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    As someone who worked in TheZone in numerous different positions I believe I have enough concrete knowledge to politely disagree and argue with the posters above who were bashing/putting down TheZone. As someone who never attended Nagila I can not and will not say my opinion regarding their camp and method but I will say that I am aware that they work and run very differently than The Zone, but at the end of the day the goals of both organizations are the same and therefore, there should be equal respect and admiration for both of them, from staff and admirers of both.

    In response to the posters above, yes, The Zone has a big raa-raa type of staff; however, that does not at all deem them less yeshivish than any other staff. There is no reason why raa-raa can not come together with sincere, yeshivish-ness. Our staff are fun, energetic, devoted, spirited YESHIVISH girls who know how to be “the best of both worlds” and give our campers the time of their lives.

    Regarding English music, all I will say is that EVERYTHING in The Zone is done according to Da’as Torah.

    In response to you writing about in TheZone you don’t have much of a kesher with the campers unless you are a counselor – trust me, this is not true. As I said, I was in camp for many years, not one of those years was my job to be counselor, yet somehow I still managed to form many, long-lasting relationships with campers of all ages. Being a counselor may give you the opportunity to have a more direct relationship with the campers in your assigned bunk; however, being a specialty allows you the opportunity to form relationships with many different campers, from all divisions, bunks, ages and etc. No-one will force a kesher with a kid upon you; you have to come with the attitude that you want to be here for the campers, you want to make a difference in their lives; you want to do something and then you will.

    Whatever decision you make, Hatzlacha and remember that at the end of the day it’s up to you to make a difference, regardless of which camp or organization you end up working for.

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    CharlieHall – thank you! I am trying to gather info for a report. In seriousness, what are the major pros/cons to the new plan?

    in reply to: US Healthcare policy #780358

    You all gave me a good laugh, but if I seriously had to talk about this for a school report, what would you say?

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    ames, add potatoes. potatoes absorb salt so hopefully this will help.

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    sjs – here’s the other cabbage salad recipie:

    1 bag shredded purple cabbage

    1 bag shredded white cabbage

    1 bunch scallions, washed and sliced

    roasted slivered almonds – however much you like

    chow mein noodles – again, as much as you like


    1/2 C oil

    6 T sugar (i wonder if splenda works as well, never tried but dont see why not!)

    6 T vinegar

    1/2 t salt

    1/2 t pepper

    easy and yum!

    let me know if you try it and how it comes out!

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    Nesher, firstly, good luck with your move back from e”y! after spending a whole yr there in sem i cant wait to get married and go back! it’s prob so hard to leave! next, good luck with your choice regarding where to settle! i wish i (or anyone else here) can just make the decision for you, because i know how hard decision making is, but it is something that you have to do all on your own, taking in to consideration all your personal needs, for you and your family! keep in mind conveniance, family (if you want to be near parents, siblings etc.) schools, etc! and know that the place you end up settling isnt the most important, it is the attitude you go with! and a community isnt permenant, you can always pick up and move! b’hatzlacha! keep us posted!

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    zimby, we make duck sauce cutelets quiet often too bec theyre quick and easy but sometimes to fancy up we wrap them around a peice of pastrami (in israel i kno ppl who do with salami) then stick a toothpick thru it to hold it together and pour the duck sauce over that and then bake! i always add a drop of garlic and salt bec i like spicy!

    and if you want to do more you can dip and breadcrumb the cutlets frist but totally not necesary!

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    i hope s/t works!

    and sure here is:

    **Teriyaki Purple Cabbage Salad:

    One head purple cabbage

    one bunch scallions

    sesame seeds


    6 T oil

    5 T vinegar

    5 T teriyaki sauce

    garlic salt



    (the last 3 to your tasting)

    -Cut purple cabbage into chunks and wash in water. wash the scallions and slice thinly. then sprinkle sesame seeds on top (however much you like)

    -Mix dressing well in a container and pour on top (I like to let it marinate in to salad a little before serving)

    **Easy and delicious (most ppl think so!!) Let me know what you think!

    There’s also another salad i make that everyone who tastes loves. i randomly chose it to make when it was an hour before a friends shower and had nothing in the house 2 make what i had planned on so looking at what i had my mom quickly suggested this recipie she used to make but hasnt in foreva and since them e/o alwasy requests this sald at parties and i am always repeating the recipie. this one is with both purple and white cabbage (shredded) so let me know if your interested in this!

    thats all for now!

    thanks for your advice!

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    mazal, i agree with u!

    we need a quick one week diet … any ideas? recipies/foods that can/should be eaten for a quick weight loss (one wk to a wed!)

    but to the shabb menu topic – this week we went fat free in my house! and since we actually had no guests, besides 4 my grandma (a first since the summer!! yay!) we didnt havta make that much.

    fri night:


    dips – horseraddish, spinach, pepper, babaganush, chumus and homemade eggplane (yummm and not so hard)

    chicken soup and veggies


    purple cabbage salad

    apple crisp (easy and yum)

    potato kugel

    popcorn cauliflower

    sauteed asaparagus and onions

    string beans

    cole slaw and cucumber

    strawberry ice cream (homemade of course) and cake (for those ditchin the diet!)

    much simpler than norm but sufficed!

    shabbos day:

    challah and dips again

    fish, eggs and purple cabbage salad (again, really easy and yum)

    teriyaki chicken cutlet

    broccli kugel


    potato kugel from the chulent

    cucumber and cole slaw!

    …and now the diet begins…ideas anyone? pls!

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    annonwriter, whats the kesher bet the stuff you give together or is there none and its just random and watever your in the mood of?

    myshadow, cute! we recently just made packages like that for a function where the theme was “flyin high on cloud 09 (was in jan 2009)” except we filled with more nosh stuff, not tuna and pickles!

    in reply to: What Are You Cooking For Shabbos??? #641566

    lol, yea it takes more than one person…although, i hope one day soon to be cookin all alone in my own kitchen (youll prob realize the down size in my menu then lol!) but for now, togetha with my mom and sis we make a big spread. what else can you do when you have guests every meal?!

    and trust me, even not in a teeny kitchen i get nervous in there too sometimes bec i like when things are done my way which doesnt always happen! and i like when e/t is done in a seder (for ex: use the suguar – put it away; finished with a spoon – wash it…)whereas my mom and sis are more of the cook e/t and then clean e/t type (and the cleaning lady is always comin in the mornin!) but you get used to it!

    and yea, we have a standard menu with some variation but like you said its alwasy a starter, soup, main (meat, chicken and sides) and dessert but alwasy open to new ideas for variations within!

    what types of potatoes? i like simple and tasty recipies the best!!

    and re the ya’ll: wasnt born in the south but still always say it!


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    shavua tov ya’ll!

    believer – good for u! and we all start out as beginners! keep it up!

    SJSinNYC – you get used to it so it doesnt take too long!

    and mazal77, my mom normally does her main shoppin on wed and thurs we start cookin and finish thurs night and for the stuff best fresh fri! between me and my mother and sister it doesnt take too long! and we keep both stoves going! which sometimes is confusing when we forget which timer is for what food! lol! but i enjoy it and look fwd, but alwasy lookin for new ideas cause the same things over and over get kinda borin! so keep the ideas comin!

    in reply to: What Do I Wear On What # Date? #638356

    lol beacon! true!

    blev echad – b’hatzlacha! just make sure whatever you wear looks good on you and your ready to go!

    keep us posted with the goings!

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    Alrighty, now that shabb’s all done we can share the wkly menu:

    Fri Night:

    Gefillte Fish (syrian, were ashkenzai 🙂 ) with Purple cabbage salad, dips (incl a new homemade chatzilim salad!) and challah

    Chicken soup with all the veggies and croutons

    Delmonica Roast

    Chicken Wellingtons

    Potatoe Kugel

    Strawberry Apple Kugel


    Mushroom Turnovers

    Cucumber and Cole slaw salads

    Cranberry relish

    Popcorn Cauliflower


    Pecan Pie and ice cream

    Shabbos Day:

    Egg Salad & Liver with salad


    Deli Roll

    chicken Cutlets

    Pumpkin muffin

    and wateva leftovers from last night that we pull out!

    And dessert – well go digging in the freezer!

    Shabbat Shalom to ya’ll!

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    thanks jaymatt! this shabb is just bout done but we will keep in mind for next wk!

    in reply to: Short Dating Time #646221

    an open book, i agree with you 100%. a friend is a most valueable asset to everyone’s life and should not be dropped bec of silly or petty things (or even valid disagreenment.) with time, patience and effort problems can be solved, however both parties have to have mutual feelings toward each other and be willing to work on the relationship. that having been said, a husband is the ultimate, closest of friends and has to be someone who you will feel comfortable sharing everything with and accepting them as they are, not with plasn to change them to be how you want. all friendships eventually encounter some bump in the roads, and a marriage is no different and therefore, you have to know the way of dealing with it. it really bothers me when you hear/see of ppl who break up relationships (marriage or friendships) bec of issues that with some care can be resolved…am i suppose one way of preventing (or lessening) the rate of such, in marriages, would prob be by enlongating the dating period, so that each person gets to know the REAL person within the person they are dating.

    however, as with everything, we must have alot of siyata d’shmaya,f aith and emunah and Hashem will guide us all!

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    JayMatt,can u share what oven crisped potatos are!?! sounds good!!

    in reply to: What Are You Cooking For Shabbos??? #641537

    ames – sounds good! theres no vienesse crunch or a/t involved?

    the 2nd layer of lady fingers u dip in coffee too or no?

    and also, where do u buy lady fingers when its not pesach??!?

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    how do you drag and drop the entire thing?

    in reply to: Privacy #655912

    nobody, i agree with you 99% but what about those ppl who expect you to share everything about your life with them but then dont share anything about them?

    in reply to: What Are You Cooking For Shabbos??? #641534

    ames, actually not! it always sound complicated – is it not?

    in reply to: Most Common Surname Among Torah Observant Jews #828986

    syrian, hakablan isnt far from katzenelbogen… at one point they cut in to each other…trust me i kno my walk around katzenelbogen to hakablan to agasi very well!

    in reply to: Computer Tips ONLY! #673191

    my comp screen sort of turned upside down – meaning the start menu is now on the side of the screen rather than on bottom and all the icons are therefore the wrong way – basically the entire screen was turned vertical…any ideas how to get it back the righr way!? pls! help!

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    oomis, not everyone has to (or does) eat everything! we just have to have a variety and nice spread!

    any ideas for nice and easy desserts? i like making pretty and good tasting but not complicated and patchked up! like this week i made choc chip pie (hot, like runny chip) with ice cream … any other ideas?

    in reply to: What’s Your Favorite Restaurant In Town? #666645

    highlow, from what i heard carlos & gabbys has gr8 food! they are actually opening one on Coney so when we try the one here out I’ll give you firsthand feedback!

    Phyllis, i agree about Sheyan! was one of my frequent dinner stops when in sem! as was Rimon! yum!

    and in flatbush, obviously pizza time for pizza (or pizza nosh!) and KD or Jerusalem Steak House for fleishigs!

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    i’ve got to agree with all those saying to get a manicure! i know that after my friday manicure and my nails are perfect theres no way im biting them bec why would i wana ruin my nails but once they start chipping and theyre ruined then who cares…so my advice: keep your nails pretty and polished!

    for guys – try clear polish! and you should prob apply at home bec i dont think you’d wana be seen in gorgeous nails on ave m!!

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    your all more than welc, although i cant tell u where to find me bec that would break the cr rules!

    and jaymatt, we make the same rice in my house! yum!

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    i kno it’s after shabb already but for futured ideas heres some ideas:

    fri night:

    1st course – starter such as ribs over rice, meatballs on rice, salamon, meat turnovers and some times fish. with dips (lots of them!) and salads

    2nd – chicken soup! with lots of veggies – carrots, zucchini, celerey, squash, onions, mushrooms…and homemade croutons of course!

    3rd- main course – a meat and chicken, normally potato kugel and apple crisp and then 2 side dishes such as cranberry relish or root veggies or a veg crunch or asparagus or s/t and reg salads such as cucumber and cole slaw

    dessert: some sort of cake and ice cream and candy and fruit platters

    shabbos day:

    eggs and salads

    chulent, deli roll, chicken cutlets, kugel and salads

    dessert: whatever we have!

    and then…sleep!

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    wow joseph, a bit personal…

    but SJS, b”h you sound happy and thats what counts now but like we said it doesnt work like that for all.

    tal, sounds like a hard situation, your friend must be told not to succumb to pressure. at this point in life all girls and boys are encouraged to be selffish and only think what is good for them. so even if the parents or shaddchan are pressuring them they do NOT have to give a definite answer. a lifelong commitment should be thought out thoroughly and not made hastely in response to pressure.

    on the note of pressure, do ppl here agree that pressure is more severe in brooklyn rather than in places such as lakewood or monsey or 5 towns? my friends have been saying this but i cant understand why it would be such.

    in reply to: Best Threads for Newcomers to Read #633619

    welcome aboard coke not pepsi! always nice to see new ppl around! im sure youll enjoy the time you spend here (believe me, as my name says i keep myself quiet entertained in this lil coffee clutch, although at times i take a break from sayin a/t and just quietly observe!) but do beaware that sometimes the convos get fiesty and firey! dont let anyone (esp Joseph! sorry Jo!) or a/o else insult u! always teasin is done in a lighthearted manner!

    happy commenting and have fun!

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    “Point being, everyone has to take things at their own pace and do what is right for them.” SJS…thats true but 1.5 years is a loong time. are you from a more modern background? On the other hand 8 days is very short. dont we all need time to think bout e/t? but on the same hand, too much time isnt so good either.

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    squeak, TV is tot diff from internet. most ppl can not claim they need TV for business. so like you said the ban on tv is tot appropriate and understandable…the internet rule needs some flexibility.

    in reply to: School and Internet #633936

    yros, thats plain stupidity. there has always got to be the exception to the rule and some ppl just pashutly need to have internet in theri home for business related reasons. if it would be according to how you say it than any child whose parent(s) work from home via internet wouldnt be in school…that would be ludicrious. rather, yeshivas shuold have guidelines with excpetions that are logical.

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171896

    lol! those r funny!

    in reply to: School and Internet #633931

    a school definitely does have the right to demand such a thing of their parents and like many people here have said, if you have trouble abiding then find a different school. the problem is, and trust me i know it happens, is when a school says their can not be internet access in the home and then makes their students sign a form saying they dont go on line and then teachers assign assignments that require extensive internet research?!?! thats when i dont understand what exactly schools expect?

    in reply to: Help Choosing a Camp #879019

    o b”h…for all of you mogen av ppl! 🙂 i guess this is exciting news!

    in reply to: Best Part of Living in the Five Towns #672026

    there is really nothing wrong with men responding (or even initiating) a good shabbos…its simply proper courtesy and it really bothers me when men completely ignore a girl who says g’shabb to them. all they havta do is reply a stam g’shabb and cont walking…noones asking to have a whole shmooze with you, just be polite!

    in reply to: Anger Management Group Therapy #649506

    with absolutely no intention to sound sarcastic i must say that this thread is rly gr8! such good advice! and i really do believe as squeak or whoever said that some things are just out of your control…i like the line that said something like none of his actions are you prob besides for your reaction! so true! although alot of things are def easier said than done i must say from personal experience sometimes in life you just have to accept that you did all you can and now there is nothing you can do and leave it up to the other person! and as all in life – gam zeh ya’avar!

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    like chatty said, datin 7 – 8 times in 1 – 2 weeks is a bit hard esp for girls who are in touro which takes up 2 nights a week and even more so if the boy also is in touro which takes up the other two week nights. obviously, dating should be a top priority and is a valid excuse to skip school but there is only a certain amount that a student can miss without being penalized or feeling the impact of being absent on their grades. but i guess at the right time we’ll have it all figured out! hatzlacha to all and may we share in many simchot together in this wonderful cyber circle of friends!

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    to go back while, i dont know how anyone goes bout a day without a dose of coffee!! it is just stam needed 2 start the day! and bout parkin, i agree ny is horrendous but with time you get used to it! and im tellin you it rly works to ask hashem to help you find parkin! tried it! 🙂 but like mazal said sometimes its worth it to pair up and go shoppin with someone else…

    in reply to: If You Had a Chance… #644846

    such competetion goin on here!!!! wowowowow!! ill just sit back quietly and observe…untill somethin fiesty starts happenin and ill just havta add my two cents!!!

    in reply to: Fave Foods #639488

    thanks yankdownunder, but is guava fattening?! thats the question!

    in reply to: Sick of parking! #633531

    a best friend to yourself?!

    in reply to: Sick of parking! #633523

    surfer – the cr just brings out the talkative part of some of us! it opens us up! but not me!

    in reply to: Fave Foods #639484

    does anyone here know the caloric info on guava? dried guava? cause i realllllllly like that!!!

    in reply to: If You Had a Chance… #644698

    hey, how come noone wants to meet bored?! after you all bashed her…

    and brook, you do touro?

    in reply to: Plans For Winter Vacation #637094

    a mutual friend who went to raninu? when?

    in reply to: POLL: Do You Think YWN Should Have More Mods To Go Faster #832131

    OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!! yesss! this place needs lots more mods!!!! and i have voiced that opinion many more times before!! it is utterly annoying to submit a comment and havta wait for it to come up!! i need instand responses!! and if only they would except me as a mod than e/t would be gr8!

    in reply to: Help Choosing a Camp #879011

    so come on!! were waiting for hints!!!

    in reply to: Plans For Winter Vacation #637089

    who would that mutual friend be? dont say the name, give me a hint and ill tell you k?

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