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    R’ Viener’s website

    Kesubos, Navi B’Iyun, Hilchos Shabbos, Sanhedrin, and much more.

    I like listening to R’Viener because he makes everything come alive in the shiur- the understanding is so sharp and clear. I feel like everything is given over with tremendous Daas Torah and humor and practicality, and I truly experience the sweetness of learning.

    Hope it helps! Kol Tuv.

    in reply to: Past Lives Regression therapy #1019771

    Chazal tells us not to be concerned with these things. It’s an escapism from reality, and Hashem wants us to focus on the here and now. And what will it help you?

    It’s not for us, it’s not going to help you grow in Yiddishkeit. It’ll only serve as a distraction from our Tafkid, and our learning, and what we can accomplish, which is incredible in it’s potential.

    At one time I had an interest in these matters, and the words I’m repeating are from the Talmid Chochom I spoke to about it. Trust me, you’ll be better off dismissing it.

    Kol Tuv.

    in reply to: Inspirational One Liners #1048043

    Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about events. Small people talk about other people.

    Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

    There is still much to be done. Let us not lose sight.

    in reply to: Purim and Shidduchim #1006854

    Woah, woah. Let’s back up here for a minute. There is no mitzvah to get completely smashed on Purim. Yes, there is a mitzvah to drink a little wine. But to go completely crazy and get blitzed out of your mind? Nope. Unfortunately it’s become common, but that doesn’t make it right.

    For those who want to be a solid mentch, have an amazing Purim, be uplifted- listen to R’ Viener’s shiur, listen R’ Wallerstein’s shiur, ask your Rav, do something! Please don’t excuse the behavior. We’re role models to ourselves, the people around us, the world. We’re royalty, in every sense. Follow the Chachomim, make this Purim your best yet. Kol Tuv.

    in reply to: Ask the opposite gender #989559

    Working a on shidduch right now where the boy (good, solid boy, in yeshiva) saw a girl who seemed to be what he was looking for. He didn’t go over to her, didn’t speak to her. Just asked me, a family friend of the girl, to get her resume, hear what she’s looking for, etc. As someone who know both parties, it can definitely be shayach. It was done in a very nice way, with nothing inappropriate. We shall see what happens!

    in reply to: Tzidkaniyos Wearing Leather #986265

    It does not connote a classy, refined look.

    in reply to: Song Lyrics #1155219

    Looking for the lyrics to the original Kaaliver Rebbe’s niggun “Sola Kokosh”. Would love to buy the song as well, but I can’t find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

    in reply to: Out-of-town single girls in Lakewood #916248

    Hi! Yes there are definitely out of town single frum girls living in Lakewood. While small, it is there.

    I currently live in Lakewood, and can help you get settled in meeting other girls.

    And don’t forget that Shidduchim come from Hashem. Just do the best you can, make practical decisions, and you’ll be fine. Do not choose a location based on potential dates.

    If you’d like to contact me about anything further, I am at your service.


    in reply to: Any recommended Jewish novels? #1125626

    If you’re looking for a well written Novel/Thriller-

    The Gordian Knot


    Excellent, well-written.

    in reply to: Facebook in a Shidduch #882899

    Hey, just wanted to thank everyone for the great advice and tips- we spoke it over and cleared it up, much to my relief.

    Guess we’ll see what happens! Thanks again

    in reply to: Sixth Sense #862358

    My friend will instinctively know when someone close to them has passed away- before anyone tells them.

    They’ll know when something is about to fall, because they’ll reach out and catch it before it does. I thought it was quick reflexes, until they reached out to catch my paper- and it hadn’t fallen yet.

    If someone comes into the room behind them, they’ll know who it is- even if they don’t make any discernible noise.

    Sixth sense, no?

    in reply to: HELP?!?! #845228

    It’s polite to fly out there and go out with her. The Steipler took an eight hour train ride to meet his wife for their first date….if it’s a priority for you, go for it!

    in reply to: Facebook and Shidduchim #835421

    I apologize,*cleverjewishpun*, but I must disagree with you.

    While how some clear their table can be considered foolish, I don’t think Facebook is. There is a validity to the reasoning, and it’s a fact that it can be used the wrong way for the wrong reason.

    Clearing a table however, still comes out right no matter how you do it.

    in reply to: shmorer negia and the avos #835021

    Heard this first hand from a Baal Teshuva:

    “It’s very possible to say that Yaakov should not have done it (Just like Dinah went out-she shouldn’t have). They don’t go out with these intentions, but that’s what was interpreted. Just like the brothers thought that Yaakov favored Yosef-they misinterpreted.

    Yaakov did not kiss Rachel because he was overwhelmed with attraction for her. There was an opening up of Ruach Hakodesh and a recognition of a relationship with this person that was special-different in Yaakov’s life. Yaakov and Rachel were deeply connected to one another. We can’t relate to Ruach Hakodesh, when it comes on it could be it’s such a flood of emotions and feelings that you become overwhelmed. “

    Hope that answers your question…

    in reply to: Kol Berama Song on CCHF video #834426

    He also recently came out with another single, “Mehaira”. It is available on MostlyMusic for download as well.

    in reply to: Best Classic Songs #833961

    Debussy-Claire de Lune, Yanni-One Man’s Dream, Aby Rotenberg-Adon Olam (Aish), Yitzchok Rosenthal-Magen Avos (Secret of Shabbos)….this could go on…

    in reply to: Is there a radio station available in NYC playing instrumental music? #826117

    Hmm, you’d be hard pressed to find a station like that, unless you go online.

    in reply to: Is there a radio station available in NYC playing instrumental music? #826114

    Yes, 105.9

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