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    I don’t believe anyone is bad

    “We all have light and dark..what matters is the part we choose to act on” said by Sirius Black

    i did stuff for hashem today so I’m really excited

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    Sparkly sometime the things that come out of your mouth make me think your a troll….you say random sentences as if they are actual facts.bring me some proof chabibi

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    Hes orthodox and lives in usa

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    Absan you really made my nught I had a hard day but you put a smile on my face thanks!!!! Sorry I wasn’t here I was so busy

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    Okay so I just checked up the relevant definition of the word religious and it means “relating to or believing in a religion ” There fore even if someone doesn’t keep shabbos because its too hard for them but they admit that hashem is the only one that was and is and ever will be ha is still religious…I would say we are all religious unless someone here is an atheist (which deep inside no one is they just dont want to admit they want the easy way out in life to be null of doing ehat the torah says (or bible depending on religion ))

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    Meno that story really spoke to me …wowwwwww!!!! I have potential

    Yichusdick- it’s hard to mitzvos cause then I think hashem probably doesn’t even awant a girl like n to do his mitzvos….I make it sound as if I’m not religious but…idk..I am

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    He has nothing to do with politics

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    Sparkly you did say that…because shomer Nagiya is part of the Torah also

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    Any questions? Or should I just say who

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    Kapusta …exactly is It obviously bother me that I don’t care about so many things

    And it’s not a matter of emotions some days …..it’s just my whole being…I don’t want to say everything I do wrong but most would be shocked and it’s not cause I wanna be bad its just I don’t have a desire to be good

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    I don’t want to be mekatrik on myself therefore this question will remain unanswered on my part

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    Not a rabbi but he’s jewish

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    Teens -it’s almost my birthday I can’t wait to give u each personal brachos

    Single-ready to mingle

    I feel like the word female is very medical so im a girl (secretly a princess)

    And being that I seriously hate labeling myself and others my background is not chassidish my family is semi chassidish I live in chassidish place and i loooove it!!! Me personally? I label myself as someone who is trying to be so good and i fail alot of times but that doesn’t stop me from continuing in my ways of trying to please hashem in any way I can…..I do need to work harder though 🙁 that’s I’m making a new thread…stay tuned

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    Sparkly -if you’re even asking you probably know it’s wrong.it’s your inner tznua telling you that a princess would not take a strange guy (and by that I mean not a relative) being that it’s someone your acquainted and familiar with the halachos are more serious. Btw I’m not trying to find something wrong but the questions you ask on all threads just don’t add up…..find a LOR ASAP!!! in no way am I trying to hurt u but a person whose asking the question you just asked is not the same person that doesn’t mind if her husband isn’t shomer….or am I wrong? Enlighten me please -HGG

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    When i read the word bananot I thought it was a typo for bananas …like why would someone call anyone that… in any case the English language is more mixed up than my mommas chulent sloop any thing goes …why waste ur breath debating a language that contradicts itself in so many areas

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    Being that this coffee room is anonymous I can’t answer for sure because he might be one of u

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    Omg if someone doesn’t like my hashtags then don’t use them and dont make fun of me #thisisme #takeitorleaveit #trendsetter

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    I ended up watching it……wow just plain wow…I dont quite understand whyyy

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    1.female? No

    2.Joseph? No

    3.alive? Yes

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    I feel like a minority with my smartphone and LU I’m proud of you sister

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    If anyone find the conversations boring….then make it interesting or leave stop making it sour for everyone like a kid saying EW to school lunch

    or a birthing thread

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    I should not have read this chat my eyes are burning I don’t wanna hear any of ur birthing stories or stitches …….please…..

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    It’s done like this for good reason otherwise this place would be like all other chats with guys preying on girls..#keepupthegr8workmods

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    By writing edited I was able to understand what he/she wrote….no shame in the game btw. Anyways my first day of work was unbelievable I’m really excited!!

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    Lilmod …..you are older than 34 omggggg

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    1.female? No

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    Awww I’m flattered but seriously I mean I was super sad when I typed it but I didn’t mean……

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    Yay now it’s my turn

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    I actually had to write an essay why I why not I would be a vegetarian in order to get into college if you want some of my points….

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    There’s always the fresh and easy cook book OR bais yakov cookbook filled with simple and delicious recipes

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    Omg im sorry you people thought I was dying or leaving….

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    As I have stated I’m ok

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    I’m fine

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    Is she famous (the other side would be infamous cause shes obviously famous if we all know her)

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    Doctors tell patients suffering from Alzheimer’s to try and learn a new language

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    Most chassidish schools including the one I went to has a lady who is quite famous till not sure if I’m allowed to say who even though she’s goes around everywhere and she brings “proofs and stuff” why you’re not allowed to go to college from any sect of a judaism. She brings this whole argument about rabbi shamshon refael Hirsh zatzal sayinga that he only gave a heter for that generation and not for our current one….she leaves out crucial information regarding that debate and thus the girls really believe it is wrong (in any case many chassidish rebbes Dont allow cause they choose to be more isolated for theur belief is according to how much your brain is filled with gashmiyus you have that percent left for ruchniyus 75 percent gashmiyus results in 25 percent ruchniyus) another thing she quotes is that rabbi avigdor Miller zatzal says that if you hang your college degree/diploma you are openly saying “I want to a school that teaches apikursis and I’m proud of it” .I don’t know if any of what she said is true or if a part is but I do know not everything she said is true….it was more of a scaring method she even said there there no kosher alternative to a degree even through sara shenirer/tti/bulka/touro (even the bp ones)…so between listening to their father and rebbes andlistening to this lady talk most chassidish girl’s do not get a degree

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    I don’t chop

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    The job is actually starting in 15 hours…ahhhhhhhhhh

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    Excellence- thing is by most typical chassidish people they don’t go to college anyway so if the girl has a job by 18 very likely she will still have the same job to support throughout the next few years….but basically most chassidish gurls have office jobs and teaching jobs and are not looking to further their education for a degree….so really why shouldn’t they get married theire lives won’t be different at 21 maybe more mature and the guys is the same thing ….so then simple answer to “why so young “is actually a question “why not”

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    Is he a politician

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    Okay so basically when I speak about my circles you have to understand one more thing that my family isn’t exactly the circles I’m talking about. My family isn’t the school I went to type….etc….so let’s talk about the circles I personally am in

    Girls start shidduchim 18 (some cases younger but very rare) and old would be considered 21 but still 18/19 is ideal

    Boys mostly start at 18 as well (basically never earlier) and ideal would be getting engaged by 20 but not considered old until 22+

    You have to understand the more chassidish the family the earlier these numbers go in kj/Monroe moms freak out if the boy is still 19 and not engaged…the yeshivah by 17 is full and the grade of 19 year olds is 3/4 gone

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    According to law you can only deal with these things if you have a degree. Unfortunately specifically in my community alot of school psychologists are not…..they don’t wven have a ba. …but if you would wanna help kids in school you should become a social worker

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    Confession: in camp I used to suffocate roaches,cebtipedes, spider with deoderant

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    So whats the point of the story

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    Is it male

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    I can’t say all details of my life u know….to be bluntly honest I said so much about myself that if u dont know me by now ur probably never gonna know me

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    If this thread is under my name I’m gonna make the rules…..the rule is …that there are no rules so argue or make peace to ur satisfaction

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    I would become a mod on ywn coffeeroom

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    I can only speak for my circles and evwn within the chassidish community it’s all gonna be different from kj to Willy to bp

    And also between boys and girls it’s also different

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    Absan is it dangerous if people find out who you are

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