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    Line a frying pan with tons of sliced onions and a drop of oil. Place the minute steaks on top and spice as desired. Cook on lo-medium flame for a couple hours until tender. No need to add any liquid as the onions make their own as it cooks.

    It ends up deliciously soft and not like chewy dog meat.


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    I would post it but it has things on there that would not be appropriate to post on a public forum.

    Maybe i can email it to a mod and they’ll send it to you?

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    I have an excellent one.

    Ask the mods for my email address and I’ll gladly email it to you.

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    Littlefishy:You can email the kc office at [email protected]. they can email you an application or reff

    er you to a past student so you can get info about the sem…..who knows? maybe you’ll end up callin me!:)

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    semhelp: im rlly sorry! i wasn’t exaggerating!

    so i know someone there now VERY personaly…;)

    u can ask me any questions…REALLY!

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    need seminary help: this is rly funny that im seeing this convo from last year again…from the looks of which sems u want info for and you applyed to. i think i spoke to you….:)

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    Hi, so i know alot about kc this year, and can answer ANY questions…i might take a while to reply tho.

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    Machon Raaya is a place for open minded girls who come from non- yeshivish homes. Its pretty academic though…

    the Spreadsheet can only be emailed directly to you. ask your grade about it, chances are someone will have it to email to you!

    im just curious, arent you a little late to decide which sem you want to go to? Sems are still accepting people?

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    I don’t know anything more about you than what you wrote…are you from in-town or out-of-town? Do yo WANT to grow?

    (ie-give up secular music, movies etc..)

    I actually think peninim would be a good place for you…or even Machon Raaya…

    btw, there is a seminary 2013 google spreadsheet going around which someone would be able to email you. it has lists of all the seminarys and who’s going. there are question/answers about sem, packing lists etc… Its really cool! It just cant fall into the “wrong” hands if you know what i mean…so you got to get it from someone. your also able to chat with people viewing the spreadsheet at the same time as you, so you can meet people and ask your questions that way…

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    I am going to keser chaya this year. I do not reccomend it for you. It is a VERY Hashkafa based sem. But it seems that there are ALOT of lakewood girls going. they are not the most yeshivish lakewood girls and are definitly more open minded, but i dont think (from what you wrote) that you would enjoy. it is a very optimistic, lively place…

    in reply to: You Lift Me Up by Yaakov Shwekey #983044

    Thanks so much guys!

    yes shnitzy, thats what i ment…

    i have a big problem. I cant get on youtube cuz i have a filter..any other ideas for me?? i tried googling it a million times but the only thing that shows up is youtube…

    in reply to: Keser Chaya 2013/14- INFO PLEASE!!! #928587

    Thank you so much everybody! the quick response is very very much appreciated!!!…so does anybody know any specific girls going that they can tell me the “type”- how frum, hashkafos, personality, etc…??

    Thanks in Advance!

    and to jaymatt- yes it is an emergency…my entire future depends on this cuz its either this sem or no sem…

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    Im also looking into it!

    Any info??

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    It is an AMAZING book that has changed my life, for the better, course! since i’ve read it i’ve really become a much calmer, better person.i enjoy life much much more.

    since i first read it i reccomend it to eveybody i meet!!its worth the read! its a bit heavy though, yOU cannot read it in one sitting…

    in reply to: jnet #875895

    i got it and its nearly impossible, and its pretty fast surprisingly!!

    cons – they’re very strict, they wont open a website thats blocked on you’re level even if you would have to start changing your whole filter level..It also takes a while for them to catagorize unchecked websites wich cud get annoying..also sometimes the filter stops working for an hour or so and ou get to go on anything…its weird.

    but otherwise its probably the best you’ll ever get..i love it!

    in reply to: Rabbi Wallerstein's shiur on non-jewish music #863329

    i have listened to every one of r’ wallerstiens shiurim and he mentions non-jewish music in almost every single one but he did go into it more extensively in one shiur and it was incredible, really moving…but i dont remember wich one it was specifically, sorry. but really they’re ALL worth listening to. when u have a few minutes just downlaed it to ur ipod and listen to them while pesach cleaning. VERY WORTHWHILE i promise.

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    zehavasdad, u bring a valid point but theres one aspect of Facebook which makes it WAY worse than Manhattan and that is the PRIVACY of FB. even if a nice frum girl would walk in to a movie theater or nightclub in Manhattan there’s still that self conscious fear of seeing someone she knows and being embarresed to stop her. but on the other hand a nice frum girl can curl under her blanket, turn on her itouch, look at shmutz and fall all the way down WHITHOUT ANYBODY KNOWING besides the “freinds” she hooked up with that she doesnt know!

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    in reply to: Cry No More… #854085

    its brought down that on pesach its likely mashiach will come. so mashiach came and the sick was healed and there was techias hameisim.

    thats just my humble opinion.

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    alex, it is a great song, dont get me wrong, all the songs are great but not all “jumped out at me”. its very typical and not very original. when i was listening to it i almost swore i heard it on another album!!

    in reply to: cry no more #852916

    great cd!!!

    just got it and i haven’t stopped listening to it since!!

    the songs that really stuck out at me were “lo yaavod” for the fact that its original but still easy to sing along too (a rarity nowadays!), “Rabi Nehorai” for its excellant intro and its catchiness- you’ll be singing along in no time!!!”Yesimcha” for its gorgeousness and its composer,Yitzchok Rosenthal of shalsheles, whose my favorite!! another plus is the that shwekeys son sings with him- its absolutely stunning!!! and last but not least “cry no more”. its a very original, meaningful song. the message is clearly portrayed in a heartrending manner. it leaves you with the feeling of “although we might be comfortable now and listening to excellent music now but we must remember we are in golus with so much pain and we need to daven for the geula cuz Hashem is ‘in pain’ and wants it to be good for us”

    all in all, this is an excellant cd and well worth the 15 bucks!

    in reply to: Fun chol hamoed trips #817937

    I went to dorney too!

    it was great. the weather was beautiful and there’s rides for ALL types and ages!

    in reply to: Who Would You Like To See In The Next Hasc Concert? #816790


    this year????

    (BTW “NewUserName” and “Thin Ice” and all other members who posted on thid thread- most of your requests were answered in hasc 24 time for duets! maybe someone is really taking these requests into acount. WOW! never thought it would happen!)

    BUY HASC 24- WORTH EVERY PENNY (even though its alot of pennys!)

    in reply to: The Birth Of Something Great! #810547

    I know im a little late on the pickup but i only baught the album now! (I guess i missed this thread!) funny becouse i usually by every album as soon as it hits the stores but i guess since it was a debut album (even though i know of yitzy bald) i decided to forgo it, BIG MISTAKE! I couldnt resist buying it after hearing it playing FULL BLAST by my job. I mean, I am a major music critic and I know a well-made, good quality album when I hear one. EVERY SINGLE SONG is just stunning! especially ride the waves, a bit girly but nice just the same. anyone who hasn’t bought this album yet, BUY IT! its the perfect album to blast in your car on the way to work, guaranteed it’ll wake you up in no time!

    in reply to: Why Is Tzitzis Mandatory? #794865


    OK, maybe I don’t have a right to be so shocked since I am female and have never worn Tzizis. but still, my answer sort of applys to me too.

    why not get a mitzva??!! Imagine…A mitzva every SECOND your wearing them! (I hope this applys to Tznius too!)

    Will it KILL you?? I mean, really???!!!

    can you even fathom all the schar you’ll get after 120?

    I’m jealous!

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    and here’s oh Hashem

    The Footsteps getting louder each day

    The lunacy is all in play

    Nothing we could all understand

    The time has taken its toll

    We feel it in the depth of our souls

    Though he does delay each day

    We still do believe and we pray


    Oh Hashem oh Hashem

    Can the time be right

    For Moshiach to arrive – we need your light

    Please reveal your glory so the world will know

    From Yerushalayim your word will eminate

    Everyone to Tzion will storm your gates

    All the nations speak ???? ?????

    We believe with all our hearts

    In our thoughts 2000 years

    If only we could serve you with fear

    In the ??? ????? so dear

    We would feel your ????? so strong

    For the days of old we do long

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    here ya go

    Up upon the mountain

    With holiness around him

    And then upon returning

    A fire within him burning

    His words resounding- who would come

    to answer his call

    Who will be on His side

    Turn to the One Above

    Serve Him with trust and love

    Live by his law with awe and pride

    How can our souls deny

    The road to a life complete

    Just step to – your inner heartbeat

    The Greek rule was so daunting

    The sacrifice – so haunting

    But the courage of one leader

    Who would dare to take a stand

    And in that golden moment

    Matisyahu brought atonement

    He chose those solemn words again

    That rang throughout the land

    So the money and the music and the culture are

    What its really all about

    Oh the sickness and the struggles of economy

    Many children have been pulled away

    But the answer is the question

    That can truly save the day

    Shout out – so our faith will show

    Never – can it lead us wrong

    Forever – will it make us strong

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    anyone heard it yet?

    any opnions?

    PLEASE no L”H


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    cell alert/goody613- Sorry, I thought they had one but i googled it and nothing came up…funny…most singers nowadays have websites and i vaguely remember seeing theirs!maybe I’m getting confused with a different singer… they do have a facebook page- maybe check that out

    good luck!

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    jewishmusick- nope, i just like saving myself and other people money!

    cell alert- check out the mbc website, it should be there. it might be too soon though.

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    excellent CD

    to all those familiar with Miami this one is also veeery typical Yerachmiel Begun, But still has its own unique style. besides for “oh Hashem” which I was singing along with the first time I listened to it because its very similar to his previous English songs!

    also you don’t get sick of it too fast. its very catchy and easy to sing along to.

    Every song is a masterpiece. well worth your $$.

    I recommend you buy it on mostlymusic and buy the download for only 12.00! save $$

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    although some songs sounded familiar because they’re very similar to other albums, each song had its own unique beauty.A real masterpiece.

    I officially give my approval!

    we don’t get much of this nowadays. its a shame!

    My favorite songs are pia puscha and Mi bon

    they’re not very original but just the way he sings them could bring you to tears.

    I recommend that whoever does not own this cd should go out NOW (yes,you heard me right,Take a break from pesach cleaning and cooking)and buy this cd.put it on blasting while you clean and you will clean much better and stay energetic longer!, its tried and true!!

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    where can i find it??

    in reply to: Who Will You Vote For In 2012? #745788



    in reply to: Women & Girls Out There: I Really, Really Need Your Help!!!! #747696

    I once heard great advice

    if you have an “adoooorable” skirt or shirt that’s not tznius that you just cant get rid of, put it in the back of your closet cuz “out of sight out of mind” and whenever your having a weak moment put it on

    I tried it and it helped me alot

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    how can i find it online ie-mostlymusic

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    URGENT, I’m going crazy already

    There’s a small piece of heaven in everyone’s heart

    a glorious gift from above

    it will sparkle and shine

    if we each do our part

    and reach out and touch it with love

    I need details!

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    I remember in high school we asked our teacher if a boy who looks “at risk” says good shabbos to us is it a chillul Hashem not to answer back, because it might turn him off more that Jews are “impolite” etc…. She answered NO WAY

    But my personal opinion is that if its just a “no pause, keep walking” kind of good shabbos than i think its ok. But if he looks like he is interested in continuing conversation, than no.

    in reply to: teenage words #734188

    here is the latest

    My teenager asked her friend for some water

    her friend hands it to her and says “Knock yourself out!”

    I almost fainted!

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193862

    This is a hard one

    ” the sun shines so strongly, but I can not see”

    in reply to: hasc concert – a time for duets #726471

    thanx, but i want DETAILS!!

    like which singers sang when and how and what songs did they sing etc.

    i have to make up for the fact that i i didnt go!


    in reply to: New Albums Coming Out #754244

    any news????

    I’m getting desperate!

    in reply to: Plow This Snow! #964887

    use the time to work on your anger

    at least its more productive than complaining!

    in reply to: School tomorrow?? #726852

    bais kaila of lkwd will not be having school

    in reply to: SNOW!!! #1082906

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! finally!

    in reply to: Good Quotes #925664

    if every day is a gift, where can i return Monday?

    in reply to: Was Anyone At The Shwekey 'Returns To Beacon Theater' Show? #719236

    wish i could’ve been there!!

    i went to last years and it was great

    in reply to: jewish sheet music #864631

    most singers have sheet music on their websites

    i know for sure Eli Gerstner does

    in reply to: Favorite Jewish Speakers? #717190

    Rabbi Wallerstein – blunt and straight to the point

    RABBI LAZER BRODY (sorry, i just cant stress it enough!!) – every single member of this coffee room should go to and just watch the first 5 minutes of any of his shiurim. I PROMISE (sorry again)you will be a changed person after. I could sit here all day writing about him and his speaches but i have better things to do now.


    in reply to: The Maccabeats #834825

    Think about it this way: (use your imagination)

    do you think Hashem is looking down listening and smiling at the song??do you think He’s shepping nachas from watching his children sing the song?

    this will give you an answer. there is no right or wrong one, its all a matter of opinion.

    this is what i think before buying any Cd i hear a preview of.

    it helps differentiate between the very fine line of jewish music and not so jewish music

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