitted 25,957 German citizens to immigrate to the U.S. each year. An unsympathetic White House, an anti-Semitic State Department, a Congress that was largely anti-immigration and a public that was strongly isolationist prior to 1941 all worked to ensure those existing quotas were not filled.

    In his new book, “The Jews Should Keep Quiet” (Jewish Publication Society), Medoff documents that, after the Nazi genocidal policy was authenticated, Roosevelt not only refused to take any steps to rescue European Jews, but he continued to suppress legal immigration. During President Roosevelt’s 12 years in office, the German quota was filled in only one year; and, in most of those years, it was less than 25 percent filled.

    Medoff’s book also sheds light on Roosevelt’s private prejudices towards Jews. It offers compelling evidence how Roosevelt manipulated Rabbi Stephen Wise and other Jewish leaders to acquiesce in his policy to obstruct opportunities to rescue European Jews”

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941934
    Ben Levi

    Further sources summing up FDR’s actions during WW2

    “While Roosevelt condemned the actions of the Nazis and willingly amended
    the rules for foreigners currently in the United States, he did not act to change the
    immigration laws and quotas. Even after expressing such disdain at the actions by the
    Nazis on Kristallnacht, Roosevelt refused to consider allowing more refugees to enter
    the country. When asked about this policy, FDR responded, “That is not in
    contemplation; we have the quota system.”110
    In terms of relieving the refugee crisis in the most significant manner, it would
    seem as if the easiest solution would have been to open up the doors of the United
    States. Many diplomats agreed that amending the immigration laws would be the most

    108 Statement by the President, November 15, 1938. From the Roosevelt Library. The
    FDR Papers, OF3186: Political Refugees, June-December 1938.
    109 Press conference, November 18, 1938, Franklin Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs,
    Vol. 12, 132-134, qtd. in Breitman et al., Refugees and Rescue, 151.
    110 “Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs” ed. Donald B. Schewe, Second
    Series, January 1937-August 1939 (New York: Clearwater, 1979), Vol. 12, 83-86.
    beneficial solution to the crisis. Norman Bentwich, a British diplomat, wrote to James
    McDonald and expressed his views of the refugee situation. He stated, “the main effort
    during the next period should be to increase the possibilities of emigration to the
    American continent, and particularly, of course, to the U.S.A., if there is any chance of
    getting some relaxation of the quota rules.”111 Increasing the immigration quotas
    would have allowed thousands of desperate Jews to exit Germany and Austria for
    refuge in the United States.
    However, for the reasons of nativism and public opinion against the action,
    that did not occur. Roosevelt described to Myron Taylor, “this Government is already
    accepting involuntary emigrants to the fullest extend permitted by law. I do not
    believe it either desirable or practicable to recommend any change in the quota
    provisions of our immigration laws. We are prepared, nevertheless, to make any other
    contribution which may be in our power to make.”112 FDR did not even consider
    increasing the quotas to be a possible solution to the refugee crisis.”

    The above was excepted from a thesis submitted to University of Delaware in 2016.

    To sum it up FDR made no effort at all to lift immigration quotas and specifically stated he would not do so.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941922
    Ben Levi

    Finally specifically regarding the ST Louis from sterling, unitedstateshistory

    “President Roosevelt could have issued an executive order to admit the St. Louis refugees, but this general hostility to immigrants, the gains of isolationist Republicans in the Congressional elections of 1938, and Roosevelt’s consideration of running for an unprecedented third term as president were among the political considerations that militated against taking this extraordinary step in an unpopular cause”

    So FDR could have issued an executive order based in humanitarian concerns and for political reasons chose not to.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941918
    Ben Levi


    In 1940, members of the President’s Advisory Committee on Political Refugees argued with the State Department to simplify immigration procedures for refugees. This effort was also defeated. Refugees had an ally in First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who supported liberalizing immigration laws, wrote about the refugee crisis in her weekly newspaper column, and worked behind the scenes to effect change. Mrs. Roosevelt’s interventions successfully helped some individual refugees, particularly artists and intellectuals, but she was not able to shift national policies. Those in power in the State Department insisted on enforcing the nation’s immigration laws as strictly as possible. Breckinridge Long, the State Department officer responsible for issuing visas, was deeply antisemitic. He was determined to limit immigration and used the State Department’s power to create a number of barriers that made it almost impossible for refugees to seek asylum in the United States. For example, the application form for US visas was eight feet long and printed in small type. Long believed that he was “the first line of defense” against those who would “make America vulnerable to enemies for the sake of humanitarianism.” Long and his colleagues at the State Department went so far as to turn away a group of Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis in May 1939 when the German ocean liner sought to dock in Florida after the refugees were denied entry to Cuba. Following their deportation back to Europe, many of these people perished in the Holocaust”

    Again the FDR administration

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941919
    Ben Levi

    From the museam of Tolerance

    “What was the response of the Allies to the persecution of the Jews? Could they have done anything to help?

    A 21.

    The response of the Allies to the persecution and destruction of European Jewry was inadequate. Only in January 1944 was an agency, the War Refugee Board, established for the express purpose of saving the victims of Nazi persecution. Prior to that date, little action was taken. On December 17, 1942, the Allies issued a condemnation of Nazi atrocities against the Jews, but this was the only such declaration made prior to 1944.

    Moreover, no attempt was made to call upon the local population in Europe to refrain from assisting the Nazis in their systematic murder of the Jews. Even following the establishment of the War Refugee Board and the initiation of various rescue efforts, the Allies refused to bomb the death camp of Auschwitz and/or the railway lines leading to that camp, despite the fact that Allied bombers were at that time engaged in bombing factories very close to the camp and were well aware of its existence and function.

    Other practical measures which were not taken concerned the refugee problem. Tens of thousands of Jews sought to enter the United States, but they were barred from doing so by the stringent American immigration policy. Even the relatively small quotas of visas which existed were often not filled, although the number of applicants was usually many times the number of available places. Conferences held in Evian, France (1938) and Bermuda (1943) to solve the refugee problem did not contribute to a solution. At the former, the countries invited by the United States and Great Britain were told that no country would be asked to change its immigration laws. Moreover, the British agreed to participate only if Palestine were not considered. At Bermuda, the delegates did not deal with the fate of those still in Nazi hands, but rather with those who had already escaped to neutral lands. Practical measures which could have aided in the rescue of Jews included the following:

    • Permission for temporary admission of refugees
    • Relaxation of stringent entry requirements
    • Frequent and unequivocal warnings to Germany and local populations all over Europe that those participating in the annihilation of Jews would be held strictly accountable
    • Bombing the death camp at Auschwitz”

    All under FDR

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941914
    Ben Levi

    Regarding FDR’s conduct during WW2


    “The extermination of European Jewry began when the German army invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. The Nazis attempted to keep the Holocaust a secret, but in August 1942, Dr. Gerhart Riegner, the representative of the World Jewish Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, learned what was going on from a German source. Riegner asked American diplomats in Switzerland to inform Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, one of America’s most prominent Jewish leaders, of the mass murder plan. But the State Department, characteristically insensitive and influenced by anti-Semitism, decided not to inform Wise
    The rabbi nevertheless learned of Riegner’s terrible message from Jewish leaders in Great Britain. He immediately approached Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles, who asked Wise to keep the information confidential until the government had time to verify it. Wise agreed and it was not until November 1942 that Welles authorized the release of Riegner’s message.”

    The above was the FDR administration

    Ben Levi


    I guess we view the party of that backed Clinton and even had him speaking at their convention this year as one without a leg to stand on regarding moral matters.

    I guess those who voted for Trump view those who voted for Clinton then scrame “morals” at those who voted for Trump as utter and complete hypocrites.

    And those who claim to care about Isreal and then turned around and backed Biden a man who proudly and personally threatened Begin to either do what America wants or he will ensure all aid is cut off, as guilty of some sort of tortured logic to justify their political bankruptcy.

    And I guess those who voted for Trump who worked to install Justices who would ensure I am aloud to practice my religion in peace without threat of the woke mob, as a more realistic alternitve then Biden and the left who view the NY TIMES present day ethics as more relevent then the Torah ch”V.

    in reply to: Trump to Jews, good, also complicated #1941491
    Ben Levi

    Sadly in spite of these facts there are Jws whose blind allegiance to the NY TIMES has caused them to try and twist and turn every thing in order to justift their continued support for the Democrat Party..

    in reply to: Trump to Jews, good, also complicated #1941490
    Ben Levi

    The only major party in the uNited States that makes room for politicians who openly espouse anti-semitic beleifs is the Democratic Party.

    Rashida Talib & Ilhan Omar have both openly espoused anit-semitic Beleifs while in office.
    The Senetor ffrom Goergia, Warnock did so previously, it is yet to be seen if he willc ontinue to do so.

    This is simply the hard truth.

    Under Trump the Republican party not only openly embraced Jewry they condemned and fought anti semitism at every turn including appoint an Ambassador specificaly tasked with fighting Anti-semitism.

    The Democrats not only turned a blind eye towards it. They welcomed it into their party.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1941320
    Ben Levi

    First off it is an undisputed lie that the Iranian agreement “ended” Irans nuclear program.
    At best it only put it off for ten years.
    As to the fact Churchill was not Prime Minister at the time
    He was very vocal and adamant about his positions and was lambasted by “profesionalls’ amd the “mainstream” as “extremist” and a War mongerer.

    Any basic understanding of American politics at the outset of WW2 includes the fact that FDR and the Democrats had total power and were able to do what they wanted.

    But then again leave it to the Dems

    Mess Up and blame it on a law passed decades before.

    And I say mess up charitably, by any honest accounts FDR deliberatley refused to aid the Jews and the NY Times deliberatley covered up what was going on)

    in reply to: Thank You Donald Trump, the Jews’ Best Friend! #1941163
    Ben Levi

    Changing the dynamics of the Middle East so that 4 countries are openly allied with Isreal in a warm peace is not “token or symbolic”.

    It took determination, hard effort, a willingness to ignore the liberal establishment led by the NY TIMES, WaPo, Ben Rhodes, John Kerry & others who openly mocked and fact checked it.

    And its success ultimatley will most certainly save thousands of Jewish Lives.

    Openly working to isolate the Palestinans within the Arab world until they are willing to make reasonable demands.

    Is not “token”.

    It saves lives.

    When was the last “intifadeh”?

    How many times did the Isrealis have to go into Gaza before Trump?

    Appointing an Ambassador specifically in charge of fighting Anti-Semitisim is not “token”, it’s a strong sign of exactly what the US priorities are.

    Anyone who fails to realize the incredible efforts the Trump administration made that strongly advanced the cause of Peace in the Middle East and benefited the Jewish People portrays a breathtaking level of ignorance.

    in reply to: Trump to Jews, good, also complicated #1940987
    Ben Levi

    We forget that the Democrat party has become the home of open anti-semites such as Talib and Omar.

    We mopurn the fact that Jews have put NY TIMES and Liberal thought ahead of Torah.

    in reply to: Biden condemns racism and nativism in the same sentence #1940984
    Ben Levi

    Imagine if the Brits would have listned to Churchill instead of the “peace in our time” of Chamberlin and destoyed Germany when they broke their Treaty and there would have never been a Shoah.

    Hitler talking for years about what he planned to do while building up his arsenal is kinda similar to the Iranians talking for years about what they want to do while they build up their arsenal isn’t it?

    We even have the Iranian agreement to match the Chamberlin’s accords with Hitler ym”s and we have the uncouth Trump to match Churchill.

    in reply to: Trump to Jews, good, also complicated #1940856
    Ben Levi

    And now sadly the US is led by a “moral” president whose first tasks included signing laws increasing taxpayer funding for abortion and appointing an indivual suffering from gender dysphoria who took his mother out of a Nursing Home while ordering others in during Covid, to the Health Department.

    in reply to: Trump to Jews, good, also complicated #1940855
    Ben Levi

    I actually think that it is the MSM that is stoking anti-semites for political purposes and Chalottseville is a perfect example.

    The full statement that Trump made contiued something along the lines of” I am not talking about Neo-Nazis and other hate groups they should be condemned totally”

    But for political the MSM ignored his full statement and took the ludicrous position that the man who was closes advisors were Orthodox Jews the first President who had grandchildren going to religous Jewish private school, who actually moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, who was the first to appoint an ambassador specifically to fight anti-semitism was somehow “anti semitic”

    And sadly gullible jews who have subsituted the temprary ethics of the NY TIMES editorial board for the timeless ethics of the Torah believed them.

    Ben Levi

    I have no idea why Trump would take responisbilty for violenece that was planned before his speech (according to the notorious right wing new source CNN) that took place despite his calling for “peacful” demonstrations (transcript of his speech, and that he condemned 3 times while it took place.

    However I can understand why Nancy Pelosi would take responsibilty for the many lives lost and billions of dollars of damge caused by her called for “uprisings” throught the nation.

    Or Kamala Harris would take responsibilty by encouraging violenece through promoting bail out funds for thos earrested.

    in reply to: Leftists conspiracy #1939366
    Ben Levi

    Wishing thing to be true does not make them so.

    Everything you stated is demonstrably false.

    1) Liberal CNN has acknowledged that the Capitol mob was planned days before Trump spoke.
    Meaning it was literally impossible for his speech to have been the impetus for it.
    That is a fact.

    2) There is no person here who supported overthrowing the US government. Furthering that lie is an illustration of the reason 75 million people voted for trump and continue to support him.

    3) The far left did in fact knowingly occupy the center of a Major American city, they did state clearly that they did so in order spark an insurrection. They were not condemned by an Democrat politician.

    4) Personally, I was very wary of the claims of voter fraud, I thought the election had been “legally” stolen (Democrat machine going house to house in certain Democrat cities getting vote) seeing the level of suppression of speech and attempts to silence any attempt at pen debate of Republicans.
    A level of pure hypocrisy and lying makes me think that perhaps it is true, there was actual fraud.
    And I know many people that are beginning to think the same.

    in reply to: Different Violence #1938995
    Ben Levi

    Asking me if I am afraid of the “anti-semitism” of white supreamicists shows a breathtaking lack of awareness.

    The modern day Conservative movement looks at white supreamicists as losers and it actually admires Jews.
    BenJamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of the Jewish State is a hero in the modern day conservative movement and was considered Trumps closest allie.

    Trump engineered an earthquake in the Mideast forging a real alliance between Isreal and the Arab States, something which John Kerry famously called impossible.

    In doing so he probably saved thousands of lives.

    The modern day Democratic Party does not just tolerate anti-semitism it has elevated anti-semites to positions never before dreamed of.

    It has sworn allegiance to a BLM movement that has anti semitism ingrained in it.

    I am much more afrain of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Raphael Warnock then a few nutcases waring anti-semitic paraphelia.

    In fact If I recall correctly the leading neo-nazi in the USA, Richard Spencer, endorsed Biden.

    in reply to: What incitement?? #1938804
    Ben Levi

    Reports have come out about how Kushner & Scavino are keeping Trump off alternitve Social Media platforms.

    There has been much speculation as to why.

    I think it’s obvious.

    The Dems have used Trumps tweets as a cover for the horrible and dangerous things they have done for over 4 years.

    Without Trumps tweets more and more focus is being placed on the fact that Democrat Politicians have openly incited violence (Nancy Pelosi calling for uprisings) Excused violence (Chris Cuomo asking “where does it say protests must be peaceful) threatened the lives of politicians (Kathy Griffin holding up Trumps severed head) Manipulated elections (Twitter banning the NY Post story that has now been acknowledged to have been 100% accurate).

    Without Trumps tweets to serve as a distraction more and more focus is being put that on the fact that the Democrats craven lust for power has allowed them to tear this country apart and attempt to ruin anyone who stands in their way.

    in reply to: What incitement?? #1938797
    Ben Levi

    ActuallyI looked up certain facts,

    1) Jonny Depp Publicly asked “when was the last time an actor assaniated a President”

    2) Madonna stated publicle shed thought about blowing up the White House

    3) Kathy Griffen held up a picture of Donald Trump’s severed and bloodied head,

    None of them were arrested, none of them were banned on social media, none of them were ostracized.

    And yes the incitement has led to numerous deaths and injuries.

    Including the attack on the Republican softball practice were an avowed Bernie Sanders supporter and former staffer opened fire on Republican comgressman.

    in reply to: What incitement?? #1938040
    Ben Levi

    Considering that you claim Trump responsible for violence in a speech where he explictly called for “peaceful” demonstrations do you then feel

    a) Joe Biden is responsible for violence by telling a crowd of black people Mitt Romney “would put y’all back in chains

    b) Maxine Waters is responsible for violence by telling people to ensure any member of Trumps Cabinet is not welcome in any publiplace

    c) Nancy Pelosi is responsible for violence by stating there should be “uprisings” all over the country

    d) Chris Cuomo is responsible for violence for stating in the midst of violent protests that “Where does it say protests must be peaceful”?

    e) Why wat the takeover of the Capitol building by a leftwing mob during the Kavanaugh hearing not condemned?

    in reply to: Blue lives don’t matter #1936888
    Ben Levi

    My apologies I thought three separate tweets in one day and a video taped message qualified as “throughout” the day.

    I will be more specific

    in reply to: Blue lives don’t matter #1936734
    Ben Levi

    It’s extremly hard for me to understand how this is an attempted coup instigated by Trump when throughout the day he tweeted out calls for peace and even recorded a message.

    Seems to me if you wish to instigate a coup it’s now a good thing to try to stop the coup.

    in reply to: WSJ calls for Trump to resign #1936674
    Ben Levi

    As frum yidden it has never been our way to be involved in politics. We try as much as possible as a community to keep a low profile.
    Sadly it seems many are forgetting that.

    With that said.

    I find it incredible that for months cities were completely destroyed, People killed, their life’s savings destroyed, billions upon billions of dollars of damage was done.

    Yet virtual silence from Democratic politicians. Some openly supported it, on Media infamously stated in Prime time” Where does it say Protests have to be peaful”.

    Yet when there is incident of violence on the Republican side.

    Which is swiftly condemned across the spectrum from every single Republican politician, including the President who did so 3 times in one day.

    The world comes to an end.

    in reply to: Should Trump run again in 2024 #1920295
    Ben Levi

    @catch yourself.

    I do not know why you deliberately tried to misconstrue what I wrote.

    Yes America, the Medina shel Chesed has been a wonderful place for us.

    That is historical fact.

    However the Democrat party right now includes a large segment that sees America as being an evil place and wishes to transform that. Based on what they have said and done till now it is more then reasonable to state that what they wish America to become is a place that is far less hospitable to those who wish to openly practice and live by religion.

    As such what America was and is still is irrelevant.

    That is precisely what they advocate changing.

    in reply to: His Fraudulency, Joe Biden Junior #1919967
    Ben Levi

    I understand the Dems feelings that “lawsuits” are frivolous However when no less a personage then Alan Dershowitz states that it should be an open and shut case in Penn that Trump wins I have a hard time believing you.

    Now if they win the suit and it still may not be enough to decide the election in favor of Trump, I really have no idea.

    However to state Biden is currently the President elect is flat out not true. Trump has not conceded and there is not a single State that has certified the results which would legally make him the president elect.

    I do think it probable that he will be. However what I think does not change reality.

    in reply to: His Fraudulency, Joe Biden Junior #1919969
    Ben Levi


    I am aware that the NYTIMES and other assorted left wing outlets are of the opinion that Biden is the morally superior candidate.

    I am also aware the NYTIMES is run by those whose foundational beliefs are apikorsus.

    What they view as moral the Torah views as immoral.

    What they view as just the Torah views an unjust.

    What they view as beautiful the Torah views as disgusting.

    During his limited time campaigning Biden revealed his support of morally degenerate positions.

    As far as honesty. He and his entire family have been shown to not just be liars & thieves, but willing to put their own country up for sale for that purpose.

    And recently Tax filings have shown he shamelessly used his dead son to profit while raising zero for charity.

    I am sorry that the NYTIMES & CNN moral belief system does not have as much an influence on me as you.

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