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    I eat carrots-vitamin a is great for eyesight

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    Yeah I knew it was with korach just didn’t know who I was talking about but I cited a fee areas in our history where it was shown that only good comes from covering ur hair

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    Isn’t there a story in tanach how a woman uncovered her hair and sat in front if the house so that people should leave her husband alone…..obviously…

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    I have to agree with LU

    Sparkly- first for all im sure u know the story of the woman who the walls I her hohdr never saw her hair and she was zoche to have 7 kohanim gedolim so therefore we know the Torah endorses it…..now a side point a married woman’s hair is considered ervah and a man may not make a bracha in front of u and if he does his bracha is livatala …you don’t like that response? The truth hurts.

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    The wolf-I don’t want to be judgmental but from the sound of his username he sounds….young

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    I know we are the best!

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    Meno you have permission to respect me

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    Explaining a joke right now…There’s a new Disney movie 2016 instead of the oroginal finding nemo (meno by mistake) it’s called finding dory which is memos friend (however menos dad is hard o hearing so he named brother rody. ……once explained not funny just bear with me

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    We have a new campaign #std (stop the drama )

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    I guess your younger brother is rody

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    I wasn’t insulting u…at this point I realize many times me and u and sparkly don’t have the same opinion so I can’t promise youll never get insulted when I make my point. And i said older cause I thought everyone is older than me

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    Because it’s too hard to be nice to older females on this site again no offense

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    #nocomment #prettyobvious

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    First of all sparkly I didn’t mean I’m jealous…..I Baruch hashem have long nice hair I just meant for urself you shouldn’t flaunt the way u did

    LU I honestly have no patience to argue

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    The end-by happygirlygirl

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    He’s chassidish he saying teshuvah but as I say and he tzheevah…..in any case I take upon myself….to always be nice to whoever is a man and is older than me in this coffee room (sorry sparkly and LU I can’t make any promises to u people-lol..but I’ll try my best)

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    Sparkly- right wing means conservative in this case meaning he is nit liberal in his views…he is strict constructionist in halacha

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    Sparkly -I just got mad…..you say “my hair was short like two inches past my shoulder” ya know there are people who have cancer and they have no hair at all.just stop acting like a teenager for once. (I myself was bald for that reason mnay years ago…so I’m saying as a survivor don’t give urself a reason for people to be jealous)

    LU I simply can’t understand how u taught seminaries if you’re living in 2016 and denying that the HALCHA as of today IS four inches wether u like it or not

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    Yekke2- I have never spoken to you but from these posts I have to say I loveee your answers and how bluntly you state them. Right on chabibi!!

    Sparkly- I’m taking out a point that no one touched upon as of yet. You say that you would want it to be a shidduch for u .that meqns u have feelings for this guy. I don’t think saying hi is assur but you might be doing it in a flirtatious way or trying to Catch his attention being that u like him.

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    LU it also doesn’t say in the Torah about four inch below knee skirts but our gedolim of today made it HALCHA!! Yes they did because they realized it’s the only way you will be able to follow the guidelines….and rabbi falks sefer is not just him but he got haskama and he asked by the gedolim of the generation chassidish and litvish included.

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    Mods….all this talk about Lipa is loshon hora and like a different person suggested this talk about particular even also…

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    Being that I went to a chassidish school we learned the hidur and the halachos…..really really hair should not be longer than shoulder down in a pony rabbi Falk says it should be six inch pony…….Litvish people go by a rav I forgot who that’s says not more than four(or two I forgot) inches past shoulder…. (I’m say on halachos not davka do I do it….I’m saying what I learned )….however they all agreed upon one factor if the hair is neat and eidel and refined the inches should not realky matter…so till the waste I can’t imagine how it can look eidel. ..if ur hair is long and u wear it neat with like a headband or clip the halachos might be different. Tznius should be a sensitivity it’s not about whay the halachos say it’s what u should feel uncomfortable being immodest

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    LU ….thank you for the compliments and i love u dearly but herez a tip if u ever get insulted by a comment of an online anonymous poster just pretend they’re a bald homeless guy in central park that way you won’t feel so bad

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    Popa……Hmmm….that was the point.

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    I’m so confused…what with the (the)

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    A person is limited ..each person in different areas.you’re husband cant be ur mentor and husband ..that’s not his role in life.he himself will have a mentor probably a rav.and what if u have a question about your husband that u can’t discuss with him obviously…it’s always best to have a third party.

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    It says in pirkei uvos “kul yisrael Trish luhem Chelek liolam haba” and that’s where the sentence ends.and then there are so many pesukim like someone who is machatee es hurabim or someone who embarasses another doesn’t have a chelek liolam habah….if it says kul…..it means without exception no? And also is olam habah like moshiavh? Or gan Eden?

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    (It might be ohr hachaim or rav dessler)I learned that gehinom is seeing what you could have become had u made the right choices…..but of course i also learned that if your elbows or knees show then they will be burning in a boiling pot in gehinom..i choose to believe in the not so graphic interpretation…

    I have a question maybe I should make another thread but im not sure if there’s existing and i don’t have patience

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    I don’t know why I didn’t see these comments before but thabks peeps I really love my coffee family

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    Yes uncle moishy!!!!!

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    Comlink x is obviously still upset about something…I’m sorry

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    Sometimes mothers think they are doing what’s best for the children but they just want to be the closest peraon in their child’s life. They don’t want their child telling a stranger personal details because it makes them feel inferior. I know these things because I had to deal with it. As long as u know ur doing the right thing that should give u the confidence to continue

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    Not yossi green or abie roteenberg and he is an entertainer maybe he plays an instrument but he’s more of everything besides that

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    I’m not alive long enough to be able to answer that…he’s old if that’s what ur asking

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    Don’t you want to have a happy successful life for yourself? Who cares about what other people say it’s your life and getting a mentor or guidance counselor is probably the smartest decision you can ever make in ur life and btw nobody has to know I ur so worried

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    Sparkly- you kind of sound arrogant and egotistical “I need nada” everyone needs a person they can talk to. What makes you different? You’re a young girl that has many questions if anything you need a mentor alot. This is not to insult u obviously because I myself have a professional I speak to so I’m just trying to see ur logic

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    Sparkly ~ I have a therapist

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    Sparkly maybe we could change it to imy”h and if I would vote it would be for trump does anyone else think Hillary resembles a cabbage patch doll?

    How many mods are there btw

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    Sparkly~ a mentor

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    Ctl lawyer Lol it’s fine we could just be friends you don’t have to be my shver lol.

    Sparkly I forgot…sorry I’ll try yo ask around but I remember learning in school such a concept

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    Wolfish musings actually by chassidish people certain items are considered mandatory because it was a miniature and we strongly believe minhag biyisroel torah he

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    Ywn29 hashems help? Idk

    And maybe I’ll register I don’t even know I like trump as a show host but I honestly don’t know…..and I guess I would put ywn29 as president for reasons I can’t say

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    It’s time to find one

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    None of the above

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    She’s finishing the sentence “when trump wins sparkly will be happy”

    I’m turning 18 in two weeks and i decided between the two choices I ain’t registering

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    Does CTLAWYER have a son for me. Lol. To be honest it depends when the engagement is during the year

    According to the yomim Tovim ..

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    Yes he is am entertainer-good question! !

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    Wow wow lots of chaos and action going here. I don’t even have a comment just many questions. ..actually. .many many many questions. Sparkly do u have people in ur life that u can talk to? Family member,older friend, therapist,rebbetzin, teacher, mentor etc? Cause these guys here can’t help u cause

    A. You sound like you just want to voice what you are (on the religious status) but not take advice on it

    B. They don’t know you personally only from what you day here in the threads so with all your contributing factors in life.. .you need a mentor who understands all your dynamics in order to help you with whatever you are ready to change or need assistance with

    in reply to: We miss Happygirlygirl where are you? #1171062

    Omg hey people so my job bh is amazing and fulfilling and between all that I don’t have time to cone here as often but I didn’t leave you and i don’t plan on it I’ll probably be here on Sunday more cause no work so looking forward….and thanks for the compliments

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