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    Don’t have that great of a critical eye but checked em out and had some friends look at it. They’re truly amazing shots!

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    Wolf show us what you’ve got!

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    (Would it be any less scary, the other way around?!)

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    Yussel haven’t you got any suggestions for the young lady? hmmm?

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    Mazel Tov!

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    Very hard to judge based on this but looks like you’re on to something,

    personally the melody plays a very important role and an honest rating would only be if I’d judge both the lyrics and melody together

    For those of you having a difficult time finding the sincerely me demo google sincerelymecd.bandcamp

    shopping: I did not find the “Theres a place in my mind” by any female singers on mostly music, the only thing that did come up was – Theres a Place in My Mind

    byYehuda ! (Singer), Dov Levine (Singer), Deena Storch (Composer), Avromie Flam (Singer)

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    Writing in hebrew should be even simpler than speaking it.

    For instance when we took the hebrew regent there was at least the time to think and then write, but when it comes to speaking the language you need to think before you speak and then think again it’s double the effort and annoying when you end up breaking up like that after each word. Tough, but cool when you get the lingo flowing

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    OMG! Weird! reminds of the guy in Israel who was convinced he has a dibuk, they had him go to all the big rabbis the news was full of it. Sure gains them much popularity

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    The bigger ‘q’ is why baby salmon is called so, it’s just a trout that swims in colored water to give it that pinkish hue

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    bec they used to be that is why 😉

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    Since many Hasidische Rebbes are also concerned about everyday life in their communities, they may ban biking in their community for safety reasons.

    If that is the case then driving cars should be banned

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    Aubergine is also widely accepted to be referred to when describing color…

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    aha they used to be and that is why… but the ones we see today are as close to eggs as purple onions are to the color red or as baby salmon is to (ocean/wild) salmon

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    for the same reason we call eggplants- you got it… “eggplants” huh?…ye

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    Guys, maybe your next song should be on all those so called “segulahs” that people believe in…

    in reply to: What do YOU think is the most important part of a song and why? #969155

    Thanks 🙂

    OI: well put…

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    Mods can you please correct the spelling in the title…

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    hey fire breathing, easy! Exhale in close proximity to fire source and boom there you go fire breathing! Tried and true do it every erev shabbos, works like a charm, add sound effects for a greater show (Ppppu rim, PPppppe sach) 😉

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    Rule #1

    The boss is ALWAYS right

    Rule #2

    When the boss is wrong, see rule #1

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    ye nice song… not on youtube… sorry

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    I just stepped on a cornflake. Now, I am officially a cereal killer

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    Shopping613: if your post:

    “I love that song! Its a shame its not youtube….i want to download it!”

    was referring to Yonatan Shlagbaum’s Ki Ein, google “Yonatan Shlagbaum” you should have it right there…

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    I would guess that those people ignoring you probably didn’t mean it out of rudeness but rather they are of the same people who wouldn’t socialize with opposite gender and then go extreme by not having any contact at all ie greeting… (with) those of opposite gender (as a “geder” kinda thing)

    Well, could be it appears rude and weird but they see it as like totally “lshem shmayim” (cmon benefit of the doubt… will ya’)

    in that case those who cross the street are actually telling you, you do exist and therefor they’re avoiding you. 😉

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    I just let my mind wander, and it didn’t come back

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    From reading the title I was at first like huh? they’re not doing it in the end… But ye, it’s good stuff listened to it on youtube, the video is awesome

    Thanks Lev Aryeh and chevra! Keep it up!

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    Ye the other two and myself 😉

    So if you don’t consider secular music “Music” cuz it doesn’t inspire and make your “soul happy” than technically you’re allowed to listen to secular music throughout sefira and the 9 days

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    JF02 that got me laughing, we have this ongoing argument that lasts from sefira until after the 9 days year after year

    Argument is: if the secular music is considered music at all. So duno if that counts…

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    I’m at work… oh well….:( that made mine be Jewish Music Stream’s Yonatan Shlagbaum – Ki Ein

    Ye no one should take it as a personal offense if they’re not answered right away, there can be a gazillion reasons to take offense and then again not to.

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    With WAaaaTERRRRRrr we do just the opposite, drink gallons until the last sec then you kinda feel like ugh you’ll explode

    Oh and perhaps its someone else using the account at the moment… a snoopy sibling or parent… (errr…)

    Why exactly is it rude? No one is entitled to answer you as soon as they go online. How about your friend’s got his/her business to take care of first or didn’t have the patience at that moment to answer “lol”, “Hiya m crazy busy at the moment” or wateve….

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    Got it 🙂 guess I’m not that literature savvy… oh well

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    JMH pardon my ignorance but except for the typo on the double “P” I fail to see what was “off”. I checked out the “CR Discworlders Club” but not exactly “getting it”…

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    Just my happence: +1000000

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    Hear “red haired spared beard”! what the skim frim trim?!

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    Justin Bieber (snort)

    in reply to: The YWN Coffee Room Welcome Wagon #1064843

    Gee…Shopping613 u decided to join the Haifagirl club huh?

    Guess mitzvahgirl613 isn’t tuned in as to what SUC stands for…

    maybe you can educate us as to what exactly SUC is and what makes

    one become part of it

    in reply to: Thoughts on Someone Selling His Olam Habah on Ebay #971237

    Someone’s selling their Gehinom on ebay ( My Place In Hell My Portion In Gehinom )

    What crazy people:

    I eat a gid hanasheh every bite,

    I put on my left shoe before my right,

    You think I don’t do aveiros? Don’t even wonder,

    I never make a brucheh when I hear the thunder,

    My wife wears a sheitel, not a tichel,

    I eat the herring without the kichel,

    I drink every night ad delo yudeh,

    I never sing zemiros at the shabbos sudeh,

    I hang around with a goyishe oilem,

    I never do bikur cholim,

    Yeah I hang out with goyim vus iz nisht gemalet,

    I don’t put on my paper, beis samech daled.

    I go to shul and I’m just chillin,

    I only put on one pair of tefillin,

    I never cry when I go to levayos,

    I eat the matzah, less than a kezayis,

    I don’t even care about chulev stam,

    I don’t even like be’er mayim chayim,

    I go to the games with Derek Jeter,

    I always get married during sefira,

    I do aveiros, oid ve’oid,

    I never go on trips on chol hamo’ed,

    I never daven tefillah be’tzibur,

    I listen to the tapes, from Justin Bieber.

    I’m such a goy, vus hut du getracht,

    I learn the gantzeh nittel nacht,

    Chassidim and rebbes are not my types,

    I wear the tzitzis without the stripes,

    I always say lashon hara,

    All my friends do avodah zara,

    I’m such a tzioni, I sing Hatikva,

    I don’t even pay when I use the mikva,

    I changed my name to Sam, from Shmuel,

    I don’t even like Eretz Yisrooel,

    I don’t ask for a shidduch when I go to Amukah,

    I give more than a choimesh to tzedukeh,

    I use the Internet for the news,

    I do birkas kohanim with my shoes.

    I do shnayim mikra without the targum,

    When I see an Amaleiki I would never harg him,

    I’m the biggest ba’al aveiros in the velt,

    I never give my kids any chanuka gelt,

    My esrog is always full of black dots,

    I always make a brucheh when I wash urchatz,

    I eat in the sukkah on Sh’mini Atzeres,

    I toivel in the mikvah holding a sheretz,

    By Haman’s name I always cheer,

    By shulem zuchers I only drink root beer,

    By the Purim shpiel I never laugh,

    For afikomen I use the smaller half,

    I only drink gimmel koises,

    I eat tons of marror without charoises,

    Rosh Hashana by simanim I eat the shvantz,

    By my chasunah I had an aveirah tantz!

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    Israeli Chareidi: Interesting, thanks for sharing

    in reply to: Drugged Perfume Samples? #1021893

    I received this message from a New Yorker. Was wondering if there was some major story in the news that called for others to be warned.

    As a general I wouldn’t accept even a flyer from anybody on the street. Just turn my nose on these people and walk on

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    this is truly w’Hole’some 🙂

    in reply to: Zero Calorie Cheese Cake #952839

    Make sure to blend the cheese cake ingredients really well until its smooth and all lumps wiskadoo!

    in reply to: Zero Calorie Cheese Cake #952838

    For those of you zero calorie dieters who wana cheat the system on a Carb Free cheese cake this is for you:

    Tried and True! Yum:

    1 lb farmer cheese

    1 container low fat cream cheese

    Half c sugar (xyltol or any sugar supplement)

    1 vanilla sugar

    2 eggs

    *no crust

    Bake in a regular size round cheese cake foil pan

    on 350 for 40 min

    Once cooled

    mix 8 oz sour cream with a little bit of vanilla sugar

    spread on top of cake

    Decorate with (Swiss Signature) Dairy Sugar free chocolate

    with a standard kitchen peeler, peel at the sides to create chocolate curls!

    Hearty Appetite!

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    …she met Baruch….

    in reply to: Pizza in brooklyn #952515


    Pizza time is awesome 🙂 just wait for it to cool down a bit or you’ll get like 8th degree burns from the dripping sauce and cheese

    Yes! Toda, that is a description I was waiting for, that is what I love about Fialkoffs Pizza!

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    What a warm welcome!

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    Me: You look pretty today!

    You: Was I ugly yesterday?

    Don’t bother….

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